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Mimi’s Down East Blueberry Pie

The BEST Blueberry Pie
Anything that is “of Maine” takes my eye. This did and I tried it years ago and it was delicious. I use the frozen Maine wild blueberries, as I think that they are the very best in the world.

Provided by Mimi in Maine

2 cups blueberries
3/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon butter
  • Line an 8″ pie plate with crust.
  • Pour in the blueberries.
  • Mix together the rest of the ingredients and scatter over the blueberries.
  • Dot with pieces of the butter.
  • Put the top crust on.
  • Bake at 450 dgrees for 10 minutes then reduce to 350 degrees and continue baking for another 35-40 minutes or till done.

Sample Maines Best With A Wild Blueberry Pie

Maine may be well known for its lobster fishing, but theres another product that ranks high on the list of foods to try from the Pinetree State: blueberries. When you order from Maine Lobster Now, be sure to put a memorable cap on your meal and add Maine Pie Co. Wild Blueberry Pie to your order before checkout.

Peanut Pie From The Virginia Diner: Wakefield Virginia

Peanuts are one of Virginiaâs proudest products: They have been grown commercially in the state since the 1840s, and are renowned for their size and flavor. Try them in pie form at The Virginia Diner located in the heart of Virginia peanut country. The kitchen bakes as many as four dozen peanut pies a week, each containing half a pound of local legumes.

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There Are 8 Kinds Of Pie On The Menu At Helens Restaurant In Maine

Everybody in Maine knows that the best blueberry pie can be found here. Especially this time of year. But in addition to blueberry goodness, this state knows how to churn out a a ton of other great slices of pie. From blueberry to strawberry to chocolate to lemon, looking for a scrumptious pie isnt hard. But know what IS hard? Finding all these varieties in one place. Thats why we love one particular eatery in Machias. They have em all!

Helens Restaurant is open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. everyday except Sunday when they close early at 2 p.m. You can learn more about them and take a look at the full menu here. You can also follow them on . Call them with questions on 207-255-8423. Address: 111 Main Street, Machias, ME 04654.

As the fall season nears, well be checking out all of our favorite pie places for homemade goodness. This one is a favorite. They sell pies out of a little shack using the honor system and its the most Maine thing youll see all day!

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Two Fat Cats Wild Maine Blueberry Pie

Whether you want warm, creamy soups or light, fluffy cupcakes, you can satisfy any craving at our bakery and café. We offer hot paninis, buttery pastries and mouth-watering pies made from scratch and served with love.Our selections change from time to time, but our food and drinks are always delicious. Make us your new favorite place to eat year-round.

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Welcome To The Maine Pie Co

Filled to the brim with the finest, freshest ingredients, The Maine Pie Co. is the best gluten-free pie ever! Delicious Maine made pies are assembled, generously filled and frozen at our designated gluten-free facility in Biddefords North Dam Mill. Our unbaked, frozen pies allow customers to have a homemade, tasty gluten-free dessert, on demand and always fresh. Crafted with experience and a love for baking, we offer traditional flavors like Apple and Blueberry and new favorites like Threeberry. We offer seasonal pies as well, each bursting with irresistible flavor combinations: available April through September, try our Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb pie, overflowing with fresh summer fruits. Just in time for the holidays enjoy our delicious Pecan and Pumpkin pies. And for that special occasion or change of pace, bake up our delicious Lemon Curd Tart and rich Chocolate Tarts. Theyre available year round and perfect for a hostess gift, for parties, or as an easy, everyday indulgence. The Maine Pie Co. will leave your family and friends saying,

This cant be gluten free, it tastes too good!



Maine Pie Makers Worth A Slice Of Your Time

By Annemarie AhearnThis story originally ran in our .

Nothing smells and tastes more like summer in Maine than a berry pie: sweet fruit bubbling in a buttery crust, its golden finish daring us to dive in before it sets. The harvest is half the fun, long afternoons spent picking and resisting the urge to snack on berries still warm from the sun. With its acidic soil and plenty of days of fruit-ripening sunshine, Maine is fertile berry country. In the barrens along rocky hillsides, wild blueberry bushes begin fruiting in early July. Later in the month, raspberry bushes grow thick and thorny, decorated with ruby jewels. In late August, the blackberry brambles skirting old stone walls bear fruit with abandon. What better way to embrace the season than by filling a pie or patronizing one of Maines expert pie makers? Ready your forks and remember that Maines flaky summer treats are best enjoyed outdoors and with friends.

