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My Favorite Pie Irons


When making mountain pies, I prefer the Rome Square Cast Iron Pie Makers. Cast heats more evenly than the cheaper aluminum models and once seasoned they are relatively non-stick and easy to clean. To clean I usually just open them up and hold them over the coals to burn off any stuck food and then give them a quick cleaning with a wire grill brush.

Storing Your Pie Irons

Over the years I have tried may ways to store my pie irons without getting everything around them covered in grease and ashes. Wrapping in rags or paper towels works for a short time, plastic grocery and trash bags eventually tear and then you are left with a mess again.

Luckily Rome solved this problem with their canvas storage bag. I now store 2 pie irons and all my hotdog/marshmallow sticks in the Rome canvas bag. My bag is over 2 years old now and other than some stains it is just like new. The handles make it easy to carry and keeps the mess away from my other gear.

How To Make Mountain Pies

Here is my super professional way of making the mountain pies.

  • Have a cleaned pie iron open and ready.
  • Spread an even layer of butter or margarine on one side of two pieces of bread.
  • Place the bread butter side down into the mountain pie maker.
  • Layer the fillings on top of the bread being careful to not get too close to the edges of the bread.
  • Add the second piece of bread butter side up.
  • Add the top of the pie iron and clip it shut.
  • Cook over coals and not the flames.

PRO TIP: Let me just warn you, be patient and let the mountain pies cool. They will burn the heck out of you if you take a huge bite right away. The mozzarella cheese and piping hot pizza sauce will get your every time. Trust me. Every. Single. Time.

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What Is A Pie Iron

The most basic pie iron will have a square body made of cast iron or aluminum, approximately the length and width of a slice of bread, that opens like a clamshell. Inside this body, you can fit a heavily loaded sandwich, if the situation called for it.

Each half is attached to a metal pole, usually around 2 feet long, and they join together with a hinge at the opposite end to the poles. The poles have heat resistant handles, such as wood, so that you can hold onto the pie iron safely.

Theres also an attachment on the poles that clips into place to hold the two halves of the cast iron body together easily.

You can also find pie irons in a variety of shapes, though the standard size fits a slice of bread.

You may also find round irons approximately the size of an English muffin, double-width irons, Panini press style, or even pie irons dedicated to cooking hot dogs or Frankfurters.

The 5 Best Pie Irons Of 2021

Rome Industries Mountain Pie Maker, Cast Iron

If you enjoy camping, a pie iron should be high on your shopping list. You can cook all your camp meals over a campfire, from breakfast to dessert, with one handy tool that will last a lifetime with little to no cleaning or maintenance.

A great pie iron doesnt have to cost a fortune. Weve researched the market extensively and come up with a list of our top 5 best pie irons, based on qualities such as durability, handle length, special design features, and overall construction.

So what are the best pie irons? The best pie irons are made from cast iron. You can also find lighter pie irons made out of aluminum, but they can warp or melt, so they have a shorter lifespan. On the other hand, aluminum irons can be more versatile and easier to use for some fireside cooks and, if well cared for, are still very durable.

In this article, youll learn everything you need to know to help you choose the right pie iron for your next camping adventure.

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What Its Made Out Of

We would argue that the best pie irons are made from cast iron.

But thats by no means your only option. You can also get pie irons that are made out of aluminum. Aluminum irons tend to be easier to use because they arent as heavy, and they are more versatile.

On the other hand however, aluminum pie irons can warp or melt, which is why we prefer cast iron pie irons overall.

Blueberry And Cheese Pudgy Pies Marocmama

This is sweet and savory all at once. With just four ingredients, youre going to love the outcome of this simple recipe.

Do you have a favorite pie iron camping recipe from the choices above? Who really says that you have to choose?

Since camping is usually several days long, pick out a couple of different recipes and make them all!

What should you do now?

