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Is A Raw Diet Good For Dogs Heres What Researchers Say

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Are Good with Cats ( So Cute! )

Loving pet parents have been struggling with the question of what is the best pet food to feed their dogs. Theres certainly a plethora of brands on the shelves of any grocery store, but many pet owners are increasingly considering raw pet food. After all, dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves eat nothing but raw meat. So wouldnt it be just as good for a domesticated dog?

Thats a good question, and there are varying viewpoints on whether or not raw meat diets are a good option for growing healthy dogs.

Lets break down the facts around raw feeding, starting with some basics about just what constitutes a balanced diet for your dog.

How To Introduce A Cat And Dog Properly

If you have a dog and decide to add a cat to your family or vice versa, don’t just throw them together. Introductions should be made slowly, especially with adult animals.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Puppies and kittens are often more adaptable and less aggressive initially than adults.
  • Pets should be allowed to smell each other’s scent first. Then they should be introduced gradually, while the situation is totally under your control.
  • Once your dogs seem accepting of their new family member, place the cat on the floor in a crate. Next, put the cat on the floor and hold the dog by a leash. If the dog shows no aggression, move on slowly from there in small increments.

Dogs and cats don’t have to be enemiesthey can actually be great friends. You do, however, need to do proper introductions. I think any breed can be acclimated to liking catsor at least tolerating felinesas long as the proper steps are taken when the dogs are still puppies. If you choose a dog breed that lacks a high prey drive, though, your job will be much easier.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Breeds That Are Usually Peaceful With Cats


In this size range, we’re most likely to see “cat contentiousness” from the terriers and the German Pinscher. Whippets, with their powerful prey drive, can also be a threat.

The midsized herding breeds have strong chasing instincts, but are usually fine with cats in their own family, especially adult cats with claws. Just stay on top of any chasing.

The most peaceful midsized breeds with cats are Cocker Spaniels , Beagles, and the Lagotto Romagnolo.

Lagotto Romagnolo = water dog from Romagna, Italy. Lively, athletic, fond of water, fond of mud, fond of digging. Exercise!!!


Again, most likely to be quarrelsome with cats are the terriers, plus the Standard Schnauzer, Australian Cattle Dog, Siberian Husky, and Chow Chow.

Medium-sized herding breeds have strong chasing instincts , but also strong bite inhibition instincts that prevent them from mauling the sheep. Individuals in these breeds may or may not be safe with cats.

The most peaceful mediium-size breeds with cats:

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Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

15 dog breeds that are good with cats

If you wish to share your home with both cats and dogs, look for a dog breed that’s typically friendly with felines. While it ultimately comes down to the individual dog , certain breeds have tendencies that help them get along with other species. For example, many working dogs were bred to watch over and protect their family members, including other animals. And some hounds, especially scent hounds, were bred to work closely in packs, so they are usually friendly with other furry family members. Sporting dogs, such as retrievers and spaniels, typically get along with anyone, including cats. And toy dogs were mostly bred to be loving companions even to other species.

Here are 10 dog breeds that often get along with cats.

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What Canine Activities Do Newfoundlands Like

Newfoundlands need around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day to stay fit and healthy. As well as going on long walks, these laid-back pups love to swim.

“Known for being a multipurpose dog, as comfortable on land as in water, they enjoy outdoor activities, especially swimming,” says Bill. “They have also been known to participate and even excel in disciplines such as agility, obedience and rally among others.”

How To Introduce A Puppy To An Adult Maine Coon

Introducing a new pup into a household with an adult Maine Coon requires some planning and patience for a smooth transition. The Maine Coon, like other cat breeds, is very territorial and could easily feel threatened by the presence of a new pet. To get your pets to like each other, the introduction must be slow and taken step-by-step. Here is how to do it:

Keeping both the puppy and the Maine Coon entertained will increase the likelihood of them developing a deep friendship. Otherwise, your cat might just end up being aloof towards your pup and ignoring him. Either way, though, provided both pets are able to tolerate each other, you will not have to keep an eye on them most of the time.

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Disease Risks Associated With Raw Food Diets

Another important consideration is the possibility of bacterial contamination when feeding raw food. Remember those old Salmonella commercials back in the 1970s? Well, thats a problem for your dog too!

Proponents of raw food diets would argue that the preservatives in store-bought dog food are dangerous for your dogs health. Opponents argue that a so-called BARF diet doesnt just pose a risk to your dog, its a public health problem too!

