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How To Make Apple Pie

How to clean a safety razor – its easy as pie!

To make a classic apple pie recipe, begin with a double pie crust.

  • Prep Apples To make apple pie filling, thinly slice, core and peel apples. I slice them between 1/4-1/8 thick.
  • Make Filling Toss all of the apple pie ingredients together . In this apple pie filling, the addition of a bit of flour helps to absorb the liquids that the apples release when they bake.
  • Roll Pie Crust If you made homemade crust, roll it to 1/8 thickness and line a 9 pie plate. Set aside.
  • Fill & Bake Fill the crust with the apple filling and top with a second crust and bake.

Why Youll Love This Apple Pie

Apple pie has inspired so many of my recipes from apple pie roll ups to baked apple pie bread but there really is nothing like the perfect classic apple pie recipe.

  • Its literally as easy as pie.
  • It doesnt need any fancy ingredients, its a simple classic.
  • The tips below ensure perfection every time.
  • A flaky crust, tender apples that are just the right amount of sweet.
  • Works perfectly with store-bought or homemade pie crust.
  • Its perfect. Always.

The Origin Of Easy As Pie

This phrase may come from the pleasantness and ease involved when eating a delicious pie. A similar expression to this one is a piece of cake, both expressions not only share the same meaning, but they may also have similar origin stories.

During the 19th century, the word pie was used to describe someone who acted kindly to another person. Lets look at an example of that. In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, 1885, take a look at how the word pie was used:

Youre always as polite as pie to them.

Two years later, the phrase can be seen in various newspapers, so it must have been a somewhat common phrase at that time. This example comes from The Newport Mercury newspaper, 1887, where it reads:

You see veuever I goes I takes away mit me a silverspoon or a knife or somethings, an I gets two or three dollars for them. Its easy as pie. Vy dont you try it?

Thus this idiom goes back to at least the late 19th century.

Example Sentences

  • When deciding what to make myself for breakfast, I usually just go with a bowl of cereal since its easy as pie to make.
  • Janice never learned how to swim, so she has always had a fear of the water. However, she recently took swimming lessons and now she finds swimming to be as easy as pie she is no longer afraid.

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What Kind Of Apples For Apple Pie

Apple Crumb Pie  Its Easy As Pie

With an apple pie recipe, you want apples that are tart, sweet, and firm. You want the apples to be strong enough not to break down completely while you bake the apple pie, but light enough that they are soft when they bake. Below are our favorite apples to use in apple pie!

  • Granny Smith Tart, green, flavorful, and perfect for apple pie
  • Golden Delicious Softer, sweet, and yellow in color
  • Northern Spy Red and green, honey notes, and on the sweet side
  • Idared Red in color, not too harsh in flavor, on the tart side

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How Long To Bake Apple Pie

Start the apple pie at a higher temperature to keep the crust from getting soggy. Depending on your apples, the pie can sometimes bubble over so place it on a pan lined with parchment to save my oven any mess.

Bake homemade apple pie at 425°F for 15 minutes and then reduce the heat to 375*F for an additional 35-40 minutes or until the apples are tender and the pie crust is golden.

If the outer crust starts to brown too much, cover the edges with foil or a pie crust shield.

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What’s The Origin Of The Phrase ‘as Easy As Pie’

Easy as Pie | Ah-ha Moment | Workers’ Compensation for Small Businesses

There are many similes in English that have the form ‘as X as Y’. These almost always highlight some property – X, and give an example of something that is well known to display that property – Y for example, ‘as white as snow’, ‘as dead as a dodo’ and, risking a group slander action from our noble friends, ‘as drunk as a lord’.

How though are pies thought to be easy? They aren’t especially easy to make I know, I’ve tried it. The easiness comes with the eating – at least, that was the view in 19th century America, where this phrase was coined. There are various mid 19th century US citations that, whilst not using ‘as easy as pie’ verbatim, do point to ‘pie’ being used to denote pleasantry and ease. ‘Pie’ in this sense is archetypically American, as American as apple pie in fact. The usage first comes in the phrase ‘as nice as pie’, as found here in Which: Right or Left? in 1855:

“For nearly a week afterwards, the domestics observed significantly to each other, that Miss Isabella was as ‘nice as pie!'”

Mark Twain frequently used just ‘pie’ to mean pleasant or accommodating: In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 1884,

“You’re always as polite as pie to them.”

“So he took him to his own house, and dressed him up clean and nice,… and was just old pie to him, so to speak.”

Pie was also used at that time for something that was easy to accomplish for example, in The US magazine Sporting Life, May 1886:

“As for stealing second and third, it’s like eating pie.”

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