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Are Tart Cherries And Sour Cherries The Same

Tart Cherry varieties

Yes, tart and sour cherries are basically the same thing.

Tart cherries are smaller than the average Bing cherry, they are thin skinned and taste tart. I like them, but cant really eat more than 5 at a time.

If you like these cherries or have some on hand and dont want to miss out, you can use them in pies, cakes, ice cream, or cocktails, to add a sour, acidic hint to your recipe.

These arent usually found at the supermarket fresh, but you can get them at a Farmers market or from someone who has a sour cherry tree. Frozen ones could be found at some stores year round.

They stay in season usually for a few weeks and are highly perishable

Dwarf Trees Deliver The Best Pie Cherry Available

Why Romeo and Juliet Cherry Trees?

Searching for the perfect cherry but don’t have much room in your garden? Look no further than the Romeo andJuliet Cherry Trees, two dwarf specimen trees that do the work for you while taking very little space.

This two-pack is ideal for small spaces.If your gardening space is limited, these trees fit the bill…literally. Because they only grow to 5 to 8 feet tall and come in an easy pack for pollination, you can plant them almost anywhere and get up to 25 pounds of cherries each season!

Plus, they deliver one of the sweetest pie cherries available. The deep-red Romeo and Juliet Cherry Trees give you sugary flavor with the perfect note of acidity, making for a rich, complex taste that complements your favorite recipes. And since each cherry has a smaller pit, you get more fruit than ever before.

Even better is the fact that this duo is hardy to -40 degrees. Nothing can stop the Romeo and Juliet Cherry Trees from producing delicious, home-grown fruit! And though it takes about three years to get fruit, it’s worth the wait…you’ve never experienced cherries this flavorful.

Why Fast-Growing-Trees.com is Better

We’ve groomed this duo for you, so they’re ready to thrive. Get the sweetest, freshest cherries in only a few seasons order your Romeo and Juliet Cherry Trees today, before they’re gone!

Tart Cherry Concentrate Juice

Tart Cherry Concentrate homemade juice concentrate that could be diluted with either filtered or sparkling water for an amazing, sweet and flavorful drink. This can be added to cocktails, too.

Have you ever tried Montgomery tart cherry juice concentrate? It is so good! While todays sour cherry concentrate is not made with Montgomery tart cherries, it still tastes awesome! No preservatives, not too sweet.

Luckily I have a couple of tart cherry trees in the backyard so I was able to enjoy them fresh and also preserve some for the coming months.Quick, easy to make with minimal ingredients and effort, this juice tastes refreshing and is rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium and iron.

Tart cherries contain antioxidants, that can reduce inflammation and swelling. They also boost your metabolism and help you sleep well.

This juice contains sugar it is not just sour cherries squeezed to extract the juice. It is more of an old school, European style concentrate, that you dilute with water and enjoy on a hot summer day.

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How To Grow Meteor Cherries

Meteor Sour cherries are grown often by finding a local cherry tree at a nursery or ordering one online to be delivered to your home. Nature Hills is a great option for an online store as they have a variety of trees and will deliver a healthy bare root tree ready to be planted right onto your doorstep. Nature Hills provides an assortment of fruit trees of all shapes and sizes, allowing you to have a backyard fruit orchard in no time. Ordering from an online nursery provides convenience and ease of starting your home garden and start growing cherries sooner rather than later.

After you find your sour cherry tree or order one online it is time to figure out where you can plant your tree for optimal growth. Meteor Sour Cherries do best in full sun and grow well in hardiness zones 4-8. They are also considered a dwarf variety so they rarely surpass a height of ten feet tall, making them a perfect choice for many peopleâs backyards. Finding an optimal planting site beforehand ensures you will have all of the right conditions ready for your new plant to grow strong and healthy.

While many cherry trees donât have to be pruned, it is recommended to prune sour cherry trees in the early spring to train them how you want them to grow. The Meteor Cherry is genetically a dwarf variety, but training your plant will help increase your harvest and keep your plant healthy.