The problem with raw food diets for dogs is that its easy for the meat to become contaminated with the same pathogens as raw meat for humans. While youre not eating your dogs raw meat, its possible for young children or careless adults to become exposed to the pathogens on the meat.

To avoid that, you have to be very careful about washing your hands after handling raw meat, but sometimes people are not, and small children are usually not that careful. Thus, its possible for them to get a bacterial infection as a result.

Breeds Youll Want To Avoid

Top 10 Small Dog Breeds For Families With Cats – TopTenz

As much as we want our fur babies to get along, some dog breeds dont play nicely with cats. Nordic breeds tend to have strong prey drives, which can be bad news for flighty felines. Energetic herding breeds like Australian cattle dogs might not give your cat a moments rest if the urge to herd the flock takes over. Some terriers are a bit too hyper, and because many terriers were bred to kill their prey, its better to be safe than sorry.

Taking the proper steps to introduce your pets goes a long way in creating a peaceful household. Use a favorite toy or blanket to allow your fur babies to get used to each others scent before you introduce them, and theyll be more likely to accept the other animal as family. Opt for gentle, calm cats and dogs, and youll be amazed by how easily they can learn to live together.

Editors’ Recommendations

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How To Find The Best Dog For Your Cat

While these beloved breeds are certainly a place to start, Radosta emphasizes each individual dog is different, and it’s possible for any dog to get along with the household cat, if owners do their due diligence.

“When pet parents are searching for a new dog, they should inquire whether the dog has lived with or currently lives with any cats, or if the dog has been introduced to any cats at the breeder or rescue facility,” says Alison Gerken, DVM, clinical behavior medicine resident at Florida Veterinary Behavior Service. “If the dog has a history of being aggressive toward, chasing, picking up, or fixating on cats, then the dog is probably not suitable for a home with a cat.”

You know your cat better than anyone, so trust your instincts as to what she can handle.

“Much like human beings, no two dogs or cats are alike,” Radosta says. “Search for the right personality regardless of the breed or mix of breeds and then teach your pets to get along.”

It Depends On The Dog But Be Careful With These Breeds

Anyway, although there are sure to be plenty of people who disagree, here is my list of dog breeds that do not usually do well with cats:

  • Sled dogs
  • Sighthounds
  • Terriers
  • Guard dogs

But, as I mentioned above, a lot of those dogs can do okay if introduced to a cat early in life.

The ragdoll is a great cat around dogs.

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Is A Raw Diet Good For Dogs Final Thoughts

It might be tempting to provide your dog with what seems like a more natural raw food diet. The truth is that dogs have evolved as human companions. As such, their diet has evolved too. Feeding raw food now poses more of a risk to your dog and your family than any benefits that might be derived from such a diet.

If you do elect to feed your dog raw food, youll want to make sure to include quality ingredients, an appropriate balance of organ meat and muscle meat, and vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure adequate nutrition. You want to make sure you dont skimp on those important ingredients over time. Thats when deficiencies can easily occur.

Whats more, you need to practice strict food safety guidelines when handling raw meat. You should make sure to:

  • Wear gloves
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat
  • Wash any containers where the meat was stored with hot water and a good-quality soap. Let them dry completely before reusing them.

Youll also want to keep young children away from the raw food and your dogs feces. While that latter point seems like a no-brainer, youd be surprised how many young children find your doggys dropping endlessly fascinating.

Golden Retrievers Are Playful Yet Adaptable

5 Dog Breeds That Like and Are Good With Cats

Golden retrievers are known to be playful but they’re also adaptable, according to the AKC. This means that they’re good with cats of varying ages and sizes.

In fact, a Quora user notes how his golden retriever and his cat were inseparable, writing that they “slept together, followed each other around, and groomed each other.”

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Small Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Are you thinking of adding to your family?

Do you own a cat and want to find the perfect small dog that will love and adore your cat as much as you do?

Or are you thinking of diving straight in at the deep end and getting a new dog and a cat at the same time?

Wow- that is brave!

In this post, I provide a list of seven small dog breeds that will get on with cats.

But before I start the list, I want to go over a few basics.

Of The Most Toxic Flowers And Plants For Cats And Dogs

Its always nice to get flowers or a houseplant, but if you are a pet owner, bringing plants into your home can come with life-threatening danger for your beloved pets.

