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And Gave Rise To A Tiny Grassroots Fried Apple Pie Black Market

UK McDonalds DO Still Have The Old School FRIED Apple Pies

When alcohol went off the menu at establishments across the US, speakeasies sprang up. When fried apple pie went off the menu at McDonald’s, we got a fried apple pie black market sort of.

A chef named Eric Greenspan stumbled into the McDonald’s apple pie black market while at an unassuming food convention outside of Chicago. Greenspan was looking for packaging for the grilled cheese sandwiches he served at his Los Angeles restaurant, Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese like the ones McDonald’s used for their fried apple pies, he explained.

As the chef recounted in an interview with L.A. Magazine, a salesman overheard him say the magic words “McDonald’s fried apple pie” and revealed to Greenspan that he could get the original fried pies sold at McDonald’s. The salesman worked with fast food restaurants across North America, and had a connection with the vendor that once supplied the fried pies to McDonald’s .

Greenspan knew a golden, deep-fried opportunity when he saw one. He arranged for the black-market apple pies to be shipped to L.A., where he served them as “Throwback Apple Pies” for $3 at his restaurant. Greenspan has since closed his grilled cheese joint and moved on to other culinary inventions, but his heroic resurrection of McDonald’s deep-fried pies will never be forgotten.

Are Mcdonalds Apple Pies Vegan

McDonalds apple pies are vegan, and they are one of the few vegan menu items at McDonalds. Although the original recipe used milk and butter, the current apple pie recipe does not use animal products.

Most McDonalds desserts include ice cream, and even the chocolate chip cookies include eggs in their recipe.

However, the McDonalds baked apple pie recipe is dairy and egg-free, with wheat the only common allergen present.

The original recipe used milk and butter, but this was when being vegan was not as commonplace as it is today.

However, when the recipe changed in 1992, these ingredients were eliminated, and the apple pie became one of the restaurants few vegan options.

Being vegan also makes McDonalds apple pie stand out from the competition.

Many of the closest competitor desserts use dairy, including Popeyes hot cinnamon apple pie and Taco Bells caramel apple empanadas.

Fries At Mcdonalds Vegan Vegetarian Or Non

We all love french fries, and its one thing that can be ordered anywhere, anytime. However, when you want to eat the delicious french fries at McDonalds, you might have to think twice if youre a vegan. You might be wondering how can the french fries be non-vegan. Were going to dig into the french fries recipes of McDonalds in different countries. It will help us answer if fries are McDonalds are vegan or not.

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Love Mcdonalds Apple Pie Then You Have To Try This Recipe Its Packed Full Of Cinnamon And Apple Goodness That Is Sure To Keep You Out Of The Drive

Indulge yourself at home with this delicious McDonalds Apple Pie copycat recipe instead of wasting your money at the drive-thru.

Theyre easy to make and they taste even better than the pies you get from McDonalds anyway.

We all love McDonalds Apple Pie, especially my husband. Whenever he visits the drive-thru he picks up at least 2 of them.

Its super easy to pick one up when you pass-by your local drive-thru, so Im sure youve done it, too!

Thats probably how they manage to sell so many of themstopping at the drive-thru is a whole lot easier than making your own pie from scratch!

But, grabbing a pie from Mickey Ds every day gets a little expensive.

Plus, each little pie clocks in at 240 calories and 11 grams of fat.

So, go aheadmake your own McDonalds apple pie

Both your wallet and your body will thank you for making your own!

Heres the recipe

  • 2 tablespoons milk

Mcdonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pie Allergens

The Secret Behind the McDonald


Allergy Information: a McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pie contains gluten and wheat. a McDonald’s Baked Hot Apple Pie does not contain egg, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy or tree nuts.*

* Please keep in mind that most fast food restaurants cannot guarantee that any product is free of allergens as they use shared equipment for prepping foods.

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Do Mcdonalds Still Sell Pies

McDonalds Baked Apple Pie recipe features 100% American-grown apples, and a lattice crust baked to perfection and topped with sprinkled sugar. There are 240 calories in McDonalds apple pie. Pair it with a Hot Caramel Sundae for your own twist on Apple Pie A-La-Mode! There are 240 calories in McDonalds apple pie.

Does Mcdonalds Have Other Vegan Options

McDonalds does have a few other vegan options on their menu, but most of them require you to modify the meal first, such as the salads.

