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    Flavoured vodkas and spirits are dominated by a flavour other than their main ingredient. The main ingredient can be barley, wheat, rye or potatoes.

    Flavoured vodkas and spirits can be sweetened, flavoured, aged or tinted. Examples of the predominant flavour are lime, grapefruit, lingonberry, cranberry, honey, vanilla, liquorice and other herbs and spices.

    Tips for use

    Flavoured vodkas and spirits are served as shots and in mixed drinks.

    Serve flavoured vodkas and spirits as shots at a crayfish party, at the Christmas table or with herring and Baltic herring dishes seasoned with vinegar. They can also be used in cocktails or served on their own.

    How to serve

    As shots, flavoured vodkas and spirits are served chilled, at 46°C.

    The alcohol content of flavoured vodka must be at least 37.5% by volume, whereas flavoured spirits can be milder.

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    Midnight Moon Fall Moonshine Flavors And Recipes

    Midnight Moons fall moonshine flavors evoke all the autumn vibes apple and cinnamon treats, bonfires and cozy sweaters. Whats not to love?

    We have shine flavors for every season, which is why were going to list our favorite fall flavor picks and our top 25 fall moonshine recipes. Our shine is 100% real ingredients, all the way down to the 100% corn base.

    Apple pie moonshine drinks are one of our favorites, but we bet well surprise you with our other moonshine mixed drinks .

    Midnight Moon Moonshine Flavors for Fall

    While any of our moonshine flavors could be considered best for fall, our team put together our picks based on our coziest fall recipes and football. After all, isnt it only fall if youre rooting for your favorite college or NFL team?

    Here are our top 5 fall moonshine flavors:

    Combine Kahlua, Midnight Moon Original and cream into glass over ice. Stir gently.

  • Pumpkin Pie Martini
  • 2 oz. Midnight Moon Original
  • 2-3 Tsps Cinnamon Sugar
    • 2 oz. Creme de Cacao Clear Liqueur
    • ½ Cup Heavy Cream
    • 1 1½ Tsps Pumpkin Pie Spice

    Dip martini glasses into water or Creme de Cacao, then dip into cinnamon sugar and place in the freezer to chill. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a shaker half-filled with ice. Shake and strain into chilled martini glass.

  • Pumpkin Apple Shandy
  • 2 oz. Midnight Moon Apple Pie
  • 2 oz. Pumpkin Beer
  • ¼ Cup Orange Juice
  • Combine pumpkin beer, Midnight Moon Apple Pie and orange juice. Pour into glass and garnish with an apple slice.

  • Orange Slice
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    Review: Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine

    Midnight Moon Apple Pie moonshine is one of six moonshine flavors Piedmont Distillers launched the Midnight Moon line of moonshine with in 2012. The other flavors include cherry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cranberry. Their moonshine is based on Junior Johnsons old family moonshine recipe. Junior Johnson was a legendary moonshiner with a police record to prove it. Every batch of Midnight Moon starts with corn and it is triple distilled for smoothness, in small batches. Their Apple Pie recipe adds apple juice and a cinnamon stick before bottling at 70 proof in Madison North Carolina. No artificial colors, flavors, or extracts are used.It pours to a natural golden color. The aroma is cinnamon apple with a corn alcohol backing. The flavor enters as sweet cinnamon apple sauce building to a tangy corn alcohol enhance spiced apple peak before fading with a mild mouth warming and a cinnamon apple pie taste. It finishes with a little more heat. I prefer drinking this on the rocks as the ice softens the sweetness, but real fans of moonshine can drink this straight out of the jar.

    Apple Ale

    Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktails

    Midnight Moon Moonshine Apple Pie 70pf 750ml

    APPLE PUNCH. 2 oz Apple Pie Moonshine. 2 oz Cranberry Juice. 2 oz Sprite. Build on ice & stir well. APPLE MARGARITA. 2 oz Apple Pie Moonshine. 6 oz Margarita Mix. Shake or blend with ice.

    Expert Tips for Making Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe. Use a very large stock pot to make Apple Pie Moonshine cocktail recipe. Sometimes I even divide the ingredients between my two largest stock pots. You can use any size canning jars that you have to store this Apple Pie Moonshine Everclear. You arent going to do the entire canning process.

