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  • The flakey, buttery puff pastry crust! I know that there are a lot of crust options when it comes to pot pie, from a traditional pie crust, to biscuits, to crescent roll dough. But for me, theres only one way to make a pot pie, and thats with a puff pastry crust! The crispy crust pairs perfectly with the creamy filling for the ultimate chicken pot pie!
  • The flavorful, classic, creamy filling! Theres no added spices or ingredients in this filling, just a classic, creamy chicken pot pie filling with tons of flavor and plenty of chicken and veggies to fill you up!
  • Its easy to make, and even prep ahead! While the total baking time is almost an hour, the hands-on time for this pot pie recipe is only 20 minutes. And you can prep the filling ahead of time, so that its easy to toss the pot pie together quickly for a weeknight meal!
  • Chicken Pot Pie With Puff Pastry Crust

    Chicken pot pie is a classic, old-fashioned savory pie that’s traditionally made with a flaky, buttery pie crust and a creamy chicken and vegetable filling. There are endless ways to prepare this dish — from single crusts to double crusts, puff pastry to biscuit toppings — and everything in between. This chicken pot pie with puff pastry sheets is incredibly delicious, and will convert even non-pot-pie-lovers into true, raving fans.

    You just can’t beat the ease of the chicken pie with puff pastry, which tastes like a made-from-scratch labor of love — but actually takes advantage of a handful of simple shortcuts. When comfort food is calling your name, this is the only homemade chicken pot pie recipe that you will ever need!

    Whats In This Easy Chicken Pot Pie

    I, for one, am all about the joys of a classic chicken pot pie, resplendent with a homemade butter crust and a butter and cream sauce that leaves you begging for seconds. I mean, its the dinner I ask for every year on my birthday because if theres one day to treat yoself, yo birthday is it!

    My husband was the first one to take this puff pastry crust shortcut in place of a regular double-crust pie, which in itself is surprising because he is always of the more butter, more cream mentality. But like so many of us cooks in the kitchen, hes figuring out that making small ingredient tweaks and healthier choices can really make a difference in both saving time and in saving our waistlines without sacrificing taste.

    These healthier choices start with the chicken pot pie filling thats loaded chock full of fresh veggies that step outside the traditional ingredient mixasparagus, mushrooms, leekswith a bit of garlic and fresh thyme sautéed in just a bit of canola oil while carrots, baby red potatoes, and peas give a nod to the classic pot pie flavors.

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    Swaps And Substitutions For Chicken Pot Pie

    You can make this easy chicken pot pie gluten-free or dairy-free, swap out the vegetables, or save this recipe for Thanksgiving and use up leftover turkey in place of chicken. I use a basic medley of peas, carrots, onions, and celery in this chicken pot pie, but feel free to add things like sliced mushrooms, small diced potatoes , or your favorite root vegetables.

    To make a gluten-free pot pie: Swapping the all-purpose flour for 1:1 Baking Flour . Swap the puff pastry for gluten-free pie dough.

    To make a dairy-free pot pie: Use your favorite nut milk in lieu of the cows milk. Because the milk is used to make the gravy creamier, you can even omit the cows milk altogether.

    Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie Recipes

    Puff Pastry Chicken Potpie Recipe


    When my wife is craving comfort food, I whip up this chicken pot pie with puff pastry. It’s easy to make, sticks to your ribs and delivers soul-satisfying flavor. -Nick Iverson, Denver, Colorado

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    For those of us who LOVE pot pies, but don’t have all day to make them! This quick pot pie recipe can be altered with as many vegetables and seasonings as your heart desires. Its only crust is a square of puff pastry placed over the top of the bowl, which rises and browns beautifully. Use leftover chicken, or store-bought prepared chicken breasts if you’re in more of a hurry!

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    What’s better than a chicken pot pie? A chicken pot pie topped with a flaky puff pastry!

