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How To Make An Easy Graham Cracker Crust

Key Lime Pie Recipe | How to Make the Best Key Lime Pie
  • Start by making the crust as it will need to bake and cool prior to placing your filling in it.
  • Preheat oven to 350° and gather your ingredients.
  • Melt the butter and set aside, I love my butter melter, I still do it on the stovetop, so my microwave doesnt get splattered.
  • In a food processor or blender whir your crackers into fine crumbs. Or place crackers in a gallon sized freezer baggie, crush your graham crackers if using a baggie, I like to hand break them, then using a rolling pin, roll back and forth until the crumbs are about the same size.
  • 1 1/2 2 sleeves of graham cracker equals about 2 cups. You can use store bought Graham Cracker Crumbs, but honestly its so easy and fresh to make your own.
  • Pour in sugar, pulse a few times, then pour in butter and pulse, or just mix with a fork as Ive done here.
  • Reserve about 1/8 cup of graham cracker crumbs for topping, if desired.
  • Press the graham mixture into your pie plate. I chose a 9 rimmed deep dish pie plate, so I could easily press the crumbs all of the way up the edges.
  • Using my knuckles, I gently pressed into the sides and smoothed the edges/tops creating a pretty fluted edge.
  • Carefully place the crust in the preheated oven and bake for 6-8 minutes. You want it golden, not brown.

Who Makes The Best Frozen Key Lime Pie

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key lime pie was wrapped the best for freezing. It came with a molded, plastic cover that was sealed in another layer of plastic wrap. But judges liked it for its tartness and the thick, « excellent, homemade » graham cracker crust.

Consequently, What kind of pies does Edwards make?

Edwards ® Signatures

  • EDWARDS ® Signatures Georgia Style Pecan Pie. Classic pecan filling.
  • EDWARDS ® Signatures Caramel Apple Crème Pie.
  • EDWARDS ® Signatures Peach Crème Pie.
  • EDWARDS ® Chocolate Crème Pie.
  • EDWARDS ® Triple Coconut Crème Pie.
  • EDWARDS ® Turtle Crème Pie.

Also question is, What are the best frozen pies?

We Tested 3 Frozen PiesThis One Was the Best

  • Prettiest Pie: Edwards Chocolate Cream Pie.
  • Best for Chocoholics: Marie Callenders Chocolate Satin Pie.
  • Best in Show: Sara Lee Chocolate Creme Pie.
  • The Bottom Line.

Besides Whats the best store bought key lime pie? Trader Joes Key Lime Pie

Thats why the key lime pie from Trader Joes is so sought-after during the summer when this seasonal pie returns. Its yellow, its made with sweetened condensed milk and real key lime juice , its $5.49 and its perfection in a pie.

Also, What kind of pies does Marie Callenders have?

Cream Pies

  • Confetti Birthday Cake Cream Pie.
  • Chocolate Brownie Cream Pie.
  • Turtle Pie.

How do you serve Edwards frozen pies?


What Is The Origin Of Key Lime Pie

Early records show the first written recipes of key lime pie date back to the 1930s-1940s, but it was likely being made in homes long before then. There is general consensus that the first key lime pies were made in Key West, Florida, where there is an abundance of key limes. Legend has it that Floridas first self-made millionaire, William Curry, had a cook known as Aunt Sally who created the pie in the late 1800s, while others think that this was already a delicacy first produced by an area fisherman. Some food historians claim it has a completely different origin story, including one that links it to an invention by a milk company in order to sell more sweetened condensed milk. Because of the lack of refrigeration or ice in the Keys in those early days, sweetened condensed milk was the perfect shelf-stable ingredient to use in baking.

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The 15 Best Places For Key Lime Pie In New York City

Jeffrey Vargas: The sour cream apple walnut and key lime pies are really hard to beat

Casey S: Awesome key lime pie

Ferenc Tóth: The key lime pie is delicious

Amy : Raw vegan key lime pie!

Jessica Lehmann: Pop in with friends for a lovely relaxed meal, or go read a book and eat at the bar table. Staff super friendly and the owner is a fascinating guy. Order the raw key lime pie.

