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Cheddar Cheeseburger Hot Pockets With Crispy Buttery Crust

Hot Pockets: Chicken Pot Pie Review

Cheddar Cheeseburger Hot Pockets are a Hot Pocket you want to love. You want to enjoy it. But there’s just something a bit off about it. The cheeseburger is more like meatballs, there’s an inconsistency with the size of the onion chunks… and is that ketchup we taste? The cheese only makes it confusingly goopy, and not in a great way. Cheeseburgers are a staple of American cuisine, love it or not, but this seems like a disservice. Why, Hot Pockets, why did you do this to the cheeseburger?

Considering there’s plenty of frozen cheeseburger options in the aisles of your favorite grocery store, we won’t blame you for giving this a pass in favor of one of those. The idea of a cheeseburger Hot Pocket is a good one, but it’s just not executed to its best potential. Cut back on the cheese, crumble the beef a bit more, and ax the ketchup on the inside, and this may be okay. Maybe.

Why We Love Philly Cheesesteak Pockets Recipe

As a kiddo, I always loved opening Pillsbury Crescents® because of that unsuspecting POP that accompanies it. I still think of that anticipation each time I press the spoon into the crease of the inner packaging! Whether I make savory or sweet recipes with themthey make delicious additions to our table.

I love a good Philly Cheese Steak, especially in the winter time when Im craving some comfort food to keep me warm and cozy on the chilliest of days! Comfort food to me is hot, cheesy, and a stick-to-ribs kind of recipe this one is extra awesome because its only 5 ingredients and a few spices.

Awesome. It hardly gets any better than that

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Pepperoni And Sausage Pizza Hot Pockets With Garlic Buttery Crust

Pepperoni and sausage in a pizza Hot Pocket? If you like Italian sausage and pepperoni on your pizza that this stuffed pocket is for you! The garlic buttery crust mimics pizza crust, though we wish the crust was a bit meatier to hold up to the fillings. There’s a lot of filling in the Hot Pocket and you definitely won’t be searching for flavor. In terms of getting all the components in a single bite however, that may prove to be an issue.

There is an inconsistency in the fillings. Some will be jam-packed and practically burst in the microwave . Others are so skimpy on the sausage that it’s practically just a pepperoni pizza Hot Pocket. If you’re unfortunate enough to get one of those, we’re sorry. Consider this a warning. There’s nothing quite like being disappointed by a Hot Pocket.

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Philly Steak And Cheese Hot Pockets With Seasoned Crust

Hot Pockets Limited Edition Chicken Pot Pie 2Pk

If you were going to put a Philly Cheese Steak in a pocket, this is how you do it. Not with flaky croissant crust, but with a heartier seasoned crust. Is it like a cheese steak you’re going to find on the streets of Philadelphia? Well, no. You have to go to Philadelphia for that. However, if you want one straight from your freezer that also happens to be in a pocket form, this is what you need in your life.

It has all the fixings of a proper Philly cheese steak: peppers, onions, beef, and cheese. It also just makes more sense with this type of crust. No, it’s not like the bread you’ll get on a cheese steak, but it’s got some body to it and the seasonings are a nice addition. This is a case where a little extra flavor helps out.

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Five Cheese Pizza Hot Pockets With Crispy Crust

The Romano added into the Five Cheese Pizza Hot Pocket changes the flavor profile from the trusted and true Four Cheese Pizza version just enough to make it a touch overpowering. Romano is a strong flavor, and even in a small quantity, can overtake everything in its path. That tends to happen here. It’s a cheese bomb and sometimes there is such a thing as too much cheese. There is some pizza sauce in there, but the pocket would be served better by changing the ratio a bit more in the sauce’s favor. Sure, we all love toppings on pizza, but the sauce holds the real flavor.

All that said, the Five Cheese Pizza Hot Pocket is a great choice, especially if you’re a fan of cheese in all its varieties. If you’re a fan of pizza, especially cheese pizza, you’ll enjoy this Hot Pocket. There’s no doubt about that. There are just better pizza pockets in the range.

