How To Make A Pie Chart In Powerpoint

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Recoloring The Doughnut Chart’s Categories

How to create a Pie chart in PowerPoint

The colors of the doughnut’s slices correspond to the colors shown in the legend. By default, PowerPoint chose our accent colors. These match the presentation, but let’s tweak them to add more impact to the larger categories.

1. Click on any of the doughnut’s sections to select all of the categories .

2. Click on the rightmost 3% slice to select only the 1524 age category.

3. In the Format tab, click the arrow part of the Shape Fill button and choose the sixth theme color, Turquoise, Accent 2.

4. Moving clockwise, select the following categories, click the arrow part of the Shape Fill button and choose the following theme colors:

  • 38%: Dark Blue, Text 2
  • 35%: Orange, Accent 4
  • 14%: Blue-Gray, Accent 5
  • 7%: Lime, Accent 1
  • Leftmost 3%: Blue-Gray, Text 1

5. Looks good! But let’s make the 3% data labels look more associated with their respective colors. First, select the leftmost 3% data label.

6. In the Home tab, in the Drawing section, click the icon part of the Shape Fill button to fill it with the second theme color, Blue-Gray, Text 1.

7. Select the rightmost 3% data label.

8. Click the arrow part of the Shape Fill button and choose the sixth theme color, Turquoise, Accent 2.

How To Convert Pdf

Upload the target file and click the “Convert” tab located towards the top left side of the window. You will be provided with options like convert to word, excel, ppt, and image, among others. Choose whichever format you like and trigger the conversion. Alternatively, click File” > “Convert, then select Word,” “Other Files,” or “Other PDFs.”

How To Measure Ingredients

  • Wet Ingredient Measuring Cups, with pour spout
  • Measuring Spoons

Measuring with Dry Ingredients Cups:

  • Used for anything that does not level itself.
  • Spoon the ingredient into the measuring cup and level off the top with a straight edge.
  • To measure packed brown sugar, push the sugar into the cup with your hand. It is packed correctly when you turn it out onto a plate and it keeps the shape of the measuring cup.
  • Measuring with Wet Ingredients Cups :

  • Used for ingredients that level themselves
  • Set the cup on a flat surface and get down to the level of the measuring cup to visualize the fill line.
  • When measuring sticky ingredients , lightly spray the measuring cup with non-stick cooking spray so they don’t stick to the cup and pour easily with little waste.

  • How to Use Measuring spoons:

  • Pour liquid ingredients to the top of the measuring spoon.
  • Dip spoon into spice containers then level off the top with a straight edge for an accurate measure.
  • How to Use a Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Used when exact measures are required
  • Turn the scale on, place an empty bowl in the center of the scale and click “zero” or “tare” to zero out the scale so you aren’t including the weight of your bowl. Add your ingredients to the bowl until desired weight displays on the screen.
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    How To Make A Pie Chart In Edrawmax

    Apart from PowerPoint, EdrawMax is also an excellent all-in-one diagramming tool. It can not only help you make pie charts but also present them smoothly in a presentation. EdrawMax offers thousands of templates on different topics and you can use these templates to build your own pie chart and presentation.

    To get started with a pie chart template, you can follow the steps below:

    1. Enable , find Graphs & Charts on the diagram type list, choose a pie chart template and click to open it.

    2. Edit text, change chart colors or styles until it fits right with editing options on the right-side panes and the toolbar.

    3. Once your pie chart is done, click on the Play button on the upper right corner, and the current page will be displayed in a full-screen mode. There you can check the performance of the presentation at any time.

    Similarly, you can start from scratch and make a new pie chart with your data. Here is how to do it in EdrawMax.

    1. Click on the plus icon on the Home page to open a new drawing page, or you can open an existing Edraw file where you want to insert a pie chart.

    2. Navigate to Insert > Chart and choose the default Pie Chart in the pop-up dialog box.

    3. Paste or type your data into Chart pane and EdrawMax auto-generates your pie chart diagram.

    4. Return to Chart pane, and alter chart colors or styles with different editing options. EdrawMax also supports to change chart types and create exploding pie charts.

    Other Types Of Pie Charts

    How to Create a Pie Chart on a PowerPoint Slide

    In addition to 3-D pie charts, you can create a pie of pie or bar of pie chart. These charts show smaller values pulled out into a secondary pie or stacked bar chart, which makes them easier to distinguish. To switch to one of these pie charts, click the chart, and then on the Chart Tools Design tab, click Change Chart Type. When the Change Chart Type gallery opens, pick the one you want.

