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The BEST Gluten Free New York Style Pizza you’ll ever have!!

11. Another Vietnamese spot, albeit less traditional, isEat Bonmi, with quinoa or bun vermicelli noodle bowls inspired by Vietnamese flavours. Their menu is clearly marked for gluten free dishes, and the lemongrass sauce should not be missed. All of their sauces are gluten free, though! Staff was knowledgeable about cross-contact.

12. French bakery NoGlu, has expanded from its gluten free Paris outposts to New York. As the name suggests, is a 100% gluten free bakery. It sells pastries, custards, breads, and much more. You wont miss gluten one bit.

13. Italian gelateria Grom has opened two New York outposts, and your tastebuds deserve a try. ALL of the their ingredients are gluten free, and certified by the Italian celiac association. Sadly, NY Grom has CLOSED.

13. Bistango, an italian restaurant that is not 100% gluten free, but is very knowledgeable about celiac disease, and use separate surfaces for any products that came in contact with gluten . With what they refer to as multi-regional gluten free options, and they are a great choice for families with non-celiacs joining for dinner as well. Almost their entire menu can be modified to be safe for celiacs.

14. Craving a rich, rice-based Italian meal? Risotteria Melottiis 100% gluten free, delicious, and worth a stop if you have the time. Try their shrimp and lemon risotto, or if you wanted a classic option, their mixed mushroom dish.

Great Turkish & Mediterranean food at IstanbulPark . Also in Park Slope. CLOSED.

Gluten Free New York Guide

Its got to be New York, New Yorrkkkk and there is so much gluten free New York to be discovered. New York truely is amazing for gluten free food and a great place to visit as a coeliac!

During my last couple of work trips to the City That Never Sleeps, I managed to squeeze in some gluten free adventuring and I ate really, reeeeeeally well.

One thing I want to stress up front however: there are lots of fantastic coeliac-safe gluten free options in NYC, but also numerousgluten free offerings that are not coeliac friendly due to cross-contamination risks.

Always ask the extra questions when going to a place that isnt 100% gluten free people are usually very helpful and its better to be safe than sorry.

Lots of fully gluten free spots have opened up since I last visited, so Ive added them to ensure the best places are covered. This guide was last updated in March 2022.

Gluten Free Restaurants & Cafes

Senza Gluten

After reading a tonne of enthusiastic gluten free reviews about 100% gluten free restaurant Senza Gluten, I knew it was a must-visit for my latest trip. Its a lovely little Italian place, which would be perfect for date night but equally I happily ate there solo . A portion of bruschetta and large serving of mushroom, speck and truffle oil pasta later, I could wholeheartedly agree with the other recommendations for Senza Glutine. It is a must visit for coeliacs in New York.


An Indian restaurant with a menu that is all gluten, soy and refined sugar free, however they do serve gluteny chapati. They have processes to ensure this item stays away from the other menu items. They have lots of dairy free options too. Three locations across the city. They have Indian-inspired lunch bowls, curries and salads.


Take a stroll across the river to Williamsburg its a cool area with markets to explore, including the Smorgasburg food market. There were a number of gluten free food choices, including epic truffle parmesan hand cut chips with roasted garlic and lemon aioli from Home Frite I checked with them about whether their food is coeliac friendly and they confirmed they dont use any wheaty coating on their fries. To go with my fries, I had a quinoa arepa with jumbo shrimp and avocado from Palenque. Note: closed in winter.

Keste Pizza & Vino

Baked by Melissa

Lukes Lobster

Melt Shop

Fresh & Co

Ottos Tacos

Tates Bake Shop


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Best For Birthdays: Sensitive Sweets

Sensitive Sweets

Sensitive Sweets offers a whimsical selection of customizable gluten-free birthday cakes.

  • Vegan and soy-, peanut-, and tree nut-free

  • No cakes without fondant

When Melanie Hohman’s son was diagnosed with a number of food allergies before he turned 1, she launched a search for a birthday cake that could accommodate his needs. This seemingly simple quest led Hohman deep down the rabbit hole of allergy-conscious baking. When she surfaced, she started Sensitive Sweets, a gluten- and nut-free bakery with a delightful selection of highly customizable cakes.

Customizing your cake from Sensitive Sweets is easy. Create your perfect cake by choosing from two sizes, nine flavors, four fillings, five fondant topper colors, seven accent colors, and 14 themes. If that’s not enough, Sensitive Sweets will even let you request special colors and themes via a text box at checkout. And, of course, you can add your birthday kid’s name.

The 6-inch cake serves six to eight guests and sells for about $75, while the 8-inch cake serves up to 10 for around $85. Shipping via FedEx costs extra. Note that you must order at least seven days in advance of your required delivery date.

The Best Cheap New York City Hotels


The Gardens Suite Hotel by Affinia: This is one of the best budget hotels in New York City. It has a prime Upper East Side location thats not far from Central Park, plus an in-room kitchen so you dont have to eat every single meal out. These rooms are super spacious for New York.

The Hotel Beacon: This hotel is an amazing value for the money. It has private outdoor space, in-room kitchens, and a location within walking distance to Modern Bread & Bagels what more could you want?

