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Seattle: Butterscotch Bourbon Pie At A La Mode Pies

British Verdict on America’s Pecan Pie

The butterscotch bourbon pie is the charmer of the pie world: not quite able to get by on its scrappy, cookie-crust-edged looks, it must woo with its dense, sweet butterscotch pudding, tinged with vanilla and bourbon. And would you like some pie beneath your whipped cream? Visually, it’s a bit disturbing to see the top-heavy cloud of white towering over the creamy butterscotch pudding, but texturally, it makes perfect sense. Eaten together, along with the thin layer of vanilla wafer and toasted pecan crust, the entire pie completely balances out. It sure ain’t the prettiest pie at the party, but it’s definitely the best-tasting. Naomi Tomky

A la Mode Pies

Alabama: Sweet Potato Pie

Photo: Lynne Ann Mitchell/Shutterstock

The South is known for its pies, and Alabama is no exception. Its a region and state also known for its country music anthems. Few match up to Song of the South by the band Alabama, and theres a shout-out to sweet potato pie right there in the second line and chorus . No, Alabama doesnt grow the most sweet potatoes in the country and it hasnt officially designated it as the state pie, but the latter should be seriously considered. Just try listening to the song without craving some warm, homemade sweet potato pie in a sleepy Alabama town. Though, it should be noted, Alabamas state nut is the pecan, so dont hesitate to associate pecan pie with the state either.

Momofuku Milk Bar New York City And Toronto

Since David Chang’s bakery opened in 2008, chef and co-owner Christina Tosis Momofuku Milk Bar has been creating modern, unique takes on home-style sweets. The Milk Bars Crack Pie, a buttery pie thats basically as addictive as its name implies, is one of the most sought-after desserts at this bakery. The Milk Bar has five locations in New York City and one in Toronto.

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This Easy Pecan Pie Recipe Is The Best Southern Sweet

Once October hits, the requests for Pecan Pie come flying in its my husbands favourite.

Pecans are nuts that are native to the southern United States, so its no surprise that Pecan pie is probably one of the best Southern sweets out there sweet potato pie is a close second. This creamy, custardy version of the fabulous Southern sweet is really the best Ive ever had.

Im sharing my Pecan Pie recipe because its super easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

Nola Pie Guy New Orleans La

Thanksgiving Recipes Across the United States

Nate Winner, aka the NOLA Pie Guy, dishes up NOLAs finest pies in his mobile food truck, which, if you can find, will rock your literal world. Try his chocolate pecan pie or key lime all of which are super good for you. He sources Louisiana raw sugar and pecans, and even New Orleans rum for his rum-pecan pie, so not only can you believe youre getting the best stuff on the market, its all locally sourced. Heres some other stuff you gotta try while in NOLA.

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Tips From The Betty Crocker Kitchens

  • tip 1 You can taste the difference! Pie crusts made with self-rising flour differ in flavor and texture from those made with all-purpose flour.
  • tip 2 Rise to the occasion! If using self-rising flour, there is no need to add salt.
  • tip 3 If you dont have time to make your own pastry for the crust, a great way to save time is to use Pillsbury refrigerated pie crust. Itll make this recipe come together in a flash and your guests wont know the difference!
  • tip 4

Chocolate Chess Pie At The Angus Barn Restaurant Raleigh North Carolina

Visitors from near and far flock to The Angus Barn. As an award-winning steakhouse and one of the largest wine cellars in the country, youd think that the dessert menu might get overlooked. However, it can often be the star of the show. Without a doubt, the chocolate chess pie here is some of the best in the entire country, if not at least in North Carolina. Its drizzled in gooey chocolate and baked to be just the right amount of chewy.

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Red Truck Bakery And Market Warrenton Va

When Brian Noyes the former art director of such magazines as Smithsonian, Preservation, and House & Garden took a job at The Washington Post, he probably never dreamed that his hobby of making jams on the weekend at his friends local farm would lead to an award-winning bakery. After arriving to a local farmers market with a red truck full of baked goods to a full parking lot of hungry customers, he knew he was onto something good. He opened a storefront in Warrenton, Virginia and sells seasonal pies, jams, and cookies of the day. Be bold and order the old-fashioned mincemeat pie here its the only one you can order by mail. Their caramel pumpkin pie is worth the trip to Warrenton.

