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Best Combo: Grandma’s Chicken Soup

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Grandma’s Chicken Soup

Grandma’s chicken pot pie and soup combos take comfort to the next level.

  • Pies not made in-house

Grandma’s Chicken Soup is run by a brother and sister team from Boston who were inspired to offer their Bubby’s chicken soup to the whole nation. This classic soup can bring a little ease to everything from a case of the sniffles to a tough breakup. Add chicken pot pie to the mix, and you’ve got one seriously powerful cocktail of comfort.

Grandma’s pot pie and soup combo includes two, 12-ounce chicken pot pies by Mrs. Budd’s and a half-gallon of Grandma’s chicken soup. You can get your chicken soup with noodles, rice, or matzo balls, orif you need extra carbsnoodles and matzo balls. The chicken pot pies are filled with chicken, peas, and carrots. Grandma’s is great for gifting you can add all kinds of things to this package, like various cakes and other comfort sides like knishes, latkes, grilled cheese kits, and even a teddy bear.

The chicken soup and pot pie combo costs around $22, plus shipping. Grandma’s ships on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you want your order sent next day shipping, Grandma’s ships on Thursdays as well. You can also include a custom gift message.

Best Overall: Great Lakes Pot Pies

Great Lakes Pot Pies

Quality ingredients, multiple sizes, and gluten- and dairy-free options: Great Lakes Pot Pies has it all.

  • Gluten- and dairy-free pies available

  • Three-pie minimum

When Jannie Teitelbaum set out to create a food business, the first thing she did was ask her friends what kind of food they wanted. The answerconvenient meals without processed ingredientsmade Teitelbaum recall the frozen chicken pot pies of her childhood, and she began testing recipes. One day, six months into the process, her son proclaimed her latest chicken pot pie the best he had ever eaten, and Great Lakes Pot Pies was born.

The company’s chicken pot pies come in three sizes: 5-inch, 9-inch, and a 5-ounce hand pie. Besides chicken, the pot pie contains carrots, celery, onion, peas, and corn, and is seasoned with thyme and just a touch of cayenne pepper to wake up the taste buds. Great Lakes also carries gluten-free and dairy-free chicken pot pies.

You must order a minimum number of pies to qualify for shipping: 9-inch pies come in packs of three, 5-inch pies in packs of eight, and hand pies in packs of 12. The 9-inch pies sell for about $24 each, 5-inch pies are about $10 each, and hand pies are around $7 each. Gluten-free and dairy-free pot pies cost a little more. All pies ship frozen with dry ice, and shipping is extra.

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Quick Preparation Every Time

With Marie Callender, you can prepare a chicken pot pie within minutes. All you have to do is place it in the microwave. Once warm, you can chow down on tasty chicken pot pie with little worry. If you have access to a microwave at work, you can easily carry one pot pie to the office and heat it up during your lunch break.

Storage & Reheating Instructions

Traditional Chicken Pot Pie  Recipe deepfriedhoney

Upon receiving a savory pie, immediately place in freezer. Savory pies arrive frozen and/or cold and must be baked before consuming. You do not need to thaw the pie before baking. If you do not wish to serve immediately, place pies in the freezer for up to 6 months. To cook frozen :Bake 400 degrees for 25 minutes, then 375 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour or until the pie is completely golden brown.To cook frozen : Bake 400 degrees for 15 minutes, then 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour or until the pie is completely golden brown.

