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6. Mrs. Macs Kitchen

This is the last key lime pie we had before leaving Key West. Mrs. Macs Kitchen delivers one of the creamiest pies youll probably have, but also one that will have you puckering your lips. The tartness and sweetness of this one is delicious. You can absolutely taste the key lime in this one.

I love that this pie has what feels like a top custard layer when you cut into it. Its smooth on your tongue until that citrusy flavor of the key lime cut through.

If youre not a fan of meringue, youll love that this one is topped with homemade whip cream.

This was by far hubbys favorite of all the key lime pies in the Florida Keys.

Mrs. Macs Kitchen | 99336 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037 | Website

Now, its time to find for you to find the best Key Lime pie in the Florida Keys. Which one will you try first?

What is your favorite Key Lime pie in the Florida Keys?

Tastiest Key Lime Pies In The Florida Keys

Posted on Last updated: February 14, 2022

Looking for the tastiest key lime pies in the Florida Keys?

If youre a fan of key lime pie, youre in for a treat because the Florida Keys is home to some of the best key lime pies around. From up north in Key Largo to down south in Key West, there are all sorts of places to enjoy this iconic dessert.

Personally, I admit, I was never a big fan until I had a bite of Blue Heavens key lime pie during our one day in Key West on a cruise vacation. Vowed that when I returned to the Florida Keys, I would try as many key lime pies as I possibly could.

When a destination is known for a certain dessert, I go all-in on the tasty itinerary and make it my mission to try that item everywhere I go. I just did this with beignets in New Orleans.

Recently, we vacationed in Islamorada for 4 days -after our New Orleans trip- and made that infamous drive over the 7-mile bridge to Key West. I had the pleasure of indulging in more than a few key lime pie slices to share with you.

Where can you find the best key lime pies in the Florida Keys? The best can mean differently to everyone. Some say its Blue Heavens. While I did enjoy theirs, I really loved the one from Ziggies. While my husband thought Mrs. Macs Kitchen was the best.

Without a doubt, while visiting the Florida Keys, one must-do activity is enjoying a slice of key lime pie. Youre not going to want to miss out. Youll find key lime pie being sold almost everywhere you go.

The Florida Keys: A Tasty Slice Of Florida History In Key West

On the waterfront, Key Largo

– Unknown

We take our Key lime pie seriously in Florida. Try to pass off a pie made with a Persian lime and we will call you out. Key limes are as small as golf balls. Theyre greenish-yellow and mouth-puckering tart. You cant have a Key lime pie without them.

Now for the bad news. The groves in Key West and Key Largo and Islamorada I remember from my boyhood are gone. But Im happy to say my favorite limes grow in many a Florida Keys backyard. A grove on the Florida mainland and several in Mexico serve commercial markets. So visitors to the Keys will not be deprived of a genuine Florida Key Lime pie.

– Unknown

– Unknown

A slice of Key lime pie should be served with a glass of cold milk and a generous serving of history. In the 19th century, juice from Key limes was used by island families to add flavor to fish, turtle and conch steaks. And thats it. The pie was born when New Yorker Gail Borden patented condensed milk, which required no refrigeration in the ice-challenged Keys. The first Key lime pies werent even baked. First, cooks formed a pie shell using Graham Crackers another 19th century development and butter and sugar. Next, the cook mixed in the condensed milk and eggs. The acidy Key lime juice, carefully stirred in, reacted with the milk and eggs and cooked the pie.

No need to tell my cardiologist.

Key lime pie, the final result, next to a bowl of key limes, the key ingredient.

– Uknown

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Key Lime Pie In Key West

1. Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven is considered one of the best key lime pies in the Florida Keys. Or should I say, the best key lime pie in Key West? It is definitely popular and loved with reason.

Their key lime pie comes piled high with lightly sweet meringue thats perfectly toasted on top and basically a work of art. Usually, Im not a fan of meringue, but I made an exception for this pie.

