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As far as Thanksgiving pies go, this is one of the easiest. Theres no pre-baking the crust or pre-cooking the filling. Grandma, though no longer with us, always knows whats best! Heres an overview of the process.

  • Make the pie crust. As always, use my favorite homemade pie crust.
  • Roll out the pie crust. Youre aiming for a pie dough circle 12 inches in diameter. Carefully place the dough into a 9×2 inch pie dish.
  • Spread the pecans inside pie crust.
  • Whisk together remaining ingredients. Pour over pecans.
  • Bake. I like to place a pie crust shield on top of the pie edges to prevent them from browning too quickly. If you find the whole pie is browning too quickly, tent a piece of aluminum foil over the whole pie.
  • Slice and serve. The pie is delicious warm or at room temperature. Top with whipped cream, ice cream, and/or a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar.
  • Top 5 Restaurant Pecan Pies To Try In Houston

    Joanna O’Leary July 9, 2013 7:00AM


    Pie is good. Pecans are good. When these forces combine, you have a pie that’s all American. . So on July 12, wave your flag and eat some pecan pie. Here are five restaurant varieties to try on National Pecan Pie Day:

    5. Raw Vegan Pecan Pie . Don’t judge a dessert by its title or its unconventional presentation . Pat Greer’s vegan pecan pie is good. Not “good for a vegan pie,” just good. “Rawsome,” in fact.

    4. Cinnamon Pecan Pie . Jerry Seinfeld said it best: “Cinnamon. It should be on tables in restaurants along with salt and pepper. Anytime someone says, ‘Ooh, this is so good — what’s in this?’ the answer invariably comes back, “cinnamon.” Cinnamon. Again and again.” One slice of DaCapo’s pie and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

    3. Texas Pecan Pie . No tricks, no gimmicks, just a flaky butter crust, rich pecan “jam,” a top layer of sugared nuts and a dollop of whipped cream. Eat a piece now and order and freeze a whole pie for Thanksgiving.

    2. Mini Pecan Pie . If your pie priorities are crust, first, pecans, second, then you gotta go for the miniature pecan pies at Mighty Sweet Mini Pies. The crust-to-filling ratio is in your favor, plus their smaller size makes it more justifiable to eat the whole thing in one sitting.


    We Put The Most Popular Frozen Pies To The Test Find Out Which Brand Is The One You Should Keep In Your Freezer For Last

    Picture it: Youve got unexpected company over. You manage to put together a delicious last-minute dinner, but you just dont have the time to stir up a dessert from scratch. What do you do?

    If youre me, you keep a just-in-case dessert in the freezer for this exact scenario. Ive found that you can never go wrong with a chocolate pie . Set it on the counter while you eat dinner and by the time the dishes are done, you and your guests are in for a treat.

    When you go to the freezer section of the grocery store, though, there are some choices to be made when it comes to finding the best frozen pie to buy. Do you choose Edwards, or Sara Lee? They all look tasty and chocolaty on the box, but is one better than the next? Our team put these three brands to the test.

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    Ranking America’s Best Mail

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    Thanksgiving is unquestionably America’s greatest food holiday. Yet much of the meal invites controversy. Not everyone is a fan of roasted turkey. Stuffing ingredients are contentious. The debate over the proper potato to mash – regular or sweet – will outlive us all.

    Less controversial is the question of pie. We may quibble over the specifics – fruit vs. custard, or whether pecan should be accompanied by chocolate – but there’s generally more of a willingness to come together over a truly spectacular dessert.

    To find the pies that bring everyone to the table, Bloomberg sampled top desserts from across the country. Then food editor Kate Krader, with the help of a ravenous newsroom, picked her favorites.

    10. Babka Pie, Breads Bakery, New York$52.95, shipping around $29.95

    Krader: “Not everyone considers this a pie, but it’s shaped like one and it’s definitely the best chocolate babka around. Slathered with Nutella and studded with chocolate chips, it has incredible layers and levels of chocolate. Forgo the fork and knife, and pull it apart with your hands.”

    Newsroom: “One of the best babkas I’ve tasted. Dough is nice and crispy, not gooey.” “Buttery goodness.” “Not a pie. Still would eat a lot of this.”