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    Yield 6 1 – 1 1/2 cup servings, 6 serving

    Number Of Ingredients 23

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    Tips And Tricks For Making The Perfect Pot Pie

    • Whats my roux supposed to look like? Your roux, the flour and fat paste used to thicken the gravy, should be light in color and crumbly, but not dry. After adding the flour to the pan, the veggies should look like theyre coated in a crumbly, moist batter.
    • How do I prevent lumps in my gravy? For a smooth gravy, add the chicken stock gradually about 1 cup at a time, whisking constantly. Add more stock only after the previous addition has been stirred smooth.
    • What if my gravy is too thick or thin? Your gravy should coat the back of the spoon, but be thin enough for you to see through it.
    • If your gravy is thin, whisk together a tablespoon of all-purpose flour and a tablespoon of cold water. Whisk this flour slurry into the simmering gravy to thicken it up to the proper consistency.
    • If your gravy is thick like pudding, whisk in two to four tablespoons of chicken stock to thin it.

    Chicken Pot Pie In A Pan

    I adore any and all things chicken pot pie related! It’s just one of my family’s favorite meals so I’m always messing around with different versions. One of my favorites is this Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie! With no bottom crust, it is super easy to put together. Made with a homemade sauce mixed with peas, carrots, spices and chicken then topped off with a sheet of puff pastry you have yourself a quick meal! Its all ready in under an hour. If you want a simple and delicious pot pie that serves up easily, then you need to make this Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie recipe.

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    Tips For The Best Chicken Pot Pie Recipe With Puff Pastry

    • If you don’t have a 10-inch cast iron skillet, you can substitute with a deep-dish pie plate or a 2-quart casserole dish.
    • Vent the puff pastry by cutting 2-3 slits in the top of the crust. This will allow steam to escape, keep most of the filling sealed inside, and prevent the crust from getting soggy.
    • You know that the pot pie is done when the crust is puffy and golden brown on top. All of the filling ingredients are already cooked through, so if the inside is bubbly and the top is browned, it’s finished!
    • Allow about 10-15 minutes for the pie to rest before serving. This will give the filling a chance to set so that it doesn’t run out too much on the plate.

    Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

    Chicken Pot with Pie Puff Pastry Recipe

    This Creamy Chicken pot pie with puff pastry and vegetables is comfort food bliss! Read on to find out how to ensure you don’t get a soggy bottom!We’re going shop-bought on the puff pastry and homemade on the filling, and oh my gosh, this filling is sooooo good. I could literally eat it by the ladle full.

    In fact, I do by the ladle – in the form of my chicken pot pie soup – one of my absolute favourite soups that I discovered whilst trying to make this pie. I made the filling and found that I couldn’t stop eating it , so I just dished it up and labelled it soup!

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    Could You Use Beef Instead Of Chicken

    Yep! Youll just want to pair beef with beef broth. Everything else can stay the same.

    Beef broth is a little harder to make homemade since you usually dont get bones with your beef, but I sometimes will make a large roast and then save the leftover juices in the pan to use as a base for homemade beef broth. If you add some beef bullion and maybe a splash of red wine, you can get a lot of flavor without needing the bones.

    Creamy Chicken Pot Pie With Puff Pastry

    Published by Lauren Vavala

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    Creamy Chicken Pot Pie is filled with chicken and veggies in a tarragon cream sauce and topped with flaky puff pastry. This comfort food classic is a family favorite.

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    This Creamy Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry recipe is a combination of a couple of different recipes that I have had over the years mixed with a dash of my own personal preferences. I may be biased, but its the best chicken pot pie that Ive ever had.

    I usually dont make chicken pot pie until the cool weather starts moving in. But, as soon as that first sign of a chill in the air comes, I break out this recipe.

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    Other Pie Filling Ideas

    • Add some fried pancetta or bacon to the filling.
    • Swap the chicken for leftover cooked turkey (cook the veggies without the meat, then stir the cooked shredded turkey into the creamy sauce before it’s poured into the pie dish.
    • Add mushrooms and/or leeks
    • Add a good dollop of Thai green curry paste to the sauce, swap the lemon juice for lime, and a splash of fish sauce to make a spicy Thai version. You could also swap out the veggies for green beans, brocolli and peppers if you like.

