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If youre looking for a french bulldog puppy for sale in Texas, we provide a professional and fun experience. Our puppies are bred to be cute and intelligent and are raised to have the best personalities and temperament. We are committed to delivering the very best Frenchie puppies you can find in the North Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth area, with the highest level of care and affection.

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French Bulldog Breed Pictures

  • Not all Frenchies will get any or all of these diseases, butitâs important to be aware of them if youâre considering this breed.

  • Hip Dysplasia: Hip dyplasia is a heritable condition in which the femur doesnât fit snugly into the pelvic socket of the hip joint. Hip dysplasia can exist with or without clinical signs. Some dogs exhibit pain and lameness on one or both rear legs. As the dog ages, arthritis can develop. X-ray screening for hip dysplasia is done by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or the University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program. Dogs with hip dysplasia should not be bred. Ask the breeder for proof that the parents have been tested for hip dysplasia and found to be free of problems.
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: This disorder is found in dogs with short heads, narrowed nostrils, or elongated or soft palates. Their airways are obstructed to varying degrees and can cause anything from noisy or labored breathing to total collapse of the airway. Dogs with brachycephalic syndrome commonly snuffle and snort. Treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition but includes oxygen therapy as well as surgery to widen nostrils or shorten palates.
  • Elongated Soft Palate: The soft palate is the extension of the roof of the mouth. When the soft palate is elongated, it can obstruct airways and cause difficulty in breathing. The treatment for Elongated Soft Palate is surgical removal of the excess palate.
  • The Brindle Pattern In French Bulldogs

    Brindle is the most common of all French Bulldog coat colors and patterns.

    Brindle Frenchies have a fawn base coat with black streaks of hair. This gives them stripes that can resemble a tigers fur.

    In fact, some brindle French Bulldogs can be as bright in color as true tigers, while others are darker, almost entirely black.

    The light version also known as a reverse brindle in which fawn hairs predominate is overall much rarer than the darker brindle coloring.

    Brindle Frenchies typically have white fur on their stomachs, but the rest of them is entirely in brindle.

    Also, the color of the brindle can vary if a dog has some other genes. They can even come in rare colors, so you can find a Frenchie puppy in sable or blue brindle.

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    Blue Pied Female French Bulldog Puppy For Sale Online


    Blue pied female french bulldog puppy for sale Online

    Blue pied female french bulldog puppy for sale.Export pedigree , all the neededvaccinations ,microchip, passport, and travel crate are allincluded in the price. She is wormed of course andprotected against further parasites. For anyfurther questions do not hesitate to contact me.

    Blue pied female french bulldog puppy for sale

    Price Tag And Quality

    Pied French Bulldog Puppy  AskFrenchie.com

    We receive many inquiries with clients looking for the cheapest Frenchie possible, or potential customers asking questions about the price tag. You must understand that producing a quality litter is not cheap. When you find cheap French bulldog for sale advertised online, dont take that as victory, take it as a red flag. Breeders that sell cheap puppies for sale dont invest in their dogs. But lets elaborate that further.

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    As French Bulldog Breeders Of Nyc We Are Re

    We are re-defining the pet store, with transparency and a focus on socialization, health, and temperament. Just as people want to know where their food comes from, so should they know exactly where that Blue french bulldog puppy for sale near you came from as well.

    If you leave our site having learned more about Frenchie puppies from us, than from all of the various add a frenchie to cart websites on the combined, weve done our job, whether you decide to get a puppy from us or not.

    Whether the french bulldog puppies were bred by us or not, you can rest assured that your relationship will continue with the actual breeder. If were putting our brand on the line, its more important than ever for us to pick and choose the healthiest and best french bulldog puppies from the most responsible breeders, and match them with only the best families.

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    Brindle Pied French Bulldog Puppies For Sale United States

    Meet Damien! He is sure to make your life complete with every puppy kiss and tail wag. He is a wonderful little guy who loves to cuddle, but also knows how to play and have a good time. Damien will come home to you current on vaccinations and with our vets seal of approval. Dont miss out on this one of a kind puppy, as he will bring your family closer together

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    White French Bulldog Health Problems

    White dogs are often thought to have inherent problems but, contrary to popular belief, not all white French Bulldogs are plagued with health issues.