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    The Addition Of Caramel Vodka To This Moonshine Recipe Brings A Depth Of Flavor That Tastes Like You Submerged A Werther’s Original Caramel

    This is known as checking the bead. The faster the bubbles dissipate, the higher the alcohol content. I have nothing against feeling a little tipsy but can not get past the taste of the. Remove pot from heat and cool completely. Cover and simmer for 1 hour. In a stock pot bring the apple juice to a boil. This recipe comes together very quickly. Reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 20 minutes. You can get a rough idea of how strong moonshine is by checking the bead. shake up a bottle of liquor and watch how fast the bubbles dissipate. The alcohol is added to this flavor base in the second step, and then the moonshine is put into jars for storage. Stir in the liter of alcohol. Bring to almost a boil. Mix everclear and cider together, you may need to move to a larger pot/pan if your crock pot is not large enough.

    Instructions bring the apple juice, cider, sugar, nutmeg, ground cinnamon and 8 cinnamon sticks to a boil. This recipe comes together very quickly. The alcohol is added to this flavor base in the second step, and then the moonshine is put into jars for storage. liters of everclear or grain alcohol pint of captain morgan 100 proof spiced rum gallon of apple cider gallon of apple juice cups of sugar Instructions combine the cider, juice, sugars and apple chunks if using and bring to a vigorous boil, sprinkle in the spices and continue to boil for 10 more minutes, reducing it a bit remove the mixture from the heat and cool completely.

    One Of The Best Apple Pie Moonshine Drinks

    This cocktail was inspired by my husband this week we had a large gallon of apple cider that we hadnt drank yet, so we decided to heat it up on the stove top. He suggested it would make a great mixer, so I went over to our liquor cabinet and found the apple pie moonshine! A perfect pairing, this was one festive holiday drink.

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    Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail

    Ole Smoky vs Midnight Moon Moonshinr Review #applepieliquor #olesmoky

    This apple pie moonshine cocktail really resembles the flavors of apple pie. The cocktail is super smooth and ridiculously easy to drink.

    Farewell, Summer Pimms Cup and Stone Fruit Sangria, its all about apples now!

    I really want to go apple picking this weekend. You may be wondering where the heck do you go apple picking in Los Angeles? Well, about 90 minutes east of LA apple orchards exist! There are quite a few orchards to choose from in Oak Glen and Yucaipa.

    My go-to apple orchard in Oak Glen offers the most delicious freshly pressed apple cider as well as scrumptious mini apple cider doughnuts.

    In the meantime, Ill be sipping on this apple pie moonshine cocktail.

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    One Of The Best Pantry Staple Cocktail Recipes

    This warm spiked apple cider recipe is a fantastic pantry-staple drink! It uses almost all ingredients you would have in your fridge or cupboards. You probably already have a lot of these ingredients on hand! Keeping a well-stocked pantry makes it easy to come up with fun cocktails using a few staples you can rotate. I made a list of my Top 125 Plant-Based Pantry Staples that always keep on hand. And you can check out all my favorite pantry staple recipes on TheHerbeevore.com here. All of these ingredients I had in my house, and didnt need to run to the store: apple cider , apple pie moonshine, and cinnamon.

    Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe / Midnight Moon Moonshine

    Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe / Midnight Moon Moonshine | Apple Pie Moonshine | Quality …. Mix everclear and cider together, you may need to move to a larger pot/pan if your crock pot is not large enough. This recipe will make about a 60 proof apple pie moonshine ! Combine the apple cider, apple juice concentrate, water, cinnamon and sugar in a large pot. Apple pie moonshine recipe directions. Remove from heat and let cool to room temperature.

    Instructions combine the cider, juice, sugars and apple chunks if using and bring to a vigorous boil, sprinkle in the spices and continue to boil for 10 more minutes, reducing it a bit remove the mixture from the heat and cool completely. Apple pie moonshine proof ? Apple pie moonshine sangria cocktail spinach tiger. I must admit i was a little scared at first. This is known as checking the bead.

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    Whats In This Apple Cinnamon Hot Toddy Recipe

    • Apple Cider I used a pre-made Spiced Cider from Trader Joes as the base for this drink.
    • Apple Pie Moonshine I used Midnight Moon brand which has a nice sweetness and flavor.
    • Cinnamon sticks I used organic ones from Target that I ordered online.

    This recipe is pretty sweet so it makes a really nice sipping drink. If you want yours less sweet, then Id recommend halving the cider to 4 ounces, and replacing the remaining 4 ounces with how water. That way you get most of the flavor, but not all of the sugar.