The Holiday Inn Manhattan Financial District: New York Citys Financial District is a great neighborhood for cheap hotels. Plus, this area offers easy access to Brooklyn, the Statue of Liberty, and of course Keste! The Holiday Inn Manhattan is a clean and cheap place to sleep in a solid location.

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The 9 Best Birthday Cake Bakeries In Nyc

January 6, 2022 by Molly Beauchemin

Want to experience one of the best birthday cakes in NYC? As a food critic whos ordered countless top-notch birthday cakes in the city over the last decade, I can assure you theres a wide variety to choose from. More importantly, New York City has no shortage of excellent bakeries.

And with the advent of Instagram, it seems like even the previously unknown Big Apple bakeries are stepping up their cake game.

This is particularly true in the realm of birthday cakes, which are highly visible and one of the most whimsical aspects of bakery operation.

Interest in clever birthday cake design has recently been stirred by the increasing public interest in televised baking competitions, which have dominated streaming services and prime-time television in recent years.

As a result, even the average consumer now expects even casual birthday cakes to deliver on flavor, presentation, and originality. Otherwise, why bother?

Moreover, many adults in New York City now look forward to ordering fancy birthday cakes just as much as having a nice meal on their birthday. For a certain class of working young professionals in NYC, getting a cool birthday cake is a rite of passage.

And doesnt everyone love a good birthday cake? And dont we all love to Instagram a beautiful, whimsical birthday cake, especially when its ours?

Happy Birthday, everyone!

How To Make Gluten Free Nyc Cookies

Making these gluten free NYC cookies honestly is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never made them sooner.

Again the full recipe card is down below but here is a brief overview to show you just how easy they are to make.

Obviously I have gone for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, but you could jazz it up to make chocolate chip walnut cookies or even triple chocolate cookies!

To start with, you’ll need to cream together the butter and sugars.

Then you simply beat in the egg and vanilla extract, then mix up the remaining dry ingredients and mix them into the batter.

The real key part of the recipe is the chilling stage – what’s the single most important thing you can do for perfect gluten free cookies?

Do not, under any circumstances, cut down or skip the chilling part of this recipe!

You might think you can chuck them in the fridge for 10 minutes or just chance it and pop the dough straight in the oven but trust me, IT WILL NOT WORK.

What you’ll end up with is one giant mess as the cookie dough spreads like crazy and morphs into one giant cookie mess.

Perfect if you want a cookie bar, but you’ll lose all the amazing texture of how these gluten free NYC cookies should have.

You MUST chill the cookie dough IN THE FREEZER for at least one hour.

That’s it, it’s that simple. Don’t change it or cut it down – just one hour in the freezer before baking.

Then bake them straight from the freezer once your oven is hot.

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Best Budget: Mason Dixon Bakery And Bistro

Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro

Mason Dixon offers a solid selection of gluten-free cakes that can be shipped nationwide at an affordable price.

  • Vegan, soy-free, and egg-free options available

  • Not organic

Dr. Ashley Ramirez was diagnosed with Celiac disease in college, so she had to begin learning to prepare gluten-free meals for herself on a student’s limited budget. Luckily, her Ph.D.-level chemistry program proved helpful, and soon her recipes were fooling even ardent wheat-lovers. When a job-related delay left her in limbo in Huntsville, Alabama, Dr. Ramirez used her skills to open Mason Dixon, Alabama’s very first gluten-free bakery.

Mason Dixon Bakery offers a selection of 8-inch layer cakes available to ship. Most cakes are actually full-sized versions of Mason Dixon’s cupcakes, so see the cupcake menu for the most detailed flavor descriptions. Our favorites include the Cookie Monster, the Stacey, and the Fat Elvis. We hope that someday Mason Dixon makes full-sized versions of the Alabama Mud and the Trash Panda, but for now, you’ll have to order those in cupcake form. In addition to being gluten-free, some cakes are also dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, and/or vegan. Mason Dixon ships custom cakes as well.

Most of Mason Dixon’s cakes cost between $35 and $45, plus a flat shipping rate of about $32. That makes Mason Dixon the most budget-friendly option on this list.

Mango Sticky Rice At Pure Thai Cookhouse

Best Gluten Free Cake | Sugar Geek Show

Its an unusual choice, but this Thai dish is one of my favorite desserts of all time. Its also naturally gluten-free.

One can find mango sticky rice at most Thai restaurants. For those unfamiliar with the crave-able treat, its generally served as a bed of warm, sticky coconut-flavored rice topped with coconut sauce and slices of ripe, sweet mango. The mango sticky rice at PURE Thai Cookhouse in Hells Kitchen is regarded as one of the citys best.

PURE Thai Cookhouse, 766 9th Avenue,

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Modern Bread And Bagel Upper West Side And Chelsea

Specialties: Gluten-free and kosherWith a pair of gluten-free bakeries in NYC split between the Upper West Side and Chelsea, you can enjoy gluten-free bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Modern Bread and Bagel. But don’t stop there. Check out its full bakery menu for chocolate zucchini bread, funfetti cupcakes, and a rotating rugelach of the month. It also offers plenty of savory bites and platters for larger parties.

Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery Cobble Hill And Times Square

Specialties: Gluten-free and veganWhether you’re out for a quiet morning stroll or braving the whirlwind tourist destination of Midtown, you have a safe haven to stop for an afternoon delight: Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery. With two gluten-free bakeries in NYC, Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery also serves vegan treats. Enjoy its specialties like gluten-free chocolate mousse, a gluten-free and vegan hazelnut cake, and a gluten-free caramel coffee tart. Mia’s focuses on classic desserts perfected and serves a wide variety of traditional baked goods as well. You can’t go wrong with this NYC treasure.

The chocolate croissants at Noglu lack gluten but don’t sacrifice taste.

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Macarons At Maison Ladure

This delightful Parisian pastry shop was founded in 19th-Century France, but it thankfully now has locations in Soho and on the Upper East Side. Maison Ladurée is famous for its multi-colored array of heavenly macaronsdainty treats consisting of two round pieces of meringue, joined together by a yummy layer of buttercream or jam. The best part, besides the light, sweet treats melting on the tongue? Theyre made with almond flournot wheat flour.

Maison Ladurée, 864 Madison Avenue and 398 West Broadway,

Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery


Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery is one of the most charming gluten free bakeries in New York City. There, I said it. Located in the West Village, the bakery is an offshoot from Senza Gluten, a gluten-free Italian restaurant serving delicious pasta dishes to those who had to swear it off in the past.

The food is great, to be sure, but the bakery is where this gem truly shines. This bakery is open Wednesday-Saturday 9am-10pm and offers both sweet and savory gluten-free baked goods in New York City. Expect to find delicious brunch dishes , pizza and knock-out muffins.

From the website: We are aware that having celiac disease or choosing a gluten free diet can sometimes be challenging, especially when dining out. At Senza Gluten we want to make sure your dining experience is perfect and safe by guaranteeing 100% gluten free cuisine. Please note that we accept cash and American Express only.

Address: 171 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

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Gluten Free New York Restaurants: Includes Bakeries Lunch Spots Great Dinners And More

NOTE: I am no longer in New York, and am now disabled. As a result, the more recent updates here are from celiac readers based in New York, or travelers there. Thank you to Dina and Carla for the latest round of updates!

I rarely wrote about having celiac disease when I started this site, as the focus was not food. Now that food figures prominently, I get more and more questions about travel with food restrictions. Its part of why I dedicated a full chapter to food allergies in my book, and started my own celiac guides and translation cards for travelers. At the bottom of this post, Ive included other resources for those wanting to visit New York as a celiac.

Red highlights = 100% gluten free

I visit New York every year, so this post is a living tree and I update with additional restaurants and bakeries, as well as newcomers to the gluten free dining scene. The first 10 here are places I loved during my summer visits.

1. La Esquina. Go on a nice day. Order from the takeout window and sit across the street in the park. Warning: you might need to fight off pigeons whilst eating. My favourites: Carnitas tacos , chicken tinga tacos, elote. Staff was very knowledgeable about gluten free eating, and celiac disease.

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Notes: If this doesnt do it for you, here is a list of the best Oyster Happy Hours in New York.

Hu Kitchen

Review Of By The Way Bakery

It is! We just visited NYC and managed to check out most of the gluten-free bakeries. By the Way Bakery was everyone’s favorite, and that’s saying a lot because there’s very tough competition in New York! What made it stand out? really luscious, moist, tasty baked goods that are ALL dairy-free. Wow. My daughter could eat everything in the shop, which was a treat for her. My husband said the slice of coconut cake he had was the best he had ever eaten, gluten-free or non-gluten-free! I LOVED the ginger cookies. I think they were my favorite. My daughter bought several of the bundt cakes and cookies and ate them over the next several days. Amazingly, they did not stale instantly, as many gluten-free baked goods do. Her favorites: the sour cherry bundt cake and the double chocolate bundt cake.It’s a small bakery with a teeny seating area – really just a short counter – but is conveniently located a few blocks from the subway. I was surprised at the variety of baked goods they made. Also, the people there were so pleasant and helpful. Wish they were around the corner!

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What Is A New York Cookie

The Manhattan-based Levain Bakery has become famous for it’s cookies which just look absolutely incredible.

They’re most known for the fact they’re a whopping 6oz and packed with chocolate, nuts and other treats.

The fact these cookies are so fat means they stay proper gooey in the middle – almost to the point of still being cookie dough.

They’re different to my gluten free chocolate chip cookies, in that they’re bigger with more chocolate and a much more gooey centre.

Basically, they’re unlike any other gluten free cookie I’ve tried and are now officially my new favourite recipe – I can’t stop eating them!

As I’ve never been able to eat the ‘gluten’ version, I am going out on a limb here when I say these are just like the Levain Bakery cookies.

This recipe was largely inspired by , which I have essentially tweaked and ‘de-glutened’.

I always find gluten free cookies aren’t always a straight swap from ‘normal’ recipes but Jane’s recipes are always super reliable!

She also has a new cookbook coming out soon with many of the recipes easy to make gluten free, I’d definitely suggest you check it out here!

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