Sara : Amazing menu! The juices are especially creative. The raw key lime pie is out of this world!

Emma: The service is really good, we had diner their -key lime pie is to die for- everything was delicious, including beers. We watched a jazz concert at the same time, great experience!

Isa: Authentic jazz bar with good live music, a must for jazz lovers! Have the greens salad, brisket, ribs, and key lime pie . Have the milk punch, too. They play 2 sets .

Paige C: Wow. From the service to the food, everything was outstanding. I ordered the lobster but we also had the mutton chop which is a MUST! Key lime pie for dessert was unexpectedly good!

Donny Dont: Mutton Chops, New York sours & Key Lime Pie!

a. hirata: Rescue Me Gin cocktail, porterhouse, mutton chop, mashed potatoes, & creamed spinach all have my seal of approval.

for you

Houston Bakery Wins Award For Best Key Lime Pie In America


HOUSTON – Three Brothers Bakery officially serves up the best Key Lime Pie in America.

That’s according to the American Pie Council. The local bakery competed in the 23rd annual National Pie Championships earlier this month and took home the award for best Key Lime Pie.

The bakery entered their Key Lime Pie in the competition’s Commercial Division and competed against 22 other bakeries that had entered a total of 470 pies.

The competition was held in Orlando, Florida on May 5th and 6th.

It recognizes the countrys top commercial pies and is open to amateur pie makers, professional bakers and commercial pie manufacturers throughout the country and Canada.

“This award recognizes all the of the hard work our bakery team does all year. Our Key Lime Pie is light, tart and the perfect summer dessert, especially here in Houston,” said Bobby Jucker, bakery co-owner and fifth generation baker. “We are thankful to our bakery team and the The American Pie Council for recognizing the great work of bakeries across the country.

#tbt to Janice and Bobby collecting first prize for our Key Lime Pie at the National Pie Championships!

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Key Lime Pie Variations

Weve seen it all Frozen. Dipped in chocolate. We have tasted vegan key lime pies using sour cream, vegan cream cheese, and additions such as mango, peanut butter, Nutella, avocados, and ice cream. Some crusts are made of all kinds of nuts, oreo cookies, cheerios, ginger snaps, pretzels, and animal crackers. We have seen elaborate toppings using fruit blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and everything in between. Weve seen sauces made of honey, caramel, blueberry, fudge, or just cream Anglaise sauce. Whatever your fancy, you can usually do it with key lime pie.

Best For All Key Lime Products: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Why We Chose It: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe delivers its key lime pie and a variety of other key lime products to homes nationwide.

  • Assortment of key lime products

  • Variety of flavors of pie and pie bars

  • Gluten-free pie crust available

  • High shipping costs

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe is the place to shop for anything and everything related to key limes. Its key lime pie has been named the “Best Tasting Key Lime Pie” on the Food Network. Kermits makes a classic version with real key lime juice, a graham cracker crust , and fluffy whipped cream, along with two flavored versions: strawberry and coconut. A single, 9-inch key lime pie is priced at $38.95 plus overnight shipping costs.

In addition to key lime pies, Kermits sells an assortment of frozen key lime pie bars such as regular key lime pie dipped in dark chocolate and strawberry key lime pie dipped in white or dark chocolate. A variety of key lime cookies, key lime peanuts, key lime fudge, key lime liqueur cake, and more are also available for purchase from the online shop. Kermit’s pies, pie bars, and fudge are also available for sale on Goldbelly. An added bonus: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe is a disabled veteran-owned small business and regularly supports local organizations in its shops communities.

