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Smores Pie By Butter & Scotch $42

How do You Ship Pies and Cakes [ Can You Ship a Frozen Pie ] How do you package pies for shipping

Butter & Scotch

This New York bar and bakery had an instant hit when it introduced its Instagram-worthy Smores Pie. A graham cracker crust and creamy chocolate filling provide the foundation to a roasty, toasty marshmallow topping that is oh so addictive. They also have a Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie for those who want a bite firmly anchored in fall.Buy Now

Mcconnells Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream $12


Who says ice cream is only for summer? Vanilla is a classic for topping pies, but youll find plenty of delicious seasonal fall and winter flavors from several ice cream companies that ship nationwide, including California favorite McConnells. Their ultra creamy pints are always made from grass-fed milk and cream, and this one is swirled with roast pumpkin puree warmly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and molasses.Buy Now

Learn More About Our Cakes And Pies

Looking for a delicious and beautiful dessert for your relative or friend that lives far away? Maybe a special dessert for your own table? We can also make your Holiday dinners easier. We bake fresh from scratch cakes, cheesecakes and pies and have them delivered right to your door! Our products are hand-made and hand-decorated for the perfect flavor and presentation.A variety of flavors are available like Red Velvet or Marble Espresso Cakes, Vanilla or Turtle Cheesecakes, Chocolate Pecan Pie or traditional Pecan Pie and more.We ship USPS Priority early in the week only, to make it possible for you to receive your baked goods in a timely fashion.

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Consider Freezing Before Shipping

Hedeman is a big proponent of freezing, both as a way to protect the baked good by making it harder and more solid, and to help it stay fresh en route. He recommends enfolding the treat tightly in plastic wrap or a ziploc bag before freezing. For cookies, he says, you could even wrap them on a plate with plastic, and then freeze them in the arrangement youd like them to present in.

If going the frozen route, you dont need an insulated shipping container, says Hedeman just keep the cookies or baked goods in their plastic packaging and let them defrost as they travel. There might be some moisture due to the defrosting, but not so much that the package leaks, which would go against USPS rules. Still, just to be safe, Hedeman advises against using water-soluble packaging materials like biodegradable packing peanuts.

Handmade Pies Delivered Right To Your Door

Shipping frozen cake/pie with dry ice and insulated foam ...

The Grand Traverse Pie Company has made it easy for you to enjoy a taste of Traverse City’s most notable product our cherries! Handmade cherry, fruit, cream, and pot pies make great souvenirs when you return home as well as great gifts for your friends who haven’t yet experienced the best that Traverse City has to offer. Order yours today and taste the difference that separates Grand Traverse Pie Company products from other bakeries!

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Use Boxes Made For Shipping A Pie

While it may require an additional trip to gather supplies, we really do insist on using a pie box. These are designed specifically for transporting perishable treats and can provide an additional presentation opportunity as well as protection. Even better, if you buy a few of these pie boxes in bulk, youll always have what you need to send someone a delicious gift to show you care.

But Its Still Worth It

Its been a hard year. The coming year will likely continue to be hard. For people like Vitak, who is immunocompromised, mailing cookies is a way to send a big hug to friends she hasnt seen in a long time.

In the end, I dont mind the costs of shipping cookies because I know how much my friends appreciate getting them, she says. It brings me such pleasure to know that these cookies are enjoyed by my friends and their families and that they look forward to December because of my familys cookies. This holiday tradition has been in her family for nearly 50 years. Now, more than ever, she intends to keep it alive.

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Packaging Pies For Shipping

We use special protective packaging when shipping your fresh handmade pies to keep your pie at peak freshness when it arrives. Our fruit pies are cradled in quilted air pillows to assure the pie is secured in each box. All of our cream pies, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, and pot pies are freshly baked, frozen, and shipped on ice packs to ensure safe travels.

Think Carefully About How You Pack

How to Ship a Frozen Pie or Cake with Insulated Shipping Box – Ezee Pie

Parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap are the best materials to secure your food followed by an extra layer of covering or fitted in a ziplock bag. When packing cookies, brownies, or bars, place a sheet of wax/parchment paper between each layer if you are packing them together. If you stop by your local craft store you can find or boxes to pack the wrapped goods in. Also, your handy-dandy plastic containers are ideal for sealing in freshness.

Try to avoid foods that need to be refrigerated. In the case you have to ship something that needs to remain cold, pack your food in a styrofoam container surrounded by frozen gel packs. Once your goods are wrapped properly, find a small- to medium-sized box that will fit all the contents with a little extra room for padding. Bubble wrap, newspapers, and styrofoam are good for stuffing inside the box to prevent your baked goods from moving around while shipping.

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Fall Cookie Set By Southern Sugar Bakery $54

Southern Sugar Bakery

Straight out of North Carolina, this autumnal assortment from Southern Sugar Bakery are mini works of edible art. Along with fall colored leaves, the collection includes plaque cookies with the message Happy Fall Yall to help reinforce that these were indeed baked in the south. Buy Now

How To Ship Baked Goods Through The Mail

Now, your long-distance friends and and family can taste the baked goods youre posting on Instagram.

Since, youve been baking up a storm in anticipation for the upcoming holidays, what better way to exemplify the notion of sharing is caring than with a fresh batch of baked good shipped out to far-away loved ones? From a classic, rum-soaked fruit cake to rich, over-the-top brownies to star-shaped gingerbread cookies to literally anything with pumpkin spice, theres no shortage of sendable goodies. The very last thing you want is for your carefully wrapped baked goods to crumble or become stale in transit, so here are a few tips and tricks that will help you successfully ship fragile and perishable items through the mail. You can rest assured that your baked goods will arrive with their quality and freshness is in tact.