The only real vegan salad is the side salad, but you have to choose the low-fat vinaigrette or creamy French dressing.

Unfortunately, there are no vegan sandwiches, wraps, or burritos on the McDonalds menu in the United States.

Additionally, the Minute Maid line of slushies is perfect for vegans but stay away from the McCafe products since those all contain milk.

However, if you live outside of the United States, you may find additional vegan options at your local McDonalds, such as in the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

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Did Mcdonalds Get Rid Of Apple Pies

McDonalds changed their apple pie crust & we should be rioting in the streets. One thing is likely to remain the same, however: McDonalds will continue to offer some version of its apple pie. In a previous effort to health-ify its menu back in 1992, McDonalds decided to bake its apple pies rather than fry them.

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How Many Calories Are In A Mcdonalds Apple Pie

McDonalds Apple Pie + Nuggets Any Good?

Each McDonalds apple pie has 230 calories. This falls in the lower range of calories on their dessert menu, making these warm treats even better.

The other nutritional values of the McDonalds apple pie are as follows:

  • 11g Fat
  • 70mg Potassium
  • 100mg Sodium

The calories found in McDonalds desserts can range from 170 calories for a chocolate chip cookie to 860 calories for a large Strawberry Shake.

With only 230 calories, you can enjoy an apple pie whenever the mood strikes.

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Can You Get Mcdonalds Apple Pie For Breakfast

You can get McDonalds apple pie at any time of the day, including in the mornings during breakfast hours.

Although the McDonalds breakfast menu is different from the lunch and dinner menus, apple pie is also part of the McCafé menu, which is served all day.

McDonalds used to serve breakfast all day however, this was largely discontinued in 2020 to streamline its operations.

This means that you can no longer order Hotcakes or a McMuffin for lunch, and you cant get a Big Mac until lunch hours begin.

However, McDonalds feels that their apple pies can be enjoyed all day long, whether you prefer it for breakfast with a coffee or after dinner as dessert.

For this reason, the apple pie is one of the few items available all day at McDonalds.

Whether ordering in a restaurant or online, you can find apple pies under the Sweets & Treats menu during lunch and dinner hours.

This section is not available during breakfast, but the apple pie and any other available pies can still be found under the McCafe Bakery section.

When Did Mcdonald’s Introduce Its Apple Pie

Mickey D’s put apple pie on the menu in 1968, the first dessert item the fast-food chain ever offered. Since then, it’s made quite a few changes to the popular treat: As of 1992, the pie is now baked, not deep-fried, and the filling is made with six different kinds of apples — Gala, Ida Red, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Fuji and Rome.In 2018, it tweaked the recipe again, offering a lattice crust, sliced apples and a touch of cinnamon “to give each one that homemade taste our customers love.”

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Why Mcdonald’s Apple Pies Taste So Good

The mystery behind what makes the warm, gooey, and flaky baked apple pie so great has been revealed.

The famous apple pie joined the McDonald’s menu in 1968 as the chain’s first dessert. It has since skyrocketed into a staple menu item with a cult-like following. It has such a strong fanbase, that when McDonald’s changed the pies from fried to baked in 1992, there was a national uproar.

The pies we know and love today are packed with apple flavor, baked, and topped with a lattice crust. And the reason customers can’t get enough of the apple pie is based on two factors: the apples and the thickener used in the filling.

The Mere Memory Of A Fried Apple Pie Is Enough To Make Nostalgic Fans Drool But The Dessert Has Been Gone For Good Since The Early ’90sor So You Thought

Make Your Own McDonalds Apple Pie


McDonalds caused a stir this past September when it announced some changes to its apple pie recipe. The new version has a lattice crust, sliced apples, and a more cinnamony filling, among other changes. As expected, there were cheers and jeers when the known-and-loved recipe changed, but true addicts might remember a time when even that recipe was newand replaced an old fan favorite.

Up until 1992, McDonalds apple pies were deep-fried, not baked. The chain switched the recipe because consumers were getting more worried about healthy eating, and fried meant fattier. But in this case, the taste was arguably sacrificed in the name of health. The original version had a crispy, bubbly, slightly salty crust with an ooey gooey apple filling. These days, the vastly inferior, modern baked version is pale and doughy compared to the old recipe, according to Serious Eats. Dont miss these other 12 things you never knew about the McDonalds apple pie.

