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Don McLean – American Pie – Piano Tutorial

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Lyrics American Pie Don Mclean

American Pie

A long, long time agoI can still remember how that music used to make me smileAnd I knew if I had my chanceThat I could make those people danceAnd maybe theyd be happy for a while

But February made me shiverWith every paper Id deliverBad news on the doorstepI couldnt take one more step

I cant remember if I criedWhen I read about his widowed brideBut something touched me deep insideThe day the music died

So bye, bye, Miss American PieDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dryAnd them good ole boys were drinking whiskey n ryeSingin thisll be the day that I dieThisll be the day that I die

Did you write the book of loveAnd do you have faith in God aboveIf the Bible tells you so?Now do you believe in rock and roll?Can music save your mortal soul?And can you teach me how to dance real slow?

Well, I know that youre in love with himCause I saw you dancin in the gymYou both kicked off your shoesMan, I dig those rhythm and blues

I was a lonely teenage broncin buckWith a pink carnation and a pickup truckBut I knew I was out of luckThe day the music died

I started singing bye, bye, Miss American PieDrove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dryThem good ole boys were drinking whiskey n ryeSingin thisll be the day that I dieThisll be the day that I die

Oh, and while the king was looking downThe jester stole his thorny crownThe courtroom was adjourned

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