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Can I Order Different Kinds Of Chicken Pot Pie Delivery In Denver

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In Denver, across all the restaurants and shops, there are around 20 menu items for Chicken Pot Pie delivery or that come with Chicken Pot Pie. Whether youre in the mood for the Chicken Pot Pie from Scratch Kitchen Food Hall or another kind of Chicken Pot Pie delivery, find something that speaks to you then order it online.

The Best Chicken Pot Pie In Denver

Enjoy the best Chicken Pot Pie delivery in Denver with Uber Eats. Enter your address to browse the restaurants and shops offering Chicken Pot Pie delivery near you, then start comparing your options. Once youve placed your Chicken Pot Pie order online or via the Uber Eats app, you can track its arrival.

Chicken Pot Pie Delivery In Denver

Order Chicken Pot Pie for delivery or pickup from a local restaurant or shop in Denver. Compare your options for Chicken Pot Pie delivery then place your order online.

Scratch Kitchen Food Hall

Kin & Co. Comfort Kitchen

Zoup! Eatery

Boston Market

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

Potbelly Sandwich Shop


Safeway Express


Perkins Restaurant & Bakery




Village Inn


Denver Biscuit + Fat Sullys by Atomic Provisions – S Broadway

Dave’s Hot Chicken


Café & Bakery Chéri

Union Jack’s Fish and Chips

Denver Biscuit + Fat Sullys by Atomic Provisions – Colfax

Church’s Chicken

Denver Biscuit + Fat Sullys by Atomic Provisions – Tennyson

Bakery by Perkins

It’s Just Wings

7 Leguas Mexican Grille

American Grilled Cheese Company


6602-Bonefish Grill

Buffalo Wild Wings GO

Bonchon Chicken

Fontana Sushi

Outback Steakhouse

Gyros Town Restaurant 2276

Benny Blanco’s Slice of the Bronx – 13th


Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro& Sushi

Jack in the Box

South Philly Cheese Steaks

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Dog Haus- Central Park


7 Leguas Mexican Grille

The Burger Den

Las Potrancas Mexican Restaurant

Wayback Burger

No Que No Authentic Mexican Food

Portico Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant and bar

Pei Wei

Taco John’s

Urban Sombrero Bar & Grill

BlackJack Pizza

Carl’s Jr.

Good Times

Bubba Chinos Mexican Grilled Burritos

Hamburger Stand

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

Del Taco

East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi

Pizza 72

South Garden

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Best Single Serving: Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery

Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery

Ackroyd’s, a family business in operation since 1949, has perfected this traditional Scottish hand pie.

  • Expensive shipping for small orders

If you’re looking for single-serving chicken pot pies, you have to check out Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery. A third-generation family business, Ackroyd’s first opened as a Scottish butcher shop, making haggis, bangers, and black pudding for Detroit’s Scottish immigrants. Soon customers began asking for traditional Scottish meat pies. When the Akroyds complied, their savory pies proved so successful that the butcher shop became a bakery.

Ackroyd’s single-serving chicken pot pies are round with crust on all sides. Each generous 6-ounce portion is stuffed with chicken, carrots, peas, and potatoes. The traditional pastries generate a lot of customer enthusiasm, with reviews reporting sentiments like, “The chicken pot pies were the best!!” and “Perfect for a light meal. One of the most delicious pot pies we have had. I would definitely order them again!”

Ackroyd’s pot pies come in packs of four, each selling for about $20. Shipping, which can be quite expensive, is not included in the price unless your order is over $150, so stock up and freeze them for later.

The Heritage Bar & Restaurant

Opened Chicken Pot Pie

960 McLean Ave, Yonkers 914.776.7532

Hearty and luscious, the pot pie at this always warm and welcoming Irish sports bar and family-friendly restaurant is homemade from start to finish.

The chicken is roasted, then smothered in a smooth, creamy gravy, containing a hint of white wine and enough peas, sweet corn, carrots, and potatoes to satisfy all of Ireland. A hefty hunk of fluffy, buttery puff pastry rests on top, begging to be considered a meal on its own.

