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While there’s a heavy emphasis here on foods to try that aren’t key lime pie, it’s worth mentioning that no trip to the Keys is complete without finding a slice. Those seeking out an authentic key lime pie, though, will have to work a bit harder at finding a place, as it’s not made traditionally everywhere. Supposedly, key lime pie started in Florida in the 20th century and has remained a staple ever since. It’s believed that the original recipe made use of cooked eggs and limes because neither one of them spoiled immediately, which made it a great option for sailors going on long journeys. Additionally, the pie didn’t need to be cooked, which made it convenient. Visitors to the Keys will find this pie in two forms: with a regular pie crust and a Meringue topping, or with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream topping. While this pie is the official state pie of Florida, it must be made with key limes, otherwise, it’s not considered to be the traditional version of the dish.

Blue Heaven: Key West

What can I say? I like a little Key Lime Pie with my meringue! Blue Heaven is famous for its mountain of meringue, which is evenly torched all the way around. And look at how neatly it slices. There was no caving in at the point of the slice. It was perfect. Oh, and the Key Lime layer was pretty good, too! Its a must eat when in Key West! But get there early. They sell out!

Its not just Key Lime Pie, though! Here are the Best Restaurants in Key West.

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The Famous Key Lime Pie Comes In Delicious Variations Sample The Best At These Keys Eateries

Capturing sunshine in a pan, Key lime pie represents the heart and soul of the Florida Keys. Each slice is a reflection of the pioneering spirit that led settlers to these isolated islands in the 1850s. Fresh milk was scarce, but the indigenous Key limes were plentiful. When condensed milk reached the market in 1856, it became the perfect marriage of ingredients. The acidic lime juice when mixed with egg yolks and condensed milk caused the filling to thicken without bakinga process called souring. The creamy concoction was poured into a pastry crust and topped with a whipped meringue made from sugar and the leftover egg whites. A classic dessert, named the official Florida state pie in 2006, was born.

Variations of the original recipe have emerged over the years from the graham cracker crust to whipped cream topping. Only one rule holds true: Key lime pie must be made with real Key limes. In 1965, Florida State Representative Bernie Papy, Jr. even tried to make it illegal for anyone to advertise Key lime pie not made with Key limes. The unique taste of the Key lime is more tart and aromatic than Persian limes, which have a slight bitter flavor. The juice is yellow, making the filling of any Key lime pie a pale yellownever green. Want to embark on your own quest to discover the best Key lime pie? These five restaurants always make the shortlist of favorites in the Florida Keys.

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Tips For Buying Key Limes

Key limes differ from the more commonly available Persian limes in that they are smaller, have more seeds, a thinner rind, and contain a larger volume of juice. When ripe, they are more yellow than green and should feel heavy for their size.

Floridas growing season for this fruit is relatively short , so you may see Mexican-grown Key limes in your market. Be cautious buying these because they are often picked underripe and will not continue to ripen once off the tree. Underripe limes tend to be dry, more acidic, and hard to juice.

If you cant find ripe Key limes, youre much better off using the juice from regular Persian limes in this recipe. Just avoid bottled lime juice as it wont give you the same bright, fresh-squeezed flavor.

Key Lime Pie: The Sweeter Side Of Keys Cuisine

Key Lime Pie (with sour cream)  Salt &  Baker

FLORIDA KEYS — Virtually every travel destination boasts a signature dish that shouldn’t be missed by the curious traveler. For example, there’s New Orleans’ jambalaya, Chicago’s deep-dish pizza and Philadelphia’ cheese steak sandwich. In the Florida Keys & Key West, that dish is Key lime pie.

Key lime pie is made from the Key lime, a fruit indigenous to the Florida Keys that’s smaller and rounder than limes found in a grocery store. Key lime pie is the official pie of the State of Florida, and millions of slices are savored every year by visitors and locals.

While the pie’s exact birthdate and creator are unknown, it was likely created in Key West in the late 19th century predating refrigeration and the Overseas Railway that brought fresh ingredients like milk to the island at high speed.

Recipes for the original Key lime pie did not require refrigeration or baking. Instead, the acid in the Key lime juice reacts chemically with the other ingredients, a process called souring, and “cooks” the pie.

The typical ingredients of an authentic Key lime pie are sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, Key lime juice and a piecrust generally made from butter and graham crackers. The egg yolks give the pie a yellowish coloring green pies are not authentic.

“I’m always amazed that these simple ingredients can make such a wonderful pie,” said Kermit Carpenter, resident Key lime pie expert and the owner of Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe.

Chocolate-dipped on a stick, yum!

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Blue Heaven In Key West

We ate the most delicious breakfast at Blue Heaven, and typically you don’t have dessert with breakfast but when you’re at Blue Heaven, you do. This Key Lime Pie is iconic and a must-try while in Key West.

The Morada Bay Beach Cafe Key Lime Pie is tart and sweet, perfectly paired with fresh berries and whipped cream.

The Green Turtle Inn Mm 812

The Green Turtle, a long time Islamorada landmark, is a restaurant where turtle soup and steaks were legendary before the endangered species was banned from commercial fishing. Still a well-known island hangout, the Green Turtle has a key lime pie that we consider a chefs special on the fancier side. The macadamia nut crust is covered with a denser style filling topped with coconut whipped cream, berry syrup, and sprinkled with fruit.

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Key West Key Lime Pie Company

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511 Greene Street, Key West, FL 33040

When it’s in the name, you really better be able to master it… and Key West Key Lime Pie Company does not disappoint! Choose from traditional or extra tart key lime pie or maybe try the frozen chocolate-dipped key lime bar. Guests can even participate in an on-site pie-making class to go behind-the-scenes and make your own mini key lime pie with the pros! Their pies and treats can also be shipped anywhere within the United States.

