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Vickys Traditional British Pork Pie. This traditional British Pork Pie recipe is a classic! It’s made with ‘Hot Water Crust Pastry’, filled with chopped, seasoned pork and a strong stock which sets into a savoury jelly. To celebrate I am sharing this traditional British Pork Pie recipe.

It consists of a filling of roughly chopped pork and pork fat, surrounded by a layer of jellied pork stock in a hot water crust pastry.Making a traditional hand-raised pork pie is easier than you may imagine.These easy to follow Elaine Lemm is a renowned British food writer, classically trained chef, teacher, and author with To be honest, I had never actually thought about making a traditional pork pie.

Hey everyone, it is Brad, welcome to my recipe site. Today, we’re going to prepare a distinctive dish, vickys traditional british pork pie. It is one of my favorites. This time, I will make it a bit tasty. This will be really delicious.

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Vickys Traditional British Pork Pie is one of the most well liked of current trending foods on earth. It’s easy, it’s quick, it tastes delicious. It is appreciated by millions every day. Vickys Traditional British Pork Pie is something that I’ve loved my entire life. They’re fine and they look wonderful.

This traditional British Pork Pie recipe is a classic! It’s made with ‘Hot Water Crust Pastry’, filled with chopped, seasoned pork and a strong stock which sets into a savoury jelly. To celebrate I am sharing this traditional British Pork Pie recipe.

To get started with this recipe, we have to prepare a few components. You can have vickys traditional british pork pie using 18 ingredients and 21 steps. Here is how you can achieve it.

Where Do I Buy Pigs Trotters

Any good butcher will be delighted to share his pigs trotters with you as they normally get thrown away.

Most butchers give them for free, but the most Ive ever been charged was £1 for four. So either way, its not going to break the bank!

They come clean and in no need of any work.

I generally rinse mine under cold running water and carry on with my recipe.

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The English Pork Pie Company: A Brief Guide to The Cornish ...

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Why We Make Them

Founder and Chef Damian Sandercock grew up with pork pies being part of his childhood lunches and family gatherings.

He found it difficult to find the perfect pork pie one with delicious pastry, a good amount of pepper and just the right amount of jelly. So he started practising and perfecting the recipe.

Not only does Piper Street Food Co. make 100s of them a week, but Damian also teaches classes on how to make them. In fact, their most popular Cooking Class is The Best of British Pork Pies, Cornish Pasties, Piccalilli and Eccles Cakes.

Piper Street Food Co. is renowned for having the best pork pies – this is because everything is made from scratch using the best ingredients from rendering the lard, hand mincing pork, grinding the spice mix, to simmering the perfect stock for the clear jelly.

But the main reason everyone loves these olde worlde pies is because they are the most convenient, delicious snack ever invented. They travel well, which means they make the perfect snack, great picnic addition or lunch on-the-go.

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The Top 10 British Pies

As a nation, were HUGE fans of pies.

Whether sweet or savoury, Brits can enjoy a pie at any occasion. However, there is much debate over what actually constitutes as a pie. In fact, it is such a hot topic that there was even a petition to the UK government last year, signed by over 5,000 people, in an attempt to get a pie classed as a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry. This would exclude any casserole dishes with a pastry lid as the pastry needs to completely encase the filling. They were lobbying for any dishes without a pastry base to be stripped of the name of pie!

Its a pretty extreme and enthusiastic approach to labeling the traditional pie, but it just goes to show how in love Brits are with their pies! Its a great dish to have steaming hot on a cold and blustery winters eve to nourish your tired bones, or as an easy cold meal for a summers picnic.

Do you like your pie rustic with crispy golden pastry, oozing with thick gravy and crammed full of tender meats? Or perhaps you like your pie cold with thick wedges of pork and boiled egg encased in hard robust pastry? Or does your sweet tooth take over and get you reaching for traditional English apple pie or pecan pie?

We love them all and have compiled our favourite pies to share with you. You could try baking one from scratch or buy one from British Corner Shop!

1. The Pork Pie

What a classic. How can you be a fan of pies, but NOT like the Pork Pie?

History Of The Pork Pie

Co-op Food | Meet the Producer British Pork Pies

Back in the day portions of cooked meat or rissoles were often encased in a salt dough to protect it and keep it fresh. The dough wasnt edible but was peeled off and discarded with only the contents eaten. These workers lunches were probably the first known picnics.

Over time hundreds of recipes for meat wrapped in pastry have evolved . Terrine en croute, sausage rolls, pithiviers, sciachiatta, beef wellington, sfeeha but none are as beloved as the traditional English Pork Pie

The pork pie began life as a humble lunch for farmers and miners, but it was soon elevated by the aristocracy in the Victorian Era. They would pack extravagant picnics and hearty hunting lunches with the pork pie as the centrepiece. Delicious, filling and sturdy these pies were always sure to fill empty stomachs.

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Hot Water Crust Is A Type Of Pastry Used For Savoury Pies Such As Pork Pies Game Pies And

Get our traditional pork pie recipe here, then follow our picture. Traditional british pork pies in a firm and thoroughly tasty hot. Take a 9.5 x 11cm pie dolly, dust with flour and sit it in the middle of the dough. Modern pork pies are a direct descendant of the raised meat pies of medieval cuisine, which used a dense hot water crust pastry as a simple means of preserving . British pork pie, hand raised pie, pork pie. Hot water crust is a type of pastry used for savoury pies, such as pork pies, game pies and,. You may have seen pie dollies like these used on the british baking show to .

