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For as long as I can remember, using a pie iron has been a part of my familys campfire experience. Just like going into the woods and finding the perfect stick to roast your hot dogs and toast marshmallows on, making delicious sandwiches and pies in a pie iron was part of the fun. But which brand is the best cast iron campfire sandwich maker to get?

Rome Industries, Inc. makes one of the best cast iron campfire sandwich makers on the market. The heavy-duty cast iron withstands the heat of the campfire well. Its long steel handles have wooden grips to absorb the heat. And the length keeps your hands far enough away from the fire to prevent burns.

Pie irons are handy tools to have when campground camping, boondocking, or even just around the house when you want to get together with friends and family.

You dont have to be an avid camper to enjoy using pie irons. Just start a fire in the backyard, invite the gang over for a get-together, and spend time in each others company, sitting around the fire and eating some good campfire food.

Continue reading to find out why we use Rome pie irons and to see how they can add to the enjoyment of your next camping adventure or cookout.

How To Use Your Pie Iron

Whether you are camping in the woods or cooking in your back yard, a pie iron is an ideal appliance for cooking or warming up your meal over a fire.

First, heat each half of the pie iron over an open fire. Once its warm enough, add your food item for cooking. Make sure its not too hot to prevent the food from burning. Generally, it takes around five minutes in a hot fire.

Place one half on a burn-resistant area and spray some oil in the inside pocket. Use avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or another oil with a high smoke point.

Put your dough or bread along the bottom, fill with your ingredients, and top with another piece of bread/dough. Coat or spray the top of the iron with some oil and close it with the fastener found at the handles.

Lay the pie iron over a bed of hot coals or embers to cook evenly. You can open it to check if your food is cooked, but it generally takes two to five minutes per side. When your food turns golden brown in color, its done.

Buying Considerations Before You Buy Antique Wagner Ware

There is plenty of Wagner cast iron around, so take your time.

There is no shortage of Wagner cast iron. In fact, Wagner had a large percentage of the cookware market back in its hay-day. And there are plenty of fantastic Wagner skillets and Dutch ovens around in excellent condition.

What size skillet or Dutch oven suits your needs?

The first thing you may want to think about is the size you need. There are often plenty of #8 skillets around. This size seems to be the most common. Not only for Wagner skillets but for most of the other vintage cast iron manufacturers such as Favorite Piqua.

Inspect carefully since a lot of Wagner Ware is nickel-plated.

Check the cookware carefully. The Wagner Manufacturing Company were early adopters of nickel plating. Although much of Wagner cookware will be simply cast iron, heavy seasoning can hide nickel plating. Nickel-plated can wear off or be patchy in places. Take a close look before purchasing.

Would you like a Wagner Ware skillet with a smooth bottom or with a heat ring?

Do you want a pan with a smooth bottom or one with a heat ring? The older Wagner Ware skillets will have a heat ring while the later made pans have a smooth flat base. It is really a personal preference. I tend to like the older skillets with heat rings. I think they have more character, but the smooth bottom Wagner cookware tends to be a little cheaper. And they are great cooking pans too.

Does the cookware sit flat?

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An Overview On Pie Irons

Food experts call the pie iron an underrated camping tool. It boasts a simple design: just two square or similarly-shaped cast iron or aluminum pans mounted onto fireproof rods. The pans are then joined together with a hinge, and presto! It becomes a miniature oven.

Midwestern campers love this product. Pie irons are great for making sealed-edge sandwiches, omelets, mini-pies and many other delightful treats when youre enjoying the great outdoors.

Pie irons are made to use over open flames like campfires. Most are constructed from cast iron, which is durable and can stand up to high temperatures. Aluminum pie irons do not stand up to heat as well but are not as heavy to hold. These outdoor cooking tools have long handles to keep chefs safe from the heat, with grips on the ends.

The best part about pie irons is that the concave plates envelop their contents, which allows the food to get cooked on all sides. The edges crimp the crust and seal all the good fillings inside. The cooked food resembles an empanada or a little pie. Delicious!