Kermits Key Lime Shoppe

BEST KEY LIME PIE IN THE KEYS! Which Pie is champion? Did we find the best key lime pie in Florida?

Kermits Key Lime Shoppe is the quintessential Key Lime Pie experience in Key West. Kermits is known to have some of the best Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys . Kermits serves up traditional Key Lime Pie with a graham cracker crust and whipped cream topping that you can buy in an entire pie or by the slice. Plus, you can also find Key Lime Pie on a stick , Key Lime Pie dipped in chocolate and gluten-free Key Lime Pie.

One of the best things about Kermits shoppe is the amazing key lime concentrate they have for purchase. The key lime concentrate is super concentrated meaning you only use 1/2 as much as what your recipe calls for and it the the guaranteed way to make amazing Key Lime Pie once you are home from vacation. Not only do you need to buy this concentrate, but it makes perfect gifts for friends and family as well. I brought multiple bottles home with me after my summer in Key West and always loved pulling it out to whip up a Key Lime Pie to feel like I was back in the Florida Keys with no cares in the world.

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What Else Can Key Limes Be Used For

Key limes make a fantastic ingredient in salsas and marinades, liven up the standard limeade, and look great as a garnish on cocktails, pies and cakes. It also lends its unique tartness to my magic Key Lime Pudding Cake and Key Lime Smoothie.

This homemade key lime pie is perfect to serve for a creamy, fresh, and tart spring or summer dessert or, if you’re like me, just make it because you can’t get enough of it.

Best Key Lime Pies In The Florida Keys

Ive always been drawn to the citrus flavors of the world. Lemon Meringue was my all-time favorite dessert for years until a visit to Floridas Key West changed my life.

A little bit of sweet. A little bit of tart. And a whole lotta heaven. Could there be anything better than Key Lime Pie?

I dont recall the first time I tried it. You would think something as delectable and delicious as that first bite of sweet tarty goodness would be more memorable, but I just cant. But what I can tell you about that first bite of Floridas official national pie is that it would never be my last. And one day I would find the perfect Key Lime Pie straight from the source. The Florida Keys.

It was a beautiful hot fall when the kids and I completed our 2-year road trip through the US, ending in the Florida Keys. Why? For the love of pie, of course. And the best desserts always come last.

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Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe Key West

The pie at Kermits Key Lime Shop in Key West has garnered national attention with spots on Food Networks Americas Best Sweets and Pie Paradise. Cooked up by Kermit Carpenter, who has been using his grandmothers recipe for over 25 years, his Key lime pie has a clean, refreshing taste. Carpenter, decked out in his trademark green toque, even showed TV host Al Roker how to make a Key lime pie live on the Today Show. People flock to the Elizabeth Street store to try their specialty: Key lime pie slices dipped in a dark Belgian chocolate and frozen on a stick. Since the chocolate is not too sweet, it provides a nice contrast to the pucker-inducing pie. The store also features more than 125 products made with Key limes from cookies to soaps. Spend some time at the tasting station sampling sauces and jams like Chipotle Key Lime Barbecue Sauce or Key Lime Jalapeno Pepper Jelly.

Best Places To Try Key Lime Pie In Key West

Key Lime Pie

March 29, 2021·In: Florida, USA

Youre in the right place to find the yummiest and best Key Lime Pie in Key West. When youre headed to Key West youve got to make sure to grab a slice of Key Lime Pie . Even if youre usually someone who picks chocolate over fruit-flavored dessert, just try it. Im here to let you know all of the best places for Key Lime Pie in Key West .

I spent an entire summer living, working, and playing in Key West, Florida so Ive got my fair share of amazing recommendations for your trip. I even compiled the ultimate Key West, Florida bucket list with 98 amazing things to do, see and eat- youve got to check it out. Plus, in addition to these mouthwatering places to pick up Key Lime Pie in Key West, there are also loads of other amazing places to eat in Key West you need to add to your itinerary. And for my top tips and tricks, check out my list of 17 things you need to know before visiting Key West, Florida.

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Whats Key Lime Pie anyways?

So whats the deal with Key Lime Pie? Key Lime Pie is a delicious, creamy pie usually made with Key Lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolks . Key Limes which are similar to traditional limes, do vary in taste and are usually more yellow than green in color.

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Moon Dog Cafe: Key West

This is definitely a controversial statement, but this was my favorite Key Lime Pie in Key West! You know why? The meringue. It wasnt full of air bubbles it was thick and almost silky. It was lightly toasted, too, not torched all over. The Key Lime part was a well-balanced sweet-tartness, and the crust was the perfect complement to the rest. It wouldnt hurt my feelings to have another slice!

Mas Fish Camp Islamorada

At MAs Fish Camp, Barbara Cockerham bakes Key lime pies daily in small batches. A Keys resident for over 48 years, she remembers the joy of watching her mother baking and aims to invoke that same nostalgia in the diner. She uses the meringue topping in the spirit of tradition, but each slice also comes with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. The meringue is so delicate that the pies have to be kept at eight degrees until sliced up and served on a cold plate. The tart filling is the consistency of a chilled stick of butter and layers nicely with the nutty graham cracker crust. During the high season, Cockerham makes at most 15 pies a day, so make sure you put your orders in early. Theyve been known to run out. MAs doesnt ship their pies, so youll have to make the trip to taste her delicious creations in person.

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Real Florida Key Lime Pie

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Classic Florida Key lime pie has a graham cracker crust and a filling of sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

We think Key lime pie is one of the easiest desserts youll ever make from scratch, and despite its short ingredient list, this classic dessert packs a burst of citrusy flavor in every bite.

The authentic Florida version has a smooth, creamy consistency, buttery graham cracker crust, and a simple topping of whipped cream to complement the crisp acidity of the lime.

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