    All Frenchies are susceptible to brachycephalic syndrome because of their short nasal passages and there are a number of other known health conditions that can afflict any purebred French Bulldog of any color.

    If a French Bulldog is white because of albinism a genetic disorder characterized by a complete or partial lack of the pigment melanin in the eyes, skin, and hair it will have a pinkish tinge to its skin and eyes.

    Other French Bulldog Colors

    Blue pied french bulldog puppies for sale

    Frenchies are among one of the dog breeds with the highest diversity of possible colors and patterns.

    According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, accepted Frenchie colors are white, fawn, cream, brindle, brindle and white, and piebald.

    However, they can come in many exotic colors, such as blue, chocolate, merle, lilac, blue fawn, Isabella, sable, and furry all of which can have tan points.

    Suppose you want to take your Frenchie to competitions. In that case, you should be aware that only the standard colors and patterns can participate.

    The fun fact is that, up until 1911, only the bridle color was considered standard. Any other pattern would mean immediate disqualification.

    Luckily, the regulations have changed, so now there are many different colors when it comes to this dog breed.

    If you plan on getting yourself a purebred French Bulldog, you should be prepared to fork out plenty of cash. Most responsible breeders wont sell French Bulldog puppies for under $2,000.

    However, if youre looking for exotic colored Frenchies, the price is even higher. These pups can cost as much as $6,000!

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    All You Need To Know About Blue Pied French Bulldogs

    Blue French bulldogs are some of the most popular and sought after French bulldogs in the world. As controversial as they are, these dogs are hugely popular in the US and all around the world.

    Before we talk about the blue pied well talk about the pied French bulldog:

    What is a pied French bulldog?

    The term pied is a term which is used to describe a combination of color and a pattern that you can find in the French bulldog breed. Pied and piebald are used interchangeably for the Pied color. Pied is used as the correct term in the French bulldog breed.

    A pied French bulldog has a coat that is predominantly white with darker patches that cover the body, head or both of the French bulldog.

    The pattern of a pied can vary from dog to dog and is not generally the same. All pied French bulldogs are different. French bulldog breeders will focus a lot on breeding this color to get good and distinct markings on the pup.

    Fawn and brindle are the colors that are desirable in a pied French bulldog and are sought after.

    There are other different types of Blue French bulldogs, which are:

    • Blue French bulldog

    White French Bulldog Coat Patterns And Markings

    French Bulldogs can have white fur in their coats for three reasons:

    • When only their skin cells do not produce any pigment.
    • When they have albinism which causes a lack of pigmentation in all cells including fur and eyes.
    • When they have a genetic disorder known as Leucism which causes a lack of pigmentation everywhere except the eyes.

    Some Frenchies are totally white and some have patterns that include white. There are also several Frenchie colors that have a white chest blaze.

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    The Pied Pattern Is A Result Of Autosomal Recessive Heredity

    Your dogs genes are grouped together on structures that are commonly referred to as chromosomes.

    A dog has 39 pairs of chromosomes. Out of these 39 pairs, one pair is a sex chromosomeit is what determines whether a dog is male or female.

    Autosomal inheritance of a gene simply implies that a gene is located on one of the other 38 pairs of chromosomes. This means that both a male and female dog are equally likely to have the gene.

    Recessive means that a dog must inherit both copies of the gene to display the trait .

    A dog with only one copy of the recessive gene wont have a pied coat. Instead, he or she will be a carrier.

    However, it wont be easy to tell that he or she is a carrier without performing a genetic test.

    For you to get a Pied French Bulldog, therefore, you have to breed:

    • Two pied Frenchies
    • A pied Frenchie with a solid colored Frenchie
    • Two solid-colored Frenchies

    Breeding a Pied Frenchie with a solid colored Frenchie wont get you Pied French Bulldog! Instead, you will end up with all solid colored Frenchies who are carriers of the Pied gene.

