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What Are The Breed Standards Of A French Bulldog

Blue Fawn pied French Bulldog female Puppies for sale

The American Kennel Club has agreed on a general standard for French bulldogs. Perhaps the most notable standard is that any alteration other than the removal of the dewclaws is considered mutilation.

As such, this will disqualify the breed from being named a French bulldog. Other standards, as you may find in the AKC guideline are that the height of a French bulldog is usually between 11-13 inches and that they must not weigh more than 28 pounds. Standard colors of the French Bulldogs are:

  • Brindle Frenchie

Rare colors of a coat in French Bulldogs are disqualified by the American Kennel Club French Bulldog Breed Standard.

FAD colors in French Bulldog puppies include the following but not limited to:

  • Blue coats in French Bulldogs – blue Frenchie , blue pied Frenchie, blue fawn Frenchie , blue brindle Frenchie etc.
  • Frenchies with tan points – black and tan Frenchie, blue and tan Frenchie, lilac and tan Frenchie, chocolate and tan Frenchie etc.
  • Trindles – French Bulldogs which have brindle in their tan points.
  • All black French Bulldogs – with no trace of brindle is also quite rare.
  • Merle coat in French Bulldogs – merle Frenchie, fawn merle Frenchie, blue merle Frenchie etc Chocolate Frenchies – chocolate Frenchie , choco pied Frenchie, choco fawn Frenchie etc.

Our Love Of Frenchies

Acquiring our American bulldog, Pork Chop, quickly developed into a love for bulldogs.

As often happens with dog owners who pick a particular breed, the breed is now on your radar. Blind to them before, youre suddenly seeing them everywhere.

With our new awareness of all that was bulldog, we started noticing French bulldogs during our travels abroad, on the New York City subways and on YouTube. We completely fell in love with this miniature French bulldog breed. The breeds adorable bat ears and affectionate, charming personality drew us in, not to mention that like their American cousin, Frenchies dont bark much.

Our first two Frenchies, Luna and Munchkin soon sparked our interest in breeding puppies. Since then, our pack has grown into five fabulous fancy Frenchies, and we couldnt be happier with this addition to our family!

The next step became obvious. How wonderful it would be to share our breeding with other people who also love French bulldogs, a popular breed with its top-notch genetics.

Our Fabulous Fancy Frenchies


Nautico This unique Frenchie is capable of producing any color when bred to a female with the proper DNAAt/At, d/d, e/e, n/KB, N/S, n/M

Mimi Proven producer of lilacs, blues & platinumsn/AY, n/AT, n/n, d/d, n/EM, E/e, n/KB, N/S

Munchkin Proven producer of lilacs, blues & chocolates when bred to the proper maleAY/AY, D/d, EM/EM, S/S

Luna Proven producer of lilac sables & blue with tan pointsAY/AT, EM/EM, d/d

Abby AY/AY, D/d, n/EM, n/KB, n/M

Tucker Proven producer of lilacs, blues & chocolatesn/AY, n/AT, d/d, n/EM, E/e, n/KB

Diezel At/At, d/d, B/b, e/e, Ky/ky SS and 4 panel clear for Frenchie related genetic diseases

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Blue French Bulldog The Ultimate Guide

Its true that Frenchies simply catch everyones eye like magnets. However, theres one magnificent color that seems to be the most popular in this dog breed. I talk about the Blue French bulldog whose color of fur leaves speechless. First of all, I must remind you that this dog breed is considered for the 4th most popular breed in the world. The reasons for such a fact are many. They are short and compact dogs that perfectly suit the apartment type of living. Due to their shortened nostrils, and brachycephalic skulls, Frenchies quickly get tired and are prone to overheating. Thats why they find their best home for living in someones apartment. Unlike other dog breeds, these furry gremlins dont require much exercise, so they seem like the right choice for lazy owners.

Another reason for their growing popularity is their amazing temperament. French bulldogs act great with children and other dogs too. Thats why they present the best pick for large families. Frenchies simply adore to clown around and to be someones center of attention.

The Best Lap Dog Ever

Monicea: Blue Merle French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Near Me

Your French Bulldog MUST SLEEP WITH YOU.

