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Beauty Pie 2021 Everything You Need To Know: How Does It ACTUALLY Work? What’s REALLY Worth Buying?

If you sign up using my referral link you get your first month free .

Once you sign up though you can do the same and refer your own friends

You can also have a rummage around on their website and read the FAQs to see how Beauty Pie works if you dont want to take my word for it.

I hope you do though. This isnt an ad, I havent received anything from Beauty Pie for writing this, I just ummed and ahhed for months before signing up as I wasnt quite sure how it worked so thought I might share what I found out! Let me know what you buy!

And While I See The Merits Of A Membership System Like This It Takes The Fun Out Of Makeup Shopping For Me

Me? I almost never buy new beauty products online. I love long, romantic walks through Sephora with frequent stops for samples, swatches, and casual conversations with sales associates. Beauty Pie, while affordable, can’t give me any of that. In fact, its allowance system made it quite stressful. And it didn’t really end up being worth it.

That being said, I’ll definitely be canceling my membership. Sorry not sorry, Beauty Pie.

How Do We Know The Products Are Any Good

Because Beauty Pie are working with THE leading manufacturers and labs around the world. The same labs were high street name luxury brands are having their products made, the difference being that Beauty Pie arent paying for middle men or celebrity endorsements. Or indeed a load of unnecessary fancy packaging. The buying power they have as a huge buying club means that the discounts offered are typically around 80%.

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What Is Beauty Pie & How Does It Work

Beauty Pie is a disruptive but brilliant membership service that sells high-end, premium products directly to consumers without the mark-ups. Members pay a small fee – starting from £5 per month – in order to gain access to a whole plethora of incredibly priced products.

Sure, you can still buy the products if you don’t fancy joining… but you have to pay normal retail prices for them. With the membership, you don’t. What’s the price difference? Take the brand’s number one bestseller, the Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, for example. Without a membership, you’d need to pay £25 for it, but with one, the antioxidant-infused high-tech gel-to-oil-to-milk cleansing balm would be all yours for just £7.01. Impressive, huh?

Beauty Pie aims to shine a light on the ‘ridiculous’ price marks up made by the luxury beauty industry, which can often be 10 times the cost of production. The brand cuts out expensive add-ons to a typical production line including things like middle men and e-tailer fees, in order to offer their members a base line price for products of exceptional quality.

How Does Beauty Pie Work

How Does Beauty Pie Work &  Is It Worth The Membership Fee ...

You can either buy Beauty Pie products at a typical price or at a reduced price, for example, a cleanser worth £50 for only £12.10 – that’s more than 50% savings!

To access the lower prices, you need to become a Beauty Pie member and pay a monthly fee, which starts at £5.

The amount youre allowed to buy from the site every month depends on your membership.

For example, a £5 membership means you can buy £50 worth of products. But as this limit is based on the typical price of those products, not the cheaper membership price, that might only mean 1-3 items per month, which is fine for some but if you’re looking to do a bigger shop , its worth upgrading to the £20 membership, which has a spending limit of £200 worth of products every month.

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan after the first 3 months and if you buy less than youre entitled to in a month, it gets rolled over to the following month.

Plus, youll get an extra £50 limit on your first month when you join, to start you off.

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Beauty Pie Best Products What To Buy

I discovered Beauty Pie when it first launched in 2016 and I have been so impressed with how the brand and concept has grown. So many of my peers in the beauty industry love so many of the products, as do I.

I thought it might be helpful to list my top picks from across the huge range of products available at Beauty Pie.

What Is Beauty Pies Return Policy

Got any Beauty Pie problems? In that case you can return your item for an exchange or a full refund. Beauty Pie will accept returns if your item is unopened, unused, and is in the same condition as when you received it. Due to hygienic reasons, they cannot accept any items that have been opened.

If you received an order that was damaged or contained the wrong item, let Beauty Pie know by emailing their customer service team and they will rectify the issue. To start a return, email with your name, order number, and reason for your return.

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Full Details On How The Pricing Structure Works

How Beauty Pie explains its pricing

Prices can fluctuate due to demand, supplier and shipping costs etc, so you may find your favourite beauty product is one price one month, and then it’s gone up or down the next. This isn’t normally by a huge amount, but it’s worth remembering before you unknowingly add it back into your basket next time. Colours and shades of makeup can also vary, depending on demand.

