How To Create A Pie Chart In Google Docs

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Add A Pie Chart Using An Existing Google Sheet

How to Create Pie Chart Graph in Google Docs Document
  • Use this method if you have a pie chart on a Google Sheet that you want to add to a Google Doc.
  • Open the Google document that you want to add the chart to.
  • It will then ask you from which sheet you want to import your pie chart. Find the sheet and click to select it, then click Select.
  • The next window will ask you which graphic you want to import. This is easy if your sheet only has one chart. Select the chart and click Import.

How To Change The Data Range Labels And Values On Pie Chart

Lets say you mistakenly selected the wrong data range for your pie chart. Or that you simply decide to create a pie chart for another data range. You can easily change the data range of your chart on Google Sheets without any hassle.

  • Step 1: Select the pie chart. Click the three vertical dots on the upper-right corner of your chart and select Edit the chart.
  • Step 2: A chart editor will open on the right. Click Setup.
  • Step 3: Go to the Data range field and click Select data range.
  • Step 4: A Select a data range box will appear on your screen. You can now select a new range by highlighting the cells on your sheet or you can manually type in the range inside the text field.
  • Step 5: Once youre done, press OK.

You can also change your pie chart labels and values.

Labels: Click on the Label menu in the chart editor under the Setup section. Then, select different labels.

Values: Click on the Value menu in the chart editor and choose different values. You can also select a new range for values by clicking on the Select a data range option with a table icon.

Using Vlookup To Dynamically Retrieve Data

You want to link your table of data to this Google Sheets drop down menu, so you can chart the data corresponding to the name weve selected.

Create a table using VLOOKUPs to pull in the data from the raw data table, using the value in the Google Sheets drop down menu as the search criteria.

Put these VLOOKUP formulas into cells F2 and G2 respectively:


Add headings to this interactive table: 2013 in F1 and 2014 in G1.

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Add An Existing Pie Chart From Google Sheets

If you have a pie chart along with your data in Sheets, you can easily add it to Documents. For that, open the Docs document where you want to add it. Then go to Insert> Chart> From Sheets.

The interface will display your spreadsheets. Click the one with a pie chart you want to add and hit the Select button.

How To Create A Pie Chart In Google Sheets

How to Put Pie Chart in Google Docs and 9 Ways to Customize It

Become acquainted with the information necessary to perform this fundamental skill in Google Sheets. This will allow you to better consolidate and digest data.

  • How to create a pie chart
  • How to create a doughnut chart
  • How to create a 3D pie chart
  • How to change the legend position
  • A sample sheet to check
  • How to create a pie chart
  • How to create a doughnut chart
  • How to create a 3D pie chart
  • How to change the legend position
  • A sample sheet to check
  • Unsure which chart type to use? to find the right chart for your data and the ideas that you want to convey.

    Google Sheets offers three types of bar charts: the simple bar chart, the stacked bar chart, and the 100% stacked bar chart. This tutorial is a straightforward guide on inserting a bar chart in Google Sheets with some notes on the type of data that it requires you to have.

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    Customize The Pie Chart

    To customize the pie chart, click anywhere on the chart. Then click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the chart. Then click Edit chart:

    In the Chart editor panel that appears on the right side of the screen, click the Customize tab to see a variety of options for customizing the chart.

    First, we can click Pie chart and change the Slice label to Percentage.

    Next, we can click Pie slice and change the individual colors of the slices in the chart if wed like:

    Next, we can click Chart & axis titles and change the Chart title to whatever wed like:

    Next, we can click Legend and change the Position to wherever wed like:

    The final pie chart looks like this:

    Google Docs Pie Charts The Best Methods Of Creating Them

    For starters, you definitely can create a pie chart in Google Docs. But, the process isnt as straightforward compared to other word processing tools.

    Technically, Google Docs offers only one method of creating a pie chart from the tool.

    But, Ill show you another workaround that can help ease the process and even allow for more customization.

