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Revolution And The Siege Of Boston

Omni Parker House Original Boston Cream Pie

A south east view of the great town of Boston in New England in America

The weather continuing boisterous the next day and night, giving the enemy time to improve their works, to bring up their cannon, and to put themselves in such a state of defence, that I could promise myself little success in attacking them under all the disadvantages I had to encounter.

,in a letter to , about the British armys decision to leave Boston, dated March 21, 1776.

Many of the crucial events of the occurred in or near Boston. Bostons penchant for mob action along with the colonists growing lack of faith in either or fostered a revolutionary spirit in the city. When the British parliament passed the in 1765, a Boston mob ravaged the homes of , the official tasked with enforcing the Act, and , then the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. The British sent two regiments to Boston in 1768 in an attempt to quell the angry colonists. This did not sit well with the colonists. In 1770, during the , British troops shot into a crowd that had started to violently harass them. The colonists compelled the British to withdraw their troops. The event was widely publicized and fueled a revolutionary movement in America.

What Is Boston Cream Pie

Despite the name, its not a pie at all. Filled with a rich and velvety pastry cream, what truly makes this two-layer golden cake so special is the rich chocolate icing. Back in the 1800s, chocolate was mainly consumed at home as a beverage or in puddings. With this inventive use of chocolate, the dessert was originally named Chocolate Cream Pie. Over time, the name changed, and in 1958, the Boston Cream Pie became so popular it was fashioned into a Betty Crocker boxed cake mix recipe.

Its so wicked awesome , were sharing our original recipe so you can learn how to make your own Boston Cream Pie at home. But if baking isnt your thing, you can always order Boston Cream Pie delivery from Goldbelly.

Boston Cream Pie At Parker House To Go

Does anyone know if we can just get a serving of Boston Cream Pie at the Parker House without having to do the fine-dining in the restaurant? We will only be in Boston for a few days and there are so many food places on our list that were trying to avoid having to eat a big meal at Parker House and stuffing ourselves silly. Does just going for dessert look ridiculous? I thought of the Last Hurrah Bar thats at Parker House but we dont drink so I was trying to avoid ordering only pie and water there. Such a dilemma.

The Last Hurrah does serve food and there is no requirement that you consume alcohol there so you do not have to indulge or drink water. Many people look ridiculous in bars and it isnt usually because of ordering pie. i dont drink either and have never had a problem in a bar. If all else fails, the Parker House has the recipe on their web site.

Edited: 7 years ago

Thanks for the recipe link. For fun, Ill try out the recipe after I eat the real one.

You can have the pie in parkers or the last hurrah, no problem. My wife and I have done that a couple of times on different trips. Nice way to relax for a short time between shopping, sightseeing etc.


I went searching because I thought I had read that you could get it to go. I found a few reviews that say the person bought the pie in the gift shop at the Parker House. I may just stop by this weekend and get one. I havent had their version in many years.



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Omni Parker House History And Facts

The Omni Parker House Hotel is the oldest hotel in all of the United States. Already bringing it clout, this landmark has so much more than the lengthy Omni Parker House history to be proud of.

This prestigious upscale hotel, founded in 1855, brings visitors near and far to enjoy an unmatched experience within its walls. This Heritage site brings elegance, decor, and sophistication to visitors, impressing even the fussiest of guests in the heart of Boston.

Does Boston Cream Pie Need To Be Refrigerated


Yes, Boston cream pie needs to be refrigerated after assembling due to the perishable custard filling. Let the cake sit out at room temperature about 15-30 minutes before serving to get rid of the chill.

If youre making the cake components ahead of time, the sponge cake wrapped in plastic wrap can sit out at room temperature.

The custard will still need to be refrigerated on its own.

The chocolate ganache is best made right before assembling, but if you find yourself needing to make it ahead of time, refrigerate it then rewarm until melted again before using.

