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Delicious Fry Bread! A Native American Recipe!

Once the oil reaches 375 F, carefully add the first disc to the pan and fry it until it’s golden brown on one side. This should take about 1 minute. Then, flip it over and fry the other side until it’s golden brown, too.

Remove the cooked bread disc to the paper towel-lined plate or baking sheet so the excess oil can drop off. “I prefer to layer the bread with paper towels on a plate so they stay warm,” Rapone says.

Repeat the frying process with the remaining dough discs, then enjoy!

Authentic Indian Fry Bread Recipe

Authentic Indian Fry Bread Recipe is a classic Navajo recipe that is so easy to make and completely delicious! The dough is deep fried until golden brown and covered in savory or sweet toppings to enjoy!

Fry bread is one of those things that is so amazing, but so few people know about it! I first discovered it last time I went out west when I ordered a Navajo taco, curious about what kind of spin on a classic Mexican meal it would be, and it came out flat on what looked like a deep-fried tortilla. Intrigued, I bit in and was amazed by the texture of the shell of this taco! It was light and crispy on the outside and a bit denser, more bread-like on the inside. It complemented the rest of the fixings on the taco perfectly!

Make sure you plan ahead when you make fry bread and try to make the amount that you plan on eating. Fry bread doesnt save too well since it gets a bit soggy but the recipe is easy to cut in half or double, depending on how many people you are feeding.

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Where Did Indian Fry Bread Come From

This is traditional fry bread used by the Native Americans. This particular iteration was created in the 1860s by the Navajo Nation.

They were given flour, salt, baking powder, and lard by the US Government to sustain them on their forced Long Walk from Arizona to New Mexico.

I live in Arizona, about 4 miles from a Reservation. They have fry bread stands located throughout that particular reservation where they sell Navajo/Indian Tacos, although it isnt a Navajo-specific reservation.

NOTE: In Utah and Southern Idaho, they call these scones.

Indian fry bread is so yummy!

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Native American Style Gluten Free Fry Bread

This recipe is an old, attempted and also true recipe. The issue most people have with it is that it takes also long to make. However if you take this recipe as well as split the actions any way you want, its a no-fail recipe that can be carried out in 2 hours time or less. even the 2-hour surge time is not needed if you dont intend to wait for the dough to climb once again after forming. simply shape it, bake it then cool it on a shelf for a few mins. then gnaw

I make the effort to bake my own Bread Recipe since it is simple as well as quick to do. So I conserved my time to do something that make me happier. All of us like to be satisfied, right?

This is just one of the recipes with a mix of ingredients, in order to make it above the amount of its components. Its really unusual that youll discover a recipe similar to this one. The end outcome, nevertheless, is absolutely worth it.

Recipe Notes And Helpful Tips

Native American Fry Bread Recipe
  • Add just enough water for the dough to pull together which is usually 1 cup however flour contains moisture so it may be a tiny bit less.
  • Stir just until the dough ingredients are combined. Over mixing can make the fry bread tough.
  • Cover and let rest for at least one hour.
  • Flour your hands and the working surface.
  • Roll the dough in balls and then pat out to 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick.
  • Fry one or two to begin with so you have time to adjust the thickness if desired.

This super easy Fry Bread is scrumptious, simple and easy on the pocket book. Fry up a batch this morning and sprinkle with cinnamon and brown sugar while still warm. So delicious! Not a huge sweet breakfast fan? Well then make a batch of fry bread this evening and cook up some super flavorful Tacos!

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How Do You Make Fry Bread

In medium bowl whisk flour, baking powder and salt. Slowly stir in warm water with a fork and mix until dough comes together. Cover with wrap and let rest at least 1 2 hours. This is a sticky dough so you will need to flour your hands and the working surface. Pull off a piece a little smaller than a golf ball. Roll into a ball as best you can, then pat it out like a mini pizza. You can also roll them out. They should be a little more than 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Dont worry if they are not all round or the exact same size.

In a heavy pan heat 1-2 inches of oil to 375 degrees. Fry until the bread is golden brown and puffs up. Then turn and fry the other side until golden brown. Roll and fry as you go that way if you want them thinner or thicker you can adjust accordingly. Remove to paper towels to drain and cool enough to handle.

How To Serve It

  • Sprinkle the fry bread with a little cinnamon and sugar.
  • Dust fry bread with powdered sugar and add a drizzle of honey or syrup.
  • Serve the bread as a taco salad base or with taco toppings . Be sure to make the circles of dough very thin for this use.
  • Cut hot fry bread into wedges and serve with salsa or a dipping sauce.

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How Do You Make Fry Bread Tacos

While you are the making the bread brown some ground beef. Add the taco seasoning and water. Simmer for five to ten minutes. Spoon the taco meat on to the warm bread. Top with shredded cheese, tomatoes, green onions, black olives and sour cream. Serve as soon as possible while everything is tasty and warm.