The graham cracker crust is buttery and crumbly. Pairs well with the key lime pie filling with its light and airy filling that has a subtle tartness and is not overly sweet.

We originally got to have a slice at Blue Heavens at their sister restaurant Salute! On the Beach. They serve Blue Heavens key lime pie. So, if you cant make it to Blue Heaven or the wait time is busy, but all you want is their key lime pie, head over to Salute! We had a fantastic lunch here when were first visited Key West as well as the infamous pie.

Blue Heaven | 729 Thomas St, Key West, FL 33040 | Website

2. Sunset Pier

Have a delicious slice of key lime pie with a view.

The Sunset Pier is a great spot for drinks and a bite at any time of day. Its colorful, its casual and more importantly, it has a great view of the ocean. What I didnt expect to find here was a fantastic slice of key lime pie.

The slice they serve is simple and even elegant if it wasnt on a paper plate. But, the pie itself had the texture of a light cheesecake with a subtleness of key lime.

3. The Cafe Key West

Sweet Key Lime Pie Flavors The Keys

Florida Key Lime Pie Recipe

Few people visit the Florida Keys without sampling a few slices of Key lime pie. Just as New York is famed for its thin-crust pizza, New Orleans for its beignets and Alaska for its king crab, the island chain is known for Key lime pie.

Fried Key lime pie, anyone? This sinfully luscious dessert is a specialty at Burdines Waterfront.

The signature dessert is made from the Key lime, a fruit sometimes grown in the Keys, thats smaller and rounder than the Persian limes found in grocery stores. Millions of slices of the tart, creamy pie voted the official pie of Florida by the state legislature in 2006 are savored every year by Keys visitors and locals.

According to the owner of Key WestsCurry Mansion Inn, a woman named Aunt Sally, a relative of estate owner William Curry, made the first Key lime pie. Key West historian Tom Hambright, on the other hand, surmises that Aunt Sally likely perfected a delicacy created by area fishermen.

While the pies exact birthdate and creator arent definitively proven, most people believe it originated in Key West in the late 19th century before refrigeration and the debut of the Florida Keys Over-Sea Railroad, which brought fresh ingredients like milk to the island at high speed.

In fact, recipes for the original Key lime pie didnt require refrigeration or baking. Instead, the acid in the Key lime juice reacted chemically with the other ingredients, a process called souring, and cooked the pie.

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Gluten Free Key Lime Pie Key Largo

Gluten free key lime pie key largo

Gluten free key lime pie key largo. Bakery gluten free in islamorada on Kermits key west key lime shoppe. The addition of whipped egg whites. We produce outstanding and unforgettable handmade chocolate confectionary, primarily but not exclusively, in the form of chocolate truffles,and ice cream.we also make and.

Youll need 8 to 10 limes total for this recipe. On a sick covered in chocolate and a whole pies! Now, it is a legally approved official pie in florida. Dessert is very delicious, with fresh and unusual taste and pleasant sourness. Add key lime juice and blend. 200 elizabeth st, key west, fl 33040.

The Five Best Places To Get Key Lime Pie In Key West

Key Lime Pie

JMichl / Getty

The Florida Keys are iconic for many reasons: the Beach Boys wrote songs about the islands, while Ernest Hemingway fished off its waters and wrote along its piers. But perhaps the singular most important contribution that Key West has provided to American culture is Key Lime Pie: a distillation of those laid-back island vibes into one singular dessert, thatlike Key West itselfis difficult to resist.

sign in Key West

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You will be unsurprised to discover that, to this day, Key West remains the best place in the world to consume this local delicacy. The Florida town is the birthplace of the dessert, after allthough that has been hotly contested on the internet For foodies and local historians alike, the Curry Mansion on 511 Caroline Street, built in 1868, is hallowed ground. The one-time residence of Floridas first self-made millionaire, William Curry, is allegedly where the magic happened, when his Aunt Sally invented the soon-to-be-iconic recipe in the mansions kitchen.

