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Build Native Apps With Powerful Features

How to create an app using Appy Pie AppMakr?

Create multifunctional native apps suited for a wide range of applications, using pre-set templates and color themes to reflect your brand identity. Equip your app with a host of unique and customizable features that make it stand out from the rest. Digitize your products and services by launching business-ready applications to cater to a larger global audience. All this, without any coding!

What Could Be Better

  • Limited upgradability

If you want to build a complex app you need to integrate with 3rd party services which is quite difficult. You cannot rely on the drag and drop builder alone to build a complex app, it’s just too limited.

  • UX is frustrating

A step by step guided setup would remove unnecessary frustrations during sign up.

  • Boring template designs

Appy Pie’s template designs are generic and unoriginal. If you’re serious about shining your unique brand identity through your mobile app, Appy Pie will impede your efforts.

  • If you unsubscribe you lose your apps

If you cancel your subscription Appy Pie will lock your app. So even if you don’t require any more apps, you’re still forced to pay the yearly subscription to keep your published apps accessible.

How To Create An App For Android Or Iphone

Android vs. iPhone has been a constant battle ever since the two smartphones were released . So, it is no surprise native mobile Android apps differ from native mobile iPhone apps. Therefore, if you are looking to build a native mobile app, and want it to be available on both Android and iPhone, you will have to create an app for Android and an app for iPhone separately. There are many options as to how to build an app on both operating systems. For example when thinking about an Android app, you might consider a free Android app maker, an Android app creator software without coding offline, or an Android app maker software free download. On the other hand, when thinking about how to create an app for iPhone free of charge, some options include a free iOS app builder, or free iOS app building software. There are also some platforms that support both Android and iOS app building, but the mobile would still have to be built separately. Some of these options include Buildfire, Buzztouch, and Swiftic

If you do not want to have to build out two separate apps, but really want an app that functions on both operating systems you arent out of luck yet. If you build a PWA, you can have an app that works across all operating systems and across all devices. This cuts development costs and time dramatically. Plus, PWAs have even more benefits like higher adoption rates, no download required, can run offline, and uses less data on a users device.

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Appinstitute More Than Meets The Eye

AppInstitute are the largest app maker in the UK, and the winner of several startup awards. They have great ecommerce features, with highly customizable catalogue menus and loyalty options. You can also pay for everything without ever leaving the app.

They have a great booking feature, which is more powerful than it appears. Not only does it allow for appointment booking, but also creating rich events with video and other content.

Price-wise, you can get a PWA and Android app for $42 a month. It costs $66 a month to publish to iOS. This comes with basic push notifications and app analytics.

AppInstitute Editor
AppInstitute Templates

What we liked: Some of the features are surprisingly powerful when you scratch beneath the surface.

What they should improve: Theres a distinct lack of integration options within the backend.

Woocommerce Native App Builders

15 Appy Pie Alternatives  Top Best Alternatives

WooCommerce is the easiest to use and customizable eCommerce platform that powers over 28.19% of all online stores and more than 1 million eCommerce websites. The great thing about WooCommerce is the wide range of integration options and themes. Availability of themes and plugins helps you customize your site exactly the way you want to boost sales and increase conversions.

If you have already leveraged WooCommerces adaptable platform, you can easily convert the store using a WooCommerce app builder to ensure the flow of profits. Building WooCommerce apps for iOS and Android will help you cover most of your customer base. Following are the reasons why the conversion rates with apps are higher:

  • Mobile apps users are more loyal
  • Mobile apps ensure a better user experience
  • Communication with te customer is easy adn effective with push notifications

Having said that, the easiest way to create a mobile app is to convert your thriving WooCommerce store into mobile apps. Converting mobile apps encourages repeat purchases, customer retention while providing a more engaging user interface. Mobile apps help create a better first impression and visibility which support both your marketing campaigns and customer journey.

Learn more with our Complete Guide to WooCommerce Mobile App Creation.