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Visiting Family In Boston

Excellent location. More than welcoming door staff, bell staff and desk personnel. Really the only criticisms I have are pretty slim the bathroom is extremely small with no counter space but realize this is an old hotel. Also there is no fridge which is found in almost all lower cost hotels. The TV is mounted on the wall but is extremely small and does not swivel to allow viewing in all angles of the room.More

  • Trip type: Travelled with family
  • Location

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Who Created Boston Cream Pie

The Omni Parker House is Bostons oldest continuously operating hotel established back in 1855. Its also the oldest continuously running hotel in the United States. Plenty of sites proclaim Boston Cream Pie to have been created in 1856. They also claim that BCP was the creation of Chef Sanzian. They are wrong there, too.

The chefs name wasnt Sanzian, but Chef Augustine Anezin, who worked at the hotel from 1865-1881 . As you already guessed, the 1856 date is wrong. The exact year when Boston Cream Pie was created isnt nailed down, but its definitely sometime after 1865 and, obviously, before the chef died in 1881 or we would call this Boston Ghost Pie.

When the Parker House opened in 1855, chocolate was mainly consumed at home as a beverage or in puddings. There was no lack of chocolate in Boston, since Americas first chocolate mill had opened in neighboring Dorchester in 1765.

Since colonial times, New Englanders have enjoyed a dessert called American Pudding-cake pie, but when Parker Houses own Chef Anezin and his bake staff drizzled chocolate icing onto sponge cake filled with vanilla custard, something new and sensational was born. Originally dubbed Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie, Boston Cream Pie became an immediate and perennial hit.

Boston Cream Pie, Omni House Hotel, Accessed August 9, 2021.

It would have made an eye-catching menu item.

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Omni Parker House Boston

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Historic Hotels of America preserves the authenticity of America’s most prominent lodging addresses and offers visitors a richer travel experience Our diverse selection of hotels, inns, and resorts are the perfect locations to create lasting memories with the people who mean the most to you.

A Homey Hybrid Of Old And New

The Review Crew Reviews Boston Cream Pie From The Omni Parker House in Boston

Unlike some historic hotels, the Omni Parker House has successfully updated guest rooms to suit modern travelers needs without forfeiting Old World charm. Their level of luxury is a noticeable notch below that of the hotels common spaces, but they display decorative nods to the hotels 19th-century heritage: cherrywood headboards, floral bed runners, mirrors with old-fashioned molding, wallpaper with a subtle brocade print, vertically striped window treatments.

At the lower end of the room inventory spectrum are 90-square-foot Economy Petite Single Rooms and 125-square-foot Traditional Rooms . The mid-range, 210-square-foot Deluxe Rooms are this Omnis standard-room equivalent. Higher-level rooms include 400-square-foot Executive Rooms and the one-bedroom Freedom Trail Family Suite, which has bunk beds, beanbag chairs, a chalkboard wall, and dress-up costumes. At the top of the line is the 1,000-square-foot Harvey Parker Suite. The palatial suite has a master king bedroom, master bathroom with Jacuzzi, dining room, wet bar, living room, half bath, and sweeping city views from its 14th-floor corner spot.

In-room Wi-Fi costs a fee, but is free for Omni members . Adjoining rooms are available. Cribs are free, and rollaways are charged nightly.

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How To Make Custard For Boston Cream Pie

Next, work on the vanilla custard filling. Warm the milk in a saucepan.

In a small bowl, whisk together the egg yolk, sugar, cornstarch, and salt. Then slowly whisk in some of the warm milk.

This is called tempering the eggs where you gradually bring the temperature of the egg to the same temperature as the warm milk.

If you added the egg yolk immediately without tempering, youd have a higher chance of cooking the egg, leaving your custard lumpy with scrambled egg.

Place everything back in the saucepan then cook until thickened. Remove from the heat then whisk in the butter and vanilla. Cool to room temperature then refrigerate for 1 hour before using.

Since you only need 1 egg yolk for the custard, here are some recipes using leftover egg whites.