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    The Designer Pie Chart Youll Learn To Create Today Is:

    Where to use Designer Pie Charts?

    Such well-formatted and professional charts are extremely useful in marketing presentations, where you want your slides to look attractive and attention grabbing.

    If you have any experience in presenting data oriented slides to restless audience, you know that usual charts can put your audience to sleep. This article shows you a simple way to makeover your usual pie charts in a step by step way.

    Watch Video Tutorial Below

    Or follow the step by step process outlined below:

    Step 1: Create your basic PowerPoint Pie Chart

    The first step is to get your basic pie chart in place. So, select your data and create your simple 2D pie chart. Here is a simple pie chart we created with the standard sample data:

    Step 2: Create the background frame

    The next step is to create the background frame to house this pie chart.

    Go to Auto shapes menu. Select the oval tool and draw a perfect circle while holding the Shift tab.

    Make a copy of this circle. Right click and choose Size and Position. Select Lock Aspect Ratio and resize the copied circle to 90%.

    Place the smaller circle at the center of the larger circle as follows:

    The next step is to add that metallic gradient to the outer frame. For this, select the outer circle, Right click and go to Format shape option.

    Choose Fill -> Gradient fill -> Preset colors -> Chrome II. Let the outline color be dark grey by going to Line Color> Solid Line and selecting one of the dark grey shades.

    How To Change The Color On A Pie Chart In Powerpoint

    With the use of Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation software, you have a powerful tool for creating slideshows that contain any number of different elements. One option you have is to create and edit charts, customizing them to your color, size and shape specifications. If you’ve created a pie chart in your PowerPoint presentation and now want to change its colors, you can do this quite easily using the program’s “Format Shape” options.



    Right-click on the chart section you want to change, and then select “Format Shape” from the list of options to open the Format Shape window.





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    Make A 3d Pie Chart That Actually Looks Good On Powerpoint

    So far, Slide Cow has done two videos pertaining to charts. We have one to show you how to make an effective bar chart, and another to make an awesome looking pie chart. If you want to take it to the next level, though, you can follow this guide and make an eye-popping 3D Pie Chart that actually looks good on PowerPoint.

    3D? Are you sure?

    I know that the majority of 3D effects on PowerPoint look cheesey. The truth is, if we over-use 3D designs we make a PowerPoint slide look cluttered, busy, and really difficult to interpret. In contrast, if we use them effectively, like I show you how in this video, then we can transform information into something meaningful, and of course, memorable.

    Important Messages

    Before watching the video, just please keep in mind three key messages:

  • This PowerPoint tutorial is a little tedious. Therefore, I highly recommend you follow what I do step-by-step in order to get a feel for it first. After that, you can experiment however youd like
  • If you have more than six data components, categories, or slices of the pie, then do not attempt this technique as it would be difficult to get results that look good. Stick to six or less. In the video above, I have four.
  • Be sure your data is complete and final before making this PowerPoint slide, as it is difficult to make amendments to it once it is complete.
  • What are we going to learn this video.

    In this video, you will:

    Have fun with this one!

    Yousef “Yoyo” Abu Ghaidah

    Choose A Pie Chart Style

    Make Beautiful 3D Pie charts in PowerPoint | Step by step tutorial

    In the Insert Chart dialog box, select Pie and choose a pie chart style. There are several style of pie charts. Options include flat pie shapes, 3D pie shapes, and pie charts with exploded pieces. Select OK after you have made your selection.

    The pie chart styles and colors can be changed after the chart is created.

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    The Best Pdf Software

    Adding pie charts to PowerPoint is pretty much a seamless task. But if you want to perform more and more enhancement to your document to steal the glance of whoever being targeted, the PowerPoint office actually cannot perform this operation. So you seriously need a comprehensive platform with incredible features to design your document such as Wondershare Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor. This program has all it takes to transform your PDF document with ease and speed. Some of its features include:

    • Ability to create PDFs from a variety of formats like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.
    • Enables you to edit PDF links, texts, and images.
    • It can convert PDFs to other formats like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel and plain text.
    • With passwords and digital signatures, PDFelement guarantees top-level security and trustworthy transaction with clients.
    • If you want to add a text box, sticky notes, and highlight texts, then the Annotate feature will be invaluable for your job.
    • It can create fillable forms and fill them.

