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Best With Recipe: Colibrox Round Pieiron Rome Cast Iron

Rome’s Double Pie Iron Review For Bugging In Or On The Go

The Colibrox Round Pieiron Rome Cast Iron should be able to handle its purpose and duties with ease. Also, this measures 4-1/2 x 4-1/4 and the total length is 28-7/8. Stainless steel rods have a stainless steel s-hook to keep Pie Iron closed when cooking. Above all, the colibrox round pieiron romecast iron comes out for easy cleaning and it works good.

In conclusion, the tone of buyers is very positive and we believe that the iron suits the purpose.

Why We Like This:

  • Long-lasting cast iron head with easy open hinge.
  • Have a seasoned castiron finish on the interior of the pie iron.
  • One of the newcomers and featured product.

Tips For Camping Meal Preparation:

  • Prepare meals in advance at home whenever possible. Leave most of the mess at home where running water is more accessible and clean up is easier. Trust me on this one!
  • Create one pot family style meals for quick dinners that dont require a lot of thought.
  • Use tinfoil packets, foil pie pans or camp cookers. These tools help to make clean up a breeze!
  • Pack ingredients in 1 gallon size freezer bags for flexible storage in small fridges and coolers.
  • Use my blank printable meal plan or camping meal plans to help organize your next trip.

There are so many delicious looking pie iron recipes hey?! Be sure to add some of these to your next camping trip!

The philly cheesesteak looks especially delicious. Which one is your favorite? Have you got a go-to pie iron recipe? Please share, I would love to try it!

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Rome Cast Iron Double Square Pie Cooker

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Uno Casa Cast Iron Pie Iron Campfire Pie Iron Sandwich Maker With Detachable Handles Camping Mountain Pie Iron Pre

IDEAL CAMPING PIE IRON Robust and reliable, this campfire pie iron is guaranteed to transform your camping experience into a true family hit. Easier to carry than most campfire cooking tools, its the perfect camp cooker for the woods, mountains or your garden.

CAST IRON FOR LIFE Sturdy & pre-seasoned for life using innovative technology, the cast iron pie iron is non-stick, high heat & pressure resistant, and rust-free if kept dry. Your grandchildren will be using the campfire sandwich maker decades from now.

FEEDS MORE & MULTI-USE Double the average size 8 x 4.4 Inches, the pie iron head fits more food. Lined with a flavor-enhancing grill grid, it serves as a campfire Panini press, can be used to make hashbrowns, grilled cheese & meats, tortillas, bread rolls, and more.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN The cast iron pie iron has fully removable 2 different lengths handles and head, making it easy to wash and fit in a backpack. A hook keeps the head securely closed while cooking to seal in flavors and protect your food.

EASY TO USE No need to season your pie iron after each use in fact it only gets better with time. Simply wash with hot water and pat dry. No worries about meal ideas either: youll receive an inspiring recipe eBook for truly unforgettable camp cooking!

Pie Iron Recipes To Make At The Campground

Shop Double Pie Iron Cast Iron

The pie iron is endlessly adaptable and fun to experiment with. But in case you need some inspiration, here are some recipe ideas to get you started.

Want more recipes for the campground? Check out TheRecipe Guide for RVers for even more dishes to make in your RV kitchen.

Available to download here.

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Heritage Of The Woods Camping Equipment

We are among the oldest, most respected outdoor brands and a trusted outfitter for many significant expeditions and Canadian milestones.

1906 The navigation of the Northwest Passage

Woods provided parkas, tents and sleeping bags to the expedition

1925 First ascent of Mt. Logan

An international team of explorers led by Albert H. MacCarthy reached the summit of Mt. Logan for the first time in June 1925

1928 Zoologia Roosevelt Field expedition through Central Asia

Woods Canada outfitted many of the most important exploratory ventures of the early 20th century

1982 First ascent of Mt. Everest by a Canadian team

Laurie Skreslet became the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest. Woods supplied Skreslet and the Canadian team with tents and sleeping bags

Pie Irons + Cast Iron

Creating campfire memories for over 50 years.

