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Homemade Lemon Meringue Pie


Fresh and full of vibrant flavours, you will absolutely love this luscious lemon meringue pie. Made from scratch, it is a showstopping dessert made with a combination of sweet, buttery homemade pastry and a zingy lemon filling. Piled high with fluffy Italian meringue, it is impossible to resist!

Lemon lovers, rejoice! Foolproof and easy, this easy lemon meringue pie is the perfect recipe to get your lemon fix. A popular dessert in Australia and NZ, lemon meringue pie features a delicious homemade pie crust filled with a smooth and vibrant lemon filling. Its the perfect combination of creamy, zesty and sweet. And it has mounds of fluffy meringue to boot!

Below, youll find tips to make your own pie crust. But if you are short on time or prefer an easier option, you can skip this step and make a no-bake biscuit base like the one in this banoffee pie recipe.

Looking for more lemon recipes? Try this lemon syrup cakeor these cute lemon meringue cupcakes.

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    My T Fine Lemon Pudding

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    How To Make A Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

    July 25, 2021 by Katie Adams

    The best Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe ever and it is so easy to bake! Below is the full recipe and step-by-step tutorial.

    Lemon Meringue Pie is my love! In fact, on many occasions, hubby has brought me home a pie over flowers because he knows I will enjoy that so much more!

    Yup, he loves me!

    Growing up, my favorite pie was always lemon meringue and my mom made it the best!

    Now it’s my turn to make the best Lemon Meringue Pie ever and I use the same recipe that my mom always did. It’s actually on the side of the Lemon Jello Box! So it is no secret.

    I have tried “from scratch” lemon pie recipes and they aren’t as good and require more effort.

    Why Does My Lemon Meringue Pie Get Watery

    Chocolate Pie Filling

    There are two essential components to any lemon meringue pie. The lemon meringue filling is thickened with cornstarch. But if you overwork the filling, the cornstarchs thickening abilities are weakened, and youll be left with a runny mess. To prevent this, youll cook the filling in two intervals.

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    Is Cream Of Tartar The Same As Meringue Powder

    Meringue powder and cream of tartar are quite different in terms of composition and functionality. Meringue powder is made mostly of dried egg whites and can be mixed with water to create a meringue. Cream of tartar is a stabilizer and is sometimes used in making meringue to keep the eggs from collapsing.

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    Ingredients You Will Need

    ** This post contains tips and instructions to achieve the best possible results. The photo above is a great guide for when you are in the supermarket, but for full ingredient quantities and methods, please scroll down to the detailed recipe card below!

    Flour plain, all-purpose flour is used to form the pie crust. Be sure to measure/level it correctly for a tender, crumbly pastry. I have included weights below for accuracy.

    Lemons fresh lemons are best, as both the zest and juice are used. I recommend Meyer lemons for their sweet-tart flavour and high juice content, but any fresh and in-season lemon will work.

    Butter is used in both the pastry and the lemon filling. And chilled butter is the key to flaky, tender pastry. Start with cold butter, straight from the fridge. I recommend cutting it into cubes and then popping it into the freezer while you prepare the other ingredients. Real butter is recommended, rather than butter substitutes or margarine.

    Cornflour ensures that the lemon filling thickens properly. This ingredient is essential, or the lemon filling will not be firm enough to slice.

    Eggs The yolks are used for both the pastry and the lemon filling, while the egg whites are whipped to form the Italian meringue that tops the pie. Use room temperature eggs for best results.

    Should You Refrigerate Lemon Meringue Pie

    The Best Lemon Meringue Pie | Melissa Clark | NYT Cooking

    Bacteria grow rapidly at temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F lemon meringue pie should be discarded if left out for more than 2 hours at room temperature. Freshly baked lemon meringue pie will keep for about 2 to 3 days in the fridge refrigerate covered loosely with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

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    Why Youll Love This Recipe

    • Make ahead you can make the components of this pie ahead of time and assemble it the day of serving.
    • Perfect for any occasion lovely for morning or afternoon tea or for serving at a special occasion like Christmas, Easter, or any time you fancy a treat.
    • Made with real lemons an easy lemon filling that uses both fresh lemon juice and zest.
    • Simple ingredients this recipe uses fresh lemons and a handful of basic pantry staples like flour, sugar and eggs.
    • Step by step guide contains a helpful guide and step-by-step photos to help you make the perfect lemon meringue pie, every time.
    • No watery or weeping meringue using Italian meringue makes a fluffy, stable meringue that wont leak into your pie.

    Is Canned Lemon Pie Filling The Same As Lemon Curd

    Whats the difference between lemon curd and lemon pie filling? Both lemon curd and lemon pie filling have a similar, bright citrus flavor but curd is richer and more intense. Both lemon curd and pie filling are thick and creamy, but lemon pie filling is usually thickened with flour while curd is thickened with eggs.

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    How Do You Keep Lemon Meringue Pie From Getting Soggy

    Cornstarch adding a little bit cornstarch in the meringue stabilizes the meringue preventing it from weeping even on a hot day. Cover the pie with meringue while the lemon filling is piping hot. That way piping hot filling cooks the meringue from the bottom, preventing the meringue from breaking down.

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