Abbot Village Bakery, Abbot

An upta camp tradition for many Moosehead travelers. Locals love the lightly spiced apple pies, and high-elevation sourtop blueberries from nearby Perseverance Wild Blueberry Farm make for a blueberry pie thats tarter than you might find on the coast. 106 Main Rd. 207-876-4243.

Hello, Good Pie Co., Belgrade

Dysarts, Hermon

Helens Restaurant, Machias

Lincolns Country Store, Warren

Sadies Bakery, Houlton

Puzzle Mountain Bakery, Newry

Sarahndipity Pies, Sedgwick

The Slipway, Thomaston

Tandem Coffee + Bakery, Portland

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Math Is Boring Pie Is Fascinating Make This Classically Luxurious Blueberry One And Let The Kids Enjoy The Pythagorean Theorem On This Pi Day Okay

Chef Stephanie Cmar, one of Bravos Top Chef All Stars and creator of My Sh*tty Little Kitchen cooking series, has bestowed upon us a blueberry pie worth actually making dough for. If you have come across any of my other pie recipes, you know that I am a shameless advocate for the frozen crusts, but the fact is that extra bit of elbow grease will give you layers of flake worth celebrating. Her dough is perfect and she doesnt over complicate it. It bakes into a beautiful golden color, and is seasoned just right. So, lets get ready to ring in this holiday the best way we know how: start the oven.

Chef Cmar is a resident of Maine so she uses wild Maine blueberries, of course. If you reside in any of the other 49 states, you should still scope out your grocery store for them because they are special and its nice to have nice things. That said, any other fresh blueberries, or even frozen for that matter, will still bubble and ooze just as well. My thoughts are this: if youre opting out of frozen crusts, fresh fruit seems in line with your trajectory. I prefer fresh fruit because I choose to believe that they have a better mouthfeel. This isnt mathematically determined, but Ill stand on that hill. If you however, ride for frozen berries, blessed be the fruit.

In about 40-50 minutes you will be equipped with a real life, fully functional pie chart!

Youll Want To Save Room For Dessert

How to Make the Best Blueberry Pie

Our bakers, two of whom have been part of the Helens family for more than 20 years, are up early each morning to make from scratch Helens famous pies and desserts for the day.

Stop in to see whats available, or give us a call if youd like to place a special order.

Our Every Day Selection:

Helens Famous Pies

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Rhubarb Pie From Purple Pie Place: Custer South Dakota

This seasonal haunt, down the street from Mount Rushmore at the foot of the Black Hills, is hard to miss for its bold purple and pink exterior. Although there is a full menu, the pies are a real draw evident by hundreds of slices ordered each week, along with full pies. Anything rhubarb is worth trying whether it be the simple rhubarb pie or the sweet, spicy and tangy rhubarb-raspberry-jalapeno.

Best Coconut Cream Pie: Bettys Pies

A quaint fish shack in Two Harbors, Minnesota, is probably the last place youd expect to find a booming pie business, but thats exactly where Bettys Pies got its start. After realizing the fishermen who visited her fathers fishing shack in the 1950s might enjoy a sweet dessert, Betty began serving homemade pies that quickly surged in popularity. Today, Bettys Pie Shop is a destination in and of itself, with visitors from all across the United States popping in to try a slice. You can order one for your Thanksgiving table this year, including the coconut cream pie, which boasts a fluffy coconut custard cream sprinkled with toasted coconut.

To buy: Coconut Cream Pie, $49

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Pecan Pie From Blue Bonnet Caf: Marble Falls Texas

Pecan pie is Texas official state dessert, and as part of the states heritage as Tex Mex. One of the very best places and times to score a slice is at pie happy hour from 3 to 5 p.m. at Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls. The decades-old cafe is a family affair that serves as both a gathering place for locals and a pit stop for drivers taking the 281 shortcut from Dallas to San Antonio. With 15 different varieties, there are plenty of sugar rushes to choose from, but the most-Texan choice is the pecan, which uses nuts sourced from less than two hours away.

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A Blueberry Lover’s Guide To Maine

Wild Maine Blueberry Pie made with Wild Maine Blueberries ...

