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Indestructible Dog Toys: What Are They

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Put simply, this is a dog toy designed to withstand the severity of aggressive chewing. They do eventually succumb to the dogs chewing, but not before putting up a spirited fight of bouncing back from constant gnashing and gnawing, unlike the regular toys.

For a dog toy to qualify as indestructible, it must not come apart easily, despite being handled by the roughest dog. Usually, such toys feature very sturdy materials, like poly plastic or hard rubber.

Dog toys for heavy chewers are actually a safety precaution that pooch owners should consider. A toy that disassembles easily can result in broken parts that can choke or cut the dog. Investing in an indestructible toy keeps your dog occupied without it becoming hazardous, especially if the dog is left alone for extended periods of time.

Dog toys for aggressive chewers should meet the following criteria to be effective:

  • They should not squeak, shake, shine, or spin
  • They have no stuffing
  • Are made from hardy material
  • Gentle on the dogs teeth and gums
  • Have no rawhide components

Indestructible pup toys are best when they are in the form of balls, dog bone shape, doughnut shape, chewy toys, frisbees, or dog ropes.

Consider investing in this type of dog toy, especially if you have a smaller dog, so as to eliminate the chances of choking. Note that these types of toys come in multiple sizes.

Best Chew Toys For A Puppy

We recently received this email from one of our readers:

Wanted to find out any additional puppy toy suggestions you have? We have a stuffed duck. A rope. A Kong. Any other references for best toys? Thanks and have a good. We have an 8 week old golden retriever pup.


Over the years I feel like weve purchased every puppy chew toy under the sun.

The good news is every year companies come up with new, innovative chew toys for puppies.

Heres our quick list of Best Chew Toys For A Puppy.

Best Interactive Chew Toy: Hide

Cute, adorable, interactive, and fun! What more could you ask for? Maybe more durable!


Treat your pup to hide-and-seek fun with Hide-A-Squirrel! Just stuff the squeaky squirrels in the plush tree trunk, and watch as your dog sniffs them out. To keep the game going, just stuff them in again and again!


We love our hide-a-squirrel. One of our favorite parts is it simulates the de-stuffing of a regular plush toy.

However, its still not a super durable dog toy. Just like any plush toy, the hide-squirrel will eventually meet its demise even with a moderate chewer.


  • Just like most plush toys, its not very durable.


  • Jolly Ball Dublins all-time favorite chew toy. Wed buy him a new one every year and bring it to him in Arizona. The good news was his old one would survive the year. The bad news was it was usually in terrible shape with holes and a shredded rope. FYI we like the Jolly Ball with the rope vs the one with the handle.
  • KONG Wobbler One of our favorites. Technically not a chew toy and if your puppy does use it as a chew toy then hes using it wrong. Stetson did a full review of the KONG Wobbler way back when.

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Breeds That May Need Especially Tough Toys

Power chewers come in all shapes, sizes and breeds, so there arent any cut-and-dry rules regarding which dogs will need premium chew toys and which ones can get by with run-of-the-mill versions.

However, there are a few breeds that usually require heavy-duty dog toys.

For example, youll often need indestructible dog toys for pit bulls and other breeds with blocky heads and big jaws. Well list a few of the breeds that most commonly need super-strong toys below.

  • American pit bull terriers

Chuckit Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy Review

Dog Rope Toy for Aggressive Chewers


  • Bounces and floats

If your dog loves a good old game of fetch, the Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy could be the 1 for you. Made from durable rubber with an extra-thick rubber core, these balls are designed to last! Theyre super bouncy and even float, making for a fun-filled playtime anywhere you go.

I found that the bright colors of this ball helped me to find the ball if my dog didnt bring it back, preventing them from getting lost like other balls wed tried. I also found them very durable, even when regularly chewed. Theyre available in a range of sizes to suit all breeds, with this listing offering 2 sizes to suit small and medium breeds.


  • Most owners said that these balls were exceptionally durable and stood up to their dogs chewing, even when other balls had failed
  • Many said this ball lasted for several months of regular, rough play, even with big breed dogs
  • Owners liked that the ball was free of fuzz, stating that their dog had managed to chew up and swallow the fuzzy exterior of other balls
  • Many said that this ball was their dogs favorite toy, and they would choose it over toys in the home
  • 2 in a pack, which owners felt was great value and handy when 1 got lost or for use in multiple areas
  • Owners liked that the ball was very bouncy and could be used with a ball launcher, saying it was perfect for games of fetch
  • Owners appreciated that the balls floated, allowing for fun play in all environments


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Types Of Indestructible Dog Toys

These are the options made of more durable materials to last longer withstanding the power of your pets jaws. And these toys may be of different kinds. They can be divided into types depending on the functions:

Indestructible dog toys can be also classified depending on the size of breeds they are intended for:

  • Small dog toys. They are miniature to be convenient for the games of petite pets.
  • Medium dog toys. They are of the standard size and are intended for middle-sized dogs.
  • Big dog toys. These ones are larger and even more durable as they are intended for the most aggressive chewing with powerful jaws of large and giant pets.