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What We Love About This Key Lime Pie:

There are a few things that make this key lime pie recipe the BEST, but here are a few:

  • EASY: I love most about this pie is how incredibly EASY it is to make. Literally, the most amateur baker in the world could look like a rock star after making this key lime pie. Its so simple, and fool-proof.
  • 3-ingredients crust: I typically make it with my simple homemade graham cracker crust, but a gingersnap cookie crust is delicious with it as well, especially around the holidays. But whichever crust you choose to make, please, PLEASE make the crust from scratch as the store bought ones are flavorless and flimsy.
  • Fast: you can throw this pie together in about 35 minutes. Even faster if you make the crust ahead of time!
  • Key Lime Pie Strain Flowering Time

    The Best Key Lime Pie Recipe

    Like most GSC phenotypes, Key Lime Pie weed has a flowering time of around 63-70 days. If growers can submit their plants to lower than average temperatures during the earliest stages of flowering, they expect to bring out the purple hues commonly found in Key Lime Pie.

    The buds wont be huge, but they will feature deep green hues that may intertwine with purples and a healthy coating of sticky trichomes.

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    The History Of Key Lime Pie In Key West

    There are a few stories going around about the origins of key lime pie. Some say it originates from New York while others say it was derived from the Magic Lemon Cream Pie published on a promotional brochure by Borden, a producer of condensed milk.

    The story told in Key West goes all the way back to the 1800s, when Key West sponge fisherman kept limes on board to prevent sickness. The fisherman, called hookers by the locals, would whip up a sweet treat mixing the limes with condensed milk and sometimes adding a wild bird egg. Theyd pour it over stale Cuban bread and leave it out to set in the sun.

    The fishermans wives took it a step further and baked it in a pie crust. It was a modest dessert of the working class, up until Sarah Jane Lowe Curry, the daughter-in-law of Floridas first millionaire started serving it. Known as Aunt Sally, she served it to the children visiting her home and it wasnt long until it was served in every restaurant in Key West.

    What Youll Need To Make Key Lime Pie

    • Youll need 8 to 10 limes total for this recipe. Choose plump limes that give a little when you squeeze them they will be easier to juice. You should get about 2 tablespoons of juice from each lime. Be sure to zest the limes before you squeeze the juice from them, as its near impossible to do afterward.
    • Sweetened condensed milk is canned milk from which water has been removed, and sugar has been added. Be sure not to confuse it with evaporated milk, which is usually sold right alongside.
    • With no eggs, it may be hard to believe that this pie will set, but have faith it will.

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    How To Make Best Key Lime Pie Recipe

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    Key lime pie is one the best, if not the best, pie out there. I mean, the creamy texture and the rich taste of the condensed milk in the filling, accompanied by the zesty and sugary taste of the lime, are one of the best combinations you will ever taste!

    I almost forgot to mention the delicious graham cracker crust. Add to that the ease of making this recipe. Believe me when I tell you, its the easiest pie you will ever make. Wont take time or effort and will definitely satisfy you!

    Florida Key Lime Pie Today

    The Best Zesty Key Lime Pie Recipe from The Food Charlatan ...

    The 21st century has brought key lime pie along with it, and today it takes the form of pie slices, key lime pie on a stick, key lime pie martinis, key lime cocktails, and even key lime body products. And candy, of course. If you cant make it to the Florida Keys at this very second but MUST get a slice of key lime pie, there are several bakeries and grocery stores that have good versions that are easily accessible. Our favorite non-Florida Keys key lime pie is the Publix version. Its basic and delicious, and is actually the standard we hold all key lime pies to.

    If you jump online, youll see that you can order key lime pies for shipping from a number of bakeries, including Kermits in Key West . While that is an option, our recommendation is to seek one out in person. A good key lime pie will be pale to vibrantly yellow, and NEVER have a green tint to it. If youre pie shopping in person and see a key lime pie thats a bit green, DONT BUY IT! That pie is a fraud and somebody added food coloring!

    In reality, key lime pie is super easy to make and if you cant find one that looks good locally, just make your own. Youll enjoy it more and be proud of yourself.

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    The Best Key Lime Pie

    How can you know when you have found the very best key lime pie? It is an issue a flavor and view, but a lot in the know often prefer a graham cracker crust, a no-bake filling, and whipped cream topping.

    Most creamy, flavorful Florida Keys fans probably have their own thoughts about what makes the perfect pie. We believe Kenney Chesney nailed it most of us in his tune about key lime pie using the words “not sour, not too sweet.”

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