Tip #: Review Old Logos

Cast Iron #14 Skillet Frying Pan 15"  Made in USA

Modern-day Lodge pans have the egg-logo which consists of an egg sitting inside a skillet. The bowl of the skillet is the o on Lodge. Older Lodge pans might just have the word Lodge written on them, or maybe a number. Similarly, Griswold pans were initially marked Erie.

This was because the company was formed in Erie, Pennsylvania, but the logo later changed to Griswold and later Wagner Ware. So check out antique sites of just Google vintage logos so you know what to look for. With enough research, you can identify the antique pan at a glance.

Sometimes, the markings go beyond the logo. For example, Lodge pans were marked with 8 while Wagners were marked with 3, S, or H. Lodge pans are also sometimes with letters. These markings may be inside the bowl of the pan, somewhere on the handle, or both.

We have a complete guide about Griswold cast iron pan if you are wanting something more specific.

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How To Select The Best Pie Iron

Are you still wondering what to look for when selecting your pie irons? Weve got you covered!

MaterialMost cast irons are made from cast iron or aluminum. Cast iron is a popular choice as it is virtually indestructible. These cookers tend to be quite heavy. However, theyre strong enough to be placed directly over hot coals. Keep in mind that cast iron cookers need to be seasoned. Opt for a pre-seasoned option or prepare to do some initial maintenance.

Aluminum pie irons are a popular alternative. While these cookers are hardly as durable as the cast iron alternatives, they do pose a weight advantage. If youre looking to hoover your cooker over an open flame, the aluminum irons are going to be far more tolerable.

Size/ShapePie irons come with varying capacities. Traditional pans are designed to hold a standard-sized square sandwich. However, many manufacturers have produced cookers that can cook two separate sandwiches. Weve also seen circular and heart-shaped presses. Shape and size are usually a matter of personal preference.

HandlesThe pie iron cooking heads are attached to long metal rods. These need to be sturdy enough to support the heavy cooking heads and all of your ingredients. The support rod ends must be mounted securely to the base of the cooking heads. There may even be a small S-hook attached to the bottom of the rods. It can be clamped over the alternative rod to tighten the tension between the cooking heads.

Rome Industries Square Pie Iron

Rome Industries is a brand with a considerable history, known for its quality products like this one. One unique feature about it is that it allows you to create square pies, which is a departure from the rounded ones that everybody is accustomed to.

It can be your secret weapon for winning camping parties.

Its heavy-duty cast iron construction makes it a wise investment since it will last you a long time. Specs wise, the piece measures 28 inches in length and can be easily stored anywhere. It is also lightweight, so your hands wont tire as you handle it.

The handle allows for a good grip and lets you flip it even in high-heat conditions, and its interior surface is coated so that the pies wont stick.

Adding all of these features up, you soon realize that this is a pie iron that is hard to say no to.


The first thing that anyone notices about this pie iron is the unexpected square shape it features, that is completely different from the round one people are accustomed to.

The handy design makes this a great tool to have when you go camping with your loved ones and you want to make delicious treats.

Thanks to the cast iron material used and the heavy-duty construction, this is a pie iron that you will surely use for a long time.

In terms of measurements, the iron is 28 inches long, and what makes it great is the fact that it can be stored away without too much trouble.


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Gsi Outdoors Bugaboo Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker

The GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Cast Aluminum Waffle Maker is made from even-heating lightweight aluminum with a double layer of nonstick coating to help waffles release . It comes with locking, heat-resistant handles that make it easy and safe to flip and finish cooking, then remove later for easy packing and storage. Beginning with a few pieces of blue enamelware and a smattering of campfire accessories in 1985, GSI Outdoors continues to create unique, imaginative, and fun products that enhance the outdoor experience including stainless steel and enamelware cookware, tableware, coffee percolators, water bottles, and more.