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Kfc’s Pot Pies Are Made On An As

The fact that KFC’s pot pies are made with leftover chicken doesn’t mean that they sit in the back of the refrigerator for eons until someone decides to order one. Citing prior experience as a KFC manager, Reddit user panetrain said that while the leftover chicken might be shredded, bagged, and stored after closing time, the pot pies themselves are actually prepared “as needed” over the course of the day. So although the KFC employee in the viral TikTok video appears to be preparing quite a few pot pies at once, it might not reflect how freshly baked the pot pies actually are when served to customers.

As panetrain explained, “We take a pie tin, scoop a mix of sauce/vegetables add chicken and put a flat frozen top on it.” This, of course, isn’t nearly as fresh as making it at home from scratch, but at least you know the KFC pot pies aren’t just being reheated after long stints in the freezer. And let’s not forget that this is fast food we’re talking about, so if you want pot pie in the time it takes to wait in line at the drive-thru, this is probably as good as it’s going to get.

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Chicken Pot Pie At Dotties Diner

Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot PiiiiiiiiiiiiieDotties Diner, Woodbury

Since this page was written, Dotties has moved. They now have a bigger and better space on the same road, slightly south of the original location.

We dont exactly live near Woodbury. Its not on the way to anywhere we go with frequency. And yet, this was our 3rd or 4th visit to the strip mall eatery and I can assure you that well be back again.

I love Dotties Diner. We came for the cinnamon doughnuts. and stayed for the meals. After giving Dotties the nod for the best doughnut in the state, we were eager to have the lauded chicken pot pie for lunch. And really, who wouldnt love a hot chicken pot pie on a chilly autumn day?

Wed already been to the Beardsley Cider Mill and Jones Family Winery down in Shelton, so this was the topper to our perfect New England Fall day. Damian had found his second wind, and we were seated and ordered

Roadfood Says

The CTMQ Experience

Im not sure what more I can say. I grew up on, and continued to eat, Swansons Chicken pot pies well into adulthood. Then I married Hoang and she unveiled a homemade version and I started making money, so those one dollar microwave specials are relics of my kitchens past.

Dotties pie is phenomenal. Everything about it was on point the crust, the chicken, the gravy, the veggies Im not a big mashed potato fan, but I licked my plate clean of these things.

Kfc’s Pot Pies Are Technically Made According To Tradition

A Brooklyn restaurant sells chicken pot pie ramen

While KFC’s Fresh vs. Classic commercial boasts that “KFC’s pot pie is as fresh as it is classic,” footage by one KFC employee suggests otherwise. A since-deleted TikTok video posted by @modaciouss that’s now viewable on shows a batch of the restaurant’s signature pot pies being made, beginning with a tub of white powder that forms gravy when combined with water. The employee then whisks in a bag of veggies and tops the mixture off with cooked chicken from two separate Ziploc bags. @modaciouss doesn’t speak in the video, but one self-identified former manager commenting on a Reddit AMA said, “Pot pies are made with chicken left over after close. The chicken is deboned and shredded by hand. The chicken is separated into bags.”

It might sound less than appealing to use leftover chicken in a freshly baked pot pie, but this method happens to be how traditional pot pie is made. Eater reveals that chicken pot pies have contained leftover meat for centuries. So while KFC’s pot pie may not be entirely fresh in the classic sense of the word, the recipe sounds pretty close to authentic.

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Docs Pot Pies At The Winthrop Arms

You dont need to be an overnight guest to dig into the popular chicken pot pies served by this operation at the Winthrop Arms hotel and restaurant. In fact, you just need a smartphone: Theyre available for delivery via UberEatsjust consider it a particularly generous extension room service. Since youre double-tapping, add to your cart an order of the also-awesome mac n cheese, plus a caramel-covered apple crisp to get all of Docs comfort-food medicine.

