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Boston Cream Pie

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Water Purity And Availability

Many older buildings in certain areas of Boston are supported by wooden piles driven into the area’s fill these piles remain sound if submerged in water, but are subject to if exposed to air for long periods.Ground water levels have been dropping in many areas of the city, due in part to an increase in the amount of rainwater discharged directly into sewers rather than absorbed by the ground. The Boston Groundwater Trust coordinates monitoring ground water levels throughout the city via a network of public and private monitoring wells. However, Boston’s drinking water supply from the and is one of the very few in the country so pure as to satisfy the Federal without filtration.

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My Dad Loved Boston Cream Pie

Perhaps the word loved is an understatement here. My dad lived and breathed for the chocolatey-puddingy goodness of a Boston cream anything. Pies, doughnuts, cakes if it was labeled Boston cream, he was game. At the mere mention of the confection, his eyes would light up like a kid on Christmas morning, and he would tap his fingers together in joyful anticipation of the deliciousness to come. One of my favorite childhood memories is of him happily hopping into the car to drive downtown and get a box of the best Boston cream doughnuts goin! on a weekend morning.

My dad passed away in 2012, and every year since, I have honored his birthday with a Boston cream doughnut toast.

I recently found out October 23 is National Boston Cream Pie Day. So, in honor of my dad, Dave, here is a compilation of seven of the best Boston cream pies goin! in the Boston area.

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Where To Buy Boston Cream Pie

With the holidays just around the corner, its important to know that its still possible for us to celebrate this yeareven if the pandemic will make for a much shorter guest list. All merry-making begins, though, with one essential component: pie. Whatever your taste may be, Boston is home to a full roster of delectable options, from bourbon pecan to Southern mud pie, as well as classic slices of pumpkin and apple. So when its a flaky, buttery crust you crave, turn to this guide to the best pies youll find in Boston.

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Boston Has The Omni Parker House To Thank For Its Beloved Cream Pie

The Boston cream pie is as woven into the fabric of Beantown as the Boston accent. Whats now revered as the state dessert was once merely a simple cake produced at the Parker House.

Bostonians are quick to remark that the Boston cream pie is a charming, storied slice of the citys history. These days, its just as ubiquitous in Beantown as clam chowder, cannoli, baked beans and oysters, and is found in forms that arent merely cake, but shaped into donuts and churned into ice cream.

The Boston cream pie has long been a staple, thanks to the Omni Parker House Hotel and chef Augustine François Anezin. Anezin arrived in Boston from France in the mid-19th century, armed with a Rolodex of French specialties: green turtle soup, roasted beef and fowl speared onto spits and spun over coals, silky mayonnaise and ham sunk in champagne sauce. He transformed the newly opened restaurant into a fine-dining destination, introducing and perfecting a host of dishes in the Parker House kitchen.

It was Anezin and his staff who dreamt up the Boston cream pie, looking at popular American desserts for inspiration, like American pudding-cake pie and Washington pie, cakes that were sliced into two layers and swiped with a filling in between. But one of the biggest differences between the then haute desserts and the Boston cream pie was the introduction of chocolate.

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Climate Change And Sea Level Rise

The City of Boston has developed a climate action plan covering carbon reduction in buildings, transportation, and energy use. Mayor Thomas Menino commissioned the citys first Climate Action Plan in 2007, with an update released in 2011. Since then, Mayor has built upon these plans with further updates released in 2014 and 2019. As a coastal city built largely on , is of major concern to the city government. The latest version of the climate action plan anticipates between two and seven feet of sea-level rise in Boston by the end of the century. A separate initiative, Resilient Boston Harbor, lays out neighborhood-specific recommendations for coastal resilience.

Boston has teams in plus , and, as of , has won 39 championships in these leagues. It is one of eight cities to have won championships in all four major American sports leagues. It has been suggested that Boston is the new TitleTown, USA, as the citys professional sports teams have won twelve championships since 2001: Patriots , Red Sox , Celtics , and Bruins . This love of sports made Boston the s choice to to hold the , but the city cited financial concerns when it withdrew its bid on July 27, 2015.

Boston has teams as well, such as the s . Established in 2017, they were the first team to complete a perfect stage with 0 losses.

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How To Make Chocolate Glaze

How to Make the Ultimate Boston Cream Pie

The glaze on this cake is essentially a chocolate ganache, asmooth and shiny chocolate sauce.You only need 3 ingredients for the chocolate glaze chocolate, heavy cream and corn syrup.

