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Havanese Puppy Black Tan & Silver Irish Pied With Brindle Markings

I am often written with the question: tellme where I can find havachon puppies for sale near me.

We dont breed such puppies. But recently we decided to make a collaboration with our friends engaged in breeding havachon puppies. Contact us and we will help you get your pet.

If you are interested in any of the our pets, please email me at and I will be happy to let you know what we have available.

List Of The Pros Of Havanese

1. Havanese are sturdier than most other toy breeds.The cousin of the Havanese is the Maltese. You will discover that these guys and gals are even smaller than their counterparts, yet they are also sturdier that most other pups of their size. This breed is consistently happy and playful, ready to show off the latest athletic feats that theyve figured out. That might mean having a romp around the backyard to show off their speed, or a game of try to catch me on the furniture.

2. This breed loves to be around people.If you like the idea of having an active dog around the home that still likes to snuggle, then the Havanese is a perfect option to consider. This breed is exceptionally people-oriented. They love to snuggle in on your lap while you watch TV or read a book. If you have errands to run, then they will want to come along even if that means sitting in a carrier or riding next to you in a carrying bag. One of the few ways that you can make these pups feel unhappy is if you place them in a situation where they are lonely and bored. Thats when you can experience some unwanted behaviors.

Chocolate Havanese With Blue Eyes

Brown eyes are the standard characteristic in Havanese dogs. They are among the signs that the dog is purebred.

However, some Chocolate Havanese also have blue or heterochromatic eyes, which indicate crossbreeding.

Blue-eyed Havanese do not conform to the breed standard and therefore dont qualify for any contests held for purebreds.

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Chocolate Havanese For Sale

Although most breeders sell Havanese pups, some people might want to get an adult dog instead.

We have mentioned above that the average Chocolate Havanese puppy price hovers around $1,000 to $3,000, so how much is a Chocolate Havanese full-grown?

We suggest checking out shelters and rescue centers rather than pet stores. Shelters usually have adult dogs at affordable prices.

Start with HavaneseRescue they list Chocolate Havanese from all over the country up for adoption. If youre lucky, you may even find Chocolate Havanese with blue eyes for sale at a low price there.

Havanese Come In Many Colors

Havanese Puppies  Ready May 2019

No two Havanese are alike in appearance or personality, but the breed has a clear range of colors, from white to cream to champagne to parti to jet black. They also have patterns and markings theyre like a Crayola crayons jumbo set in dog shades!

Three things to know:

  • The color has nothing to do with the personality of the dog. Each dog has his or her own personality and Bonita Havanese tend to be outgoing, lively, interested in everything, and loving little dogs. It doesnt matter if theyre white, black and white, or black, or champagne or apricot or brindle coloration will not change how they act. They are all lively, highly trainable, sweet and smart, no matter what color coat they have.
  • There is no color thats more valuable than any other. Havanese come in many different colors and marking patterns and thats part of the AKC standard. Champion dogs have won their honors dressed in coats from chestnut to gold to copper to silver to pewter to jet to sable to pure white, with silver tips, tan spots you get the idea. So whether youre in love with a dog thats creamy orange, black and tan, or Irish Pied, youre getting a true-blue , high-value, AKC approved Bonita Havanese.
  • Havanese come in all colors of the dog rainbow including


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    Welcome To Joyful Havanese Puppies

    After many requests to add to our breeding program small, hypoallergenic puppies, I decided to start a search on a family friendly toy dog. I have had several breeds myself, both a Llyso Apso and a Toy Poodle are two toys I have had. While I loved my own dogs, I really dont like little yappers who never stop barking and have snippy attitudes!

    Breeding Show Quality From Champions…

    Is Chocolate Havanese Right For Me

    The Chocolate Havanese has the potential to be the right companion for any family, but you should consider whether it is right for you. There are several things that you need to think about before making a decision.

    Are you ready for the grooming required? Are you prepared to take on training duties when required? Do any members of your family have allergies that would make this breed unsuitable?