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    How To Create A Doughnut Chart

    A somewhat more aesthetic form of pie charts is the doughnut chart, which sports a hole in the center. Functionally, they do the same thing, so the choice between a pie chart and a doughnut chart would depend on the aesthetics you are aiming for.

    Here are the steps in creating a doughnut chart:

    Step 1: Select the range of data that you want to visualize.

    The dataset to be visualized, selected

    Step 2: Click Insert, then click Chart.

    Insert option selected on the main menu, drop down box, Chart highlighted

    Step 3: The selected chart type is not a doughnut chart by default. On the right side, the Chart editor sidebar is loaded. Click the drop-down box below the Chart type. A list of possible chart types will be loaded. Look for the Doughnut chart and click it.

    Chart editor, Setup tab, Chart type, Doughnut chart selected

    Step 4: We now have a doughnut chart. To add a title to the chart, go to the Customize tab in the Chart editor, then click Chart axis & titles.

    Chart editor, Customize tab. Chart & axis titles option highlighted.

    Step 5. If you want to add a chart title, make sure that the drop-down box displays the option Chart title. On the text box below the drop-down box, type the title of the chart.

    Chart & axis titles option. Chart title selected. Title text: Annual Sales 2020.

    Step 6. Here are some options in modifying the title of the chart:

    We now have the following chart!

    Doughnut chart with title and labels

    Change Title Of Pie Chart

    How To Make Pie Chart With Google Docs

    The default title of the pie chart is Points scored. To change it, double-click on the same text in the spreadsheet. Yes, you have to edit it in the spreadsheet and not in Docs.

    When you double click it, you will see the text is selected, and a customization window will open on the right. Type the new name for the title. You can also change the title font, size, and color from the options available under Chart & axis titles in the right window. Click on Update in Google Docs.

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    Create A New Pie Chart

    These are the steps for the same:

    Step 1: Open the Google Docs document where you want to add a pie chart on your PC.

    Step 2: Click Insert, followed by Chart. Then select Pie from the menu.

    Step 3:: A pie chart with sample data will be added in Documents. You will notice that you cannot change the values directly in Docs. For that, you will have to edit the pie chart in Google Sheets .

    How To Create A Form In Pdf

    Apart from understanding the method on how to create a chart on Google Docs to construe data to a better extent, this article also shifts its focus to explain the basic steps on creating a PDF form using PDFelement. You can follow the steps as described below to create a proper form using PDFelement.

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    How To Put Pie Chart In Google Docs And 9 Ways To Customize It

    Charts are perfect tools to show and study numerical values in a pictorial representation. Does that mean and not Docs? Nope. You can make a chart in Google Docs too. Here we will tell you how to add a pie chart in Google Docs and Drawings.

    Simple data offered in text or numbers is boring. To make it attractive and informative, we have various kinds of charts such as bar, column, line, and pie.

    In a pie chart, your data is divided into different sections which appear like slices of a large pie. Lets understand how to create a pie chart in Google Docs. We have also included a bunch of tips to edit your pie charts.

    Customize A Pie Chart In Google Sheets

    How to Put Pie Chart in Google Docs and 9 Ways to Customize It

    Click the Customize tab at the top of the Chart Editor sidebar. Youll see several sections most are available for all .

    Under Chart Style, choose a background color, font style, and chart border color.

    In the Chart & Axis Titles section, change the title, add a subtitle, and format the font.

    Under Legend, position the legend and pick a font style, size, format, and color.

    For pie charts in particular, you have two additional sections to work with: Pie Chart and Pie Slice. These areas let you customize your pie exactly as you like.

    Under Pie Chart, add and adjust a doughnut hole in the center or choose a border color for the pie. You can then add labels to the individual slices if you like. You can pick from Label, Value, Percentage, or Value and Percentage. If you do add slice labels, you can then format the font style, size, format, and color.

