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In a category, all their own, are the key lime muffins at Harriettes Restaurant in Key Largo. These muffins were SO good! They have a delicious tart filling, the muffin itself is fluffy and light, not dense and hockey-puckish like so many muffins can be. It is topped with powdered sugar and tastes oh so good with a cup of coffee.

I know this photo doesnt show it, but this is the best tasting key lime muffin youll ever eat!

I want another one just thinking about it. It might have been one of the best muffins Ive ever eaten. If I had to choose between a slice of key lime pie or this key lime muffin, Id choose the muffin. It was that good. Plus, I can make a good key lime pie on my own, I do not know how to make this delectable muffin but I want to learn!

In addition to Harriettes amazing muffins, they also have excellent breakfast and coffee. The service was top notch too! I know if I lived in Key Largo, this would be a regular hang out of mine. I also know I would need to run every day to keep the pounds off!

Harriettes Address: 95710 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

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Who Owns Key West Key Lime Pie

Owners Jim Brush and Alison Sloat run Key West Key Lime Pie Company, a pie company that is a true rags-to-riches culinary story. Buying the business, recipes and all, for merely $1200, they have grown it from selling pies on the side of the road to being named the Nations Best Pie by the American Pie Council.

Shipping Key Lime Pie

Does anyone know of a place in Key West that can ship a Key Lime Pie? I want to send one to my co-workers while Im down there for the poor saps stuck in the office.

How much do you like the guy? Kermits will but it has to be Fed Ex and costs $66.

BlondGiraffe will no longer ship pies, but will ship frozen pies on a stick covered with chocolate or a key lime rum cake dont know what the sticks cost , but the cake I think is $22 plus shipping.

We have bakery here in Ft. Lauderdale called wetakethe that ships a key Lime Pound cake that was one of Oprahs favorite things a year or two ago, but I think thats pricey too- its pretty much a shipping issue mor ethan the product itself I think. maybe Key Lime Hard Candies would be one possibility that doesnt require overnight shipment.

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American Civil War And Late 19th Century

During the , while Florida seceded and joined the , Key West remained in U.S. Union hands because of the naval base. Most locals were sympathetic to the Confederacy, however, and many flew Confederate flags over their homes. However, Key West was also home to a large free black population. This population grew during the war as more enslaved black people fled from their masters and came under the relative safety of the Union garrison there., constructed from 1845 to 1866, was an important Key West outpost during the Civil War. Construction began in 1861 on two other forts, East and West Martello Towers, which served as side armories and batteries for the larger fort. When completed, they were connected to Fort Taylor by railroad tracks for movement of munitions. Early in 1864, 900 men from the 2nd United States Colored Troops arrived in Key West as replacements for the 47th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Many of these men would see action in southern Florida and the 2nd USCT would become âone of the most activeâ black regiments in Florida., located about 68 miles from Key West on Garden Key in the , served after the Civil War as the prison for , convicted of for setting the broken leg of , the assassin of President .

The sailed from Key West on her fateful visit to Havana, where she blew up and sank in , igniting the . Crewmen from the ship are buried in Key West, and the Navy investigation into the blast occurred at the Key West Customs House.

How To Make Key Lime Pie

The 10 Best Key Lime Pies in Miami

After eating it for the first time, I was convinced that the key lime filling was an elaborate curd/custard that would need to be painstakingly cooked on the stove, and then baked in the oven. Not so!

