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How To Making The Filling


The filling is made up of minced beef, onions, seasoning and chopped green peppers. To a large frying pan, add a little oil and allow to it heat up. Add the mince and onions and allow to cook until brown. Mix in half a teaspoon of tomato puree, then seasoning and salt. Remove from heat and leave to cool. Stir in chopped green peppers. Then it time to assemble.

I found this really cool pasty maker on Amazon that makes assembling the meat pie so easy. It saves having to use a saucer to cut out round disks of pastry.

You can make your filling with tuna flakes or vegetables . So many alternative fillings and all delicious.


An affiliate link to the pasty maker I used to make these meatpies.

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The Nigerian Meat Pie Filling

  • Peel the Irish potatoes and scrape the carrots, wash and cut these two into tiny cubes.
  • Wash and slice the onions into tiny pieces.
  • With your cooker or stove set to medium heat, heat the vegetable oil in a pot, add the diced onions and stir for a bit, add the minced meat and stir vigorously till the minced meat turns pale.
  • Add 1 cup of water, Knorr cubes and thyme. Cover the pot and once the contents of the pot starts boiling, add the diced carrots and potatoes and cook till everything is well done.
  • Dissolve 2 tablespoons of plain flour in half cup of cold water and add to the meat pie filling. This tip is so that the meat pie filling does not dry up during baking. It is also what keeps the meat pie filling moist.
  • Add salt to taste, stir the contents and turn off the heat. Set the meat pie filling aside. Now is the time to prepare the dough for the meat pie.
  • How To Make Meat Pie

    Meat Pie are usually moist, yummy and has minced meat, potato and carrot filling. The filling is usually adequately seasoned and gives the meat pie its unique taste.The recipes stated below will help you make the best meat pie ever.

    NOTE: The number of meat pie you will get depends on the diameter of the meat pie cutter you use.


    • 500g minced meat
    • 1 medium onion
    • 2 cooking spoons vegetable oil
    • 2 Seasoning Cubes cubes
    • 1 cup / 250 ml / 8.4 oz cold water
    • Salt to taste
    • Baking Powder

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    What Is The Spice In Tourtiere

    It was hearty, and it was spiced with some of my favorite flavors. It reminded me so much of my favorite Irish sausages and Cincinnati chili, and thats because the key spices are cloves, all-spice and cinnamon.

    There are other spices in there, too, but if youre looking to pinpoint what gives this Canadian meat pie its unique flavor, thats undoubtedly it.

    Vegetarian And Pescatarian Filling Alternatives

    Meat Pie Recipe With Leftover Roast Beef

    The good thing about this recipe is that you can use any combination of meat or veggie filling of your choice. You can substitute turkey or chicken breast for the red meats. But, if you are a vegan, don’t be intimidated by these meat suggestions. You can choose to have your pie with an all vegetable and carbohydrate filling. You can even use fish or shrimp for a pescatarian option. Yes, you can!

    Vegan alternatives:

    • A mix of shredded carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and onions.
    • A mix of brown rice, beans, carrots, onions, and nuts
    • A mix of tofu, carrots, etc.

    Fish alternatives:

    • Your choice of salmon, whiting, or tilapia fillets. These generate less fish fat/oil during baking and, therefore, it won’t break out of the crust.
    • All of these fish work well when briefly sautéed with garlic, salt, onion, carrots, and potatoes. Let the ingredients cool before filling the pastry.

    Everything you need. Plus salt and pepper for seasoning the meat.

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    Ingredients For The Meat Pie:

    • 2 tbsp. olive oil
    • ¼ head of green cabbage, shredded
    • ¼ pounds of red potatoes, scrubbed and diced with the skins left intact
    • ½ pound lean ground sirloin
    • The lean ground sirloin has less grease and fat than regular which prevents the dish from becoming greasy
  • 5 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • ½ teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
  • ½ tsp of thyme
  • Ready to eat pie crust
  • Anatomy Of An Awesome Family Meat Pie

    Heres a breakdown of what makes up a great Aussie meat pie:

    • Shortcrust base
    • Slow cooked beef filling
    • Puff pastry lid
  • Shortcrust base Buttery and flaky, this pastry type has enough structure to contain the considerable volume of rich filling! It is blind baked so it doesnt go soggy once baked with the filling. Use store-bought shortcrust pastry for convenience , but for a truly great Meat Pie, use homemade shortcrust pastry!