Napoleon Royal Ann Sweet Cherry Tree

Montmorency Pie Cherry Tree

Napoleon Royal Ann Sweet Charity is unlike any other cherry tree because the cherries it produces are not completely red, they are a beautiful yellow and red color which makes this a very unique and beautiful cherry tree.

The tasty Sweet cherries this tree will produce start to become ripe in late June and you should be aware this tree is not self-pollinating so you will need another cherry tree not necessarily the same variety growing nearby so that they can pollinate each other.

This tree will be shipped bare root which should enable it to start growing quicker when you plant it in the soil.


  • You will love this Napoleon Royal Ann cherry tree as the red and yellow cherries are completely unique and unlike any other cherry.
  • This tree will arrive bare root so all you have to do is plant it in some soil and give it a feed of water and fertilizer and it will quickly become settled and start to grow into a healthy cherry tree.
  • When you plant one of these cherry trees you will love the uniqueness of them you will probably want to grow more of them as they are totally beautiful trees.

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How To Choose Tart Cherry Trees

Tart cherries, also known as acid or sour cherries, are more acidic than their sweet cherry cousins. This makes them much more useful in the kitchen, where cooking and preserving works on the acid content and develops rich tangy flavors.

Tart cherries usually belong to the species Prunus cerasus, whereas sweet cherries are in the species Prunus avium.

There are essentially two categories of tart cherries. The Morello types, which have dark flesh and dark juice, and a sweet / tart flavor, and the Montmorency types, also known as Amarelles, which have lighter flesh and clearer juice and less sugar. Both types originated from Europe.

The ripening times of tart cherries are generally a bit later than for sweet cherries – an early-season tart cherry will ripen in the middle of the sweet cherry season.

Tart cherries often have good levels of healthy anthocyanins.

Sweet Cherry Trees Vs Sour Cherry Trees

Because sweet cherry trees bloom earlier in the spring than sour cherry trees, sweet cherry trees can’t be grown in many northern climates. Check the variety’s hardiness zone to make sure it is suitable for your grow zone. Gurney’s offers a selection of dwarf cherry trees for sale, including Carmine Jewel, Romeo, Juliet and Wowza, that are very cold hardy and produce fruits with a wonderfully complex, sweet-tart flavor.

Some cherry trees require another cherry tree for pollination. In general, sweet cherry trees require another tree for pollination sour cherry and Gurney’s dwarf cherry trees are self-pollinating. Again, check this information on the individual varieties before buying cherry trees.

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Dwarf Bing Cherry Tree

The dwarf bing cherry tree can grow to 20 feet tall but the tree you will receive in this package is only five or six feet tall.

When you receive this tree there is a possibility that will have dried out in the post so you should quickly give it a good water and it will spring back to life again.

The bing cherry tree will start to produce cherries earlier than most other varieties and the cherries it does produce are some of the tastiest cherries available from any tree, a single tree will produce many pounds of fruit although this is not a self-pollinating tree so you will need at least two trees for the purpose of pollination.


  • Beware if you order this tree during the winter season when it arrives it will be dormant and look like a big stick with no leaves and this is normal.
  • If you plant this tree the same day you receive it and give it a good water and fertilize it you will eventually have a healthy cherry tree that produced cherries.
  • If you soak the roots of this tree in water for 2 hours before you plant it the chances of a healthy tree will be dramatically increased.
  • You will need at least 2 of these cherry trees to pollinate each other as this is not a self-pollinating variety.

What Does A Meteor Cherry Taste Like

Growing compact sour cherries for high-density systems in Michigan

A Meteor Cherry is considered a sour cherry because of its tart and tangy flavor. There are various varieties of cherries that are sweet, but sour cherries are an entirely separate category.

As you begin to harvest your tart cherry tree, you will be greeted by large, plump red fruit, and as you take a bite, your welcome with a yellow interior bursting with unique flavors. Tart cherry is a lot more acidic than their sweet cherry counterparts, which is one reason they work better in cherry pies and cobblers. More often than not, sour cherries like the Montmorency and Meteor hold their shape and flavor remarkably well when cooked, steamed, or canned.

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Wild Black Cherry Tree

Wild black cherry trees are some of the most popular cherry trees you find in North America and that is because they are perfectly suited to the climate.

