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Kfc Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Notes

This Employee Video Shows How KFC Pot Pies Are Really Made

Filling: Its also important not to overfill your pot pies. This pie recipe is super tasty and its tempting but youll want to leave room for them to bubble up while they bake.

Vent: Venting will also help prevent a gap between the filling and the crust caused by the baking process.

Veggies: Try to chop your potatoes and carrots roughly the same size. This helps ensure even cooking and dispersion through your little pies.

Cream: Brushing the tops of any pastry with cream ensures that you get a nice golden crust. There are lots of other options for the tops of your pastries experiment!

Chicken: Never broken down a rotisserie chicken before? I love YouTubes handy tutorials, like this one, that helps you get every delicious piece of chicken possible!

How To Preserve A Kfc Pot Pie

You can store your pot pie leftovers or those you intentionally bought to be eaten later for some days before you eventually use them, check out how you can do it below:

  • Allow the pot pie to completely cool.
  • Put it in an airtight container or use foil to cover it. We recommend that the foil pan s allowed to stay on it, dont remove it.
  • Put it inside your fridge.
  • Ensure you eat the stored pot pie within two days if you want it to have the best of tastes.

The Hard Life Of Colonel Harland Sanders

Everyone knows that KFC is a very successful fast-food chain, but did you know that its famous founder, Colonel Sanders, had to overcome many failures before he found fame and fortune. Heres a short resume.

  • He was a seventh-grade school dropout and went to work as a farmhand.
  • At sixteen he lied about his age and enlisted in the army he was honorably discharged after one year.
  • He worked for the railway but got fired for fighting .
  • He moved back in with his mom, got a job selling life insurance and was fired for insubordination.
  • In 1920, he started a ferry boat company. He cashed in this business in order to manufacture lamps. Unfortunately, he discovered that another company was already selling a better version of his lamp.
  • At age 40 he began making and selling chicken dishes in a service station.
  • A dispute with a competitor ended in a shootout.
  • At age 44 he acquired a motel and restaurant which were destroyed in a fire.
  • After the war, he had a booming restaurant featuring his secret recipe for fried chicken. However, this restaurant was crippled when a new interstate took away most of his business.
  • He never gave up and pursued his dream of spreading KFC franchises all across the country. And today his smiling face, goatee, and string tie are recognized worldwide as symbolic of the best-fried chicken you can get.

To read about the inspiring history of Colonel Sanders in more detail, .

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Why Is Kfc So Bad

This fast food chain has long been in the news because of its unhealthy attribute of frying. Studies reveal that at most of its branches, expired or unhealthy oil is used for frying. Most of its eatables have high amounts of Sodium Bicarbonate, Monocalcium Phosphates, Monosodium Glutamate, and other components.

Pennsylvania Dutch Pot Pie

Review: KFC

In the Pennsylvania Dutch region, some people make a dish called “bot boi” by Pennsylvania German-speaking natives. Pennsylvania Dutch pot pie is a stew without a crust. Most commonly made with chicken, it usually includes homemade dumpling-style dough noodles and potatoes, and sometimes vegetables such as carrots or celery.

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Kfc Chunky Chicken Pot Pie

This month KFC has chosen to feature a true, blue blooded, thoroughbred classic as its featured menu item. The skies were lit on fire this week, when the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie was jettisoned from its holster at a blazing, bold price of $3.99. Pot Pies tickle my soul with a home cooked, comforting , soul soothing, mystical nature that seems to slow the rotation of the earth. Ive never had the pleasure of trying KFCs Classic. But whenever fast food eateries bust out this kind of terminology, I feel like its part of my duty to the world to test out these sometimes wild claims.

The makeup of the Chunky Chicken Pot Pie is somewhat radical considering that all of the ingredients incorporated in it, dont show up anywhere else on the menu. This type of thing scares me, but its hard to screw up grilled chicken, potatoes, peas, carrots, gravy, wrapped up in a puff pastry. I have trouble deciding whether I like saying puff pastry or pot pie more.

I stuck my fork into the middle of the pie like I was the first astronaut striking a flag into Mars. Steam and even more aromas erupted into my nose like a renegade fire cracker. I was so excited I didnt know where to begin with the contents. I did my best to try and encapsulate a full figured bite, pie crust and all. I can say flat out that I was overwhelmed with down, home, old school flavors.

KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie: 4/5

KFC Chunky Chicken Pot Pie:

How To Freeze Kfc Pot Pie

In case you wish to try it, though it is not advisable. Freeze the pie by putting it inside an air-tight container and this should only be done once it has cooled down completely. If you do it properly, it should last one or two weeks in the freezer. It is better that the crust is yet to be cooked because a cooked crust will not keep as good as an uncooked one.

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How To Make Kfc Pot Pies At Home:

Pick meat from bones and cut into bite size pieces. Next, peel and cut potatoes into ½ cubes.

Peel and slice carrots into ¼ slices or dices.

Remove pastry from box and thaw at room temperature.

Boil potatoes and carrots in water until almost tender. Drain liquid, add frozen peas and set aside.

In a large pot, add soup, milk, and sugar. Mix well and simmer.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Add chicken and vegetables to the sauce and simmer until warm, stirring frequently. Spoon mixture into each pie tin, Do not over fill.

Cut pastry into 6 circles and then roll slightly to make sure crust will overlap rim. Moisten edges of pastry and cover each tin pressing edges to the rim.

Bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes until the top is brown.

How To Reheat A Chicken Pot Pie In The Oven

KFC Chicken Pot Pie $5.95 Extra Crispy Fried Chicken meal | mukbang

Reheating your chicken pot pie in the oven is probably the best method out there. It takes quite a long time to warm up, but the result is a perfectly delicious chicken pot pie.

All you need is aluminum foil, a baking tray, and around 20 minutes of your time. It is super easy as there is not much you can do after sticking your pie in the oven, and the result will be nice and warm in the middle with crunchy pastry on top.

Wrapping your pie in aluminum foil is super helpful to stop the crust from burning, and to allow you to reheat your chicken pot pie without drying it out.

If you want to reheat frozen chicken pot pie in the oven, you can easily follow the same instructions as it does not change much.

Here are the steps to reheat chicken pot pie in the oven:

  • Preheat your oven to 300°F
  • Wrap your chilled or frozen chicken pot pie in aluminum foil and place it in the middle of a baking tray
  • Place it in the oven for about 20 minutes
  • Keep an eye on it and check it after 10 minutes to make sure everything is going according to plan
  • Take it out and let it sit for a couple of minutes before serving it .
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    The Best Ways To Reheat Chicken Pot Pie

  • Can you reheat chicken pot pie?
  • Chicken pot pies differ a little from chicken pies. The first are the main subject of our discussion, and they feature chicken and vegetables with a layer of pastry on top.

    Chicken pies are full pastries filled with chicken, gravy, and veggies. They are also simply called chicken and pastry.

    When reheating a chicken pot pie, we need to be extra careful with the pastry laying on top of our pie. Depending on how we decide to reheat our meal, it can get soggy or crumbly easily. You also risk drying up your meal in the process.

    In the culinary world, there are a few tricks you can resort to in order to prevent achieving that result. Most of these tricks are super easy and require zero effort as well!

    Before we embark on the reheating process, it is critical to make a difference between chilled chicken pot pies and frozen chicken pot pies. The reheating times will be vastly different between the two, so it is essential to know in advance before we begin.

    If you want to reheat a chilled chicken pot pie, there are more options for you than reheating a frozen chicken pot pie. You can use any methods listed above for the chilled ones, but it is a little more complicated for the frozen ones as there is the risk of drying them out.

    It does not matter if you want to reheat your leftover homemade chicken pot pie, if it is a supermarket pie, or even if you want to reheat a chicken pot pie from KFC.

    Can You Reheat Chicken Pot Pie

    Needless to say, you can! There are several, super-efficient methods to reheat your chicken pot pie. You will have a delicious, hearty meal in about 20 minutes or less.

    The secret is to master how to use the tools available to you and the job is done! The oven will take some time to warm up your chicken pot pie, but if used properly, it will be able to give you a crunchy crust with a delicious texture and an amazing filling.

    It is good practice to wrap your chicken pot pie in a layer of aluminum foil before popping it in the oven, and that is it.

    You will save up a lot of time with either the microwave or the air fryer. The microwave is the go-to method for those who look for quick cooking, or for those who do not have much time on their hands.