Frenchys are bred to be a non-working class dog. This means exactly that, it will not work for you but rather be a great companion happy to sit all day at your feeder on your lap. Although its temperament is more like a big dog, it is not delicate in its ways it all. It is still small enough to be carried around or brought on board a plane. It loves walks albeit short ones and is sensitive to the heat so Im Summertimes walk only at night or early mornings. They cannot swim as easily as other breeds and need to be worked with in the beginning with the lifejacket as a puppy so that it can learn to swim. If you wait until theyre fully grown to teach them to swim it will be much more difficult due to their heavy body mass. In the meantime if you dont have a pool though they love waiting in a kitty swimming pool. They are not yappy dogs but speak when they need hearing with theHowel like a coyote or periodically an actual true bark

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Pied French Bulldog Puppies For Sale United States

Thank you for stopping by to check me out! I would be more than honored if you choose me to love you fur-ever. I am ready to be someones best friend. I promise that every day we spend together will be special. We can play, cuddle and laugh at all the silly things we do. On the video, you will love the little blue spots lined up perfectly on my back and bottom and my little wiggle as I play. Also, the little white hair on the tip of my tail is quite unique. My vet says I am adorable and very healthy, even though I am the smallest one of my siblings. They dont get the best of me! I will arrive up to date on my vaccinations. Pick me! Im super excited to meet you!

Ethical Puppies From Ethical Frenchie Breeders

Whether the french bulldog puppies were bred by us or not, you can rest assured that your relationship will continue with the actual breeder. If were putting our brand on the line, its more important than ever for us to pick and choose the healthiest and best french bulldog puppies from the most responsible breeders, and match them with only the best families.

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Blue Pied French Bulldog

Despite what its name may imply, the blue pied french bulldog was developed in England. These dogs are descendants of English Bulldogs, who were, unfortunately, used for violent sports such as bull-baiting. When activities like this were outlawed in England in 1835, the English Bulldog was bred down in size, resulting in the Toy Bulldog. During the Industrial Revolution, these Toy Bulldogs were brought to France by English lace workers, and the French immediately took a liking to the little dog. So, they began to import more and more of the breed. Over time, the Toy Bulldog became a breed of its own, and was eventually named the French Bulldog. By the end of the 19th century, the Frenchies popularity had spread from Europe to the United States, and the breed remains quite popular pied french bulldog

Charlie is Adorable, happy, playful, and full of life! These cute and very friendly French Bulldog puppies are family raised with lots of TLC and are very well socialized with. They are up to date with shots and dewormer and have been vet checked. Their mother and father are on the premises for you to see and meet. These darling pups will make outstanding family pets and loving companions. Ready for their forever homes today! blue pied french bulldog

Name: Charlie

Blue Merle French Bulldog

Beautiful Blue sable pied french bulldog puppy for sale

This pattern is definitely one of the most beautiful in Frenchies. Blue Merle Frenchies looks so unusual and are very difficult to breed. In order to create this rare colored Frenchie, a breeder needs to select a blue French bulldog and a merle Frenchie. Since merle is a dominant gene, there are 90 % to get a blue merle puppy litter. The M locus is the home of the merle allele. Merle is dominant, and so denoted by the capital letter M. Non-merle is recessive and denoted by m. The merle gene dilutes random sections of the coat to a lighter color and leaves patches of the original color remaining. The patches can be any size and shape and can be located anywhere on the dog. The edges of the patches may appear jagged and torn.

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Our Piece Of Advice When Purchasing A French Bulldog Puppy

The first thing is you should consider the breeder you are meeting with. Ask the person if he has any license, past work, and references/reviews.Ask the breeder about the health of his dogs and the care he provides when it comes to his blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale. Its better to equip yourself some knowledge before looking to any buy a blue Frenchie.

Dont trust any one-sided debate or you can fall into the hype for a budget French pup. Dont let the breeder play the angle of increasing the price due to the fact that the Frenchie Puppy has Blue Eyes. Every reputable breeder will inform you that Blue French Bulldogs possess the sapphire blue eyes only as babies.

As the dog grows the eye color turns from a light blue to a grayish green, medium brown or golden yellow. There is absolutely no scenario in which a blue dog will keep the light blue eyes, dont let a breeder convince your otherwise.

The light ocean blue eyes are only occasionally present in the Extreme Pied French Bulldogs and the Merle French Bulldogs in which the merle gene creates a streak over the iris of the pup, making it lose pigment.

