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Blue Buffalo vs. Purina Pro Plan® Focus | Large Breed Dog Food Comparison

The decisions you make about your puppys nutrition will affect his growth, development and even his behavior.

Feeding your puppy a high-quality puppy food helps set him up for a long and healthy life as an adult dog. This raises a lot of questions for first-time puppy owners, though. How much should you feed your puppy and when? When should you stop feeding puppy food?

Get answers to these questions and more in our complete puppy feeding guide below. Our experts answer your questions and offer advice to help set you and your puppy up for success.

Why Does My Dogs Food Amount Matter

The right kind of nourishment helps keep your dog healthy. Overfeeding your dog can cause weight gain, which can lead to joint problems and other health issues.

Keeping portion sizes consistent and appropriate based on his age, weight and activity levels will help him maintain his ideal weight and remain active. Find out how your veterinarian assesses your dogs body condition with our Body Condition System.

For more feeding tips from our experts, visit our Pet Expertise page.

Why Are Large Breeds More Prone To Hip Dysplasia

Hip disease in large breeds is caused by at least one of 3 proven factors:

  • Too much calcium in the diet11
  • So, since theres nothing you can do to change your puppys genetics

    Be sure to avoid feeding too many calories or too much calcium factors that can significantly increase your puppys risk of hip dysplasia.

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    Abundant Sources Of Protein In Purina Pro Plan Puppy

    Purina Pro Plan large breed puppy comes with a good figure of 28% min protein content to serve your large breed furry friend. The Purina Pro Plan Puppy food product has chicken, corn gluten meal, fish meal, and poultry-by product meal as the desired sources of protein. The Calorie Weighted chart shows that the Purina Pro Plan Puppy product includes 28% fat, and 40% estimated carbohydrates, and 32% protein, and it yields about 64% of fat-to-protein ratio.

    Even if all of the mentioned ingredients are rich in protein, their biological value differs. Therefore, you need to understand whether the desired ingredients will provide the desired nutrition to your dog.

    Talking about chicken, its indeed one of those protein-rich ingredients with a high biological value. However, like any other dog food product, the meat content reduces drastically post-product processing. Thus, every product needs a perfect proportion of meat content for a noticeable result.

    The corn gluten meal acts as an excellent source with an impressive 60% protein. But the biological value of the ingredient is lesser than the meat and fish contents.

    Poultry by-products also act as the best protein sources with heavy meat concentrates. Ironically, experts have found that the by-products can have up to 300 percent meat concentrates, thats way more than even fresh meat.

    Therefore, needless to say, poultry by-products add a considerable amount of protein content to the entire nutritious value of the product.

    Our Large Puppy Breed Feeding Chart

    Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food, 31.1

    Are you curious about how much food you should give your large or giant breed baby? If so, then the table below will save you time and energy.

    Weight at maturity
    2-2/3 cups plus 1/3 cup for every 10lbs of body weight over 100lbs 3-3/4 cups plus 1/3 cup for every 10lbs of body weight over 100lbs 6-1/3 cups plus 1/3 cup for every 10lbs of body weight over 100lbs 7 cups plus 1/3 cup for every 10lbs of body weight over 100lbs 11 cups plus 1/3 cup for every 10lbs of body weight over 100lbs

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    Final Conclusion On Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review

    In this extensive Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review we found that, Purina Pro Plan for large breed puppies seems to be a decent product along with the correct quantity of protein required for large breeds. There could have been specific improvements, but those dont affect the product much.

    With whole wheat and other likewise ingredients, the product is therefore grain-inclusive with a more-or-less sufficient quantity of protein and required carbs. So, the Purina puppy food product takes care of all the necessary aspects needed for your pups growth. Thus, after this Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review, we would love to give 4.4 out of 5 stars to this product for your large breed puppy.

    Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain

    Offer only premium protein and nutrients to your large-breed tail-waggers and help them with optimal development and lean muscle building. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Puppy Chicken recipe is not only a great grain-free dry dog food, but it is also loaded with high-quality ingredients for maximum nutrition for your four-legged friend during their formative stage.. Specifically designed for large breeds, this is among the best puppy food for giant breeds.

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    Dog Food Reviews Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Large Breed 2022

    Purina Pro Plan Puppy food earlier known as Purina Pro Plan Focus. If you look at the history of this company, you need to go back to the 1920s. Yes! The company has been running for more than 90 years with more than 85 years of solid research. As a matter of fact, you can expect premium, well-researched products from this brand for your puppy. So lets have an extensive Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review of the Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food and find out whether the product lives up to the expectations. Check the Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Food product.