    What Goes In Chicken Pot Pie

    Easy Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry Recipe

    Heres what goes in Chicken Pot Pie. Nothing unusual here but just a couple of comments on some of the ingredients:

    • Stock powder this adds more flavour in the creamy white sauce. I like to use Vegeta which is a vegetable stock powder, but any stock powder will do vegetable or chicken

    • Parmesan adds umami rather than cheesiness into the sauce. If you dont have parmesan, use about 1 1/2 cups of your favourite cheese and

    • Peas are missing!

    Theres no definitive way to make Chicken Pot Pie. While some choose to make it like a traditional pie with a pastry base and shortcrust topping in a pie dish, I have always and will always make Chicken Pot Pies in POTS with puff pastry lids.

    Let me emphasise that in case you missed it I make Chicken POT Pie in POTS.

    Truthfully though, the way I make it has nothing to do with the name. I make it in pots because its quickerand easier, and I love draping the pots generously with puff pastry so that the golden flaky lid is fitted tightly on top and around the pots, rather than just a round piece floating on top.

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    Can You Put A Layer Of Puff Pastry On The Bottom Of This Chicken Pot Pie

    Yep! You can add a layer of puff pastry to the bottom of the dish and poke it all over with a fork.

    Place some parchment over it and fill the dish with pie weights or beans to hold the puff pastry down. Bake for about 10 minutes in the pre-heated oven before adding the filling and proceeding with the rest of the recipe.

    The Epic Comfort Of Chicken Pot Pie Any Night Of The Week

    As hearty as the most labor-intensive of Sunday suppers, this super fast skillet chicken pot pie recipe is all bang, no buck. Our easy chicken pot pie recipe is ready in 30 minutes, and its even kind of healthy! Because this skillet pot pie recipe relies on whole milk instead of cream, and is loaded with lean chicken breast and vegetables like carrots, celery and peas, it definitely counts as a balanced meal. Sure, theres some butter in thereOK, a fair amount of butterso its not as light a rice bowl or dinner salad, but its a filling supper you can feel good about feeding your family. Especially on a dark and stormy night, when all you want is to fill those bellies with warmth and comfort.

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    Chicken Pot Pie With Puff Pastry Recipe

    Dinner 55 mins

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    Chicken Pot Pie with Puff Pastry Recipe A classic chicken pot pie recipe topped with flaky puff pastry and with wholesome, comforting, homemade ingredients.

    This cozy chicken pot pie recipe is so simple, yet scrumptious so easy, yet elegant! It is just as easy to make for serving on a busy weeknight, a snuggly Sunday or even when entertaining friends and family. Oh yes, and it is a definite make-ahead favorite in my house! In other words, this recipe is a sure-fire keeper!

    How To Make Chicken Pot Pie With Puff Pastry Crust

    A cozy and filling puff pastry chicken pot pie

    Once the veggies have cooked to become tender and the chicken is added, I pretty much follow my same method for traditional pot pie by making a roux by sprinkling the ingredients in the skillet with all-purpose flour and then stirring and cooking for a minute or two so to lose that floured taste.

    But where I deviate from my traditional recipe is skipping extra dollops of butter and using Almond Breeze almondmilk Original with chicken broth in lieu of cream.

    With this method, Im saving fat and caloriesonly 2.5 grams of fat and 60 calories per cup of almondmilk of which this recipe calls for just half that amount. Plus, almond milk is both shelf stable and refrigerator ready so its easy to have on hand.

    The result is a creamy sauce that delivers all the pot pie flavor.

    The packages of puff pastry I use come with two sheets of pastry. I used just one to make these four individual pies by rolling the pastry out just a bit thinner than it comes out of the package, then cutting it into quarters to top the filling and just barely hang over the sides of the bowls, leaving just a bit of filling to peek out of the edges.

    A quick whisk of egg and water is brushed onto the puff pastry before they go off into the oven to become golden brown and all puffed-upjust like your ego will be when everyone declares how much they love these lightened-up pot pies.

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