Maine is famed for more than lobster rolls and an epic moose population it’s also the largest producer of wild blueberries in the world. Here, our guide to the ultimate blueberry road trip along Maine’s rocky coast, from Kennebunkport to Acadia, pancakes to cocktails.

Maine is famed for more than lobster rolls and an epic moose population it’s also the largest producer of wild blueberries in the world. Here, our guide to the ultimate blueberry road trip along Maine’s rocky coast, from Kennebunkport to Acadia National Park, featuring incredible pies, buckles, ice creams and cocktails.

The Spot: Mabel’s Lobster Claw, KennebunkportThe Dish: Blueberry pieLocated in idyllic Kennebunkport, Mabel’s is a Maine institution. While dishes like scallop-stuffed baked lobster and über-local lobster rolls are the main draw, the real speciality is blueberry pie, on the menu since Mabel first opened her doors in 1952. The restaurant serves over 1,200 pies every summer to locals and visitors alike. The secret to their slices? Mabel’s jam-packs each pie with an extra helping of local blueberries so that they overflow with juicy berry filling.

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Review Of Two Fat Cats Bakery

Restaurant detailsGood for:Description:

If you know anything about Portland, Maine, you would know that blueberries are one of the things they are famous for.Great blueberry pie $15 serves 4 people comfortably.

101105 of 368 reviews

Not in Old Port. Out of the way. Youll need a car and parking is limited. But it IS WORTH IT. They are justly famous from their version of a Whoopie Pie. Outstanding. Scones are very good.

The best bakery shop in Portland. Good quality products as cookies, brownies, cakes, pies and pastry. Only for take out. No sitting area. Worth to visit and grab a dessert. I tried several kinds of cookies and all were fabolous! I also tried the cherry pie and was excellent! Lots of berry flavors pies like strawberries, blueberries, raspberry, etc. Good prices, $15 for a pie of six portions. Recommended!

  • Value

So i had an sweet tooth, so i asked the locals where I could get some good dessertso i came here. I had the whoopie pie and it was so fluffy and moist with a filling in the middle that was so good i was digging my finger in the cake. Please come here!

  • Value

Apple With Green Chile And Pine Nuts From Pieoneer: Pie Town New Mexico

There is a little town in New Mexico called pie town that has become known for its pies. History recalls the town as a place that was a common rest stop. The owners of Pieoneer agree, having stopped on their own road trip and never continued on. Their pie bar is full of delicious pies including the tart New Mexico Apple pie made with green chiles and pine nuts, the dish has savory and spicy elements not often found in an all-American apple pie.

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Best Peach Pie: Harry & David

For a pie with bright, fruit-forward flavors, try this deep-dish option from Harry & David. The country-style peach and berry pie is filled with peaches, blueberries, and raspberries in a crisp pastry shell. Instead of a double crust or lattice top, the pie is generously sprinkled with a cinnamon-and-sugar streusel, making for a dessert thats too beautiful to eat.

To buy: Peach and Berry Pie, $40

Top Five Places To Get The Best Maine Blueberries


Maine is a state rich in adventure, relaxation, culture and of course great food. Whether new to Maine, a state resident or loyal visitor there are two things everyone has heard about Maine Lobster and Maine Blueberries. The oh so popular question of Where do the locals go is one wed like to answer. Truthfully many native Maine-ahs have bags of fresh blueberries and shelves of homemade blueberry jam, but where do they get all those blueberries? Here are the Top Five local favorites for Maine Blueberries:

#1 Stonewall Kitchen York, Maine. Enjoy their famous Maine Blueberry Jam, watch as they create it in the production room or enjoy a lunch in the café.

#2 Bread and Roses Bakery Ogunquit, Maine. Stop in for homemade Maine Blueberry Muffin or enjoy a slice of Maine Blueberry Pie as you stroll along the quaint Village of Ogunquit.

#3 Blueberry Plains Kennebunk, Maine. Experience Maine wild blueberries on this 135 acre preserve in Southern Maine. Low bush blueberries, nature trails and the largest population of the Northern Blazing Star in the world!

#4 York Farmers Market York, Maine. In Southern Maine you can find it all from fresh blueberries ready to go to local Blueberry Milk from Harris Farm its your one stop shopping for all Maine Blueberry goodness!

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