    Premium Quality Akc Puppies

    Blue Pied French Bulldog For Sale

    Michelles Fabulous Fancy Frenchies came to be due to our new found love of the French Bulldog. Our five fabulous frenchies are family members, our own personal pets.

    Our free range frenchies roam our property daily, while running and playing with one another until their hearts content. We only breed to improve our own brood stock, so breedings are few and far between. We cant keep them all, so our loss is your gain.

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    What Is A Pied/ Piebald French Bulldog

    Pied or Piebald Frenchies are French Bulldogs with predominantly white coats with large dark-colored patches on different parts of the bodymostly on the back, under the neck, and around the ears and eyes.

    In other words, for a Frenchie to be recognized as Pied, it must have at least 50 percent of patches or spots of white and another color.

    The colors also need to be present on the dogs body, head, and neck.

    However, the spots or patches can also be dark gray, black, or brown. So:

    • Fawn Pied French Bulldogs: May have a white coat with fawn patches or a fawn color with black patches.
    • Cream Pied French Bulldogs: Have cream coats with fawn patches.
    • Blue Pied Frenchies: Have blue coats with patches of white or cream.

    Pied shouldnt be confused with Brindle. Brindle refers to a solid-colored coat thats often interspersed with lighter-colored hairs while Pied is a lighter coat with darker patches or spots.

    So, Pied can be said to be the exact opposite of Brindle.

    Our Piece Of Advice When Purchasing A French Bulldog Puppy

    The first thing is you should consider the breeder you are meeting with. Ask the person if he has any license, past work, and references/reviews.Ask the breeder about the health of his dogs and the care he provides when it comes to his blue French Bulldog Puppies for sale. Its better to equip yourself some knowledge before looking to any buy a blue Frenchie.

    Dont trust any one-sided debate or you can fall into the hype for a budget French pup. Dont let the breeder play the angle of increasing the price due to the fact that the Frenchie Puppy has Blue Eyes. Every reputable breeder will inform you that Blue French Bulldogs possess the sapphire blue eyes only as babies.

    As the dog grows the eye color turns from a light blue to a grayish green, medium brown or golden yellow. There is absolutely no scenario in which a blue dog will keep the light blue eyes, dont let a breeder convince your otherwise.

    The light ocean blue eyes are only occasionally present in the Extreme Pied French Bulldogs and the Merle French Bulldogs in which the merle gene creates a streak over the iris of the pup, making it lose pigment.

    Its hard to walk away from an adorable Frenchie Puppy, but if you ignore the red flags, you will potentially end up with a badly bred French Bulldog that will come with many issues and consequentially high vet bills.

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    Solid White French Bulldog

    This French Bulldog has a completely white coat and may or may not have a black mask.

    If its an albino, youll notice a lack of color in its eyes as well as a pink tinge to its skin.

    If a Frenchie is white because it has Leucism, it will look like an albino but will have colored eyes.

    A non-albino white French Bulldog usually has brown eyes. If it has no other colors, patterns, or markings, it is classed as solid white.

    It is very rare to see such a white Frenchie without a black mask but occasionally this may be a lot paler.

    French Bulldog Colors & Colloquialisms

    PIED BLUE MERLE MALE for Sale in Los Angeles- FrenchBulldogsLA.com

    This visual guide to standard French Bulldog colors and patterns is a very simple classification of a very complicated subject.

    DQ or disqualifying colors are not covered here, but can be found here.

    Ive used the term colloquialisms because many terms such as tiger brindle, honey pied and smutty fawn are not standard terms found in breed standards. Rather, they are subjective terms that breeders have used over the years to refer to certain colors and patterns. Differing opinions exist on the correct terminology for many of these patterns and colors, and this guide does not claim to be the definitive one, just my own preference for terminology.

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    Find Your Perfect Blue Frenchie Companion With Francoeur French Bulldogs

    We are one of the few blue French bulldog breeders in California with AKC Registration for our litters. Our blue French bulldog puppies are kept in our California Ranch home, and they are vaccinated, de-wormed and microchipped before they come to you. We take care to match the right puppy to your needs and lifestyle.

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