  • Prepare the Filling: Whisk together the lime zest, egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, and lime juice, then set it aside to thicken.
  • Make the Graham Cracker Crust: Stir together my favorite graham cracker crust, press it into the pie plate, and bake it briefly, then let it cool to room temperature.
  • Bake the Pie: Once the crust cools, pour the thickened filling into it and bake until it mostly set, but still jiggles a bit.
  • Chill Out! After the pie cools to room temperature, it needs to be refrigerated for at least a few hours. This pie tastes best chills and it helps the filling to finish setting up properly.
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    Packaged Items Cannot Be Shipped With Frozen Items And Must Be Placed On A Separate Order To Ensure Safe Delivery

    Having a craving for Kermits Key Lime Pie Bars but dont have a Key West vacation planned any time soon? Youre in luck well ship the flavor of Key West right to your door! To insure freshness, pie bars are ONLY shipped via overnight delivery, and are ONLY shipped Monday through Thursdays by 2pm EST, for delivery Tuesday through Friday by 8pm. Orders placed after 2pm EST are shipped on the next scheduled shipping day.

    If you would like to request a specific date for the delivery of Kermits Key Lime Pies, please note your SHIP DATE request in the appropriate box provided.

    Price of pie or pie bars includes the cost of the shipping container, dry ice, and the Fed Ex dry ice handling fee. Overnight shipping charges will be added at checkout.

    Frozen items are only shipped within the Continental US.

    Authentic Key Lime Pie

    This Key Lime Pie is the real deal. Slightly tart, super creamy and yes, itâs yellow, just like an authentic Key Lime Pie should be. Itâs simply the best summer pie ever â cool, delicious and oh so easy to make. A tasty tropical dessert brought to you straight from the Florida Keys. Gluten-free option available.

    I feel so blessed to live in sunny South Florida with beautiful sunny days and year-round warm weather. And having an abundance of fresh fruit growing right in my backyard makes it even better!

    One of the desserts that South Florida and the Florida Keys are known for is authentic key lime pie. And I am definitely spoiled being able to make it with fresh key limes right off my very own tree!

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    Our Pies Are Creamy Tart And Delicious With A Flavorful Handmade Graham Cracker Crust And Finished With A Homemade Whip Cream Topping We Use Only The Best Natural Ingredients In Our Key Lime Pies Making Each Pie Individually With Care

    We ship using a two day or next day shipping service only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Orders placed before 1 pm eastern time will be shipped that day, if later, the order will ship the following shipping day. If we receive Next Day orders before 1 pm eastern time on Thursday they will be shipped for Friday delivery.

    NO Saturday deliveries, or weekend travel time.

    Kermits Key Lime Shoppe

    Key West Key Lime Pie Company 02/18/2015

    Kermits Key Lime Shoppe is the quintessential Key Lime Pie experience in Key West. Kermits is known to have some of the best Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys . Kermits serves up traditional Key Lime Pie with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream topping that you can buy in an entire pie or by the slice. Plus, you can also find Key Lime Pie on a stick , Key Lime Pie dipped in chocolate and gluten-free Key Lime Pie.

    One of the best things about Kermits shoppe is the amazing key lime concentrate they have for purchase. The key lime concentrate is super concentrated meaning you only use 1/2 as much as what your recipe calls for and it the the guaranteed way to make amazing Key Lime Pie once you are home from vacation. Not only do you need to buy this concentrate, but it makes perfect gifts for friends and family as well. I brought multiple bottles home with me after my summer in Key West and always loved pulling it out to whip up a Key Lime Pie to feel like I was back in the Florida Keys with no cares in the world.

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    Mrs Macs Kitchen Mm 994

    Key Largos Mrs. Macs Kitchen is our first stop when we reach the Keys. Youll love the vibe of tourists and locals, surrounded by the down-home décor of license plates hanging on the walls along with historical mementos and pictures. Mrs. Macs, which boasts world-famous key lime pie has a secret recipe. Everything is homemade graham cracker crust and a good balance of tart and sweet filling, except the whipped cream.

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    Where Is Key Lime Pie Made

    The sweet and tart pie reportedly originated in Key West, Florida, in the late 19th century. The use of sweetened condensed milk, an essential ingredient, is probably because fresh milk and refrigeration were uncommon in the isolated Florida Keys until the 1930s.

    Who is famous for Key lime pie?