Key Lime Pie

mphillips007 / Getty

Though Aunt Sally may have had the first inclination to mix cake batter with lime, her innovation has since been reworked and refined in the past century. Whether you prefer your Key Lime Pie served on a popsicle, or in a jar , here are the best haunts for devouring the iconic Floridian dessert in Key West.

El Mason de Pepe

El Mason De Pepe

Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

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Key Lime Pie Variations

Weve seen it all Frozen. Dipped in chocolate. We have tasted vegan key lime pies using sour cream, vegan cream cheese, and additions such as mango, peanut butter, Nutella, avocados, and ice cream. Some crusts are made of all kinds of nuts, oreo cookies, cheerios, ginger snaps, pretzels, and animal crackers. We have seen elaborate toppings using fruit blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and everything in between. Weve seen sauces made of honey, caramel, blueberry, fudge, or just cream Anglaise sauce. Whatever your fancy, you can usually do it with key lime pie.

Your Key Lime Pie: Tips

Florida Travel: Find Great Key Lime Pie in the Keys & Miami
  • We suppose we dont need to say this but we will just say it: Fresh is better. For ingredients, use key limes if you can get them, otherwise use fresh limes, but many use bottled juice, or in a pinch, a combination of key limes and limes. If you like your pie tart, fresh is the way to go.
  • Also, homemade is better especially the crust. But if you dont have time, dont fret, its the filling that really makes the difference.
  • One tip we learned on our sampling tour, by increasing the egg yolks or juice, makes the pie lighter. But, it is all about personal preference.
  • Use the zest from the limes it will make the pie tarter.
  • A hand press works best for squeezing the limes.
  • Use a glass pan, not aluminum. Key limes react to aluminum.

So whats the best key lime pie we have ever tasted? We humbly tell you that it is the one the original creator of, Robin Draper, makes. She has perfected it and its simply delicious. Its homemade, light, and very tart. Whats the secret? Try it and youll find out! Heres the link:

We would love to hear how you make your key lime pie. How about sharing your recipe? If you have a good one, we may make it and feature it on our website or our . Post it in the comments below or email it to us:

Wed also love to know where is your favorite place to get key lime pie, especially if we didnt cover that establishment in this article.

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The Original Key Lime Pie Recipe

The debate about the origin of key lime pie is small and trivial, but will be forever debated until somebody coughs up kitchen notes from 1856 authenticating the birth of key lime pie. Whether is was the famous cook Aunt Sally from the Curry Mansion or it was a sailor on a sponge diving boat, one thing is for sure: pie made with limes and sweet and condensed milk has been alive in the Florida Keys for more than 150 years.

The basic recipe, meaning the original recipe that dates as far back as can be found is the same as the standard recipe you can find for lime chiffon pie or even whats online today. Its even on the bottle of Nellie & Joes Key West Lime Juice that you can get at the grocery store. Its not complicated and you dont even have to be a fancy chef or amazing baker to make it:

  • 3-5 egg yolks
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1/2 cup of key lime juice
  • crust
  • Mix together and bake for 15 minutes at 350-375 degrees
  • Let stand for 10 minutes before refrigerating, then serve cold

This basic recipe for key lime pie rarely varies and only ever in the number of yolks to use and how its topped . Really, its so easy! So then why are there so many different key lime pies and they vary so greatly in flavor and texture? And thats what well get into below as we dig into the best key lime pie in Key West and the Florida Keys.

A Quest To Find The Best Key Lime Pie In Key West

On my recent Florida Keys road trip, I was on a mission to find the best key lime pie in Key West . It is great to have an excuse to eat as much dessert as you want on girls trip after all, it is for research right? The truth is, not all key lime pie is created equal and you will find it fried, frozen, dipped, and more. It takes some real serious research to find the best.

On our way from Key Largo to Key West we sampled everything with key lime flavor: key lime donuts, key lime muffins, key lime ice cream, key lime cocktails, key lime chocolates, and lots and lots of key lime pie. Here are the ones that really stood out.

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