    Pie Chart Rule #: The Rule Of Twos

    The Rule of Twos is super simple. It means that when given a pie chart, youre only allowed to format two pieces of data. Thats it, only two, which forces you to be crystal clear in what you want to talk about.

    Step #1: Format the one specific data point in your pie chart that you want to talk about.

    Step #2: Combine all of the other categories into a single category.

    Step #3: Add a title describing your highlighted portion.

    For example, taking the original pie chart we started with on the left, using the Rule of Twos I might end up with the slide on the right.

    And right off the bat, notice how much clearer your message becomes for both you and your audience.

    If you put up the original pie chart on the left, even you as the presenter might not remember what exactly you wanted to say about it. On the flip side, if you put up the pie chart on the right, you better start talking about the 45% that you highlighted as there is really nothing else to talk about.

    Its still might not be a super clear point but its now something you can use to back up what your are talking about.

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    How To Create Half Pie Chart In Powerpoint

    Pie shape showing full and half semi donut chart with 7 parts for half pie chart icon in line in a half pie chart excel half pie or doughnut chart in excel

    How to your in a half pie chart excel recovery how to your in a half pie chart excel recovery half pie chart icon in line style half pie chart maker 100 stunning types vizzlo half pie chart maker 100 stunning types vizzlo

    What Is A Pie Chart

    How to create a Pie chart in PowerPoint

    A Pie Chart is a circle shape data visualization. The circle is divided into slices to illustrate the numerical proportion of underlying data.

    Pie charts are widely used in business presentations to show the proportions among a large variety of categories including expenses, segments of a population, or answers to a survey. If you need to present revenue split by channel, market share, or expenses breakdown by category, a pie chart is a perfect graphic to convey your message. Using creative visuals for illustrating proportions makes the information clear in the mind of the audience.

    Design tip: If you have over 6-8 data categories, pie chart becomes less effective. It gets hard to read. We suggest using a bar or column chart in such cases.

    Check the following creative pie chartversions. With a few design additions, you can create an unusual data visualization that will support your presentation message.

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    How To Edit Your Charts

    • Once youve inserted the chart, click the + button, located in the top right corner. Youll be able to add elements, such as titles, data labels or error bars, among others.
    • As an alternative, go to the Design tab and, in the Chart Layouts group, click the Add Chart Element drop-down arrow.
    • To apply different presets for the elements of the chart , go to the Design tab and, in the Chart Layouts group, click the Quick Layout drop-down arrow.
    • If you want to change the chart type, right-click Change Series Chart Type.
    • To modify the color palette, select the chart and, on the Design tab, in the Chart Styles group, click the Change Colors drop-down arrow.
    • Remember that the colors of the charts are adapted to the color palette of our template. If you want to apply a different color, select the desired object from the chart and go to the Format tab. Then click Shape Fill or Shape Outline and choose the color you want.

    How To Work With Tables Graphs And Charts In Powerpoint

    Presenting data in front of an audience doesnt have to be complicated. Sure, it may be quite challenging at first to think of a way to convey your data without making your audiences eyes cross in boredom. If you want to avoid this at all cost, then read this entire article. Today, youre going to find out how to work with tables, graphs and charts in PowerPoint the easy way!

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    Why Use Charts And Graphs

    Data visualization is a vital part of data analyses and can help the speaker communicate trends and patterns in the data through images. Visualization serves a dual purpose in modern life.

    Firstly, it allows a better understanding of the data. Compared to row upon row of numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, images make it much easier for the human brain to understand relationships and differences between data points and categories. Whether you are in the science, tech, finance, or marketing industries, you will need to visualize data at some stage.

    Secondly, visualization allows you to communicate your findings in a summarized form. Although data experts may be able to understand and see patterns and trends without a graph or chart, most other people cannot, and will need some illustration of the data to understand your findings.

    Data can be visualized in several ways most notably, people use graphs, charts, and plots.

    Before you can consider using a chart in PowerPoint, you first need to ascertain which chart type is suited to your data, and will best summarize and display it.

    It is, therefore, imperative that you have a basic understanding of the different types of charts and the types of data best suited to each. The section below covers the six most frequently used chart types, and will help you decide on the chart to use.

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