  • Heat heavy cream. Add the heavy cream and corn syrup to a microwave safe bowl. Heat until the cream is simmering, about 2 minutes.
  • Add chocolate. Add the chopped chocolate and let the mixture stand for a few minutes, then whisk vigorously until chocolate is melted and smooth. See my chocolate ganache page if you need extra help with it. Let the glaze cool slightly to lukewarm before adding to the cake.

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What Is Boston Cream Pie

Despite the name, its not a pie at all. Filled with a rich and velvety pastry cream, what truly makes this two-layer golden cake so special is the rich chocolate icing. Back in the 1800s, chocolate was mainly consumed at home as a beverage or in puddings. With this inventive use of chocolate, the dessert was originally named Chocolate Cream Pie. Over time, the name changed, and in 1958, the Boston Cream Pie became so popular it was fashioned into a Betty Crocker boxed cake mix recipe.

Its so wicked awesome , were sharing our original recipe so you can learn how to make your own Boston Cream Pie at home. But if baking isnt your thing, you can always order Boston Cream Pie delivery from Goldbelly.

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Best Of The Best Boston Cream Pie

So, which won my vote for favorite? First, lets be clear. I loved all of them or they wouldnt be on this list. But if I HAD to choose

Boston Cream Pie from Left: Flour Bakery & Cafe Right: Omni Parker House

Flour Bakery & Cafe was my favorite for all-around taste and texture. It just had the it factor for me! A very close second was the original at Omni Paker House. Omni Parker House won best martini list EVER!

Where To Stay in BostonFound Hotel Boston is where I stayed my first two nights. A great mid-range option, it is located in the theater district close to Boston Gardens and has great amenities.Westin Copley Place is where I stayed the next several nights. It is luxury-range and located right in Copley Square not far from Boston Gardens or Fenway Park. The amenities are fabulous here as well.

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  • Crème anglaise is light custard made with eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla , with other flavoring agents as desired
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  • Crème pâtissière is similar to crème anglaise, but thickened with flour
  • With added flavoring or fresh fruit, it is the basis of crème plombières
  • Crème Saint-Honoré is crème pâtissière enriched with whipped egg whites
  • Crème chiboust is similar to crème Saint-Honoré, but stabilized with gelatin
  • Crème mousseline, crème diplomat and crème légère are variations of crème pâtissière enriched with whipped cream
  • Frangipane is crème pâtissière mixed with powdered or powder
  • Parkers Restaurant At The Omni Parker House : : Boston

    Boston Cream Pie (by order only) 17/190 SR  Helen

    Come eat the delicious pie where it all began! The inaugural chef at Bostons Parker House Hotel is credited with creating the Boston cream pie recipe in 1856, and it has been a menu staple since. The original recipe is made of marbled dark and white chocolate, with a toasted almond exterior. And it most certainly is something to write home about.

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    How To Make Boston Cream Pie Recipe:

    STEP ONE: First, make the pastry cream. Then let it chill in the fridge for at least two hours.

    STEP TWO: Next, make the yellow cake and pour it into the prepared cake pans. Bake for about 20-25 minutes and then let cool.

    STEP THREE: After the cakes are cooled, assemble the cake by placing one cake in the center of the cake plate. Then spread the pastry cream evenly onto the cake.

    STEP FOUR: Place the second cake round on top of the pastry cream. Set it in the fridge while you prepare the chocolate glaze.

    STEP FIVE: Make the chocolate glaze.

    STEP SIX: Then, pour the chocolate glaze onto the center of the cake. Spread the glaze to the edge of the cake, allowing some of the glaze to drip down the sides of the cake.

    STEP SEVEN: Finally, chill the cake in the fridge for at least three hours.

    STEP EIGHT: Slice and serve!

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    Boston Cream Pie: The Pie That’s Actually A Cake

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    This is the original. Rolled in toasted walnuts and topped with chocolate fondant, the Boston cream pie was first created right here in 1856 by the hotel’s first chef, Sanzian. Available in full size as well as miniatures .

    Pastry chef Kate Holowchik’s tropical play on a Boston cream pie, available for a limited time, consists of yellow cake layered with yellow cake-infused panna cotta, toasted coconut ice cream, chocolate ganache and sauce, pina colada pastry cream, and coconut crumble.

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    Is Bavarian Cream The Same As Boston Cream

    * Bavarian cream uses both whipped cream and heavy cream while Boston cream mainly uses milk and eggs and is custard as well. * Boston cream is served mostly with chocolate while Bavarian cream is usually served with fruit sauce or suit puree. * Bavarian has powder on it while Boston cream has chocolate on top.

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