130 Grovers Ave., Winthrop, 617-846-4000,

Kfc Is Committed To Reducing Food Waste

An obvious and perhaps underrated benefit of KFC pot pies is that they reduce food waste, something the company seems to care a fair deal about. In a 2020 press release on its website, KFC affirmed its commitment to keeping perfectly edible chicken from being needlessly tossed out. KFC Italia has even spent years encouraging customers to take home their uneaten chicken for later. Parent company Yum! Brands revealed that unused chicken is also donated to hunger relief organizations throughout the U.S. That effort is an extension of Harvest, KFC’s food donation program, which began combating food insecurity in 1999.

KFC donates a serious amount of chicken over 83 million pounds since Harvest started. In March, QSR reported that the chain would donate a million pieces of chicken to Meals on Wheels to help the elderly. Of course, quality control concerns mean some chicken can’t be donated or turned into pot pie filling. As a KFC manager explained in a Reddit AMA, “We have holding times on everything, so if it’s not sold within a specified time it’s thrown.”

Though not all the food can be saved, KFC seemingly pulls out all the stops to do so. Making pot pies with leftover chicken, therefore, isn’t just the restaurant being cheap or trying to get away with stretching its product for as long as possible. So even if you’re not a fan of the upcycling involved in KFC’s pot pie recipe, there’s no denying that it aids in a worthy cause.

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The 11 Best Places For Pot Pies In Minneapolis

Chicken Pot Pie

Lauren Melcher: Chicken pot pie! Do it.

Cole Kennedy: It’s not often you find an unbelievable chicken pot pie at a restaurant, but you can at Copper Hen. Order it!

Thomas Brasseur: Brunch!! The coffee drinks and cupcakes are great too!

NMarie: Jist tried the vegetable curry pot pie and it is AMAZING! I was a bit skeptical, but totally sold right now

Deanna Boss: Amazingly clean & well organized. Hope it stays that way!

Chris Mochinski: The fresh-squeezed OJ is stupid good.

Grant: Mushroom pot pie is excellent. Try it even if you don’t like mushrooms.

Anne B.: Small plates! Cocktails! Amazing!

Heavy Table: The trio of cured salmon is fresh, silky, and served with a kick-ass dill, rye, and anchovy marinade. Be sure to order the bourbon caramel sundae to top things off. Read more.

Logan More: Try the pot pie at the brand new Urban Eatery – it’s not your traditional pot pie, it’s way better

Rob Mehta: Welcome! Great HH here and awesome views too!

Simon J. Anderson: Best chicken pot pie I’ve ever eaten

Steve Bivans: Cozy Irish pub atmosphere! Very good corned beef sandwich!

Vy Bui: The Chicken pot pie pizza is the shizz

Allyson Miller: gyro pizza is one of the bests !! love going to Mesa whenever I can

Giulia Salvadori: Get the macaroni and cheese pizza. It will knock your socks off. Also, the employees here are amazing!

Brooks West: Meh. Chicken pot pie was ok. Wish their were better sandwich options.

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How Much Do Chicken Pot Pie Delivery Services Charge

Most of the expense from ordering a chicken pot pie for delivery comes from the shipping. To get chicken pot pies delivered, budget at least $80, although for that price you may be able to get multiple pies. If you want to spend less, local delivery from a place like Boston Market is likely your best option.

Best Local/catering: Boston Market

For hot local deliverywhether it’s one chicken pot pie or hundredsBoston Market can make it happen.

  • Local only, no shipping

Founded in 1985, Boston Chicken was a local rotisserie joint until entrepreneur George Naddaff saw an opportunity to nationalize the brand. Rechristened Boston Market in the mid-1990s, the company now has more than 300 locations in 22 states, with New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas home to the majority of franchises.

The chicken pot pie at Boston Market is a substantial 15-ounce serving. It’s made with rotisserie chicken, vegetables, and gravy, baked into a crispy, flaky crust. For an easy night in with the family, enter your ZIP code on Boston Market’s website to see if there’s a nearby location that delivers. For larger gatherings, catering is the way to go. Boston Market can deliver chicken pot pie for up to 5,000 guests. Pies will arrive fresh, hot, and ready to eat. Best of all, each pie is served with a mini loaf of cornbread.

A chicken pot pie sells for around $8. Not all locations deliver and delivery fees apply. Boston Market does not ship chicken pot pies.

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