    Did you know that Key lime pie, unlike apple pie, is a uniquely American dessert? Key West, Florida, is famous for its fabulous key lime pie, one of Americas best-loved regional dishes. Every restaurant in the Florida Keys, and especially in the city of Key West, serves this wonderful pie.

    Why is Key lime pie famous in Key West?

    They are smaller than regular limes, typically green when picked, but more yellow when ripe, and they are much more tart. They only grow in climates where the weather stays warm and never dips below freezing temperatures , which is why it became popular in the Florida Keys.

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    Cooking Tips For Best Results:

    • Time to set: Key lime pie is definitely easier to slice after it has had time to properly set in the refrigerator. Plan on making the pie the day before you want to serve it so that it can chill overnight.
    • Lime juice amount: I used a full cup of the lime juice because I love the tart flavor, but keep in mind that the more juice you use, the longer it will take to set.
    • Whipped cream: I like to sweeten my whipped cream with confectioners sugar. The amount you add completely depends on how sweet you like it. Added zest to the whipped cream only enhances the flavor. Hold off on topping the key lime pie with the whipped cream until you are ready to serve.
    • Storage: If entire pie wont be consumed, add whipped cream to individual servings so that pie can be stored without whipped cream on top. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and store key lime pie in refrigerator. Best if eaten within 3-5 days.

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    The Florida Key Lime Pie Company

    Key Lime Pie

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    Whether you are a local or just visiting the Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center, Titusville or Cocoa Village area we invite you to experience the newest attraction and one of the most fun things to do in Cocoa Beach.

    Come treat yourself to what we at The Florida Key Lime Pie Company simply put offer as Floridas BEST Key Lime Pie and Gourmet Tropical Cheesecakes available in the Sunshine State!

    Thinking Outside The Lime

    Homemade Key Lime Pie Snickerdoodle Cookies

    Take your taste buds on a tour! Join us at The Florida Key Lime Pie Company every day for a tasting of our newest and most exciting wines at our retail store, located at 102 Dixie Lane next to Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach

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    Producing Floridas only ultra-premium tropical, citrus and berry wines, this Florida wine distributor and authentic Florida Farm Winery is proud to say that our tropical, berry and citrus wines are the only Florida wines allowed to display the Florida Department of Citrus official mark of superior quality the Florida Sunshine Tree. They are also the only Florida wine ever allowed at Disneys Epcot International Food and Wine Festival held each year beginning in October.


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    Best Places To Get Key Lime Pie In Key West

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    Come with us as we share with you the top places to get the best Key Lime Pie in Key West! You are in for a real treat as we will tour all throughout Key West to find the best of the best! Once youve tasted genuine Key Lime Pie, you will never settle for the pre-packaged green dyed Key Lime Pie that is out there.

    Just imagine spending the day soaking up the sun while floating in the ocean and then having the most amazing slice of chilled Key Lime Pie! Sounds fantastic, right? Key Lime Pie always seems to hit the spot because it is light, refreshing, and the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

    If you are planning on staying in in town for a bit, here are the 12 Best Airbnbs in Key West! In between Key Lime Pie tastings, you might be looking for some other forms of entertainment, so here are 16 fun things to do in Key West.

    Key Lime Pie recipes can vary greatly and there is a lot of heated debate as to which ones are the most authentic or the right way to make them. Graham cracker crust or traditional pie crust? Meringue topping or fresh whipped cream? Good thing is that you dont have to choose! You can find several different styles in Key West and sample them all!

    So, get ready to be drooling over all of these incredible places to get the best Key Lime Pie in Key West. We will share what makes each one special, a little bit about the location, and what might be fun to check out nearby.

    What Are The Ingredients In Key Lime Pie

    Traditionally, a key lime pie’s filling consists of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It typically sits in a graham cracker crust, although it can also be cooked in a more traditional pie crust. It is sometimes served without a topping but often has a light meringue topping made from egg whites or whipped cream. The pie is served chilled.

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