  • Meat Pie Filling Your basic meat pie might only be made with beef. But the addition of mushroom, bacon, celery and carrots only makes it better! Bacon for flavour, mushroom for just general extra-delicious factor. Celery and carrots add flavour into the sauce as well as breaking up the filling texture a bit so its not just 100% full-on meat.

    The secret ingredient in this meat pie sauce is Guinness which makes it dark and rich as well as adding a stack of flavour. It puts your basic store bought pies to shame!

  • Puff pastry top The traditional topping for Meat Pies is puff pastry. You simply cant top golden, flaky and buttery puff pastry as the lid for a meat pie!

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    For The Meat Pie Filling Sauce

    The sauce is essentially a very rich stew sauce that is a Beef & Guinness Stew that borrows techniques from a French-style stew like Beef Bourguignon. Yep, we are stealing secrets from the French to make the very best Aussie meat pie!

    The flavourful stout beer in this recipe is the reason why there are so few ingredients needed for flavour in the sauce. Red wine can also be used, for a slightly more elegant sauce option see below for more on this.

    • Flourand butter In todays recipe, we are thickening the stew using a simple French finishing technique called a Beurre Manié. This is raw flour and softened butter mixed together, and then stirred into a liquid . It makes the sauce shiny and thick.

      The idea for this pie is as follows. The sauce needs to be thicker than regular stews else it runs everywhere when you serve a slice of pie. Adding flour at the start means youre working with an already-thick sauce while it cooks. Thick sauces require regular stirring to ensure it doesnt catch on the base of the pot but the problem is all this stirring causes the beef pieces that are tender from long cooking to break apart. We want lovely big chunks, not shredded beef!

      It is much, much easier just to use a Beurre Manié instead to thicken the sauce at the end!

    Cut Fill Fold And Close

    How to Make Nigerian Meat Pie | DineWithMuni
  • Set your oven to 170°C and leave to preheat while you continue with the meat pie.
  • Rub margarine on the insides of the oven tray and set aside. This is so that the undersides of the meat pies do not burn or stick to the tray during baking.
  • Break the egg, beat it and set aside, you will need it pretty soon.
  • Knead the dough some more, roll it out to achieve a 5mm thickness.
  • Use a cutter, be it the cover of a small pot or a meat pie cutter, to make round cuts on the rolled out dough.
  • Remove the excess dough, leaving behind the round cuts.
  • Scoop some meat pie filling into the center of the round cuts, the quantity should be such that you can comfortably close the dough without overflows. Don’t worry if you over-filled the first one, you have many meat pies to fill today so at some point you will know just the right quantity of meat pie filling to scoop into the dough.
  • Rub the egg on the inside edge of the cut meatpie dough. Watch the video to see how this is done. This is to ensure that your meat pie is perfectly sealed and does not open up while it is being baked.
  • Fold one part of the dough to meet the other end and use a fork to press the 2 edges together to close tightly. Place your work of art in the oven tray and repeat the previous step till all the cut out dough is exhausted.
  • Roll out more dough, cut, fill, close and place in the greased oven tray till all the dough is used.
  • Rub the egg on the meat pies. This gives the meat pie a golden brown look when done.
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    Base And Lid For Meat Pie

    Meat Pie Base The traditional base for Meat Pies is shortcrust pastry. This is a buttery, flaky pastry that is used for things like quiche and sweet pies .

    It is ideal for meat pies because it is sturdy enough to hold up to the rich, dense filling. This recipe calls for 800g / 1.6 pounds of beef this makes quite a bit of filling!Store-bought is fine, but homemade shortcrust pastry really is worth making if you have the time. The flavour is better and also texture.Puff pastry could also be used however for the base, to avoid the need to buy two different pastries. See recipe notes for directions.

    • Shortcrust base

    Meat pie lid The traditional lid for meat pies is puff pastry. These days, the quality of store-bought is actually very good if you opt for real butter puff pastry. Cheaper puff pastry is made with oil rather than butter so it doesnt tastes as nice and doesnt puff up as well.If you make your own, I will be mighty impressed. Brag in the comments section below you deserve to!!

