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Angry Orchard Crisp Hard Cider

Homemade Apple Pie Cider – Cigar City Brewing


If youre going to go with Angry Orchard, look no further than their original Crisp Hard Cider. These guys basically normalized the hard cider trend and for good reasoning, this stuff does hit home in the best way possible. While it might be a bit too sweet for some, each sip still goes down smoothly. Were not going to lie, weve had our fair share of Angry Orchard variety packs, and nothing really sips the way the original does, so with this brand, we dont really recommend heading out of your comfort zone unless you want a sugar hangover the next day.

Keep The Coors In The Cooler: Here Are The Best Hard Ciders Were Sipping During Fall

Its autumn, and that means its time for hard ciders. The updates from the farms? Apples galore! So its time to enjoy them in all their forms from pie, to tart to everyones favorite beer alternative.

We love sipping on our favorite hard ciders no matter the time of year, but that crisp apple taste really hits different on a crisp fall day when the leaves are changing. Yeah, the flavor totally brings us full throttle into fall-mode, and were here for it.

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Whether beers your gig or youre a ride or die-hard seltzer guy, theres no doubt that you should be making room for the occasional hard cider. It has the ability to cohesively blend the taste you miss so much from childhood with a sprinkle of poor decision making from having too many, which you know damn well sounds like a pretty good time. Its totally a concoction you truly cant get from your favorite craft brew or knockoff White Claw.

If youre looking to take a walk on the cider side of life, here are the best hard cider options for getting a good buzz in 2021.

Original Sin Elderberry Cider

Original Sins Elderberry Cider is an interesting play of sweetness and acidity from the apples combined with a counterbalance of tart berry flavor from the elderberries. This cider is a great all-around cider that has some tartness to balance it out, but is still very approachable for those who are not used to tart flavors in their ciders. When poured it revealed a vibrant dark ruby red color and moderate-to-low carbonation. The wafting aroma smelled of dry red wine, apple, cranberry, woody tannins and raspberry. With such a nice color, I quickly took a sip and tasted apple, grape, cranberry, elderberry, tart black cherries, mellow honey and mild fig. The cider was very well balanced. It was sweet and fruity, but still had a nice acidity, mild dryness and a subtle tannic quality. Overall this is definitely worth a try, especially if you are looking for something with a fruitier flavor.

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Cigar City Apple Pie Cider

Cigar City Cider Cider, Apple Pie
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Woodchuck Cellar Series Mint Cider

I saved my Woodchuck Hard Cider Cellar Series Mint Cider for a hot afternoon hanging out by the pool. I have to say, I was definitely skeptical about how well mint would work with apple cider. My skepticism was quickly blown away by the refreshing flavors that poured from the teal-colored, 22-oz bottle. The cider poured with moderate carbonation and a small head that didnt last very long. It was a clear, deep-yellow hue and smelled of peppermint, spearmint, apple, white grape, lemon, tannins and lemon balm. After the first poolside sip, I tasted apple, pear, mint, white grape and an herbal, slightly earthy flavor. The mint actually played off the apple flavors way better than I could imagine and the sweetness was nicely balanced with the tartness. The mint aroma and flavor was distinctly that of a fresh spearmint plant in ones backyard, not the strong, menthol-like artificial mint with a stick of gum. This cider was a great surprise and I am so happy that I chose to drink it in the heat next to the pool. I think this is one of the most refreshing alcoholic beverage, maybe only second to a Mojito. If you have plans to relax out in the sun or on the beach, I implore you to pick up a bottle or two of this mint cider you wont regret it.

Amazing Hard Ciders You Need To Try

Lately I am drawn to the exciting array of craft hard ciders. While exploring this new world of hard cider, Ive discovered some really amazing ciders and am here to share my favorites with you.

As the U.S. market share for hard cider grows, providers are creating limited series with unique ingredients to set themselves apart from their competitors. Cideries are exploring the use of different ale, lager and wine yeasts heirloom cider apples that are not commonly grown domestically odd additions such as maple syrup, honey, ginger, elderflowers, mint, fruit juice and spices and the use of barrel aging with a wide array of wine and spirits barrels. These inventive interpretations of hard cider are drawing more people from the craft beer club into the world of ciders.

My initial attempts at drinking hard cider were poor experiences that drove me away from trying ciders again for a few years. I found the mainstream ciders of the time were mostly overly sweet, unbalanced drinks that I didnt really enjoy.