Way back in 1964, we began making an item which has been enhancing gatherings around the campfire for generations. Pie Iron cooking is outdoor campfire fun at its essence. So simple to use, yet so delicious and versatile. Just take 2 slices of bread, fill with jam, cheese, meat, etc. Place inside the cooking cavity and close. Hold over the fire for a few minutes and you have a wonderful toasted treat.

Here at Rome we live and breath pie iron cooking and you’ll find that passion in the attention to detail and quality of our products as well as the innovation and wide variety of designs that we’ve introduced in our long history.

All Rome pie irons are cast in iron using traditional sand molds which are still poured one at a time. The natural iron leaves the factory with a thin layer of paraffin wax to protect the product from oxidation. When you receive your Rome pie iron, you should remove the paraffin either by melting it off in the fire or scoured with hot soapy water. Dry completely after cleaning and season your iron with oil. Seasoning tips here.

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Mushroom Bacon And Swiss Panini

Makes 1 serving in a 4- to 5-inch square iron.



  • Spray pie iron with non-stick spray.
  • Spread one side of each slice of bread with butter. Place the first piece of bread, butter side down, on one side of the pie iron. Top with bacon, mushrooms, onions, and Swiss cheese. Add a bit of ketchup . Top with the other slice of bread, buttered side facing out.
  • Attach the other side of the pie iron and clasp to close. Cut off any bread hanging over the edges. Cook over medium-high heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side until the sandwich is golden brown.
  • Make It Vegetarian:

    • 4 to 6 slices pepperoni, thinly sliced
    • ¼ cup mozzarella cheese


  • About 20 minutes before assembling, portion off your pizza dough and let it rest on a plate covered with a towel or plastic wrap. This allows the dough to warm up and will make it easier to stretch.
  • Spray pie iron with non-stick spray.
  • Drizzle each side of the pie iron with a little olive oil for flavor. Split the pizza dough into two pieces and stretch it until its fairly thin and will cover the bottom of the pie iron.
  • Lay one piece of dough on one side of the pie iron. Top with sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. Cover with the second piece of dough. Attach the other side of the pie iron and clasp to close. Cook over medium to high heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side until the pizza is golden brown.
  • Make It Vegetarian:

    Replace the pepperoni with your favorite vegetables.

    + Pie Iron Recipes For Camping Homemade Heather

    How To Season New Rome Pie Irons (cast iron cooker)

    2020-5-7·A Pie Iron Camp Cooker from Rome industries makes cooking over the open fire super easy. These are the best cast iron pie irons! I would not recommend an aluminum pie iron because in my experience the aluminum models tend to warp and break. Visit my how to use a pie iron post for tips on how to use this long handle camp cooker.

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    How To Select The Best Pie Iron

    Are you still wondering what to look for when selecting your pie irons? Weve got you covered!

    MaterialMost cast irons are made from cast iron or aluminum. Cast iron is a popular choice as it is virtually indestructible. These cookers tend to be quite heavy. However, theyre strong enough to be placed directly over hot coals. Keep in mind that cast iron cookers need to be seasoned. Opt for a pre-seasoned option or prepare to do some initial maintenance.

    Aluminum pie irons are a popular alternative. While these cookers are hardly as durable as the cast iron alternatives, they do pose a weight advantage. If youre looking to hoover your cooker over an open flame, the aluminum irons are going to be far more tolerable.

    Size/ShapePie irons come with varying capacities. Traditional pans are designed to hold a standard-sized square sandwich. However, many manufacturers have produced cookers that can cook two separate sandwiches. Weve also seen circular and heart-shaped presses. Shape and size are usually a matter of personal preference.

    HandlesThe pie iron cooking heads are attached to long metal rods. These need to be sturdy enough to support the heavy cooking heads and all of your ingredients. The support rod ends must be mounted securely to the base of the cooking heads. There may even be a small S-hook attached to the bottom of the rods. It can be clamped over the alternative rod to tighten the tension between the cooking heads.

    Rome Industries #1760 Xl Square Pie Iron

    Those of you that hail from the Midwest probably already have one or two pie irons that your family takes on camping trips, so this post isnt necessarily for you. Its for everyone else who hasnt had the chance to get in on the tradition and experience of this style of campfire cooking.