    This is the brand I usually use, just purchased from grocery stores in Australia:

    Make The Meat Pie Filling

  • Brown beef Season the beef with salt and pepper, then brown aggressively in a heavy based pot over high heat. Turn the beef cubes to get a lovely brown crust all over. You dont need to cook the beef all the way through here, we are just after colour on the outside. This not only adds flavour to the beef, but the golden bits left on the base of the pot adds valuable flavour to the sauce .

  • Cook ingredients individually We start with bacon, cooked until golden and to release its fat. We then use the fat to cook the following ingredients. After the bacon is cooked, add it into the bowl with the browned beef.

    Then we add a little butter into the pot because the residual bacon fat isnt enough to cook the mushrooms properly. We want the mushrooms to get nice and golden and we need enough fat to get there! Once the mushrooms are done, remove to a separate bowl because we will be adding them into the stew partway through the slow cook time.

    Lastly onion, garlic, celery and carrots go in together. We dont need to make these golden, we just want to cook the onion enough so the flavour transforms from pungent to sweet.

  • Add liquids Add Guinness, beef stock and water to the pot, then give it a good stir.

  • Return beef and bacon to pot Then add the browned beef and bacon back into the pot.

  • Bring to simmer Bring the stew up to a simmer, then cover with a lid. Remember, no flour added yet to thicken were going to thicken the stew at the end because its easier.

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    Directions For Making A Meat Pie’s Fillings

  • In a large wok, combine the potatoes, carrots, onion, salt and pepper. Set on stove at medium heat.
  • Stir in beef, and butter .
  • Sauté veggies and meat mixture briefly on medium to high heat.
  • Let cook for about five minutes. This brief cooking is done to ensure that meats are cooked properly through the duration of baking the pastry.
  • Set the mixture aside to cool.
  • Steps 1 and 2: Put meat in saucepan with curry, thyme, pepper, onions. Use your preferred seasonings.

    Australian Meat Pie Recipe

    Tasty Meat Pie Recipe

    From midnight post-pub feasting to footy games, quick lunches on the run to essential road trip pit stops, Aussies never need an excuse to get stuck into meat pies!

    That moment when you bite through the buttery, flaky golden puff pastry and the molten filling comes oozing out, and you frantically fan your mouth while mumbling hot, hot, hot!!!, cursing yourself for not letting it cool down but on the other hand you just dont bloody care about third degree mouth burns because the pie is SO SO SO GOOD..

    That moment is something that every Aussie is very familiar with.

    And its a moment that Aussies who have moved abroad miss so much.

    So todays meat pie recipe is dedicated to all Aussies living overseas. Your hunt for a meat pie fix is officially over!!

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    The Classic Meat Pie Recipe Is Easy To Make At Home

    Making the dough from scratch is essential, not difficult to do, and can be can be done well in advance!

    Watch us show you how easy it is to make these babies at home!

    It all starts with a wonderfully flavorful savory beef filling.

    We love sautéing onion, bell peppers, and a little jalapeño to deepen the flavors.

    You can adjust the seasonings to your own liking, but we love the little bit of kick in this recipe.

    The Perfect Meat Pie Filling

    Notice how the pie filling is saucy, and that theres plenty of it, but its not running everywhere and nor is it thick and stodgy . Its a nice, thick gravy that stays in the pie. Thats exactly what were aiming for!!

    And heres a couple of up-close-and-personal snaps highlighting the finest features of our meaty model:

  • Fall-apart beef Just some photo evidence, in case you were in any doubt!

  • The pie crust! Flake perfection. Its not stiff enough so you can hold an entire slice in your hands, nor is it supposed to be. But if youre like me and you like to save the best for last, youll start from the sloppy end and eat your way towards the crust, then use your hands to eat the crust!

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    Comfort Food Menu Suggestion

    Make a mega-feast starring this Family Meat Pie with the addition of the following:

    • A big, beautiful Spring Salad filled with peas, asparagus and snow peas.

    • Garlic bread! Because nobody ever says no to garlic bread

    • Self Saucing Butterscotch Pudding for dessert. Warm, soft, caramel flavoured cake AND a butterscotch sauce that magically makes itself? Its got my name written ALL OVER IT!

    • Ketchup or Aussie Tomato Sauce, for serving

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