Beauty Pie gives each item on its site two prices: a Member Price and a Typical Price.

Member Price the price for subscription-holders. Each individual product is given a price based on the cost of the actual product, packaging, any testing involved and warehouse costs.

Typical Price how much Beauty Pie claims says the item would cost if it was sold by a luxury brand .

When you go to purchase an item, Beauty Pie displays both prices. Eg, the member price of the Everyday Great Skin foundation in Beige is £6.75 and the typical price is £30.

You can shop on Beauty Pie without having a membership, but youll pay the typical price though this isnt particularly MoneySaving. Beauty Pie says the member price is usually around 80% cheaper than the typical price.

Beauty Pie The Background

Beauty Pie explained

Founded by Marcia Kilgore the beauty brainbox behind brands like Soap and Glory, Soaper Duper and Bliss Spa Beauty Pies aim is to bring beauty lovers top quality products at factory prices. By cutting out the middle man and avoiding retailer mark-up, you can bag luxury products for much less of a price than you would at a high-end beauty counter. Simples.

The system is a fairly straightforward one: You pay a monthly membership allowing you to shop the factory prices, with a monthly spending allowance depending on your chosen membership level. Any unused allowance rolls over to the next month, so you wont miss out on any spends its really no wonder its been dubbed the Netflix of beauty.

The Pies founder, Marcia Kilgore

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Beauty Pie How Does It Work

In order to get access to Beauty Pies luxury makeup, skincare and home fragrance products at the members prices, you have to sign up to one of their membership subscriptions.

Each membership has a corresponding monthly spending limit, meaning youre only able to purchase a set amount of products per month up to a specific amount based on the products full prices.

So you can purchase anything from the Beauty Pie store, but for example if you only have a monthly limit of £100, youre then only able to purchase products worth £100 even though youre not paying £100, as its based on the products full non-membership prices.

For example:

If you have a monthly spending limit of £100, you can purchase the Superdose Vitamin C Oxygen Boosting Moisturizer which is at full price £50, but by being a member, you will only pay £10.24. However, because the product is worth £50, thats £50 of your monthly £100 limit used up.

  • Any unused spending limit will just roll-over to the next month
  • Spending limit upgrades are available
  • Remember, youre paying what were paying and therefore the Members prices may fluctuate slightly . If youre really curious, you can see the transparent cost breakdown of every product on its item page.
  • Beauty Pie have a full page dedicated to cost transparency which you can see right here.

How It All Started

Marcia knew what she wanted to achieve with Beauty Pie right from the off. ‘Its my best and biggest idea yet. If I died having not tried this, I would have really regretted it. Its all about reality, equality and transparency. Offering deluxe skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, fragrance and candles at the most democratic prices possible. I love skincare and makeup, and use a lot of them myself, but Ive never liked the way the beauty industry works when it comes to making a product for as little as possible, and then adding all the layers of mark-up onto it. This often results in a 1000% markup on a product. Something that costs about £10 to manufacture can end up being priced at £100 in the shops, and well, its just not worth it.’

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What Do People Say About It

When I checked on Wed 3 Mar, Beauty Pie had a Trustpilot score of 4.6 out of five and 8,376 reviews. There are a few of us at MSE who’ve been using it for a while and love it, too.

Though don’t just take my word for it. Beauty editorial companies such as Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan have all said good things about Beauty Pie commenting on both the quality of the products and the price. Beauty Pie products have also won awards over the last three years, from Good Housekeeping ‘Hall of Fame Awards 2019’, Cosmopolitan ‘Beauty Awards 2020’, and Harpers Bazaar ‘Best of the Best Beauty Awards 2020’.

I also turned to our skincare and makeup lovers on Twitter to hear what MoneySavers had to say about Beauty Pie:

The skincare is excellent and high end. Makeup range limited. You need to remember to factor in the cost of the subscription into your price comparison.


What Are Pie Days

Beauty Pie Review: how does it work &  what products should ...