Its hard to walk away from an adorable Frenchie Puppy, but if you ignore the red flags, you will potentially end up with a badly bred French Bulldog that will come with many issues and consequentially high vet bills.

How Do You Know Your Dam Is Pregnant

After the Estrus, you have to look for signs of pregnancy in your dam. These signs include an increase in appetite, weight, or nipple size. This is however not that conclusive in itself.

As mentioned earlier, your dam may show pregnancy signs and still not be pregnant.A Vet can make this confirmation for you by conductingan ultrasound or X-ray or by examining her abdominal palpitation at 28 days.

Once you have confirmed that your dam is pregnant, you have to start talking to the Vet about the special attention required for breeding a French bulldog.

This will include how to identify emergency situations that would require immediate medical attention.This should also include details about her labor and what to expect after she gives birth.

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Pied French Bulldog Exercise Requirements

Pied French Bulldogs are considered to be low energy breeds, so they dont need a lot of exercise. Due to their brachycephalic shaped faces, they have narrow nostrils and shortened muzzles, which somehow limit the supply of oxygen to their bodies.

Nevertheless, they are heavy-chested and need short-time exercise routines to keep their weight in check.

Some of the best exercises for these cute, short-legged canines include daily short walks, chasing a hanging piece, catching a ball, etc. Getting them a motion-activated toy can also take care of their exercise needs perfectly.

Frenchies cant swim because their short muzzles force them to tilt their bodies backward to keep their mouth and nose above water, derailing their swimming efforts.

Their shorts and disproportionately large heads also make it hard for these little cuties to stay afloat in water.

You should always take great care of your Frenchie when he is around swimming pools, rivers, and ponds.

Barrel Chest Dog Breeds

Boys Left Blue French Bulldog Puppies Looking For Their Forever Homes

Blue Fawn Pied French Bulldog Puppy

Blue pied french bulldog puppies for sale. This advert is located in and around birmingham, west midlands ***2x blue fawn boys £2500, 2x lilac & tan boys £3000*** all quad carriers friday 18th september saw the arrival of cookies 6 outstanding quality healthy puppies 4 boys 2 girls both. Buy harlequin french bulldog puppy, ready to leave now $ 770.00. The blue pied french bulldog is the same as brindle pied or a fawn pied french bulldog but with a difference of colors.

Blue pied frenchie puppies usually have light colored fur on chest, legs, and cheeks. Our girls are our family. Reliable pups is the most secure and reliable online puppy shop where you can get blue french bulldog puppies for sale.

You are also welcome to personally pick up your puppy yourself. How to achieve the blue pied color. Our frenchies are purebred, and akc registered.

I am ready to be someones best friend. Pied french bulldog puppies and dogs from a breeder near you by, part of the, llc group of websites. Blue brindle frenchie has a visible blue/grey coat with traces of brindle.

I promise that every day we spend together will be special. 2013 14 2015 top stud $ 350.00 $ 300.00 We offer various french bulldogs for sale in colors including blue, merle, pied, and blue fawn.

We raise rare and exotic colors as well as standard colors. We are not a kennel! For sale 2 blue & 3 blue pied puppies out of a litter of 8!

Jax White & Blue Pied Merle Male in 2020 French bulldog

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Pied French Bulldog Grooming Needs

Pied Frenchies are fairly easy to groom as all they need is occasional brushing to remove loose hair and distribute natural oils evenly, keeping their coats healthy.

They also dont have that big hair shedding problem because they are average shedders and have short hair. So, you can always schedule the hair combing tasks to weekends as brushing their coats once a week will just suffice.

Most Frenchie owners recommend Pet grooming gloves because they not only help you remove the shed hair but also straighten the dogs coat and give a perfect massage as well.

Here are also other great grooming tools that we recommend for Pied Frenchies: 25 Best Deshedding Tools for Short Hair Dogs

Ear and facial wrinkles, as well as the areas under the tail of Pied Frenchies, are susceptible to dirt and dust. Strive to keep them clean and dry to prevent potential bacterial infection. Every time you clean them, take your time to dry the skin between the folds.

Pied Frenchies nails should also be trimmed regularly. Considering that Frenchies are not as active as other dog breeds, their nails tend to become uncomfortably long within a short period.

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