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Why Youll Love This Recipe

These mini cinnamon roll apple pies have the most delicious and fluffy cinnamon roll crust! Yes, we use cinnamon roll as the crust! If you havent tried the combination of cinnamon buns and apple pie, you are missing out! Its an autumn dessert at its best. Unlike the classic apple pie with a flaky crust, these apple pie cups are baked in the soft and pillowy cinnamon roll crust, and then topped with your favorite icing, caramel sauce or ice cream.

To save time, I like to use refrigerated Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, which works great for this recipe. These individual bite-sized mini pies are great for fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Best pie dessert ever!

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The Best Quick & Easy Dessert Recipe

It doesnt get any easier than this! This simple homemade dessert recipe is made with just a can of apple pie filling and a tube of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. And trust me, these two ingredients are a match made in heaven, especially when you serve it warm and top it with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Now that its September, Ive been craving anything and everything fall related, and this easy apple cobbler reminds me of Thanksgiving only without any of the hassle. In fact, its easier than most dump cakes!

More About This Recipe

  • We did it. We made personal apple pies that only require two ingredients! Introducing: apple pie with cinnamon roll crust! Prep for this recipe only takes 10 minutessimply press cinnamon rolls into a muffin pan and scoop some apple pie filling into each cup and bake. Dont forget that cinnamon roll frosting drizzle at the end!This recipe is a huge hit with our fans because of its ease, but also its versatility. Pillsbury fans have tried changing up the filling and making mini peach pies, cherry pies and blueberry pies. Try this apple one first, and then let us know if you experiment! Based on user feedback, we tested Cherry-Almond Pie Cups in our kitchens, and the results did not disappoint.Have a little more time on your hands and want to make traditional apple pie with pie crust? We have a how-to article for you to read that will help you make the best apple pie of your life. Diggin the apple pie twists? We have recipes for that, too!

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How To Store Leftovers

If you have leftovers let me say you are lucky! These cups disappeared so fast in my house.

The kids came running when they smelled that warm cinnamon apple aroma!

Store you cinnamon roll pie cups in the fridge if you have leftovers. They will store for 3-5 days, when stored properly.

You can eat cold from the fridge or place in a plate and reheat in the microwave for a fresh out of the oven flavor.

Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups

Prep Time: Cook Time:

You only need TWO ingredients to make mouthwatering cinnamon roll apple pie cups. Cinnamon rolls pair with apple pie filling to make this amazing dessert. Its easy enough for any home cook, even if youre brand new to baking.

Served warm from the oven, I just know you are going to be so impressed with these gorgeous treats. They are so good served with ice cream and caramel sauce on top. Everyone will already be in the kitchen when these are done since the apple and fall spice flavors will have your kitchen smelling like a bakery. Who can resist that aroma?

So if you have some cinnamon roll dough along with apple pie filling, youre all set to make these wonderful cinnamon apple desserts. Theyre equally as perfect for breakfast or brunch as they are for dessert.

My cinnamon roll cheesecake and these puff pastry cinnamon twists are two of my other favorites when I’m in the mood for cinnamon desserts. These two go good for breakfast too!

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Easy Apple Pie Cups Recipe

These 2 Ingredient Apple Pie Cups are such a nice way to equally taste a cinnamon roll and apple pie flavors! This 20-minute recipe is great anytime you want a delicious, hot pastry drizzled with frosting, but with minimum effort, for either breakfast or dessert, its the best.

1 1/3 cups apple pie filling. INSTRUCTIONS. Preheat the oven to 375F. Prepare a muffin pan by spraying 8 wells with nonstick cooking spray. Press a cinnamon roll into each roll, greased well and from the sides to form a cup of the cinnamon roll. Put the apple pie filling into the holes in the cinnamon rolls.

Air Fryer Apple Pie Cups Ingredients: 1 package cinnamon rolls with icing. 1/2 cup apple pie filling, diced Simple Directions: Using a rolling pin, flatten the cinnamon rolls out. Then spray your muffin tin with non0stick cooking spray. Place your rolled cinnamon roll into the muffin tin. Then fill the muffin cavity with apple pie filling.

How To Make 2 Ingredient Apple Pie Cups

2 Ingredient Mini Apple Pie Cups Pampered Chef Style

Grease 8 cups of a muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray. Place a cinnamon roll in each greased cup and press it up the sides of the cup to form a well.

Fill each well of the cinnamon roll with apple pie filling.

Bake at 375ºF for 15-18 minutes until the cinnamon rolls are cooked through. Cool in the muffin pan for 5 minutes, then remove them and place on a wire cooling rack.

Drizzle the cups with the frosting from the cinnamon roll package.

Tip: for easy cleanup, place a cookie sheet under the wire cooling rack to catch the excess frosting that will drip off of the edges.