As recently as the last couple of years, some franchises like in Tampa, Florida, stuck with the old-school fried recipe, but theyve all gone to the lite side and started dishing out the newest baked version. But before you start lamenting the glory days, weve got some big news: The ultra-crispy desserts arent gone for good. Certain locations still make the fried pies of days gone by. You just need to know where to look. Find out 17 more things McDonalds employees arent telling you.

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What Are Mcdonald’s Style Apple Pies

These delicious mini apple pies are a mouthwatering fast food dessert served at McDonald’s. They’re made from tart green apples mixed with cinnamon, sugar, and other ingredients and baked into flaky puff pastry.

The pie was first developed in Knoxville, Tennessee, and has been on the McDonald’s menu since the late 1960s. The apple pies were originally fried, but are now baked to make them slightly healthier.

Which Fast Food Dessert Is The Best

The 17 Best Fast-Food Desserts in the U.S.

  • Strawberry Funnel Cake is a delicious dessert. Dairy Queen is a company that produces dairy products.
  • Cheesecake on a Stick is a dessert that is served on a stick. White Castle is a restaurant in New York City.
  • Bojangles Sweet Potato Pie

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Is It Okay To Eat Pie Everyday

If youre worried about pie because youre on a low-carb kick, you may want to rethink your eating plan. âA small slice of pie is anywhere from 200â400 calories,â Bonci says. âIf you add in pie every day and dont take out another food or increase your energy output through exercise, you will see your weight creep up.â

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Why Is Mcdonalds Apple Pie Not Vegetarian

McDonaldâs Apple Pie Review

Apple Pie: Traditionally, apple pie is made with shortcrust pastry, which contains eggs. However, the restaurant does not include it on its vegetarian menu, as there is a very small possibility that the oil used to fry the pie has come into contact with the oil used to cook chicken and fish products.

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Are Mcdonalds Apple Pies And Fries Vegan

McDonalds and vegan people sound like flip sides of a card. Thats what people believe. But in reality, McDonalds has been striving to serve all consumer segments. Despite the common belief, there are many options at McDonalds for vegans. Regardless of which country youre residing in, there is a lot on McDonalds menu to serve the appetite of their vegan and vegetarian customers.

Lets keep the vegan discussion apart. Today, our main question to answer is are McDonalds apple pies and fries vegan or vegetarian? This article explores the answer to most asked questions about McDonalds Apple pies and fries. We will have a virtual tour of McDonalds across different countries to discover their recipes and if it fits a vegan or a vegetarian menu. We will answer your query no matter which country youre residing in.

So lets get started without any further ado and find answers to your questions.

The Original Angus Burger

If you like your sandwiches big and your meat smoky, you will love the Original Angus Burger.

Each burger is made from 100% Angus beef that has been drizzled with a smoky Angus sauce. To up the smokiness, youll find a hearty serving of hickory-smoked bacon on top of fresh lettuce and tomato and grilled onions. Sandwiched in between it all is what we can only call American-style cheese. But hey, American cheese has a place in Canadian food, right?

Consider the Original Angus Burger the sophisticated older brother of the Big Mac! It costs $6.99.

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Fast Food Item Removals

Im sure that you could rattle off a bunch of favorite things missing from the fast-food restaurants that you frequent but cant quite pinpoint exactly when they disappeared.Im pouring out a little bit of my super-sized drink in the memory of Checkers Fried Apple Pie, KFCs Potato Wedges, and McDonalds Steak, Egg & Cheese Bagel.

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Where Are Mcdonald’s Pies Made

McDonalds Apple Pie: Better Homemade!

For more than 50 years, all the pies sold in US McDonald’s have been made exclusively at Bama Companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With more than 800 employees at three facilities working 24 hours a day, Bama cranks out more than 2 million pies for McDonald’s every day.

All of the pies sold at US McDonald’s are made in Tulsa.

While they’re prepared in Tulsa, the pies are baked on-site at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

In 2018, Bama tweaked McDonald’s apple-pie recipe, removing artificial colors and preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, and swapping in a lattice top for the whole top with slits, Bama CEO Paula Marshall told Tulsa World. It also started using bigger chunks of apple and less juice.

In Bama’s home state of Oklahoma, customers can try out McDonald’s new Strawberry and Crème Pie.

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