Premium Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets With Garlic Buttery Crust

Premium Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pockets were the true premium Hot Pockets back in the day, and perhaps it’s a heavy sense of nostalgia that edges them up to the number one spot, or perhaps it’s just the fact they’re truly the best. These were the Hot Pockets you fought your siblings over, the first ones to disappear from the freezer, and the ones you tried to sneak into your mom’s cart when she wasn’t looking.

Not only do you get the ooey gooey cheesy goodness of the cheese pizza, but you get some pepperoni thrown in there as well. Add in the garlic buttery crust, and you’ve got the king of all hot pockets. There’s just something to be said for the bite the pepperoni offers. It adds some needed texture to just a plain cheese based Hot Pocket, as well as extra flavor.

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Chicken Pot Pie Pocket Ingredients:

  • Pie dough- we use pre made pie dough found in the refrigerator section of the grocery store
  • Rotisserie chicken- Alternatively, you could use pre cooked and chopped chicken.
  • Cream of chicken- We really like the added flavor of cream of chicken. I have also seen several homemade versions online if you prefer.
  • Chicken broth
  • Thyme and onion powder

Ham And Cheddar Hot Pockets With Crispy Buttery Crust

HOT POCKETS Chicken Pot Pie Review

The chunks of hickory ham add a nice salt component to the Ham and Cheddar Hot Pockets. They’ve got texture without being rubbery, and they break up the sheer amounts of cheese that happen to inhabit this Hot Pocket. We feel they’re just one step away from being just a Cheese Hot Pocket, which granted, may not be a bad thing. That said, we do wish there was a bit more ham in these to balance things out, especially as more and more cheese seems to be getting added to these.

With extra cheese added in now , these are primed to explode with cheddar goodness. Also, they may actually explode. Keep a close eye on your Hot Pocket as it’s in the microwave. You may have a cheesesplosion on your hands. The best bet is to make sure it’s cooled enough before biting into it, otherwise molten hot cheese is going to burn every bit of your mouth. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Pizza Hot Pocket Stuffing Version:

  • 1 jar pizza sauce
  • 1 package Italian blend cheese
  • Meat of your choice
  • Veggies of your choice

Unroll 1 tube crescent rolls. Keep 2 rolls attached at a time to form rectangle. Ingredients of your choice are to be put on dough. Each calzone will require two pairs of attached rolls.

For a chicken pot pie calzone, place cubed chicken and frozen mixed vegetables into bowl.

Add premade chicken gravy, keeping the meat and vegetable to gravy ratio high.

Dice 1/2 onion and add to mixture.

With egg wash made from 1 egg mixed with 1 tablespoon water, lightly coat the croissant dough edge. Place chicken pot pie mixture on croissant, taking care to leave the edges clear.

To make a ham and cheese calzone, start by coating edges with egg wash mixture as previously described. Place cubed ham on center of croissant.

Add shredded cheddar cheese to top of ham. Be sure to leave the edges clear.

To make a pizza calzone, start by lining edges with egg wash. Spread pizza sauce across croissant, avoiding the edges.

Place meats and vegetables of your choice on croissants. Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, and beef all work great. Consider vegetables such as green and red peppers.

Add shredded Italian cheese to calzones.

To finish all types of calzones, place another pair of attached croissant rolls on top of the prepared ingredients.

Seal the edges of croissant dough, using a tool such as the Rada Handi-Stir if necessary. Bake in preheated oven at 350 to 400 degrees until golden brown.

Things You Should Know Before Eating Hot Pockets

You wont believe what they were originally named.

Hot Pockets are a given on any list of foods that 90s kids love. Heres how the microwavable sandwiches became such a freezer-section staple.

Paul and David Merage are responsible for dreaming up these microwavable sandwiches back in the 1970s. The product first hit shelves in grocery stores in 1983.

The frozen foods staple wasnt always associated with the sing-song Hot Pockets! slogan. When they were first dreamed up, they were called Chunk Stuffers, but luckily someone thought better of than unappetizing name.