    Warm Spiked Apple Cider

    Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine 750ml

    This warm spiced apple cider recipe is one of the BEST holiday cocktail recipes around. This sweet cinnamon drink is a perfect nightcap or after-dinner drink. A fantastic beverage to warm you up after being out in the snow.

    This post may contain affiliate links. As anI may earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The Herbeevore and our beehives!

    OK I have the coziest cocktail that will keep the chill out of the fall and winter nights. This warm spiked apple cider cocktail is a fantastic curl-up-by-the-fire drink. This is a great holiday drink for your small family get-together or just a solo night in. I used warm apple cider a little apple pie moonshine for a sweet and cinnamon-y punch!

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    Tips On Making Apple Pie Moonshine

    • The better your ingredients the better the result. I use farm fresh apple cider when I can get it and organic apple juice.
    • I like to use one or two Honeycrisp apples to cut into chunks and cook along with the mixture. Mashing them up afterwards for extra flavor as well as little tidbits of apple.
    • Tinker with the amount of sugar you add. Apple cider sweetness as well as apple juice sweetness varies. The more alcohol you end up adding the less sweet it will be also.
    • Do not add your alcohol until the mixture cools .
    • Always taste and adjust the next day after it has chilled. Add more alcohol to make it strong, add additional cider if you feel you made it too strong.
    • I keep this in the freezer. Remember to leave headspace at the top of your containers/jars. Liquid expands in the freezer.
    • Depending on how strong you make your moonshine will dictate if it freezes, is slush or doesnt freeze. If it does freeze, it will thaw quickly. Its so delicious a little slushy, mmmm!
    • I love using jars like this, this or this for all of my moonshines and boozy concoctions.
    • If you like peachesTry my Fresh Peach Moonshine

    If you enjoy Watermelon, Try my Watermelon Moonshine

    ANDIf you like ChocolateYou HAVE to make my Chocolate MoonshineIts one of the BEST things you will ever drink! Trust me! Give this as a gift and the recipient will love you forever!!


    Honestly The Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe I Came Up With Is Delicious Its Smooth Yet Has A Kick It Can Sneak Up On You

    Since I dont have a still in my backyardI use Everclear as the base for this and all of my moonshine recipes and it works perfectly!

    Why not whip up a batch of this easy to make and even easier to drink Apple Pie Moonshine. Make some for you and some to give away. I bet a jar of this would be a hit at the Chinese Auction or gift swap you may be headed to soon. It is am awesome foodie gift!

    One quart sized jar of the stuff I was buying ran about $26.00. My recipe yields over 4 times that for about the same total price score!

    A couple of years ago I began adding in apple chunks for some extra flavor. Its not necessary, I just like doing it. After the mixture has cooled the apple chunks are very soft, I mash them right the liquid with a potato masher, then strain the liquid out into another pot before adding in the Everclear. As I strain, I press on the solids so they release all of their juice.

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    Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

    Canned Cocktails Recipes The Distillery expand. THE HOLLER … Apple Pie Hunch Punch Lightnin’ Moonshine Peaches Honey Charred Proof 40. Moonshine Pickles Blackberry Apple Pie Margarita Strawberry Mango Margarita Sour Watermelon Cucumber Mojito Red Grapefruit

    The Apple Pie Moonshine of Smoky captures exactly the mix of flavors produced with purple juice, ground cinnamon, and other spices. AtAt0 proofs are very drinkable and go down simply, cold, or warm. Try it mixed with lemon juice.

    There are two ways to make Apple Pie Moonshine, you can either simmer the base for 30 40 min, this extracts flavors fast and makes the Apple Pie Shine drinkable once it cools or you can let the base steep overnight allowing the cinnamon sticks to release rich flavors slowly.

    2 oz. Midnight Moon Apple Pie. Orange Slice. 2-3 pieces of Crystallized Ginger. Muddle orange slice and crystallized ginger in a shaker. Fill shaker with ice, add Midnight Moon Apple Pie and shake. Strain into ice filled glass, top with splash of club soda. APPLE PIE RECIPE BOOK.

    Apple Pie Moonshine Cocktail Recipes. BLACKBEARD’S APPLE PIE. 2 oz. Midnight Moon Apple Pie 1/2 oz. Spiced Rum Lemon Slice. Shake Midnight Moon Apple Pie, Rum, and Lemon Slice over ice. Strain into ice-filled glass and garnish with a lemon slice. APPLE PIE ON THE ROCKS.

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