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Boston Cream Pie Recipe Using Shortening In The Cake

Shortening in a cake? Before you grab your cake testers in lieu of pitchforks and flood me with hate mail, I decided this Boston Cream Pie recipe that uses shortening would be a good addition to try. While I normally have a whole big stockpile of butter on-hand, that wasnt always the case. I figured there are people out there who would appreciate an option using shortening following the traditional single-layer cake split into two horizontal halves mode. Also, it was good! Like, really good.

I used the basic shortening sticks because they are infinitely easier to measure than the big ol tub of shortening I used to use many years ago. They were the plain shortening sticks, not the butter-flavored shortening sticks, FYI.

Best Of The Best Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie is the Best Part of Omni Parker House ...

So, which won my vote for favorite? First, lets be clear. I loved all of them or they wouldnt be on this list. But if I HAD to choose

Boston Cream Pie from Left: Flour Bakery & Cafe Right: Omni Parker House

Flour Bakery & Cafe was my favorite for all-around taste and texture. It just had the it factor for me! A very close second was the original at Omni Paker House. Omni Parker House won best martini list EVER!

Where To Stay in BostonFound Hotel Boston is where I stayed my first two nights. A great mid-range option, it is located in the theater district close to Boston Gardens and has great amenities.Westin Copley Place is where I stayed the next several nights. It is luxury-range and located right in Copley Square not far from Boston Gardens or Fenway Park. The amenities are fabulous here as well.

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In The Heart Of Downtown Boston Just One Block From Boston Common

Located on the corner of Tremont and School streets, Omni Parker House is in a historic district of Boston, right along the Freedom Trail. The hotel is directly across from Kings Chapel, the Old Town Hall , and a block from Granary Burial Ground, where Paul Revere, Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Mother Goose were laid to rest. The blocks surrounding the hotel are lined with bars, Irish pubs, and restaurants that characterize much of Bostons food scene steakhouses and seafood joints. Omni Parker House is just outside Beacon Hill, a historic and wealthy residential neighborhood known for its Federal-style row houses, brick sidewalks, narrow streets, and dozens of antique shops.

  • Three-minute walk to Boston Common, the countrys oldest park and the start of Bostons 2.5-mile Freedom Trail, which passes through 16 historic landmarks
  • Three-minute walk to Government Center stop on the T
  • Eight-minute walk to Faneuil Hall, a historic marketplace and modern-day mall
  • 15-minute walk to TD Garden, home of the Boston Celtics
  • 15-minute walk to North End
  • 15-minute T ride to Harvard Square and Harvard University
  • 20-minute T ride to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox
  • 26-minute T ride to Boston Logan International Airport

Recipe: Parker Houses Boston Cream Pie

The venerable Boston hotels famed pie is the official dessert of Massachusetts.

Boston Cream Pie

5 oz. Fondant for white icing6 oz. Fondant for chocolate icing3 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate, melted

Substitution for Fondant Icing:

6 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate, melted2 oz. Warm water

1 cup 10X Sugar 1 tsp. Corn syrup1 tsp. Water


Bring to a boil in a saucepan the butter, milk and light cream. While this mixture is cooking, combine the sugar, cornstarch and eggs in a bowl and whip until ribbons form. When the cream-milk-butter mixture reaches the boiling point, whisk in the egg mixture and cook to boiling. Boil for one minute. Pour into a bowl and cover the surface with plastic wrap. Chill overnight if possible. When chilled, whisk to smooth out and flavor with 1 tsp. dark rum.

Level the sponge cake off at the top using a slicing knife. Cut the cake into two layers. Spread the flavored pastry cream over one layer. Top with the second cake layer. Reserve a small amount of the pastry cream to spread on sides to adhere to almonds.

For chocolate fondant: Warm 6 oz. of white fondant over boiling water to approximately 105 degrees. Add melted chocolate. Thin to spreading consistency with water.

For white fondant: Warm 5 oz. of white fondant over boiling water to approximately 105 degrees. Thin with water if necessary. Place in a piping bag with a 1/8-inch tip.

For more info:

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