Hot Pockets have experimented with countless flavors over the years, but there are a few classic flavors that wont ever go away. The most-loved are the Pepperoni Pizza and Five Cheese Pizza flavors, because who can pass up on frozen pizza that cooks in two minutes?

Hot Pockets fans who are watching their waistlines have an option that has less calories and fat than the original though theyre certainly still not one of the healthiest foods you could ever eat. Lean Pockets come in original flavors like Philly Steak and Cheese and Chicken Jalapeño and Cheese, all with 9 grams of fat or less and 360 calories or less per serving.

In addition to the trusty favorites, Hot Pockets regularly comes out with limited-edition flavors. Scan the freezer section for new twists like Buffalo-style chicken, cheddar cheeseburger, chicken pot pie and cheesy beef nacho before theyre out of stock.

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How To Freeze This Recipe:

Ok, I mentioned this recipe was freezer friendly. Lets walk through how to do that! It makes SO MANY hand pies, which is great for a large family, but not so much when you are a tiny family of 3. Here is how we froze these to use later:

  • Follow the recipe all the way through cooking the pies.
  • Allow them to cool completely.
  • Wrap each homemade hot pocket in plastic wrap. This is super important to help prolong the life of the pot pies and fight freezer burn.
  • Place each wrapped pie in a freezer safe zip top bag and label.
  • When you are ready to enjoy, remove the plastic, wrap in a paper towel, and heat 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave.

    Bbq Recipe Beef Hot Pockets With Crispy Buttery Crust

    Best Chicken Pot Pie Homemade " Hot Pockets"

    The internet really loves BBQ Recipe Beef Hot Pockets and we’re going to agree with you on this, even though the picture on the box looks less than appetizing. BBQ Recipe Beef in a Hot Pocket. Right. What recipe? Brisket? Unlikely. The website just says premium beef, and we’re not wholly certain what that means. Regardless, it’s the barbecue sauce that’s the real winner here. Tangy and flavorful, it’s what has people coming back for more and more or buying them in bulk.

    There is something to be said for being able to get cheap and easy to eat barbecue on the go. It’s not like you can walk around with a grill at the office. For that, these do get brownie points. Barbecue for all. If you’re a barbecue connoisseur, chances are you’re going to have some opinions about these sandwich pockets. We’re right there with you, but the people want what the people want, an this one isn’t too bad.

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    Chicken Broccoli And Cheddar Hot Pockets With Croissant Crust

    The only reason, really, that the Chicken, Broccoli and Cheddar Croissant Crust Hot Pocket is so low on this list is because of its crust. The flaky croissant crust does work with this flavor combination, but in comparison and lined up against all the other offerings, it falls a wee bit short. This flavor profile is a sneaky twist on a classic Hot Pocket. If you weren’t having cheese or pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets back in the day, you were probably eating the chicken, broccoli and cheddar ones. Probably at your parents’ insistence that it was better that the steady flow of pizza into your gullet.

    It’s a sly way to get people to eat their vegetables. Plus, who doesn’t like anything drenched in cheese? The chicken is juicy, the cheese plentiful, and the broccoli offers a nice bite but not a whole lot of broccoli flavor. It’s good eating, and the croissant crust adds a sense of decadence to it. It’s just not as good as some of the other choices out there.

    Chicken Broccoli And Cheddar Hot Pockets With Crispy Buttery Crust

    Here it is, the superior chicken, broccoli, and cheddar Hot Pocket. This one ranks higher than the croissant option because of the crispy buttery crust. This crust pairs so much better with this flavor combination. It’s a bit more robust, and the way it flakes when you eat it, mixed with the melty cheese is just a great bite. Sometimes there really is no need to improve on the old school product. Let this one be. No fancy crusts needed.

    Broccoli and cheese is a classic combination. It’s how parents get children of all ages to eat their vegetables, and mixing it in with chicken is a great way to add some protein to the mix. As an adult consumer of Hot Pockets, these are great for a healthier snack. Thanks to that green ingredient, you can just about convince yourself that they’re healthy.

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