It may well work, but a professional chef should invest in a wooden dolly. You may have seen pie dollies like these used on the british baking show to . Use your hands to raise the pastry up the sides of the dolly . A hand raised pie dolly individually hand made by myself from some really attractively marked . Take a 9.5 x 11cm pie dolly, dust with flour and sit it in the middle of the dough. Traditional british pork pies in a firm and thoroughly tasty hot. The dolly is a cylinder of wood with a handle on top. British pork pie, hand raised pie, pork pie.


S To Make Vickys Traditional British Pork Pie:

  • Sieve the flour & salt together and rub in 30g of the lard.
  • Heat the rest of the lard with the water and bring to the boil. Mix into the flour. When cool enough, knead well with your hands.
  • Break a fifth of the dough off for the pie lid later, form both pieces into balls, wrap and refrigerate overnight.
  • Mix the pork, bacon, salt, pepper and water together and add the rusk as required if the mixture is too wet. Don’t add any more than the 12g stated.
  • Form into a ball, cover and let sit in the fridge overnight for the bacon to cure the pork. This is what makes the baked pie meat look pink.
  • Take the pastry from the fridge a couple of hours before you need it to let it come to temperature.
  • Knead it until it’s pliable then flour a surface and form it into a ball again.
  • Get an ordinary sized jam jar and push it down hard into the middle of the dough. This will force up the dough that will become the walls of the pie.
  • Turn the dough round and as you go, push and form it up the jar like as if you were making a clay pot on a rotating table.
  • Squeeze it and work it up to the top of the jar, rotating to keep it the same thickness all the way around.
  • Gently prise the dough away from the jar and slip it out.
  • Firmly add the filling inside and mould the pastry to it, making sure there’s no air trapped inbetween the sides of the filling and dough.
  • Use some milk of choice – I use coconut milk – to wet around the rim, then roll out the dough for the lid and place it on top.
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    British Pork Pie Filling

    After dredging through my cookbook collection, I decided to use pork shoulder for my pork pie filling.

    I trimmed all the tough-looking bits off, leaving the softer fat and of course that delicious meat.

    That then got diced up really small.

    I seasoned it well with dried sage, salt and pepper.

    A good massage to blend in the seasoning and it was good to go.

    Quick note: dont season the meat until your pastry is made and ready to fill.

    If meat is sat around too long in salt, it draws out the moisture and makes it tough.

    How To Eat Or Serve

    Where to Find British Savory Pies in the U.S ...

    A pork pie is best eaten cold or even better at room temperature.

    Everyone has their own favourite condiment to go with a pork pie some love hot English mustard or Branston pickle.

    We love ours with beetroot relish or a crisp pickled onion.

    A Pork Pie can be served as a ploughmans lunch with a pickle, cheese and onion.

    The true beauty of a Pork Pie is you can simply enjoy them as they are.

    PERFECTION !, The best pork pies we have ever had.

    We remember some of the pies we used to enjoy before we came to Australia 49 years ago, Spears, Brains & Parsons all quite nice but your product is the best ever, thank you so much

    As you can imagine, I have tasted many pork pies over the years and I must say that yours was one of the best I have ever had . The meat and jelly were brilliantly peppery. Just how I like it- yours are head and shoulders above your competitors

    Thanks again, Damian, for a brilliant pork pie. I plan to return soon to sample some more.

    I bought a Pork Pie off you when passing through Kyneton yesterday and felt I had to contact you.

    That had to be The BEST Pork Pie I have EVER had !…and I have had ‘a Few’ !! Thank YOU and keep on Baking Delicious Food

    We tasted your pies yesterday at the Lost Trades Fair, absolutely delicious and made with ‘proper’ pastry and with jelly inside.

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    English Pork Pie Co Changing Name And Expanding Business

    The English Pork Pie Co. has changed its name to Parkers as it continues to expand its brand.

    The company, owned by British expats Damian and Vicky Parker, started locally as a maker of meat pies on South Park Avenue. It eventually expanded to include a specialty grocery store and a restaurant called British Chippy. That restaurant is now called Parkers Proper Fish & Chips.

    You cant have a fish and chips shop called the English Pork Pie Co., it doesnt go, Damian Parker said.

    Parkers has more growth coming. It is constructing a soccer bar called Pitch Bar in the back of its 42,000-square-foot main building, which will overlook its international-sized soccer and rugby field out back. The bars rear wall will be made of glass so patrons can watch live matches outside or turn around and watch televised games inside. Parker described the decor as quirky, very elegant steam punk.

    It has scrapped plans to open a second British Chippy in Niagara Falls, deciding instead to develop its current site first. The eight-acre campus at 1176 South Park Ave. is directly across from the SolarCity factory now being built. Parkers has plans to add two or three more restaurants in the space, as well as a line of clothing and housewares.

    We want to be a British version of Williams-Sonoma, he said.

    The companys operation was recently featured on the TV show Food Factory USA, on the FYI Network.

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