    Simply place your meal in a microwave-safe dish, and the job is done! The air fryer works in a similar way to the microwave. Just remove the packaging from your chicken pot pie, place it in the air fryer drawer and thats it!

    Another efficient way to reheat your chicken pot pie is the toaster oven. Putting your meal in the toaster oven for about 30-35 minutes will give you an amazing meal with zero effort.

    Lastly, the stove might not be the first option that comes to mind, but if you dont have other options, you can achieve good results with a skillet. Its great to keep a close eye on the process!

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    Can You Reheat Your Kfc Pot Pie Multiple Times

    You can reheat your KFC pot pie more than once, but note that the taste will become worse each time it is reheated and the crispy qualities of the crust will also be lost. The best thing is to cut a portion of your pot pie and scoop it out if you know you will not finish a whole portion. Use a spatula to do the scooping so that it will not turn to a mess.

    Are Popeyes Mashed Potatoes Real

    Review: KFC

    Popeyes mashed potatoes with gravy

    When made fresh from actual boiled potatoes, divinely merged with cream, butter, and salt, mashed potatoes are freaking delicious. We arent saying that Popeyes mashed potatoes with gravy is made from just-add-water dehydrated spuds, were just saying they taste like they could be.

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    How To Reheat Chicken Pot Pie In The Microwave

    Although the microwave is the most rapid method to reheat, it is not the most efficient. It is still possible to reheat your chicken pot pie in the microwave and get a tasty meal out of it, but there is the risk to make the crusty top a little soggy.

    As the pastry closes the hearty, soft filling, the heat might allow it to create a condensed layer that will make the top a little mushy. The core of your chicken pot pie will come out incredibly well, though.

    To overcome this issue and to speed up the warming up process, it is best if you cut and reheat a chicken pot pie slice at a time.

    Just make sure to place your chicken pot pie on a microwave-safe plate, and it is extremely important you do not use any aluminum or aluminum wrapping in the microwave as it can be very dangerous.

    Here are the steps to reheat chicken pot pie in the microwave:

  • Cut your chicken pot pie into regular slices
  • Place a slice of your chicken pot pie in a microwave-safe dish and put it in the microwave
  • Set the microwave to the lowest setting and reheat for about two minutes
  • Check if the filling is warm enough. If it is still cold, reheat for an extra minute
  • If it is hot enough, take it out of the microwave and serve!
  • What Is In Our Kfc Chicken Pot Pie

    You might be wondering what goes in one of the most famous and well-loved KFC sides. Were carefully cooking our mini pot pies to get that crusty and golden brown pastry exterior while keeping it moist and creamy on the inside. Its filled with creamy stuffing made up of hand-deboned chicken and fresh vegetables with milk.

    To make it easy, well be using store-bought sheets of puff pastry dough for this KFC chicken pot pie recipe. It gives our crust a sweet and buttery taste along with those crusty edges. The creamy filling of our KFC pot pie has a sweet and savory sauce made of very simple ingredients. Were also adding in deboned and shredded rotisserie chicken and various veggies like potatoes, carrots, and peas.

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    And That Was In July In 90

    While the chainwide introduction was timed to coincide with the beginning of cold winter evenings, the product will remain a permanent, year-round menu item, the KFC spokeswoman said. “It’s a good fit for KFC because we’re known for comfort foods, and we can use our rotisserie gold chicken in the pies,” she added.

    The crusts and a vegetable filling are sourced from outside. Chicken is added to the filling and then the pies are baked in-store. The introductory prices for the 13-ounce pies range from $3.49 to $3.99, depending on the market area.

    KFC introduced the pies chainwide with a blitz of ads on national television and promotional events that included baking “the world’s largest pot pie” in New York City’s Bryant Park.

    One supermarket operator known for its own signature chicken pot pies — West Point Market in Akron, Ohio — apparently is not too concerned about a threat to its business, even though there’s a KFC unit less than a mile away.

    “They have a different customer base, and our product is very, very high-quality. It’s filled with chunky breast meat,” said Carol Moore, director of food service at the upscale, single-unit independent. West Point’s 12-ounce, fresh pot pie retails for $4.59, she said.

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