This is a pack of 2 cherry trees which is good because they are not self-pollinating so you need to have two trees if you do want cherries.

The trees you will receive will be between 3 and 6 feet tall and it will be pruned right down so that it can be mailed, however, bear in mind if you order these trees during the winter they will be dormant so therell be no leaves on them.


  • If you plant this tree in the ground straight away when you receive it you should notice fresh growth within a couple of weeks.
  • When you plant this tree in the ground i recommend you fertilize it to give it a boost whilst it gets settled.
  • When your tree starts to produce cherries they are an excellent cherry for making cherry ice cream out of.
  • When you plant this tree like any other tree you need patients and it will eventually start to grow and turn into a cherry producing tree.

Common Cherry Tree Types

  • Chelan has an upright, vigorous habit with fruit that matures two weeks ahead of Bing cherries and are resistant to cracking.
  • Coral has large, firm fruit with excellent flavor and low susceptibility to cracking.
  • Critalin bears early and is an excellent pollinizer and bears dark, red, juicy fruit.
  • Rainier is a mid-season cherry that is yellow with a red blush.
  • Early Robin matures a week earlier than Rainier. It is mild in flavor with a semi-free stone and a heart shape.
  • Bing cherries are large, dark and one of the most common commercially sold cherries.
  • Black Tartarian is a terrific bearer of large purple-black, sweet, juicy fruit.
  • Tulare is similar to Bing and stores well for a long time.
  • Glenare has very large, sweet, clingstone type fruit of dark red.
  • Utah Gold has larger, firmer fruit than Bing and is partially freestone.
  • Van has reddish black, sweet cherries and is an excellent pollinator.
  • Attika is a late-blooming cherry tree with large, dark fruit.
  • Regina has fruit that is mild and sweet and tolerant to cracking.
  • Emperor Francis is a white- or yellow-fleshed cherry that is sweet and often used as maraschino cherries.
  • Ulster is another sweet cherry, black in color, firm and moderately resistant to rain cracking.
  • English Morello is a sour type of cherry prized by pie makers and for commercial juices.
  • Montmorency is the most popular variety of sour cherry, making up 96% of the total production for commercial pie fillings and toppings.

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What Is Juice Concentrate

A juice concentrate is where the water content from the fruit has been removed. It is usually kept frozen to extend its shelf life.

This tart cherry concentrate juice has sugar added once the fruit juice is removed, which acts like a preservative. It is quite sweet, so you do need to dilute it with water or soda, before consumption.

Are fruit concentrates healthy? With the amount of sugar in this recipe, you can easily say they are not! But again, you can use low carb sweetener instead of white sugar.

Also anything consumed in moderation is not as bad as when you can not control yourself and over consume stuff.

There are 3 different types of fruit concentrate:

  • 100% fruit concentrate Concentrates made from 100% fruit are the healthiest option available. They contail the most nutrients and have no added sugar. However, they may still contain additives for color and preservation
  • Concentrated fruit cocktail, punch or beverage these contain sweeteners and flavorings to compensate the lack of whole fruit
  • Powdered juice concentrate made from dehydrated fruit by spraying and freeze drying, These generally take up less space.

Stella Organic Sweet Cherry Tree

Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry

The Stella sweet cherry tree is one of the most popular cherry trees probably because the cherries it produces are absolutely tasty.

This is an organic cherry tree specimen so you can be sure that this is one of the most natural and healthy cherry trees you can find.

This tree will produce plentiful amounts of heart-shaped cherries which are ideal for eating fresh, canning, or freezing.

The cherries on this tree will start to ripen around June time and there is the bonus that this is a self-pollinating cherry tree so you only need one of them and it will produce plentiful amounts of these beautiful cherries.


  • Well packaged Stella cherry tree so it will arrive in good condition even though it is posted via mail.
  • If the roots are dried out when it arrives just give it some water and fertilizer and it will come back to life and flourish.
  • You will look forward to the delicious cherries this tree will produce every year.
  • After you plant this tree it should start to flourish and new growth should appear after a few weeks.

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