    In the Pie Slice section, change the color of individual slices by selecting one in the drop-down list and then picking a color below. You can also use the Distance From Center drop-down box to make specific slices pop out from the middle of the chart.

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    Editing Your Pie Chart

    To edit a chart youve already created, first open the Chart Editor for that graph by selecting the chart and clicking on the 3 dot menu icon in the corner of the chart.

    From the menu that appears, select Edit Chart. The Chart Editor for that graph will open.

    You can then make edits to the chart type, data range, or any of the other chart settings available in the Chart Editor and your chart will update to reflect the changes

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    How To Make Professional Charts In Google Sheets

    Charts are visual summaries of our data. Its much easier to find meaning in a beautifully illustrated pie chart or bar graph than a list of data. A well-placed chartin your presentation can help your audience have an aha! moment to understand your data.

    When I have a large list of data, I frequently will throw it into a chart quickly to analyze it. If Im looking for trends, or the largest part of the whole, it will quickly jump out in a chart. Charts are all about bringing meaning to your data.

    One of my favorite tools to create charts is Google Sheets. Its free and lives inside your browser, so no need to purchase another tool like Microsoft Excel. In this tutorial, Ill teach you how to use Google Sheets to easily create attractive charts.

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    Check How To Insert Pie Chart In Docs

    A pie chart is perhaps the least complex type of chart in information, but you have a lot of expectations regarding the display of your information. In case you use Google Sheets, making a circle outline is just as simple. It is important to organize your information accurately, and there are many options for adjusting the presence of your outline, however, generally speaking, the cycle is basic. In this tutorial exercise, we will give you step-by-step instructions for creating and customizing a pie chart in Google Sheets.

    A pie chart is great for comparing parts within a similar larger class. To make a pie chart, you want to set up your information in a worksheet, then at that point, fill in and format your chart.

    Changing The Color Of A Specific Pie Slice In Google Sheets

    How to Create a Pie Chart in Google Docs

    While Google Sheets come with excellent themes, you may want to change the color of a specific pie slice.

    To do this, double-click to select the respective piece of cake, right-click and select Format pie slice from the available options. Then, choose an appropriate fill color.

    Your pie slice should now be in the color you selected as shown in the screenshot above. This can be repeated for each part of the pie chart as needed.

    Article post on:

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    How To Make A Graph On Google Docs

    is an excellent online word processor like Microsoft Word and its absolutely free to use. We understand that like Microsoft word, you wont get all the features directly on Google Docs. But, there is always a workaround to get the same feature in Google Docs.

    With free of cost, provides you maximum features that fulfill our daily needs and there are few features that we wont get directly but can be achieved with a workaround.

    Coming to the Graph feature, to be honest, we wont get any direct option in but its possible to get it indirectly i.e with the help of Google Spread Sheet.

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    Creating Dynamic Charts In Google Sheets With Drop Down Menus

    In this post Ill show you how to create dynamic charts in Google Sheets, with drop down menus .

    I get lots of questions on how to add interactivity to charts in Google Sheets. Its a great question thats worthy of a detailed explanation.

    Dynamic charts can really enhance reports and dashboards, allowing for more information to be conveyed in the same amount of screen space. This article will show you how to use the data validation method to make a Google Sheets drop down menu to control a dynamic chart.

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    How To Put A Pie Chart In Google Docs And 9 Ways To Customize It

    Graphics are perfect tools for displaying and studying numerical values in a pictorial representation. Does that mean that charts can only be created in Google Sheets and not in Docs? No. You can also make a chart in Google Docs. Here we will tell you how to add a pie chart in Google Docs and Drawings.

    Simple data offered in text or numbers is boring. To make it attractive and informative, we have various types of charts, such as bars, columns, lines, and pie charts.

    In a pie chart, your data is divided into different sections that appear like slices of a large pie. Let’s understand how to create a pie chart in Google Docs. We’ve also included a ton of tips for editing your pie charts.

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