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Pumpkin & Cookies Mochi Ice Cream By Mochidoki 4 For $10


Though not technically a baked good, Mochidokis ice cream stuffed rice cakes are sure to provide a sweet end to any holiday meal. Flavors run the gamut from Black Honey Walnut to Vegan Lychee, but if you want a taste of the holidays, Pumpkin & Cookies cant be beat. This seasonal mochi features pumpkin spice ice cream studded with chocolate and vanilla creme cookies for the ultimate two-bite dessert. For now, shipping is only available around the eastern United States so cross your fingers and make sure your state is on the list. Buy Now

Use Shipping Software To Save The Most Money On Your Postage

11 best Shipping, Foam Box Inserts &  Packaging Food ...

No matter which service you use to ship with USPS, youre going to want to save all the money that you can on postage. If youre wondering how, weve got the answer for you in three words: online shipping software. When you use online USPS shipping software, you can get access to the deepest level of discounts that USPS offers, known as Commercial Pricing. Shipping software also gives you access to special services like Priority Mail Cubic, which we talked about a few paragraphs up. Think of using shipping software like getting an exclusive invite to a secret dinner party, where pie is the main course! Imagine that.

The best part about using shipping software to buy postage online is that you dont even have to leave your home if you dont want to. You can buy and print the labels right from your computer, and you can even schedule free pickups for your packages that your letter carrier makes happen at the time when they usually deliver your mail. That means that youll not only save tons of money, but youll never have to go to the Post Office again!

There are many different online shipping software options out there, and some are definitely better than others. If youre looking for the one thats right for you, we suggest doing some research. Checking out our Reviews page is a great place to start!

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Maple Wicked Whoopie By Wicked Whoopies 12 For $30

Wicked Whoopies

Amy Bouchard has been making whoopie pies for over two decades. In fact, her company Wicked Whoopies has produced over 30 million of the beloved hand-held delight. Wickeds pies come in a variety of flavors but their maple version featuring rounds of syrup-infused cake filled with fluffy cream is a favorite for the holidays. Buy Now

San Diego Chicken Pie Shop

San Diego, CaliforniaHave you ever chomped into a juicy carnitas burrito outside a taco truck late at night and thought, you know, this would be so much better if the tortilla was a pie? Of course you havent. That’s a highly specific thought to have… unless youve been to the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop, in which case, that’s your nostalgia talking. The shop will gladly ship you an eight-pack of the show-stopping chicken pot pies for about $60, but might we recommend splitting that order to include four of the pitch-perfect chicken numbers and four of the carnitas version, which come packed with the succulent, fatty pork. Will it forever render a carnitas burrito insufficient? Nah. Will it make you ponder stuffing barbacoa, birria, or lengua into a crust? Absolutely.

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Find The Pie Shipping Supplies You Need At Paper Mart

With the correct materials and proper planning, shipping a pie is easy. Make sure to gather a specialty pie box, ice packs for freshness, and packing materials for padding to successfully ship a pie. Perfect for holidays, special occasions, or simply showing youre thinking of someone, sending a baked pie is a delicious and thoughtful gift that anyone will cherish. Now that you know all the best ways for shipping pies, youre bound to be the new favorite of the friend group.

Paper Mart has an extensive portfolio of packing supplies that are perfect for gathering materials needed to ship a pie. From our bakery and pie boxes to our festive and colorful loose fill, we have everything you need to send this unique gift. Browse packing supplies and shop at Paper Mart today!

How Do You Send A Pie In The Mail

How to start a Pie Business | Step by Step How to Shipping Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pies


People also ask, how do you send baked goods in the mail?

Shipping Baked Goods

  • Choose baked goods that are moist, firm and hardnot brittle.
  • Use two containers: one for your baked goods and one as the shipping container.
  • Wrap cookies individually or place back-to-back and wrap loosely as a pair in plastic wrap or zip-lock plastic bags.
  • Similarly, how do you ship pies and cakes? Wrap baked goods to create an airtight seal.Seal in that just-baked freshness with plastic wrap. Use shrink wrap for sturdy goodies like Bundt cakes and pies, and wrap plastic around more delicate cakes by hand. Freezing cupcakes and intricate iced cakes can also help them to hold up in transit.

    Furthermore, how do you send muffins in the mail?

    Parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap are the best materials to secure your food followed an extra layer of covering or fitted in a ziplock bag. When packing cookies, brownies, or bars, place a sheet of wax/parchment paper between each layer if you are packing them together.

    How can I ship a cake?

    How to Ship A Cake

  • Package the cake tightly in a fitted styrofoam mailer.
  • Insert frozen cool packs around the cake to keep it fresh.
  • Place the styrofoam mailer inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Seal the box with high-quality shipping tape.
  • Ship your cake.
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    How To Unbox Your Daisy Cake

    We ship our cakes frozen to have them arrive perfectly to you. We put everything carefully in a cooler and surround it with dry ice to create a perfectly insulated chilly package awaiting at your door!

    Store Frozen -When your Daisy Cake arrives, take it out of the shipping container and store it into your freezer until you are ready to thaw and serve. Just wait till you open the box, youll feel the cool breeze!

    Thaw & Serve – Completely unwrap and thaw before serving. Six hours of thawing and your Daisy Cake will be the perfect temperature to serve! Note: Once a cake has been thawed do not re-freeze or refrigerate or the cake will dry out. Please store covered at room temperature.

    How To Ship A Cake

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    Shipping a cake may seem like a tricky task, but there are lots of things you can do to help make sure the cake arrives neatly and without damage. When you go to package the cake, place it in an insulated bag with ice packs before putting it in a new cardboard box that’s sturdy. Place tape around all the edges of the box to create a cooler that keeps the cold air in and choose a shipping option that only takes 1-2 days if possible. By packaging the cake with lots of padding, your cake is more likely to arrive in great condition.

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