Serve the apple pie cups warm or at room temperature.

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What Is The Best Way To Re

A couple of quick ways to re-heat your apple pie bites would be either the microwave or air fryer. If using the microwave, heat on high power for 20 30 seconds.

If you decide to use your air fryer, set the temperature at 350 for about 1 2 minutes.

You may have to adjust the times for both of these options depending on your appliances.

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Tips For Making The Best Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups

  • Regular size cinnamon roll works best for standard size muffin tins. If you use grand-sized cinnamon roll dough, youll need to cut off any outer ring to fit into your muffin tin. You can reuse the leftover strips to make some extra cups. Its a bit of extra piecing together but will be fine.
  • Make sure to flatten each cinnamon roll before placing it in the muffin pan, otherwise, theyll puff up too much.
  • Dice your apple slices into the smaller pieces if yours are too big. When adding the filling into the muffin tin, make sure to drain the juices first.
  • You can swap out the apple pie fillings for pecan or pumpkin.

Can I Use Biscuits Instead


Feel free to reach for a biscuit dough in replace of cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon roll offers a nice richness but it can be switched.

You would make just the same and bake until the biscuit is done. As for topping you could make a homemade glaze to drizzle over the top.

Or skip toppings, or even use a caramel sauce to drizzle over for added flavor and sweetness.

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How To Make Mini Apple Pies

Serving up these mini apple pies doesnt require a ton of extensive bakery know-how but it doesnt show one bit.

All you have to do is flatten out individual cinnamon rolls to line a muffin pan and then spoon in the apple pie filling.

Bake them up in a preheated oven and then drizzle that yummy icing over each one before serving. These are sooo good!

Best Ingredients To Use & Why

Whipping up these mini apple pies recipe is a simple way to put a smile on everyones face without spending the day in the kitchen.

I find it best to use your favorite brand of refrigerated cinnamon rolls, but any will work. This recipe is based on a standard-sized muffin pan but can be adapted for those larger ones too.

Canned apple pie filling adds an air of convenience to these little miniature treats. Again, grab your favorite brand.

Usually, store-bought pie crust is the go-to crust in making easy-to-make mini apple tarts and hand held apple pies, but I use cinnamon rolls like how Pillsbury mini apple pies are made.

As far as the cinnamon rolls are concerned, the ones with buttercream frosting are fantastic for this recipe but cream cheese frosting is yummy too.

Making mini apple pies with puff pastry might sound intimidating, but its actually easy to do, thanks to the modern luxury of pre-made frozen puff pastry.

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Super Quick & Easy Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler Recipe

2 ingredient Apple Pie cinnamon roll pie Cups|apple pie|cinnamon roll|autumn|beginner|dessert|asmr
  • 1 can of apple pie filling
  • 1 tube of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • vanilla ice cream

Now that youve got your ingredients, simply cut the cinnamon rolls up into quarters and toss them with the apple pie filling. Spread the mixture onto the bottom of a small greased baking dish and bake for about 25 minutes in a 375 degree oven.

Bake until the cinnamon rolls are cooked all the way through and start to brown, and then drizzle the icing that comes with the cinnamon roll tube all over the top.

Enjoy alone or with a big heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. No, wait a minute. Ice cream is a must. I think it might be forbidden to eat cobblers without it.

I was a little worried that the cinnamon rolls might be soggy, but they turned out just right! However, I would recommend a 2 quart baking dish or anything large enough so that the cinnamon rolls arent completely buried in the apple mixture before baking.

  • Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and grease a 2-quart baking dish.

  • Cut each cinnamon roll into 4 bite-sized pieces and toss them with the apple pie filling.

  • Place the mixture into your prepared dish and bake uncovered in the center rack of your oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the cinnamon rolls are cooked through and golden brown.

  • Remove from the oven and spread the frosting that came with the tube of cinnamon rolls all over the top.

  • Enjoy warm with vanilla ice cream.

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    Variations Of Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Bites To Try

    • Maybe apple pie is not your favorite, so change it up and try different kinds of pie filling such as peach, cherry, blackberry or blueberry.
    • Sprinkle the top of the cups with a little sugar and cinnamon before baking for a little extra flavor.
    • Add some finely chopped pecans or walnuts to the top of the cups prior to baking.
    • Dont forget to have your favorite ice cream on hand so you can top your cinnamon roll apple pie cup with a scoop. Vanilla ice cream would be my choice.
    • Caramel sauce is another great topping option too!

    Do I Need To Keep Any Leftover Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Cups In The Refrigerator

    You can keep them on the counter in an airtight container for 2 3 days or you may choose to refrigerate them for up to a week.

    You will want to ensure that the apple pie bites stay moist and to do this you should keep them in an airtight container. If you keep them in the pan, wrap the pan tightly to ensure they do not dry out.

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