Thats why its critical to know the difference between a highly toxic plant or flower and one thats safe for your pets. In general, cats are in more danger of needing to be rushed to the ER after eating a plant they shouldnt have than are dogs.

One of the reasons cats are more in danger is because they are true carnivores. They have fewer enzymes to break down toxins in their livers, as compared to dogs that are omnivores, said veterinarian Tina Wismer, senior director of the Animal Poison Control Center for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So have a wider variety of enzymes in their livers to break down toxins.

Every pet owner needs to be cautious about what your pet could try eating when your are not watching. Despite your best efforts to keep plants and pets separate, cats and dogs can be curious about the plant on the mantle and mistake it for a toy or a snack .

Here are some of the most toxic flowers and houseplants to watch out for if youre a cat or dog owner:

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Other Factors To Consider

  • Your cat’s temperament: Some cats just want human companionship and do best as an only pet. And some cats don’t seem to like anybody. Only you know your cat well enough to judge whether they’d be likely to tolerate, or even enjoy, a dog’s company.
  • Your cat’s breed: Some cat breeds are more likely to get along well with dogs. Ragdolls, Siberians and Maine coon cats are all hardy, friendly breeds that don’t tend to be intimidated by dogs, says PetHelpful.
  • The dog’s age: Regardless of their breed, a puppy is more likely to get along with the household cat than an adult dog is. A puppy, if introduced to your cat between the ages of 4 to 12 weeks, will have no problem acclimating to a kitty’s presence.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Dog Breeds for Cats

Cavs are likely one of the most beloved toy dog breeds that stay puppy-sized forever. They have huge hearts of gold and bestow love on everyone they meet, which is why they make great emotional support dogs. The exact intuitive nature that provides affection and encouragement for patients in hospitals and nursing homes is ideal for sharing a home with a cat. Cavs know how to back off when they should and theyre open to a feline napping buddy. And because Cavs prefer to always be in the company of people or pets, theyll love having a feline roomie while youre out.

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No Dogs Left Behind Founder Is Boots On Ground In Ukraine Now On Emergency Response Ukraine United We Stand Beyond Borders

UKRAINE –News Direct– No Dogs Left Behind

No Dogs Left Behind , the US-based international non-profit foundation, a leader in global emergency response that fights the good fight on the front lines in East Asia to help bring an end to the dog meat trade and ultimately bring about global animal welfare laws, crossed borders today, August 8, 2022, to help rescue organizations in Ukraine with their efforts to save dogs. Founder Jeffrey Beri has assembled a world-class team for this dangerous mission, and is boots on the ground now in Ukraine, conducting Emergency Response Ukraine, United We Stand, beyond borders! The strategic plan of this mission will be to address the complications rescues are facing in their fight to save dogs and help them survive and help more dogs in this war-torn country.

The NDLB Team will unite with multiple rescues and shelters across Ukraine, many of which were invaded by Russian forces. Some of these rescues have over 3,000 dogs! The team will access the current situation of the dogs and the shelters. A sustainable solution will be implemented to assist the shelters, ultimately resulting in helping the dogs. We will work on plans of evacuation for the dogs in shelters. We will also strategize possible catch-and-release strategies for the stray dogs and possibly stray cats to be accessed by Dr. Matt, tells Jeffrey Beri, founder of NDLB.

Cats & Dogs : Paws Unite

A third installment and stand-alone sequel, subtitled Paws Unite!, features a new storyline taking place 10 years after the events of the previous film. However, unlike the previous two, the third film has been released as a straight-to-video release on digital on September 15, 2020, and on DVD and Blu-ray on October 13, 2020. The new voice cast includes Melissa Rauch, Max Greenfield and George Lopez. It was directed by Sean McNamara, co-produced by Andrew Lazar and David Fliegel, and written by Scott Bindley. It is distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The movie received a nationwide theatrical release in Australia on September 24, 2020, and in the UK on October 2, 2020.

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Amino Acids And Proteins

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. To put it another way, a protein is simply a chain of amino acids linked together. Proteins are part of every tissue in the body, and they are also what stimulate biological functions. So your best friend definitely needs both amino acids and protein in his diet.

More specifically, there are 10 amino acids that your dog cant make on his own. These are what are called essential amino acids. To produce high-quality proteins, its vital that your pooch gets these in his diet. Whats more, studies have shown that dogs selectively choose foods that are high in protein.

While it is possible for a dog to survive on a vegetarian diet, such a diet would have to include supplements such as vitamin D and certain proteins.

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