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Tips From The Pillsbury Kitchens

  • tip 1 Make a foil collar to protect the edges of the pastry from overbrowning. Place strips of foil to cover crust during the last 15 or 20 minutes of baking.
  • tip 2 A standard 9-inch glass pie plate works best for this recipe.
  • tip 3 The only complicated part of making a pot pie is the pastry. By using a refrigerated dough youre left with making a quick, savory gravy that can be filled with leftover cooked chicken, turkey, or ham and a good handful of veggies. A dash of poultry seasoning or some finely chopped fresh sage will enhance the flavor of the sauce.
  • tip 4 To Make Chicken Filling Ahead: prepare as directed in recipe. Spoon into airtight container cover. Refrigerate up to 1 day. To bake, pour filling into 2-quart saucepan, heat over medium heat 5 to 6 minutes, stirring frequently or until thoroughly heated. Assemble, fill and bake pie as directed in recipe.
  • tip 5 To Freeze Chicken Filling: prepare as directed in recipe. Cool, uncovered in refrigerator 30 minutes. Spoon mixture into 1-gallon freezer food storage plastic bag, leaving 1/2 to 1-inch at top of bag for expansion seal. Freeze up to 1 month. To bake, thaw mixture overnight in refrigerator. Pour into 2-quart saucepan, heat over medium heat, 5 to 6 minutes, stirring frequently or until thoroughly heated. Assemble, fill and bake pie as directed in recipe.

Best Local/catering: Boston Market

For hot local deliverywhether it’s one chicken pot pie or hundredsBoston Market can make it happen.

  • Local only, no shipping

Founded in 1985, Boston Chicken was a local rotisserie joint until entrepreneur George Naddaff saw an opportunity to nationalize the brand. Rechristened Boston Market in the mid-1990s, the company now has more than 300 locations in 22 states, with New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas home to the majority of franchises.

The chicken pot pie at Boston Market is a substantial 15-ounce serving. It’s made with rotisserie chicken, vegetables, and gravy, baked into a crispy, flaky crust. For an easy night in with the family, enter your ZIP code on Boston Market’s website to see if there’s a nearby location that delivers. For larger gatherings, catering is the way to go. Boston Market can deliver chicken pot pie for up to 5,000 guests. Pies will arrive fresh, hot, and ready to eat. Best of all, each pie is served with a mini loaf of cornbread.

A chicken pot pie sells for around $8. Not all locations deliver and delivery fees apply. Boston Market does not ship chicken pot pies.

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Spots To Buy Pot Pies In Rhode Island

Try these five places for delicious pot pies that will leave you full and happy.

A chicken pot pie from Savory Fare. Photo from .

A chicken pot pie from Savory Fare. Photo from Savory Fare’s Facebook page.

This article was created in collaboration with Rhode Island Commerce.

Theres nothing like a steaming, hot dinner of chicken, vegetables and flaky crust coming straight out the oven. Try these five places for delicious pot pies that will leave you full and happy.

Savory Fare

The pot pies from Savory Fare are delivered frozen and can be heated in the oven or the microwave. Filled with chicken, peas, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables and topped with a homemade pastry, this meal is sure to be a dinner favorite.

How to order: Orders are placed online or over the phone and can be delivered to Providence, Pawtucket, East Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Barrington, Bristol and Warren. Orders can also be picked up in person at Hope and Main.

The details: Hope and Main, 691 Main St., Warren, 401-454-4955,


Specializing in English-style pies, this place offers a variety of meats to choose from. Chicken, pork, beef and meat and potatoes, and on Fridays, salmon pies make the menu and are the perfect meal for any day of the week.

How to order: Open Wednesday-Friday from 7 a.m.- 2 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. for takeout and curbside pickup. Closing times may change due to pie availability.

The details: 871 Smithfield Ave., Lincoln, 401-726-1295,

Best Single Serving: Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery

Chicken Pot Pie for Dummies

Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery

Ackroyd’s, a family business in operation since 1949, has perfected this traditional Scottish hand pie.

  • Expensive shipping for small orders

If you’re looking for single-serving chicken pot pies, you have to check out Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery. A third-generation family business, Ackroyd’s first opened as a Scottish butcher shop, making haggis, bangers, and black pudding for Detroit’s Scottish immigrants. Soon customers began asking for traditional Scottish meat pies. When the Akroyds complied, their savory pies proved so successful that the butcher shop became a bakery.