Imk9 Dog Frisbee Indestructible Disc Toy

If you’ve got a dog who loves to soar, finding the perfect flying disc is a must. Unlike standard discs made of hard, molded plastic, this flexible flyer won’t shatter or splinter when bit. The IMK9 Dog Frisbee comes in one colorbluebecause it’s actually the easiest color for dogs to see, so if your aim is off and you lose the disc in the trees, Fido may be able to find it just fine. While the manufacturer is clear to point out that the disc is NOT indestructible, they point outas do many reviewersthat if used just for games of catch and not as a chew toy, the disc should live a long life. And they do offer a refund or replacement if your pup does destroy it. Here’s what one reviewer had to say:

“We have been searching for a good Frisbee for our Labrador retriever for a couple months now. The 1st ones were cheap plastic and didn’t last 2 seconds. We found some more durable ones, but they were a little too hard for her to catch in her mouth. This Frisbee is the Goldilocks of frisbeesnot too hard not too soft. She can catch it with ease and if she doesn’t catch it, she can pick it up fairly easy and bring it back. We love it!”

Shop Now:IMK9 Dog Frisbee Indestructible Disc Toy, $12

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Buck Bone Organic Elks Antler Considered For Best All Natural Toy

This all-natural elk antler was a great entry among our all-natural toys and even comes in a variety of sizes and pack options.

Like the White Tail Naturals Huge Water Buffalo Bully Horn, its a very healthy treat for your dog, high in protein and low in fat, but we ultimately went with the Buffalo horn due to an odor that will resonate from the elk antler after a short period.

Monster K9 Virtually Indestructible Dog Toys

Testing Chew Toys for Dogs That Are Aggressive Chewers | How long will they last?

Monster K9 toys have a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. They claim theyve been tested by Pitbulls, German Shepherds, & other Aggressive Chewers and Large Dogs.

The Monster K9 football is the only one of its kind. I havent seen a football dog toy listed under the indestructible category in all my searches.

Have fun playing catch with your dog knowing he cant destroy it!

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How To Choose The Right Tough Dog Toys

Choosing the right indestructible dog toy requires your understanding of how extreme your poochs chewing habits are.

Remember, dogs are ferocious with their teeth, which include sharp canines and incisors and flatter premolars and molars. Each of these teeth is used to rip and crunch whatever it bites into. Thus, the chewing is not similar to what we experience when eating food it is more of a tear, shred, and rip combination.

Aggressive chewers tend to favor the rip-and-tear maneuver while gentler and average chewers prefer to lick, paw, gently bite, and leave their chew toys intact. The average chewers will cause a rip here and there over time, but the toy will not be completely destroyed.

Regardless of which type of chewer you own, here are the most important things to consider when looking for in an indestructible dog toy.

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Durable Dog Frisbee

A flying disc made to withstand plenty of playtime and hold up to your pets chompers.

About: The West Paw Zogoflex Ziscis a Frisbee-style toy thats designed to stand up to your dogs chompers.

Unlike many other disc toys, the Zisc has a soft texture for your dogs teeth, but it still flies as well as a traditional Frisbee does.

  • Backed by the manufacturers 100% guaranteeagainst dog damage. If your dog damages his Zisc, you can simply return itto the manufacturer for a replacement.
  • The Zisc floats, making it great fun near thewater. The Zisc is also dishwasher safe and recyclable, so it wont end upin a landfill once your dogs has moved on to other toys.
  • The Zisc is available in two sizes. Thesmall Zisc measures 6.5 inches in diameter, while the large Zisc is 8.5 inchesacross.
  • The Zisc comes in several fun colors. Youcan get the Zisc in Aqua Blue, Granny Smith, Tangerine, Ruby, and Glow .
  • Made in the USA. Like most other West Pawproducts, the Zisc is made in US-based factories to ensure your satisfactionand your dogs safety.


  • May be a little heavy for some dogs
  • Not intended as a chew toy

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Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Ring

Why cant your dog get in on your doughnut obsession? An excellent chew option for large dogs, like Golden Retrievers, Pit Bulls, and Labs, the ring is an easy shape for your animal to grip. Its also designed to force a dogs mouth to stay open while chewing, which is the healthiest position since it reduces leverage on the jaw. Verified Amazon reviewer Meagan B. calls this the everlasting gobstopper of dog toys, noting that her three aggressive chewers have been thwarted by this durable toy. Believe it. Buy it. Love it, she adds. Here are more products pet owners say they cant live without.


Monster K9 Indestructible Dog Ball

Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed, Non

This is one of the best indestructible dog toys because it is:

  • Highly durable. The item is made of the type of plastic used in the machinery industry due to its strength.
  • Safe. The material is based on natural latex. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Extremely enjoyable. The plastic this item is made of is very springing. Thus, you and your pet can enjoy high bounces without much effort.