    9. Brown Bag Apple Pie, Elegant Farmer, Wisconsin$29.99, shipping from $15.84

    Salted Caramel Macaroons For The Win

    Best Pecan Pie in Texas

    . Best desserts and snacks in Houston The Chocolate Bar. It has a pulsing nightlife and if you seek someplace to enjoy a refreshing drink good food and entertainment well Houston you have landed. Dessert Gallery Bakery Cafe.

    Weve discovered its pina colada ice cream and fellow Houstonians need to know. The family immigrated to Houston after surviving the Holocaust and opened the. Three Brothers Bakery is truly a family affair with Sigmund his twin brother Sol and younger brother Max opening the shop on May 8th 1949 on Houstons Holman Street.

    DG is truly a cake n chocolate dessert masterpiece. Walking in youre skeptical but its apart of the experience. 801 Town and Country Blvd Suite A120 Houston TX 77024-4164.

    Three Brothers Bakery. Comfort Food Spanish Continental. Fluff Bake Bar.

    Café East Downtown 83 tips and reviews. They are open every day of the week. Three Brothers Bakery Memorial.

    Up to 4 cash back Common Bond Bistro Bakery – Montrose. The Upper Kirby Mexican restaurant offers holiday desserts in two sizes including pumpkin cheesecake 16 and 24 pumpkin pie 19 and 28 pecan pie 16 and 24 and Claudias Peach Pie. The Midtown spot which marries a bakery and bar concept opened in late May 2015 making Massons dream of owning.

    The boys come by the bakery business honestly with the twins working at Morris Juckers Bakery which opened between 1825 and 1841 in. Dessert Gallery Bakery Cafe. Just Desserts contestant is renowned for her famous.

    Dessert Italian – Menu.

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    Diamond Pecan Pie Crust

    If you cant get enough of the nutty flavor of pecan pie, then this crust, which is made with crushed pecans along with the usual ingredients, could become your new favorite.

    Before you go, check out our gallery below:

    Watch: Giada De Laurentiis Just Shared a Bunch of Holiday Cooking & Hostess Tips With Us & They Are Brilliant

    The 15 Best Places For Pecan Pie In New York City

    Katie Jett: The blueberry pie is flawless. Lemon chess was awesome too.I wish the pecan pie had a more solid nougat-y texture, but was still pretty good. Interesting ice cram favors like goat cheese, or lavender.

    Stefie: Both pecan pie offerings =

    Eric Friedman: Get the pecan pie

    Deepika Sharma: Best chocolate pecan pie!

    Tariq Ahmad: Amazing pies! Get the Southern Pecan Pie and Sweet Potato Pie. Takeout only, as there are no seats inside.

    Asia: Delicious banana pudding!!

    william veronda: Fabulous pecan pie.

    Eng Mohammad: One of the finest pecan pies in NYC

    Matt : Do it right! Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Ya!

    Luca DL: This is the top: Prime Sirloin Steak w Creamed Spinach and Hash Brown Potatoes and a Walnut Pecan Pie The way they re-set the table before the dessert and coffe is old school.

    Zach Hamed: Old school steakhouse. Get the filet mignon, creamed spinach, and walnut pecan pie.

    James C: Sirloin was on point. The creamed spinach and sautéed mushrooms were outstanding. Walnut pecan pie alla mode was a great ending.

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    Famous Pecan Pie + Wooden Gift Box

    This is not just any ordinary pie! It is a Texas pecan pie, which means it is bigger and gooier and richer than any other real deal out there, chock-full of fresh Texas pecans harvested from the banks of the Brazos River then nestled into luscious layers of homemade Goode-ness.

    Jim Goode first opened the doors to Goode Co. Barbeque in Houston back in 1977, on a mission to share and preserve the rich cooking traditions of Texas. Every night, Jim and his Uncle Joe would sleep in the restaurant, waking up every hour to check on the brisket. Today, Jims vision is proudly carried forth by his son, Levi, whos picked up a few James Beard Award nominations for his efforts. Goode Co. has become a Houston restaurant empire, spawning a seafood restaurant, taqueria, fried chicken joint, and more, and their homemade Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie is legendary.

    How To Store Pecan Pie

    Where To Buy The Best Pies For Turkey Day

    As I mentioned above, this pie is best served chilled. So it stands to reason that you would want to refrigerate the leftovers, although I have let my pecan pie sit on the counter for a day or two without having it spoil. I wouldnt let one sit out for more than that though.