Ackroyd’s single-serving chicken pot pies are round with crust on all sides. Each generous 6-ounce portion is stuffed with chicken, carrots, peas, and potatoes. The traditional pastries generate a lot of customer enthusiasm, with reviews reporting sentiments like, “The chicken pot pies were the best!!” and “Perfect for a light meal. One of the most delicious pot pies we have had. I would definitely order them again!”

Ackroyd’s pot pies come in packs of four, each selling for about $20. Shipping, which can be quite expensive, is not included in the price unless your order is over $150, so stock up and freeze them for later.

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How Much Do Chicken Pot Pie Delivery Services Charge

Most of the expense from ordering a chicken pot pie for delivery comes from the shipping. To get chicken pot pies delivered, budget at least $80, although for that price you may be able to get multiple pies. If you want to spend less, local delivery from a place like Boston Market is likely your best option.

What Happens If Blake’s Organic Chicken Pot Pie Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

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  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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Oprah’s Favorite Signature Chicken Pie

This is THE pie that after only one bite, had Oprah shouting our praises from the top of the world. This is THE pie that was named one of Oprahs Favorite Things. This is THE Chicken Pie. There can be only one.

Whole chickens are boiled in a flavorful stock and the chicken meat is hand pulled and piled high into their flaky crust. There is gravy added to each pie, seasonings and NO vegetables just a hearty serving of chicken and gravy! Centervilles crusts are hand crimped, creating a pie that even your grandmother will love!

Create A New Wish List

Signature Cafe Chicken Pot Pies

Auto reorder # will now ship via common carrier. Please choose your delivery preferences:

  • Takes the prep work out of preparing Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie
  • Simple ingredients for a homemade taste
  • Contains no salt, coloring, or preservatives
  • To cook, simply place in boiling water for 12-15 minutes
  • Filling addition to your soup and pasta dishes
Pot Pie Squares

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Baking & Serving Tips

Make sure to get the most enjoyable and best experience out of our pies by following the baking instructions and serving tips below. These instructions are specific to Chicken Pot Pie. If you would like instructions for a different pie, please check that page.

Freshly Baked

If your Chicken Pot Pie is already baked, please store it in the fridge. For best results, the pie should be consumed within 4 days of purchase. To warm, place on a baking sheet in a preheated oven at 350°F. Bake a 9 pie for 45 minutes, a 5 pie for 25-30 minutes, and a hand pie for 15 minutes.


If your Chicken Pot Pie is frozen, please store in the freezer until you are ready to bake and consume. For best results, the pie should be baked within 3 months of purchase. To bake, place pie on baking sheet and place in preheated oven at 350°F. Bake a 9 for 90-120 minutes, a 5 for 50-60 minutes and a hand pie for 35-40 minutes. When ready, the crust should be golden brown, and some filling should spill from the venting slits on the top.

Once baked, cool the Chicken Pot Pie for a minimum of 15 minutes before serving.


  • The pie should be able to lift from its tin when the crust is perfectly baked.
  • The savoury pie fillings are all pre-cooked. Only the pastry crust is raw.
  • If you insert a thermometer into the centre of the pie and it reads 165°F, your pie is ready.

Oh! And cant forget the mini pies – we love the assortment and everyone enjoys trying a bite of each!

Always amazing pie!!

What People Are Saying

We just finished one of Mawmaws chicken pot pies with vegetables. Best we’ve ever eaten, plenty of tasty chicken with lots of vegetables in a creamy sauce and flaky crust. Going to need more.

Dennis M.

Absolutely the very best chicken pot pie I have ever had! We had the chicken with vegetables and two of us wiped it out! I was very impressed with the amount of chicken and vegetables!

Scott C.

OMG! I baked up one of the pies last night and it was absolutely delicious. So much chicken and veggies. And the crust was so flaky. So glad I have another one in the freezer.


Baked one of MawMaw’s pies I purchased last night. It was so so good. The crust is to die for. So, so delicious. I will be buying more.

Donna H.

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