    Get this dog only if you can answer these questions positively.

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    What Can You Do If You Dont Want Your Havanese To Change Color

    Well, Havanese dogs are famous for their altering hues when it comes to their coats. However, if youre picky about the color of your dog and how it will change, then you should first take a good look at the parents of the pup you plan to adopt.

    If both parents have more or less the same color coat and are of a much lighter shade, like white, then it is likely that your Havaneses color will not change much. Even the shade of black in Havanese with no ticking or spots is less likely to change or may change very little, particularly if both parents have similar shades of coat coloring.

    There is some safety in taking a look at the parents coats before you choose your Havanese pup, but the resulting puppys coat isnt guaranteed to be one shade or another.

    However, there is still no guarantee that your Havanese puppy will not change its color as it matures even after taking a look at the family lineage. For true Havanese lovers, these changes are to be appreciated as an exciting and fascinating Havanese trait.

    If you are absolutely opposed to change, then maybe a Havanese dog isnt for you. Although you have to understand that giving up on the chance to bring home a Havanese is unfortunate, as this canine is famous for its mild temperament, affectionate nature, and quick learning skills.

    Chocolate Havanese Temperament And Personality

    Tri Colored Irish Pied Havanese Girl

    Havanese are very intelligent and get along well with other dogs. In fact, they can befriend cats and other pets, including rabbits and birds.

    The Chocolate Havanese dogs personality matches its innocent and sweet appearance. This tiny dog is bursting with energy and loves to play.

    Its friendly nature allows it to get along well with other animals and dogs, and it will definitely be your other dogs best friend.

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    Which Havanese Dogs Tend To Change Color The Most

    It is impossible to predict with any accuracy what color your Havanese will be when its older. Not even the most professional breeders attempt to understand the whims of the modifying gene. Not even if youve seen both the parents of the puppy can you make a reasonably accurate estimation about the ultimate coloring of the puppies.

    There are a couple of things that, in a very broad generalization, hold true. Light-colored Havanese dogs have the least amount of alteration in colors. If your Havanese pup is white, then they might stay that way as they age.

    But, if your puppy is partially white, then all bets are off. The shade of a partially white Havanese usually changes, and the spots that appear in the areas with the original white hair are known as ticking.

    In different circumstances, the word sable refers to the shade of brown that is lighter at the roots and darker at the tips. But sable when it comes to Havanese dogs refers to the change in their coat. The darker the sable color, the greater the probability that your Havanese puppy will look nothing like it does now when it reaches adulthood.

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    More traits and characteristics of the Havanese

    If I was considering a Havanese, I would be most concerned about…

  • Grooming. Coat care is a major responsibility. Havanese require weekly brushing and combing, and also clipping and trimming every couple of months. Otherwise their coat keeps growing and turns into a matted mass.

    For ease of care, consider clipping the coat short so that brushing and combing is minimized. Then your Havanese will look like an adorable puppy throughout his life.

  • Potential separation anxiety. More than most other breeds, the Havanese needs a great deal of companionship and does not like being left alone for more than a few hours. He is likely to express unhappiness by barking or chewing things up.
  • Providing enough socialization. The Havanese tends to be a bit standoffish with strangers. If you don’t do enough socializing, or if you do it the wrong way, their natural caution might become shyness or suspiciousness. Read more on socializing your dog.
  • To help you train and care for your dog

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    Do Havanese Puppies Change Color

    All Havanese puppies change color as they grow. Sometimes, this change is so slight that you wouldnt notice it.

    In other cases, the difference is noticeable and may make you wonder, when do Havanese stop changing color?

    Some white Havanese puppies may develop spots of darker color as they grow up, whereas dark-colored Havanese can get lighter as they age. The color change isnt a lifelong deal, and they stop changing color after they reach maturity.