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Stem Pear Apple Cider


Apples, oranges, pears, oh my! Minus the oranges, in this case. This Bartlett pear and apple cider blend from Stem is an off-dry cider with a twang you didnt know you needed to try. Its rich, golden in hue with a tart finish thats ready to bite. Stem, in general, is known for its wild cider mixings, from batches like lavender to salted cucumber and even chile guava. Some flavors are available on Drizly depending where you are, but if youre having any trouble finding them, we suggest you head over to Stems website and check out their extensive selection of ciders.

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Magners Original Irish Cider


If youre a beer guy through and through, a nice cider transition to suit your palate is this bottle from Magners. This Irish-made apple brew contains 17 different apple varieties per bottle yet still has a not-so-sweet flavor that beer lovers can enjoy. It also drinks identically to beer, so youll actually want to keep grabbing bottle after bottle from the YETI. At 4.5% alcohol, Magners has around the same alcohol content as beer too, so beer drinkers will have no trouble knowing their limit with these.

Downeast Original Blend Cider


Downeast, in our books, is the cider of all ciders. Each can of this stuff is packed with five apples and goes completely unfiltered ensuring tons of flavor in every sip. This hard cider mimics the thickness of any crafted, non-alcoholic apple cider you might get at a local apple orchard during the fall, meaning when you pour it into a glass, the liquid isnt see-through at all. The folks at Downeast also create a pretty stellar selection of seasonal flavors, with our go-to being their pumpkin flavor during fall. Youre going to want to keep an eye out for that one when the times right and buy it in bulk if you can. You wont regret it.

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Cigar City Home Made Apple Pie Cider


While Cigar Citys Home Made Apple Pie Cider might not be everyones cup of tea , its still an interestingly tasty hard one that shouldnt go unnoticed. This odd apple pie cider is by absolutely no surprise made in Florida and occupies a flavor that finds itself in the middle between dry and sweet. Flavors infused include cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg to ensure each swig goes down like a bite of grandmas homemade apple pie. While we cant say this falls anywhere near our go-to warm-weather beverages of choice, we do love a can every once in a while during the chillier months.

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Cigar City Homemade Apple Pie Cider

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Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider


While Austin, Texas isnt quite the Bali of the continental US, this cider will have you thinking twice. Made from a mix of heirloom bittersweet apples and the obviously stated pineapple, Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider is an almost reviving pick that will bring you tropical beach vibes in the heart of fall if you sip with eyes closed. We love sipping this stuff followed by a shot of our favorite smokey mezcal. The flavors together really create something magical that we cant quite explain.

Original Sin Newtown Pippin

Newtown Pippin is part of Original Sins Heirloom Series. This cider is unique because it is only made with one type of apple, the Newtown Pippin, which is an heirloom varietal. The Newtown Pippin apple was first harvested in Queens, NY, in 1740 and was heralded by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin for the flavors it lended to cider production. Not to get too bogged down with a history lesson, but heirloom cider apples once covered the plantations of early America. Cider apples were much different from the dessert apples we are accustomed to at the grocery store. Dessert apples were bred for their sweet apple flavors and high sugar content, while cider apples were bred to be a mix of sweet, tart, tannic and earthy characteristics that created very complex ciders. Sadly, when the U.S. government enacted Prohibition in 1920, most orchard owners chopped down their heirloom apple trees for firewood and instead planted new dessert apples to supplement the lost income. The recent surge in craft ciders in the U.S. has led to many orchards switching back to cider apples and Original Sin is leading the movement with their Heirloom Series.

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Big Hill Summer Scrumpy

Cigar City Good Gourd (Best Pumpkin Ale Ever?!) Review – #2646

Big Hill Ciderworks is a relatively newer cidery based along the South Mountain, just north of historic Gettysburg. As of this writing they only produce two ciders, but they have already created quite the following due to the amazing quality of their products. Amy Strauss, Editor in Chief for The Town Dish, is a fan of their Barrel Aged Reserve, which is blended then aged in a mix of whiskey and brandy barrels. Sadly this was not available when I went hunting for it, but I was able to snag one of their Summer Scrumpy bottles from Pinocchios . The Summer Scrumpy is a great choice for cider lovers looking for a really well-balanced cider as well as those who are trying a hard cider for the first time. The Summer Scrumpy was a clear, pale-yellow tone with moderate-to-high carbonation and a bright-white head that quickly dissipated. The smell contained notes of apple, tropical fruit, bakers yeast and dough. The cider tasted of dessert apple, green apple, citrus, pineapple, bakers yeast and tropical fruit. It was very fruity but not overly sweet, slightly acidic and slightly tannic. Overall it may be the least unique of my favorite picks, but it is a very solid, well-balanced, drink-any-day cider.

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