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Tractor Supply To Host Farmers Market

Pie Making Machinery South Africa – New Pie Blocking & Lidding System Launched Today!!!
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BRENTWOOD, Tennessee Tractor Supply Company is inviting farmers, craft makers and artisans to join the Farmers Market event at their local TSC store on Sept. 28. The event is an opportunity for members of the community to showcase their many talents and display homemade and homegrown goods, whether they are new to the market or have been selling for years.

Every fall, Tractor Supply hosts local vendors and creators at their on-site Farmers Market to celebrate the community spirit. The Farmers Market is open to the public, providing a platform for budding businesses in a fun, family-friendly setting.

Each Tractor Supply store serves as an important member of the community in which it operates. We are always looking for ways to connect with and support our neighbors, and the Farmers Market is a wonderful opportunity for this, said Mary Lawley, vice president of store administration at Tractor Supply Company. We are always amazed by the talent we see at this event and are so pleased to play a part in helping these neighbors thrive.

Whether the specialty is fruit and vegetables or soaps and candles, all crafters and creators are invited to participate. Interested vendors can learn more and register at or visit the local Tractor Supply store to sign up by Sept. 25. There is no cost for participation.

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Hasbro Warns Supply Chain Bottlenecks Sherwin

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Hasbro #SherwinWilliams #EliLilly Yahoo Finances Julie Hyman, Brian Sozzi and Brian Cheung breakdown Hasbro, Sherwin-Williams and Eli Lillys latest


Re: Rant: Tractor Supply Co And Fake Americana

Rome Industries Mountain Pie Maker, Cast Iron

Originally Posted by BrianYbut how does a store chain that presents itself this way – all apple pie, God fearin’, good old country livin’ and such – get away with selling tools and hardware and tee shirts and all sorts of other stuff all made in CHINA?!the walmart business model Originally Posted by BrianYHow do folks deal with this? Doesn’t it bother anyone else that this purveyor of country farm merchandise that drapes itself in down home American traditionalism sells mostly cheap Chinese stuff packaged to give the impression that it’s actually American-made?its all about that dollar, tractor supply’s customers either can’t afford american made kitsch, or in the case of massachusetts posers* won’t pay for american kitsch*troll of the day, on so many levels. . .

Simpler is better, except when complicated looks really cool.


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Sky Top Orchard Flat Rock Nc

David Butler was a high schooler when he planted Sky Top Orchard with his father 40 years ago. He’s seen his share of weird weather. That’s why, even though late freezes took their toll on many of his apple blossoms this year, he remains stoic.

“Nature sometimes gives you a bounty, and sometimes it gives you less than you want,” said Butler, who runs the 100-acre orchard with his wife Lindsey. “There have been fires out west and freezes here, and I think it all goes hand in hand.”

To supplement what he said might be a short season, the orchard’s market will stock plenty of other produce, including pumpkins. Pie makers will be happy to know that a bevy of bagged apples should be available until Sky Top closes for the year on Dec. 1. U-pick will not be as fruitful. Butler expects that part of the fun to be over by the end of October.

“We’ve all been struggling to have enough U-pick to go around this year,” he said of his fellow apple farmers.

Part of the short supply is due to the orchard’s success. Once solely a commercial operation, Sky Top is now a full-fledged agritourism hot spot, with the parking lot often full of license plates from all over the Southeast. “This is a place for people to get out and see the mountains,” Butler said.

And there’s plenty to see. Perched atop scenic Mount McAlpine at an elevation of 3,000 feet, the views are stunning and the apples are generally abundant.

Sky Top is open daily at 1193 Pinnacle Mountain Road, accessible from US 225.

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Here’s What To Do With Your Apples

Challenger MT600 & MT900 Tractors

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Nancie McDermotts Old Fashioned Apple Pie: Nothing says fall like a perfect apple pie.

Mackensy Lunsford covers food policy, restaurants, agriculture and other food-related topics for the USA TODAY Network’s South Region. She’s the editor of Southern Kitchen and correspondent for The American South.

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‘bright Horizon For These Cloud Stocks’ Sanjay Poonen Former Vmware Coo Says

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Sanjay Poonen, fmr. SAP president and VMware COO, joins Squawk on the Street to discuss Atlassian, which has garnered more than $100 billion in market


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