Impress your campmates and fuel a day of outdoor exploration with this dependable little waffle iron from GSI Outdoors. All GSI Outdoors products are fully warrantied to the original owner against manufacturers defects in materials and workmanship. Product Features Lightweight, compact waffle iron for stovetop or campfire use makes two Belgian-style waffle squares Even-heating aluminum construction with an easy-to-clean nonstick surface Locking, heat-resistant handles remove for packing backed by full manufacturers warranty Dimensions: 8.82 x 6.1 x 1.81 inches Material Type: Cast Aluminum Item Weight: 2.15 pounds

Best Cast Iron Stovetop Waffle Makers For Camping

How America’s Largest Cast Iron Pan Factory Makes Almost Two Million Pans per Month Dan Does

This article will review the best cast iron stovetop waffle makers for camping. You can use them to bake your waffles over a gas or electric stove or a campfire. These cast iron waffle makers contain no teflon or non-stick coating so they are safe to use with your waffle mix. These waffle irons are great if you want to avoid the teflon found in electric waffle makers. There are some great cast aluminum waffle irons that are safe to use as well. They make waffles that are thicker than the waffles from thin, eggo-style waffle makers. They do not come with removable plates but they are still really easy to clean if you coat the plates with non-stick cooking spray. None of the high-end All-Clad or Breville waffle makers come with cast iron waffle plates.

Your camp breakfast doesnt have to be just granola and a banana anymore. You can treat your family to fresh and crispy old-fashioned thin waffles cooked in a quality cast iron waffle iron each morning on your camping trips. Before electric cooking devices became commonplace in this country, cast iron waffle irons were the standard and used on stoves, open fires and wood stoves. Many feature a 6.75 diameter cooking area and have Pie Iron style rods/handles that unscrew for storage. Many are designed in the long-handled style of Pie Irons for easy open fire cooking. They are ideal for BBQ or two-burner camp stoves.

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Tip #: Look At The Bottom

While cast iron pans havent changed much over the centuries, cooktops have. In the past, we cooked on stone hearths or log fires. Then we moved to charcoal grills, electric coils, and finally induction plates. Pan designs have adjusted to keep up, so your pans cooking surface is a hint. Some pans have recessed heating rings on their outer edges.

These were intended to snugly fit your electric heating filament. Other pans have extruded heat rings , or they might have three or four projecting nodes or notches. These nodes or notches enable your pan to sit on gas grills or electric heating plates without slipping off. Lodge pans commonly used between one and three heating notches at the bottom.

Newer pans may have concave bottoms for heat distribution. The numbers at the bottom could be a hint too. Well go over that in detail later, but if its a 3, 5, or 7 , its probably an economy skillet from Birmingham Stove & Range or Lodge. If it has a 3 or 4-digit code with a three-hole handle, whether the numbers are slanted or straight, it could be a Griswold.

Rome Industries 1805 Round Pie Iron Cast Iron

$ as of December 25, 2021 6:39 am


  • Make delicious, sealed sandwiches over an open fire
  • The cast iron of the cooking cavity heats quickly, helping cook sandwiches evenly
  • The two metal handles help you place the food over the fire without getting too near it
  • Heavy Duty Round Cast Iron Design
  • 4.25 dia. pie iron, 21.5″L handles

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Ceramic Mini Pie Pan Set Siducal 5 Inch Round Pie Dish Quiche Tart Cake Pan For Baking Small Fruit Pie Plates Set Of 4

as of December 25, 2021 6:39 am


  • High Quality Ceramic: Made of durable ceramic.It is Microwave Safe, Oven Safe, Frezzer Safe, Dishwasher Safe. Superior bakes evenly and heat retention. Transitions beautifully from freezer or refrigerator, to a hot oven, to table.
  • Long Lasting Color : The SIDUCAL ceramic pie pan are made of high quality and Eco-friendly glaze. Extremely hard glaze is durable for everyday use, ideal in the kitchen for making delicious meals and desserts.
  • More Uses: Individual Pot Pies, Quiche, Cobblers, Bread Pudding, Merengues, Cream Pies, Puddings, Berry Bowls, Butter, Dipping Sauces, Nuts, Ice Cream, Prepping Ramekins and More.
  • Easy to Clean: Nonstick and smooth glaze resists sticking or flaking, easy to clean with dishwasher or hand wash with soap and water.
  • High Temperature Resistance: High quality ceramic improves heat transfer efficiency, the highest can up to 500, can be put into the oven.

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