    Purina Pro Plan Puppy Rating

    BETA | Puppy Feeding Guide

    Rating: 4.4/5

    We would love to give 4.4 out of 5 stars to this Purina Pro Plan Puppy product for your large breed puppy.

    Purina is yet another best puppy food brand that you must need to know as a dog owner. This Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food product is specifically formulated for large breed puppies. Thus, if your pup falls in such a category, you must check this Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed review.

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    Purina One Smartblend Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

    Top Ingredients: Chicken, Rice Flour, Soybean Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Chicken By-Product Meal , Whole Grain Wheat, Whole Grain Corn

    Give your growing pup the best and most balanced diet for maintaining ideal body condition and help strengthen their joints and bones with Purina ONE SmartBlend for Large Breed Puppy dry dog food. I can personally vouch for this blend as it supports your little pups whole-body health with a unique formula made from healthy and high-quality ingredients.

    What To Consider Before Buying Large Breed Puppy Food

    Even deciding on an insignificant purchase can make you feel like choosing between the red pill or the blue one. But is the headache really worth it? Online shopping was meant to make our experience simpler, easier and enjoyable. But in reality it is quite easy to get confused on the decision which one to buy?

    This is where our efforts come in! This list of large breed puppy food will surely save you valuable time and effort. However another question remains, what makes our compilation the best? Or on what basis you should trust this large breed puppy food list.

    Is it virtually possible to know every detail of a product for making a perfect purchase? The answer is definitely NO, its not! Then how do you make the correct decision while buying large breed puppy food? Well, the complexity of selecting a single product from a sea of them can be simplified taking into consideration a few key metrics regarding the product.

    We feed thousands of data to our AI regarding these products through advanced algorithms. Based on the relevant data i.e. brand, features, specs, ratings and reviews and many others a list of best large breed puppy food has been prepared by the AI.

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    What Not To Feed Your Puppy

    Puppy dog eyes are called that for a good reason they know exactly how to get what they want, especially when it comes to begging for more food! If your puppy is going to maintain a healthy balanced diet, try your best to ignore their pleas for table scraps and titbits.

    A favourite toy, a walk or a game is a great substitute!

    If you do occasionally give in, treats should never account for more than 10% of your dog’s total diet, otherwise you risk upsetting the value of a balanced pet food.

    Also, be aware there are some foods to stay clear of, such as never feeding your puppy raw meat. To reduce the risk of food poisoning, kill any bacteria by cooking fresh meat thoroughly. Before feeding, make sure there are no small pieces of bone left, especially brittle chicken and fish bones, as these can damage teeth and cause obstructions in the gut. Never feed your dog human chocolate, as it is toxic to them.

    Here are some things you should never feed a puppy:

    • Raw meat.

    Other Factors To Consider When Buying Puppy Food

    Purina Puppy Food Feeding Chart

    Apart from the basic requirements for a good puppy food, you must also consider the following factors. These considerations will help you choose the best puppy food for your budget and receive the best bang for your buck:

    1. Budget and value

    Before you begin the hunt for a puppy food, consider your budget and the options available. Dont go for a higher-priced food unless youre sure you can afford it in the future. Once you have a couple of foods shortlisted, compare their ingredients, calories, brand reputation, and guaranteed analysis section. Spending a few minutes comparing these factors will help you get the best value for your money in the long run.

    2. Taste and preferences

    When buying dog food, make sure your puppys preferences are also taken into account. Do they prefer wet food over dry food? Are they more attracted to poultry than red meat? Is your puppy fond of eating the same food repeatedly? Answering these questions will help you pick a dog food that your puppy will love eating.

    3. Guaranteed Analysis

    Believe it or not, you can get a lot of information from the guaranteed analysis section alone. In fact, you should check the guaranteed analysis of each food separately and check whether it fulfills AAFCOs guidelines. For puppies, crude protein content should be at least 22.5%, and fat content should be at least 8.5%, as per AAFCO.

    Further reading:

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    What Not To Feed Your Dog

    As well as knowing what to feed your dog, its also worth bearing in mind what you shouldnt. Puppy dog eyes are called that for a reason they know exactly what to do to persuade us to give them treats! You should try to avoid feeding your dog scraps from the table, as it risks upsetting the value of their balanced pet food. If you do give in to the odd tidbit from time to time, remember that it should never exceed more than 10% of your pets diet. There are some foods you should make sure to avoid giving to your dog:

    • Raw meat. This can cause food poisoning so, if youre going to give them meat, make sure it is unseasoned and cooked to kill bacteria.
    • Bones. Brittle chicken and fish bones can damage teeth and cause obstructions in the gut. The same applies to larger bones. Although larger bones are often given to dogs, they can also cause obstructions to the gut as they splinter, so avoid giving them to your pet.
    • Human chocolate.
    • Onions, grapes or raisins as these can be highly toxic to dogs.