Pumpkin Pie At Micheles Pies Norwalk Connecticut

Gemma’s Best Ever Pecan Pie

Connecticut is called the Nutmeg State, so its easy to see why the festive spice tastes to fresh and delicious when used for pumpkin pies here. Micheles Pies is home to some of the best pies in America, and while the Apple Crumb has won awards at the National Pie Championship, its the pumpkin pie thats got our mouths watering and stomachs rumbling. The bakery uses 6,000 pounds of fresh pumpkin during the holiday pie season to craft the most delectable pumpkin pies in the state, if not the whole country.

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Peanut Butter Pie At Mary Macs Atlanta Georgia

Georgia grows nearly half the peanuts produced in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that lots of locals choose peanut butter pie as the states tastiest sweet treat. Mary Macs has been serving fine Southern food to guests for over seven decades, which means theyve certainly had time to perfect their peanut butter pie recipe. And, boy, is it perfect. A cookie crust balances out the sweet, silky, peanut buttery flavours that fill your mouth with joy bite after bite.

Apple With Green Chile And Pine Nuts From Pieoneer: Pie Town New Mexico

There is a little town in New Mexico called pie town that has become known for its pies. History recalls the town as a place that was a common rest stop. The owners of Pieoneer agree, having stopped on their own road trip and never continued on. Their pie bar is full of delicious pies including the tart New Mexico Apple pie made with green chiles and pine nuts, the dish has savory and spicy elements not often found in an all-American apple pie.

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South Carolina: Coconut Cream Pie

Photo: /Shutterstock

Millers All Day in Charleston is legendary for its browned coconut cream pie. Some fans even claim its the best pie in the entire state. Others say Jestines Kitchen in Charleston is the home of the best coconut cream pie ever. South Carolina has a long history of whipping up decadent coconut cream pies. Here, coconut cream pie is ideally topped with toasted coconut flakes, while the custard filling sits in a graham cracker crust.

Austin: Pecan Pie At The Frisco Shop

Thanksgiving Dinner Wouldn

There’s no shortage of pie in Austinin fact it just might be the city’s favorite dessert. And although Austin’s food scene is expanding and earning a reputation for creative cuisine, the pies, like much of the barbecue, remain quite traditional. When it comes to classics, pecan pie is my go-to, and you’ll find the very best one at the Frisco Shop. Their take separates into layers: the bottom remains custardy and just slightly undercooked, while the caramelized pecans form a crispy top. It’s the perfect end to any meal or as an afternoon pick-me-up with a cup of coffee. Meredith Bethune

The Frisco Shop

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Caramel Apple Pie Pie Snob Phoenix Arizona

“Before Pie Snob, I was not even a pie person, but for some reason I wanted to have a pie at my Thanksgiving, so we ordered the caramel apple. Needless to say, it was the best pie I have ever had in my life. We order one for every Thanksgiving, every Christmas, and any time family comes out. Truly amazing.” – Yelp user Jessica W

Key Lime Pie From Kermit’s: Key West

Few trips to Key West are complete without some of the regions namesake Key lime pie. Its the signature dessert, and though most restaurants serve it, Kermits is the place to get it. The shop specializes in everything Key lime, including sauces and candies but the real treat is the classic Key lime pie filled with tart key lime curd spread into a graham cracker crust and decorated with dollops of whipped cream.

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Boston Cream Pie At Modern Pastry Boston Massachusetts

Visiting Boston? Definitely save room for dessert every night of your trip and make sure to order a Boston cream pie. Yes, yes, we know, were kind of cheating on this one, as Boston cream pie isnt really a pie at all. Or, is it? Nah, its a vanilla cake pastry with chocolate ganache and a shiny chocolate glaze. Modern Pastry is a North End staple where you can fill up on lots of great sweet treats and then head down for a drink in the basement bar.

South Carolina Pecan Pie

Three Brothers Bakery celebrating National Pecan Pie Day | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

The rich mosaic of flavors and textures belie the recipe’s simplicity: corn syrup, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla, a pinch of salt and a whole lot of pecans. A flaky homemade crust, while optional, certainly adds to the delicious overall effect. But it’s those sweet, meaty South Carolina-grown pecans that make this pie our own.