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Can I Make An App And Sell It

Yes in fact app makers encourage it through their white label or reseller programs. They usually offer special deals when you create more than 3 apps with them, and they even remove all their branding . That way you can make it look like you created the whole app making platform with your own skills. You can even give your clients a login so they can edit the app themselves.

If you want more info about reseller programs or how to start your app reseller business, we have a dedicated blog post on the topic here.

Bizness Apps Is The #1 App Builder On The Market

Check out our video below to learn why over 1700 agencies use Bizness Apps to build mobile apps for small business clients. With loyalty and reward programs, coupons and unlimited push notifications our apps directly generate revenue through increased customer engagement.


Dont rely on printers, scanners, or postal workers any longer. Paper forms are a thing of the past with our new Signature add-on. Let users quickly and securely sign documents within your app, saving time and money for your business and your customers.


Create native apps that are quick, responsive and deliver exceptional user experiences for Android users across all devices . Build your app and publish it to the Google Play store for Android users to download.


Take control of your online reputation and get your business to the top of search results by boosting reviews. We prompt app users to review your business and ensure the positive reviews get published online, while you get a chance to handle the negative ones.


The Private App Store is perfect for businesses with secure and/or confidential information, like schools, businesses and government agencies. Publish fully functional iOS apps without having to subject them to Apples strict review process.

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How To Make An App With Appy Pie In Three Steps

  • Enter the name of your app:
  • Enter the name for your app. Choose a layout, design the look of your app based around the layout. Within a few clicks, you can make your apps look beautiful. Add your logos, your brand colors, and fun app backgrounds. For the background, you can choose an image from Appy Pies library or upload your own. Appy Pie provides various color palettes for your app. The app dashboard is user friendly and has a great interface making it simple and easy to create the perfect app design.

    There are many app layouts available and the users of this app will have no problem in finding the one they want. Appy Pie also has the layouts of popular apps that you can use.

  • Add Features:
  • You would have over 200 features to browse through and choose the perfect features that you can add to your app, by either dragging and dropping or by simply clicking them. You can even edit the features that youve added to your app. There are multiple parameters along which each feature can be edited giving every feature unimaginable versatility.Choose from interactive features like chatbots, AI, virtual and augmented reality, etc. With its regularly updated roster of features, you can have the newest and latest app technologies at the convenience of a click. With Appy Pie app builder you can create native mobile apps for Android, iOS, HTML and the platform also lets you make PWA apps for your websites.

  • Test your app and publish it:
  • Appy Pie Vs Appmaker: App Builder Comparison

    How Appy Pie works?

    To create a mobile app means putting your effort and time into earning a lot of benefits. Hence, it is important that you spend some time on research before you choose the right WooCommerce app builder.

    If you are struggling to choose between Appmaker and Appy Pie this article is for you. Here, we analyze the key features, pricing, and what makes each of them unique to help you choose the right Appy Pie alternative.

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    Appy Pie Pricing Reviews


    • The customer service went above and beyond to help me when I was super confused about doing all this alone. I wanna thank them for their service because they are totally helpful and amazing.Bethany B.Read the full review
    • I spend a lot of time on the chat and it is great to know that the submission team is always available. It creates a certain peace of mind for me which is really important.Romeo I.Read the full review
    • I was very pleased to find a no-coding option to make a simple app. The best part has been whenever I needed support, the virtual chat was immediate and effective.Shealyn V.Read the full review


    • Gets a bit confusing and the fact that we need to pay for images is frustration.Marlon R.Read the full review
    • I am skeptical about whether I will use Appy Pie again, mainly because I am ethically opposed to making students pay for a tool that they will only use one time and likely never use again.Ryan E.Read the full review
    • This is highly unnerving. As it can have so much of data at risk.Aatmn P.Read the full review

    Overall rating

    Appy Pie App Builder App Maker

    Real Time Updates

    All the changes that you make in your iOS mobile apps are reflected instantly on your mobile device.