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Does Vinegar Remove Rust From Cast Iron

Mix basic white vinegar with water in equal parts and submerge your pan in it. Use a bucket or plug the sink for really big pans the entire skillet should be covered with the vinegar mixture. The vinegar will dissolve the rust, but once thats gone, the vinegar will go to town on the original cast surface of the pan.

Why We Like Rome Pie Irons

How to season cast iron (Rome) pie irons

I like products that can stand up to the abuse of use. Cast iron wont warp or melt, like some pie irons manufactured from aluminum, even if you put them in the campfire, which we often do.

We have quite a few Rome pie irons, and we havent had a bit of trouble with them, except that they make such scrumptious tidbits that you wont want to stop with just one.

Cooking with a pie iron is easy once you get the hang of it. Learning to use them will take some practice, but you will be turning out mouth-watering meals just like an old pro in no time. The main thing to remember is to get your fire going ahead of time and allow it to die down some, so you have lots of hot coals and a lower flame.

My favorite pie iron out of all the ones Rome makes is the original square pie iron. The cast iron sandwich compartment measures 4.25 inches x 4.5 inches, which makes it perfect for using square-shaped white bread right off the grocery store shelf.

Your sandwiches will turn out perfect when you use this pie iron.

For making cherry pies, I like to use the original round pie iron, we dont make desserts as much as we do sandwiches, but this iron is perfect for pies. The round shape is smaller than the slice of bread, so it compresses the bread edges together to contain all the delectable cherry filling inside.

To finish off, Rome Industries, Inc. has a ten-year warranty on all of their pie irons, which means that they are pretty confident of their products.

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Pie Iron Cooking Is Super Easy To Use Your Cast

  • Prepare a sandwich you want to use.
  • Open the pie iron sandwich cooker.
  • Place the sandwich in the pie iron.
  • Close it and place it over, or in the fire.
  • Cook for around five minutes, turning it frequently.
  • Using pie irons for camping is the perfect way to spend some quality time with the family or camping buddies around the fire, singing songs, and making delicious campfire pies!

    Rome Industries Square Pie Iron

    Rome Industries is a brand with a considerable history, known for its quality products like this one. One unique feature about it is that it allows you to create square pies, which is a departure from the rounded ones that everybody is accustomed to.

    It can be your secret weapon for winning camping parties.

    Its heavy-duty cast iron construction makes it a wise investment since it will last you a long time. Specs wise, the piece measures 28 inches in length and can be easily stored anywhere. It is also lightweight, so your hands wont tire as you handle it.

    The handle allows for a good grip and lets you flip it even in high-heat conditions, and its interior surface is coated so that the pies wont stick.

    Adding all of these features up, you soon realize that this is a pie iron that is hard to say no to.


    The first thing that anyone notices about this pie iron is the unexpected square shape it features, that is completely different from the round one people are accustomed to.

    The handy design makes this a great tool to have when you go camping with your loved ones and you want to make delicious treats.

    Thanks to the cast iron material used and the heavy-duty construction, this is a pie iron that you will surely use for a long time.

    In terms of measurements, the iron is 28 inches long, and what makes it great is the fact that it can be stored away without too much trouble.


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    How To Use A Pie Iron

    Pie irons are designed for campfire cooking. Whether youre having a safe cookout in your back yard or youve escaped city life for a back-to-nature vacation in the woods, pie irons are perfect for warming up and/or cooking your breakfast, lunch, and dinner over a fire.

    When using a pie iron, you first want to heat each half over an open fire. You want it to be warm when you add your sandwich or other food for cooking, but you dont want it to be so hot that your bread or dough will burn. Usually, about 5 minutes in a hot fire is perfect.

    Set one half on a burn resistant surface and coat the inside pocket with a small amount of oil. Spray oils are very convenient for this. Campfires are difficult to temperature regulate, so use an oil with a high smoke point, like grapeseed or avocado oil.

    Place your bread or dough along the bottom and fill with any fillings you want inside your pie. Once filled, top with another piece of bread or dough.