    Havanese Puppy For Sale Near Me

    Woody Havanese Puppy (Gold Brindle, Irish Pied) UNAVAILABLE

    Havanese puppy for sale near me. Isnt she just gorgeous? Well, she cannot wait to join her new family. She is spending time getting ready to go home to her fur-ever family. Playing with people here so she can be well socialized and ready for any type of lifestyle that you may have. Skye is also getting tons of playtime and exercise sure hope you like to play. I have also been to the Vet and they checked me from head to tail and have given me my vaccinations to make sure that I am ready. I am excited to meet my new family and arrive with a current health certificate. Send A Message

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    How Much Is The Average Havanese Puppy For Sale In Memphis Tn

    It makes a lot of sense that Havanese for sale in Memphis are the national dog breed of Cuba. The reason for this is the fact that they were originally bred in Cuba 200 years ago, to be companions to the Cuban aristocracy. Memphis Havanese for sale are lovely dogs that are very loyal to those who love them most!

    Are Havanese good for apartments?

    Memphis Havanese for sale are small dogs. Theyre not Great Danes or Saint Bernards that are more comfortable in large spaces to suit their large bodies. The size of apartments are perfect for Havanese for sale Memphis who like cosy interiors. Just remember to take them out for a long walk everyday.

    How does Uptown work?

    Working with Uptown is really simple! Take a look onsite at all the Havanese puppies for sale in Memphis that are on offer from all the Havanese breeders in Memphis, businesses and companies. Once you have chosen your puppy, speak with the breeder or business selling it. Theyll then put your new puppy on a plane, and you can pick it up from the airport!

    How does Uptown Puppies view transparency when it comes to breeding puppies?

    You may not be able to find Havanese puppies in Memphis at a pet shop in your area. Thats why Uptown Puppies relies on the Havanese breeders in Memphis, businesses and companies in our network to be as transparent with you as possible regarding the puppy you choose. All these breeders and businesses are vetted and qualified.

    Do you sell the cheapest puppies?

    Are Havanese hypoallergenic?

    Chocolate Havanese Common Health Issues

    The Havanese dog breed is a healthy, sturdy pet that will not cause any health problems you do not anticipate. Theres a misconception that Chocolate Havanese has poor overall health, but this is not true.

    This breed has fewer genetic disorders than many other standard breeds, but they are still susceptible to certain diseases.

    1. Cataracts

    Cataracts are when the dogs lens starts becoming opaque, causing loss of vision and eventual blindness.

    A Chocolate Havanese with cataracts will have a cloudy lens in the affected eye. Chocolate Havanese mostly experience this disease in their senior years.

    2. Deafness

    Havanese dogs can also suffer from deafness, which is a common genetic issue for them. This disease occurs when the inner ears nerve endings are damaged, making it difficult for the dog to hear normally.

    3. Epilepsy

    Epileptic seizures are a common issue with the Havanese dog breed that involves sudden jerking of the body and causing loss of consciousness.

    Your Chocolate Havanese may experience this disease as early as its first year of life, but they can live for years with it.

    4. Elbow dysplasia

    Elbow dysplasia is a common bone disorder that is usually seen in the Havanese dog breed. Its unknown why it happens, but you can trace it to the dogs genetics. A Chocolate Havanese with a family history of elbow dysplasia is more likely to develop the problem.

    5. Patellar luxation

    6. Progressive retinal atrophy

    7. Renal diseases

    8. Hypothyroidism

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    Havanese Mix Puppies For Sale Near Me

    Im a feisty little pup who loves to play. Throwing the ball around, jogging in the park, or a walk along the beach, Im ready for it all. I am not afraid of a little rough and tumble or getting my paws dirty outside. As long as we can go on adventures together, I know that we will have a blast. I hope that you call soon to bring me home because I have already started packing my bags! Havanese puppy for sale is ready to share many lifelong experiences with you and hopes youre just as anxious to meet her as she is to meet you. Dont miss out!

    Our dogs come with companion registration.

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