    Easy to Use

    Simply enter your app name pick a category, color scheme and test device, add the features and create your own app in minutes.

    Safe and Secure

    All the apps are compliant with the GDPR standards and hosted on AWS cloud which has the highest levels of compliance like HIPAA, PCI & SOC.

    Appy Pie App Builder App Maker

    Appy Pie AppMaker further democratizes app design and development by letting Shopify App Store owners create their own applications, irrespective of their technical skills and coding knowledge.

    The app builder from Appy Pie AppMaker lets you convert your Shopify store into a user-friendly mobile app in just a few simple steps. Users can create a fantastic new app in just a few minutes.

    This no-code app builder will definitely attract new customers to the store and provide a unique shopping experience to all your existing customers.

    E-commerce apps have risen to great popularity in recent times, and for a good reason. These apps provide great comfort to the customers and help businesses reach their target audience with great efficiency. Creating an e-commerce app with an app builder helps businesses make their products available to a bigger audience.

    Users have a world of features and options while using Appy Pie AppMaker, for example:

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    Appy Pie Vs Goodbarber: App Builder Comparison

    Goodbarber and Appy Pie are two of the most popular Do-It-Yourself app builders out there.

    You can use these app builders to create a mobile app in a relatively short amount of time and for a range of purposes.

    With both GoodBarber and Appy Pie you start by choosing from a selection of pre-built templates and base your app off of those. Both have templates to fit a range of businesses and youll likely be able to find one that suits your needs.

    You can customize the apps by adding extra features and widgets to provide a high quality user experience.

    If youre struggling to choose between GoodBarber and Appy Pie this comparison is for you. Well review their key features, pricing, and what makes each of them unique.

    Lets get into it.

    The Business Leaders No

    How to create an app for free

    Although Appy Pie can help anyone create an app theyd want, this no-code platform in particular should easily attract those with online stores. Thats because Appy Pie has a special shopping cart for eCommerce businesses. With just a few taps, the shopping cart per se enables end-users to select any item they want and pay for them immediately.

    Additionally, its preview function allows entrepreneurs and digital leaders to check how their apps look like across app stores, allowing them to correct anything or improve designs and content before publishing to market.

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    What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

    My favorite part about Bizness Apps is how easy it is to use. It’s really easy to pitch a great product. I made my first sale in just one month.

    Nicholas Scavone

    NBS Mobile Design Co.

    Bizness Apps excels at providing an easy to use toolset for interactive companies to offer a fully branded powerful mobile app solution.

    JR Mayhew

    Club Apps

    The platform is so, so user-friendly and my clients love it. This is the easiest way to get started as a mobile app business. It’s so easy to use and the support is amazing.

    Santiago Bolivar

    Ios And Android App Builder

    Appy Pies software is intuitive and easy to use. In fact, you can get started with the following steps:

    1. Entering your business name

    2. Choosing the specific app category

    3. Picking a colour scheme of your liking

    4. Selecting the device you want to test your mobile app on

    5. Adding in the required features

    iOS and Android App Builder screenshot

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    Appy Pie Makes Building Apps Fast And Easy

    If youve looked around well enough, you can already tell that there isnt a shortage in the no-code market. The app world is thriving and growing. And granted that we live in an irreversibly computer-dependent world, you can only bet more and more individuals and businesses will be building apps tied to their brands and visions.

    Appy Pie is one popular no-code platform that knows just that.

    Similar to well-favored, Appy Pie is an app builder that makes use of visual programming. By simply dragging and dropping, users are quickly able to establish their logic and actualize their ideas. And as with every other similar platform in the no-code category, users are spared from having to learn how to write code.

    One doesnt even need to have had worked on prior tech projects to be able to begin and dig in! Serving mostly solopreneurs and small businesses, Appy Pie helps visionaries and leaders publish their apps on iOS, Android, and Windows.

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