What Makes This Native American Fry Bread Recipe Better

Navajo Fry Bread ( Navajo Taco & Dessert)

The answer is simple, Simplicity, Foolproof, Straightforward, and Tested. Yes, all recipes have been tested before posting including this Native American Fry Bread.

Ready to make this Native American Fry Bread Recipe? Lets do it!

Oh, before I forgetIf youre looking for recipes that are simple to follow, then weve got your back. With over 55,000 recipes in our database, weve got the best recipes youre craving for.

6 c Luke warm water 2 pk Yeast or 2 Tbs powdered -yeast 1/2 c Milk 1 c Oil

Add water to a large bowl. Add yeast to water stir till disolved. Add sugar, salt, milk, oil and stir till disolved. Add flour 2-3 cups at a time and mix. Keep adding flour till all is in. It gets thick. Knead to finish the mixing. Knead till it stays together: not shiny, or hard, but it will stick to the fingers. Cover with wax paper and tuck it in around the ball. Cover entire bowl with a towel and let rise 30 minutes. Remove wax paper . Oil hands, sprinkle the top of the ball with a little flour, and re-knead. Knead till it is no longer sticking to hands or bowl. Heat 48 oz. Of oil to 365 degrees. Test oil?make a golf ball sized ball, put into oil. If the ball rises to the surface of the oil quickly, it is ready. Take another piece of dough, about tennis ball size and pull it out thin. Put a hole in the middle to keep it from bubbling up with air. Brown on each side for 1 minute, until evenly brown. Shake off excess oil.

Excess dough may be frozen for future use.


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What’s The Difference Between Fry Bread And Sopapillas

Many cultures throughout the world have a version of fried bread. Native American fry bread and sopapillas are two types that are nearly identical and have similar origins. During the 1860s, the Navajo people and other tribes were resettled onto reservations in eastern New Mexico. Fry bread made good use of the government rations they relied on, which included flour, sugar, salt, and lard. Around the same time, residents of older New Mexico towns received the same ingredients and they too created a fluffy, crispy fry bread that became known as sopaipilla in Spanish. The Navajo version is round, while sopapillas are typically square. The recipes for each vary greatly, though sopapillas most often use shortening and water rather than fry bread’s milk.

Can Fry Bread Be Made Ahead Of Time

Fry Bread is best served hot and out of the fryer. We do not recommend frying these up ahead of time. However, you can make your dough the night before, cover your bowl with plastic wrap, and let it rest in the fridge overnight rather than on the counter for 2 hours. In the morning, take out your bowl and leave it on the counter to get to room temperature. Then proceed with recipe.

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Authentic Navajo Fry Bread

Some people say that Indian fry bread does not have yeast. I might have believed that until I saw a Native American chef make her fry bread with yeast. The truth is, there are just as many versions of Indian fry bread as there are kitchens.

Both versions of this recipe are equally delicious. So, you choose: with or without yeast. If you love working with yeast or if you want to freeze part or all of the dough, I recommend using the recipe that includes yeast.

On the other hand, if you want a fast and easy fry bread recipe, use the quick version that uses baking powder. It only takes 10 minutes to gather the ingredients and mix the dough. By the time you heat the oil and cook the dough, you will have fry bread in under 25 minutes.

What Other Recipes You Can Make With The Fry Bread

Navajo Fry Bread
  • As soon the fry bread comes out of the fryer dust with powdered sugar and serve with fresh maple syrup.
  • When warm top with a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. They are just as delicious as a bakery doughnut.
  • Take your peanut butter and jelly sandwich to all new high. Just be sure to add the peanut butter first because it makes it easier to spread peanut butter on warm fry bread.
  • Pile on chicken or steak fajitas for an original taste and filling meal.

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Can Fry Bread Be Frozen

Fry bread can be frozen for up to three months. Wipe the oil off with a paper towel once the bread cools and wrap it tightly in plastic, then place it in a freezer bag. For better results, freeze the uncooked dough when it’s still in the ball shape using the same type of packaging. Thaw the dough overnight in the refrigerator, unwrap it and let it reach room temperature before shaping and frying as normal.

Native American Fry Bread Recipe

The best delicious Native American Fry Bread recipe with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that are straightforward and foolproof. Try this Native American Fry Bread recipe today!

Hello my friends, this Native American Fry Bread recipe will not disappoint, I promise! Made with simple ingredients, our Native American Fry Bread is amazingly delicious, and addictive, everyone will be asking for more Native American Fry Bread.