    You can actually freeze a pecan pie and come out with beautiful results. Bake the pie as the instructions recommend, cool it completely, then wrap tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Slide the wrapped pie into a zippered freezer bag or an airtight container and freeze for up to 3 months. When youre ready to serve the pie, thaw overnight in the refrigerator and allow it to warm up to room temperature before slicing. No one will ever know it wasnt freshly baked.

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    The Best Pecan Pie Ever

    Experience is essential in every field, but it’s especially significant when it comes to making pies. All of the ingredients have to come together in a particular way, which means it takes skill and expertise to create a truly excellent pie. When you purchase a pie from Capt’n Smitty’s Pecan Pies, you’re sure to enjoy flavors based on 50 years of family tradition.

    Our owner and baker, Carlos Smith, received the well-guarded family recipe from his father, Carlton Smith Jr., after working side-by-side with him for many years. This secret recipe has been passed down from one generation to the next so that all of our customers can enjoy the truly delicious flavors of our regular pecan pies, pecan cheese pies, and pecan mini-pies. We’re confident that our pie is the best you’ll ever taste. Don’t wait any longer to experience our extraordinary family flavors for yourself call us today to find out more about our pies or to schedule catering for your next event.

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    Lets be honest: Thanksgiving is all about the pie. Pecan, sweet potato, pumpkin, apple every bite of turkey, stuffing, and green-bean casserole is just a means to an end, and by end, we mean your favorite seasonal dessert. So we reached out to food editors and pastry chefs across the U.S. to find out the best pies that can be ordered from the comfort of your couch. From classic bourbon pecan to ooey-gooey salty honey, here are the pros picks for delivery favorites.

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    Its Four Pounds Of A Whole Lotta Delicious

    If your family is anything like mine, one of the first parts of a meal that you must decide isdessert! My familys go-tos are cheesecake and banana pudding, but every once in a while, my grandma made a pecan pie that would knock our socks off. It was a treat we treasured dearly, to say the least.

    So, if youre having trouble deciding on a dessert to make your Thanksgiving utterly sweet, Ill help you out. Costcos got some of the sweetest options around. On top of that, theyre all HUGE. And yesthat includes some good ol pecan pie!

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    What Restaurant Has The Best Pie In America

    The 10 Best Pies in the Bayou City

    The 25 best pies in America, ranked

  • Key lime pie, Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida.
  • Gelato pie, Gelatology, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Pecan pie, Butter Cake Shoppe, Los Feliz, California.
  • Ozark berry pie, Paradise Point Cafe, Cottonwood, Arizona.
  • Coffee pecan pie, OMG!
  • Boston cream pie, Cafe Valer, West Covina, California.
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    Easy Pecan Pie Recipe

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    This homemade pecan pie is a classic old-fashioned dessert thats perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has the best combination of sweet and salty! Plus, its so easy to make that the kids can help with every step of this recipe. Give it a try and youll see why its our familys favorite pecan pie recipe!

    Looking for more pecan dessert ideas? Make sure to try my Pecan Pie Bars or my Chocolate Pecan Pie!

    Ive partnered with Karo® Syrup for this easy and delicious recipe.

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    Flying Saucer Pie Company

    Family-owned and operated since 1967, theFlying Saucer Pie Companycontinues to serve out of this world hand-made pies with fresh ingredients. Their pies are so good that youll often see a line out the door come holiday season. You can pair their traditional pecan pie with a top layer of caramelized pecan pieces with a slice of any of their fruit or cream pies for only $3.50 per slice.

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    Wooden Packaging Solutions For Food Industry Rattlesnake Ranch

    Project Description

    Challenge: Located in Texas, Rattlesnake Ranch produces and ships this delicious Southern delicacy to happy customers all over the US and world. Their Pecan Pie will arrive at your doorstep in a beautiful wooden box that also keeps the pie safe during shipping.

    Solution: A pie box needs to be attractive, functional and cost-effective. A pinewood box with a birch lid was created, we then enhanced the lid with some custom graphics to accentuate the visual impact of the box and included a cardboard insert to protect the pie during shipping. Little touches like these are why our customers are always pleased with our products.

    Result: Affordable, eye-catching and safe for shipping, hitting this trifecta with our custom branded wooden pie box was a home run and our clients were ecstatic with the final product.

    Are you interested in this project?

    Please leave your email address and a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you.

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