Over the course of a year, Beauty Pie give their members four to six Pie Days, and double the days for their treasured annual members!

On a Pie Day, members can shop the chosen Beauty Pie product without using up any of their month’s spending limit, so make sure you don’t miss out on them by keeping an eye on your emails.

Scheduled when there’s enough stock of the particular item, Pie Days always coincide with your spending limit renewal day.

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Is Joining Beauty Pie Worth It

Are the products actually any good? We’ve tried out many of the hero makeup products including the Great Skin Foundation, Matte Lipstick in Cowboy Nude and the stunning Pro-Glow highlighting drops, and can vouch for their quality and their pigment pay off. We’ve happily and repeatedly swapped some of our all-time favourites for Beauty Pie staples and never, ever looked back.

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And it doesn’t stop at makeup. Since launching in 2016, Beauty Pie has expanded into skincare, body care, haircare, fragrance and supplements to provide its members with an extensive selection of all their favourite beauty products, no matter their concern or desired effect.

Beauty Pie skincare boasts the latest scientific innovations and hottest ingredients including hyaluronic acid, moisture-boosting ceramides and glow-getting glycolic acid – as well as all the treatment options and accessories a beauty buff could ever dream of .

Some of their bestselling products are in the skincare arena besides the aforementioned Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser, the Super Retinol Night Renewal Moisturiser is a firm GLAMOUR favourite. Vitamin A is encapsulated in this formula, meaning it stays super potent right until the moment it reaches your skin. It’s then released gradually to avoid irritation. Vitamin A is combined with Vitamin C for a brightness-boost, plus ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid for an injection of hydration. We woke up GLOWING.

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It Doesn’t Seem Like Much But I Was Pretty Impressed Upon Checkout Seeing As I Had Just Bought Four Products For What I Normally Pay For One Highlighter

Because I knew I was only allowed three to five products, I went ahead and got four products I use on a near-daily basis these are also the products for which I have the highest standards.

Sure, they’re cheap, but I have to ask: Are these products up to par? Because if they aren’t, I’m going to riot. Just kidding. But I will cancel my membership.

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Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Pie

Retinol serum for the price of lunch? Yes please.

If your skincare-obsessed friends haven’t already raved about it, let us explain how Beauty Pie works. We’ll cover off the ins and outs of this hugely popular beauty membership, answer your biggest questions and also share Beauty Pie’s most popular and best reviewed products.Plus, get a Beauty Pie PLUS annual membership for just £49 with our exclusive code: BUSTLESENTME.

There are plenty of reasons why Beauty Pie gets such great reviews. From their snazzy packaging to stocking an extensive range of skincare, make-up and haircare products – up to 70% off typical retail prices -to working only with the worldâs best beauty labs. Itâs a no brainer really, and here at Bustle we are all HUGE fans.

Since 2020 and the rise of home-delivery, we’re very much into the concept of lab-formulated, luxury beauty products delivered to our door .

Beauty Pie started when former founder of Soap and Glory, Marcia Kilgore had an idea to disrupt the beauty retail market. After selling Soap and Glory to Boots in 2014, the entrepreneur says the direct-to-consumer offering was her, “best idea yet”. And so Beauty Pie was born in 2016 and beauty lovers remain forever in her debt.

Here’s everything you need to know about Beauty Pie – it’s highly likely you’ll want to try it out after getting the low-down .

Are Beauty Pie Cosmetics Worth It

Beauty Pie | Beautiful luxury makeup at drugstore prices? | Clean + Cruelty Free | Full review

In terms of the effectiveness of the brands products, this Beauty Pie review can tell that the company isnt lying when they say they are sourcing high-quality beauty products. Getting a $70 eye cream for $8 is an incredible deal for a product that actually works.

The brands membership options are affordable, and negative reviews of them are mainly in regards to the monthly plans spending limitwhich, to some, is actually a good thing. And as noted above, the annual plan removes that limit entirely, for customers who really want to go hog-wild.

This Beauty Pie review found that, in most cases, Beauty Pie products are effective, complaints about shipping or customer service are negligible, and any complaints that do come in are promptly addressed by the company. For all these reasons, this Beauty Pie review believes the brand is worth the buy.

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