But note that this is not a dog chew toy! It can easily withstand blows and several contacts with the animals teeth during the game, but it is not intended for focused and constant chewing for hours.

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Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy Maxx

A heavy-duty rubber toy made for large, powerful chewers.

About: The Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX is a stick-shaped version of the companys popular ring toys.

The Chew Toy MAXX is made from supremely durable materials, and it also includes Goughnuts patent pending visual safety indicator if you see red peeking through the black exterior, you know it is time to replace the toy.

  • The Chew Toy MAXX is a large toy thats perfect for big pooches. Measuring 11 inches in length and weigh 1.5 pounds, this is a great option for big breeds with powerful jaws.
  • Durable rubber material wont harm your dogs teeth. The Chew Toy MAXX may be supremely durable, but it is made from a hard rubber material that your pooch will enjoy chewing.
  • This toy is used by police K9 departments around the world. K9 handlers wont gamble with their dogs safety by using inferior toys, so you can buy the Chew Toy MAXX with confidence.
  • Made in the USA. US-made toys are typically safer and often more durable than those made overseas.


  • Large size can be a problem for smaller dogs

Best Fetch Toy: Wingpet Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

Product Ratings

Fun Factor 5/5

Size: 7.56 x 7.28 x 3.9 inches 14.89 Ounces | Brand: Wingpet | Toy Style: Throwing, Gnawing, Pulling | Features: Treat Dispensing Toy | Dogs: Medium To Large Breeds

What We Liked

  • 4 way bone design makes this toy easy to throw, and have a tug-o-war with your pooch
  • Made from high quality rubber
  • Great for doggie dental health

What We DidntLike

  • Not suited for extreme bite aggressiveness
  • Smaller treats sometimes fall out of the dispenser during play

This Wingpet 4-way bone treat-dispensing toy is a great toy, especially for playing fetch with, or if your dog enjoys playing tug-o-war. The 4 way bone makes it an easy and fun toy to throw for your dog to chase after, and allows you to pull from multiple directions with ease, providing hours of fun for both you and your dog.

The durable yet soft rubber that this toy is made from is a great way to improve your dogs dental health during playtime. It can help clean your dogs mouth, leading to a reduction in bad doggy breath while helping reduce plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. Its also a great way to stimulate gum health.

The treat dispensing compartment in the middle of the toy will keep your dog entertained while playing with this toy and is versatile enough to be filled with a wide variety of treats to make this toy your dogs go-to whenever its playtime, even if youre not around.

It is made of food-grade quality rubber and is 100% safe to chew and gnaw on for hours of enjoyment!

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The Classic Bone Chew Toy

Bone-shaped chew toys are usually best-suited for dogs who like gnawing on things for long periods of time.

They offer your pet two or more different shapes to enjoy, and theyre usually easy for dogs to hold and manipulate.

On the other hand, bone-shaped chew toys are not very good for interactive play with your pet.

Theyre too heavy to work as throwing toys, and they dont work very well for tugging games either.

Nevertheless, theres a reason the classic bone shape is so popular , and the best dog chew bones often make great heavy-duty dog toys for power-chewing pups.

Dog Toys For Strong Chewers

The world’s strongest dog chew toys. Made for aggressive chewers and large dogs

Pooches are gonna chew. Thats their natural instinct. The question is, what type of chewing are they doing so you can determine the best dog chew toy for the situation?

Teething puppies often appreciate a small dog bone. Something they can really get their mouth on and chew for hours.

Large dogs have large chompers. They usually need the most durable dog toys around. While there are no indestructible dog toys, there are extra strong rope toys or toys made of durable rubber. Sure, a chewy, peanut-butter-filled Kong or toy can be good for playtime, but you can also find a great dog ball and other dog toys to keep your pup interested.

Here are ten of the best dog toys for strong chewers for dental health and for play!

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Factors You Need To Consider When Buying Toys For Aggressive Chewers From Online Stores

Are you on the hunt for toys for aggressive chewers? Well, purchasing online needs some contemplation. To help your cover all the important questions, we have prepared a list.

Just go through the question list. Feel free to do your own research while purchasing the toys for aggressive chewers. Below are some examples you might deem right to ask:

  • Is the toys for aggressive chewers really worth the money?
  • What specific advantages does it offer?
  • Does the toys for aggressive chewers youre picking have any innovative features?
  • What are some of the best features of the toys for aggressive chewers?
  • Does your toys for aggressive chewers come with a warranty?
  • Does it have any con that might prove to be detrimental in the long run?
  • Where will you find enough information about toys for aggressive chewers?
  • Where can you find some of the best toys for aggressive chewerss?

Probably, you have come up with way more questions than there are on the list. Do not deprive your curious mind of the answers. Research, research, and research, until you locate the answers to the factors.

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