    There may be times when you need to change your dogs diet maybe theyre getting older and need a senior diet, your bitch may be pregnant or a medical condition might require a special diet. If you change their diet too quickly it can upset their digestion, so allow for a slow transition process so they can adjust naturally to the enzymes and bacteria in the digestive tract.

    What To Look For In Your Large Breed Puppy Dog Food


    Since protein is the building block for muscles, your large breed pup needs a lot of it. Top-quality dog food for large breed puppy should be more than 30 percent protein. An interesting thing about protein is that a puppy needs more protein than a grown-up dog. That is because they are in their growth phase and they need a hefty supply of building blocks. Look for proteins from animal meat instead of by-products.

    Fatty Acids

    Large breed pups need less fat because they are susceptible to obesity. The only case where you can feed your pal a puppy food with more than 10 percent fat is if it is a highly active and athletic breed. However, low in fat diet doesnt mean low in fatty acids. Fatty acids arent just good for skin and coat, they are also great for joints. Large breed pups with a rich coat will need puppy food with a higher amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.


    Healthy bones and joints should be your core concern when choosing the best dog food for large breed puppies. Calcium is essential for bones. However, most large breeds are unable to regulate the absorption of calcium. They tend to absorb more than other breeds, and that may cause calcium retention. Calcium retention is just as bad for your babys bones as calcium deficiency. Look for food with not more than 1.5 percent calcium.



    Since bones and joints are foremost concerns in large breed pups, it is a good idea to pick a puppy food with glucosamine.

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    About Feeding A Puppy

    Your puppy needs nutrition of the highest quality that will favor its development.


    Breast milk is the first ideal food for your puppy because its rich in all the nutrients that are necessary for it to grow up healthy and strong. Although puppies are ready to be weaned at between six and eight weeks of age, most begin to show interest in solid foods at three or four weeks old.

    This is the best moment to start feeding it with puppy formula. If you choose dry food, add water and crush it to make a porridge. As the puppy grows, add less water progressively. Avoid the temptation of weaning too soon, since switching to an exclusively solid diet too soon may harm your puppys immature digestive system.


    Very often, puppies eyes are bigger than their stomachs! To maintain an adequate balance between what it needs and overfeeding it, give it small amounts of food frequently. This will depend on its age, size and vet recommendations. Start with a spoonful of food five times a day while your puppy is still being nursed, and follow these general guidelines:

    • From introducing solid food until fully weaned : 4-6 meals a day.
    • From two to three months: 4 meals a day.
    • From four to six months: 2-3 meals a day.
    • After six months: 2 meals a day .



    Knowing how to feed your dog is just as important as knowing what to feed it.


    Puppyhood Is The Best Time To Consider Pet Insurance

    Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food | Chewy

    As a puppy, your dog has probably not shown any significant health concerns at his young age. Since pet insurance companies dont cover pre-existing conditions, the younger your dog is when you sign up, the better coverage you will likely receive throughout his lifetime. Furthermore, pet insurance can help support you financially during the unpredictable puppy years when dogs are more likely to chew on things they shouldnt and run into dangerous situations. Check out our pet insurance guide to learn more and to determine whether pet insurance is worth it for your puppy.

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    What Factors Impact How Much To Feed A Dog

    Several factors can impact not only how much food to feed your dog, but also what type of food he needs.

    • Weight: Maintaining an ideal body condition is important for your dogs overall health. If your dog is not his ideal body condition, you may need to make adjustments in what and how much you are feeding him, says Dr. Callie Harris, DVM. Consider a weight management formula to help your dog achieve and maintain his ideal body condition. We also recommend working with your veterinarian to rule out any health concerns.
    • Activity Levels: The feeding recommendations on dog food packages are based on average adult dogs with normal activity levels. If your dog gets a lot of daily exercise by going on daily runs or hikes with you, he may need more calories to meet his energy needs. Dogs who are less active and overweight may need a more managed daily caloric intake, according to Dr. Harris.
    • Age: As your dog grows, his nutritional needs change. If your dog is still a puppy, he needs a puppy food for growth and development. Seniors may benefit from senior formulas that help keep older dogs active and their minds sharp. Work with your veterinarian to determine the type of food your dog needs based on his life stage and lifestyle.

    Once you find a complete and balanced food that meets your dogs individual needs, you can determine how much food to feed him. The dog feeding chart on the back of his dog food package can help guide you.

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