    The XL Square Pie Iron by Rome Industries is like an impromptu cast iron oven on a stick that you can use to cook all sorts of things over a fire. As the XL implies, its rather large by pie iron standards, clocking in at 5 x 5 x 2 versus the standard 4¼ x 4¼ size. This makes it not only great for making grilled sandwiches , but all sorts of other creations.

    A closer look at what your pie iron should look like after a good seasoning.

    You can get pretty creative with this thing. Start out making typical grilled cheese sandwiches, maybe throw some lunch meat on em for good measure. Then try your hand at making a fruit-stuffed French toast, or make a simple sweet sandwich filled with marshmallow fluff and raspberry jam. Cook an actual pizza in there using premade pizza dough, cheese, and whatever other toppings youre into. You could even toss some hash browns in there, maybe with an egg or two. The possibilities are endless.

    When you first get the pie iron, you may want to put it through a thorough seasoning process to ensure the best performance:

    Grab one of these bad boys for and have a blast cooking over your next campfire.

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    What Is A Pie Iron

    The most basic pie iron will have a square body made of cast iron or aluminum, approximately the length and width of a slice of bread, that opens like a clamshell. Inside this body, you can fit a heavily loaded sandwich, if the situation called for it.

    Each half is attached to a metal pole, usually around 2 feet long, and they join together with a hinge at the opposite end to the poles. The poles have heat resistant handles, such as wood, so that you can hold onto the pie iron safely.

    Theres also an attachment on the poles that clips into place to hold the two halves of the cast iron body together easily.

    You can also find pie irons in a variety of shapes, though the standard size fits a slice of bread.

    You may also find round irons approximately the size of an English muffin, double-width irons, Panini press style, or even pie irons dedicated to cooking hot dogs or Frankfurters.

    Old Mountain Sandwich Pie Iron

    Rome Industries® Cast Iron Double Pie Iron

    The Old Mountain Sandwich Pie Iron is a pie iron for camping that allows campers and outdoor enthusiasts to cook food while maintaining an always-on-the-go lifestyle. This lightweight item is made from cast iron, allowing it to withstand extreme heat and distribute heat equally for quick and easy cooking. If you can use a campfire smores maker with Sterno burner with ease, were sure you can use this one too!

    Even better, you can put this product directly into fire or nestle it between coals. Meanwhile, its long metal handles are equipped with wooden grips so you can move the pie iron without hurting your hands. Plus, this item comes pre-seasoned and is also available in a round variant.

    • What We Love:
    • A single pie iron that allows you to try your pie irons for camping recipes with ease.
  • Pros:
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    Where To Buy The Best Mountain Pie Maker

    By alexc

    Best mountain pie maker for all time. We have curated 10 products that represent the best in their respective categories. Here we give you a complete guide to the 10 best mountain pie maker for you available in the market today.

    9 CampBuds Mountain Pie Maker Camp Bag – Heavy Duty Pie Iron Storage Bag, Fits Up to 4 Pie Irons for…
    10 MasterChef Mini Pie and Quiche Maker- Pie Baker Cooks 6 Small Pies and Quiches in Minutes- Non-stick…

    Romes Square Pie Iron

    Rome Industries is an extremely well-known brand that has produced many top-notch pie irons, including Romes Square Pie Iron. This pie iron for camping is one of the brands best-selling models, and were not surprised at all. This monster is durable and made from real cast iron. It makes very light work of toasting all your favorite sandwiches over the campfire.

    Aside from that, the handles are worth mentioning too. At 18 inches, theyre super long, and you can keep your hands away from those pesky campfire flames. The handles also have wooden grips, which will keep your hands safe. Whats more, this pie iron is incredibly easy to maintain and clean!

    • What We Love:
    • A user-friendly pie iron thats a breeze to clean and maintain.
  • Pros:
  • Made by a well-established brand
  • Real cast iron
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    How Do You Cook With A Pie Iron

    Cooking with a pie iron is easy. For the simplest pie, just make a sandwich with your choice of fillings and bread, butter it on both sides, and place it in the pie iron. Heat the pie iron over medium to high heat until the pie is warmed through and toasted.

    Most pies will cook in about 3 to 5 minutes per side 6 to 10 minutes total. But every fire burns differently, so check your pies while theyre on the fire to gauge how fast theyre cooking.

    While its simple to cook with a pie iron, there are some things to consider before breaking out your press. Here are some tips.

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