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How To Make Indian Fry Bread Made Easy

Yummy Indian Fry Bread is a flat dough bread fried or deep fried in oil. This simple recipe is made with only a few ingredients and can be served in various ways for a sweet or savory approach. Honey, jam, powdered sugar or topped with fruit is a favorite dessert but don’t forget about Navajo Tacos where you pile on your favorite savory toppings for a full meal.

Indian Fry Bread Recipe Published March 2019 ~ Republished July 2021

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Frybread can be called so many things. I grew up calling them Scones but had roommates who called them Navajo Taco Bread or Indian Frybread. Fry Bread is a Native American Bread that has been carried down from generation to generation and made with simple ingredients of flour, water, salt, and a little hot water.

Growing up I was served scones as a treat with powdered sugar and honey and oh how I loved them. Never knowing how amazing this delicious Fry Bread could be with savory toppings, I only knew the sweet taste of these scones.

Of course, as I got older and being offered a Navajo Taco my eyes were opened to the possibilities!

As much as I love Indian Fry Bread as a sweet treat, I also love when paired with mouth-watering beef in a taco sauce piled high with my favorite toppings. How do you prefer your Indian Frybread? I’d love to hear!

Traditional Indian Fry Bread

How To Make Native American Fry Bread – Authentic Recipe You Can Make From Home

Traditional Fry bread is a flat dough bread, fried, that magically puffs like little pillows of happiness! Made with simple ingredients, this delicious authentic fry bread can be eaten alone or with various toppings like butter & honey, jam, or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

I can honestly say this recipe is a dream come true! Its not only super easy to make, but if youre a bread loving carb-a-vore like myselfthe only thing better than freshly baked homemade breadis Fried Bread!

What. Could. Be. Better? Oh I dont knowmaybe slathering it with lots of butter and then drizzling it with loads of honey!

I had never had Native American Fry Bread until we moved to Utah. Its a huge favorite at County Fairs, and the local Pow Wow event held each year by the local Native Americans, here in our beautiful State.

The first time that golden disc hit my taste budsit was LOVE!

A true deep immediate abiding love! I love bread of any kinds. I try to keep our relationship a little distant, otherwiseone of us would blow- up like the Good Year Blimp!

I assumed Fry bread would be difficult. Its notin fact its pretty easy to make and only takes a few minutes to whip up! There are multiple versions of fry bread, from yeast to sweet breads. Everyone has an opinion about this recipe, and what is original or traditional. No disrespect is intended. This is the recipe I found works best for me and is delicious.

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How To Make Fry Bread

This recipe for Indian Fry Bread only requires FOUR ingredients! Chances are you probably already have them on hand, they are:

DOUGH. Sift flour, salt, and baking powder together in a medium bowl. Add hot water.

Mix with your hands until dough forms . Cover and let rest for 10 minutes.

PREP. While dough is resting, add oil to a large sauce pan that is about 1-2 inches deep and heat on MED-HIGH heat .

DOUGH BALLS. Break off the pieces of dough into golf-ball sized balls . Using a pastry roller or rolling pin, roll the dough onto a lightly floured surface to about 6-7 inches in diameter .

FRY + ENJOY. Fry each piece in hot oil until dough is golden brown and poofs up . Continue to fry on the other side, keeping it in the oil. Set on a paper towel lined plate to drain oil.

NOTE: As always, anything fried is best served fresh, so keep than in mind.

How To Make Navajo Tacos

If you want to make Navajo Tacos you would use your favorite taco fillings or honestly the ingredients for a 7-layer dip would be used quite a bit, and place them right on top.

Usually, beans are used either whole beans or refried beans. Those would go on top first followed by other toppings like ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, black olives, etc.

Of course back in the 1860s they didnt have all those extra toppings. These are sold all over the reservation near me, so good.

You can also find them at theme parks, and other places.

A sweet variation, and one of my favorite ways to eat the traditional Navajo Frybread, is to drizzle a little honey on it and then dust with powdered sugar.

You can put any of your favorite pancake or waffle toppings on it as well. Savory or sweet, it is up to you.


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How Long Will It Last

The frybread that you made can last for a few days. That is if you store it in an airtight container or a Ziploc bag at room temperature. Avoid putting it in a warm place as it can reduce its shelf life.

You can reheat it the next day then just add your favorite toppings on top. Aside from that, you can also wrap it in aluminum foil and pop it in the oven for reheating. Of course, it is always better if you make it fresh. Aside from that, it is possible to freeze your delicious fry bread to last for months.

Are Elephant Ears The Same As Fry Bread

Native American Fry Bread Recipe

They are both very similar and consist of fried dough. The main difference is toppings.

Elephant Ears are normally sweet and topped with cinnamon and sugar. Fry bread is traditionally savory and can even be turned into a taco shell.

You will be so glad you tried these. They taste amazing and can be made with very little time.

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