Though easy to put together, especially if you use a ready-made crust, South Carolina has a trove of eateries, bakeries and other outlets where you can gobble up a slice or purchase a whole pie to take home. In November, you’ll find plenty of pecan pies offered up at restaurants as well as the SC Pecan Music and Food Festival, celebrated the first Saturday in November in Florence. While some bakers add fancy touches, such as spirits or chocolate, others deliver their pie straight-up. It’s perfectly acceptable protocol, however, to pair your pecan pie with a healthy dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Now that your sweet tooth is on high alert, here are a few places where you can indulge your pecan pie passion. Call ahead to check availability or to order whole pies where offered:

The Cottage, Bluffton: A homey cafe oozing Southern charm and catering to lovers of traditional pecan pie.

Kaminsky’s, Charleston and Columbia: A dessert cafe famous for its Bourbon Pecan Pie.

: An unassuming meat-and-three that surprises with its rich White Russian Pecan Pie.

If the baking bug bites, try the recipe below, courtesy of Young Plantations:

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West Virginia: Vinegar Pie

Vinegar isnt typically an ingredient you find accompanying desserts, but this beloved West Virginia pie is one exception. Vinegar pie epitomizes Appalachian cuisine by making use of cheap ingredients and those readily available in a pantry. According to food writer Mike Costello, vinegar pie emerged as one of many desperation pies, created to fit the financial constraints of the Great Depression. The vinegar, pressed from apples, and spiced with nutmeg, mimicked the tart sweetness of lemon at a time when the citrus fruit wasnt widely available. Costello praises the creativity of Appalachian cooks, writing that he prefers to call recipes like the one for vinegar pie innovation pies.

Achatz Handmade Pie Co Chesterfield Mi

This Michigan place is out of this world so good, in fact, they had to open four locations . Their most popular selection, the Michigan four-berry with cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Heck yeah. Pair it with this fantastic Michigan brew, and youre all set.

GIF courtesy of

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Merridees Breadbasket Franklin Tenn

In what was once a hardware warehouse in downtown Franklin, Merridee Erickson opened her bakery in 1984 after three years of selling her baked goods from her log cabin in nearby Fairview. Merridees Breadbasket is still serving baked-from-scratch items. They have different pies for days of the week, and options change seasonally. We like the chocolate chess pecan and French coconut.

Red Velvet Pie At Proper Pie Co Richmond Virginia

#Beer &  #Bacon Pecan Pie Bar

From sweet to savoury, the Proper Pie Co. in Richmond, Virginia has got it all. Their sweet creations are pretty creative, as youll find unique treats here that you cant anywhere else. Pumpkin and salted caramel, campfire, and vegan sweet potato are just a few of their tasty best-sellers. And, while we definitely recommend sampling each of their pies one by one, theres something extra special about the red velvet pie. Come on, its red velvet but in pie

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Not Just Pie Monroe La

We previously wrote about Not Just Pie in our article The South’s 10 Most Iconic Foods and Where to Eat Them, for their delicious pecan pie, for which they bake the pecans in the piecrust first for a more even distribution. Well, theres not just pecan pie here. According to , peach pies are back in season right now. In Southern Livings book On The Road Again, Morgan Murphy recommends a different kind of pie, their quiche, which is pretty much just savory goodness in their excellent, tried-and-true piecrust.

Chocolate Pecan Pie At Honeypie Milwaukee Wisconsin

Honeypie makes their pies in small batches from scratch and focuses on using locally sourced dairy, eggs, fruits and other ingredients. So, each and every one of their treats tastes extremely fresh. And, their chocolate pecan pie is made with a scrumptious mixture of chocolate, bourbon, walnut, and pecans. Cant get enough of the best pies in America? You can take a class to learn how to make them at home!

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Peanut Pie From The Virginia Diner: Wakefield Virginia

Peanuts are one of Virginiaâs proudest products: They have been grown commercially in the state since the 1840s, and are renowned for their size and flavor. Try them in pie form at The Virginia Diner located in the heart of Virginia peanut country. The kitchen bakes as many as four dozen peanut pies a week, each containing half a pound of local legumes.

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