    Spray or coat the top of the iron with a bit of oil and close the iron, using the fastener at the lower end of the handles to close it together tightly.

    Place the pie iron on a bed of hot, flat coals. It doesnt have to be directly in the fire if the iron is already warmed.

    Depending on your filling, youll need about 25 minutes per side. Check after about 2 minutes per side. Its cooked when its golden brown.

    Campfire Pie Irons Mountain Pie Makers

    Rome Industries Mountain Pie Maker, Cast Iron

    There are several options for pie irons. You can even find a double wide mountain pie maker. It lets you roast four pieces of bread in quick order with the filling simmering inside. Here are a few options:

    • Apples Thinly sliced so they can cook over a campfire.
    • Bread White bread is best for campfire pies.
    • Butter Salted or unsalted butter.
    • Lemon Juice Fresh squeezed lemon juice.
    • Brown Sugar

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    You’ll Love These Pie Iron Recipes

    A pie iron is a small cast iron or aluminum pan with a two-part hinge that folds over and has a long handle that you cook on a campfire. They come in different shapes and sizes- round, square, oblong, and double.

    Also, called a pudgie pie they are used for toasting sandwiches, grilling meat, and cooking desserts. Perhaps you have never heard of a pie iron but maybe these will ring a bell… pudgie pies, hobo pies,tonka toaster, campfire pies, pudgy pies, fire pies, and the list goes on.

    Cooking with a pie iron is a great way to bond with your family and also a fun way to teach your kids a new way to cook.

    And the best thing about pie iron cooking is you don’t have to follow exact measurements and you can add or take out ingredients according to everyone’s likes and dislikes.

    Keep your cooking to a minimum and have fun trying these pie iron recipes that we have compiled for you.

    S For Spring Cleaning The Pie Irons

    The steps are almost the same as cleaning the ones with burnt food bits, except I start with a bucket of soapy water and I usually do all of the pie irons at once.

  • Soak pie irons in bucket of hot, soapy water for 5-10 minutes. I do this outside, not in the kitchen or camper kitchen sink. The outside of pie irons are always sooty and make a huge mess! I use dish soap and a rag that gets thrown away when I am finished.
  • Scrub the inside and the outside of the pie irons, using a scrub brush or even steel wool when necessary to remove any rust. The outside soot will not come all the way off, so dont set it on your leg to scrub- you will end up with permanently sooty, camper jeans.
  • Rinse with hot water.
  • Dry thoroughly over coals or a fire.
  • Carefully!! Add a small, nickel size, amount of oil to each warm/hot pie iron half. I use canola or vegetable oil.
  • Wipe the inside of each pie iron half with a paper towel, so it is coated with oil-be careful, they are still hot and the oil is getting hot too.
  • Reheat over the coals or fire for a few minutes to set the oil coating. Dont super heat the pie irons or cause the oil to smoke. But, if it does start to smoke and form little dots of oil on the pie iron-take it off the fire, let it cool a bit and redistribute the oil by wiping it again with a paper towel-carefully, since its probably still hot!
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    What Is A Mountain Pie

    Mountain pies are kind of like a tastier version of a grilled cheese sandwich. They don’t have to be savory though. They can be stuffed with your favorite pizza filling, pie filling, or any other filling that will taste great between two slices of buttered bread. You can use oil, or cooking spray instead of butter if you must.

    Mountain Pies are also called hobo pies, camper pies, and campfire pies. Regardless of what they’re called, they’ll always be baked in a cast iron mountain pie iron.

    First I should probably show you my mountain pie maker.

    There it is, a nice long-handled pie iron. I’ve come across some round mountain pie makers, but they never really made sense to me. My bread is always square so I don’t have a use for a round one. There are also double mountain pie makers that have two squares. This would be great if you have more than one kiddo or a whole group of people that want a mountain pie.

    You can find the square, round, and double , but I think you can find them in most stores that carry camping supplies.

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