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Vismes creative pie chart maker helps you to create online pie charts that are both easy to understand and beautifully designed. Take advantage of Vismes pie chart features to create data visualizations your audience will love.

Charts & Graphs

Choose from different chart types and create pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, doughnut charts, pyramid charts, Mekko charts, radar charts and much more.


All of Vismes charts give you the option to add hover-over legends that give your audience more information and make your charts engaging.

Images & Graphics

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to decorate your pie chart and make it engaging.

How To Add The The Rounded Edges

For this I will add an extra gradient layer to round the top edge and a pseudo element to round the other edge. Here is an illustration to understand the trick:

The code for to round the top edge:


In addition to the conic-gradient we add a radial-gradient placed at the top that has a size equal to the border thickness defined by –b.

The code for to round the other edge:


The inset property is setting the size of the pseudo-element to be equal to –b. Remember that it’s the shorthand for top, right, bottom and left. If we have

left = right = 50% - b/2

this means that from each side we are moving to the center minus an offset equal to b/2 â so we end up having a width equal to 2*b/2 = b. Same logic for the height.

Now we need to correctly place our element, which is why we use the transform property. Our element is initially placed at the center so we need to first rotate it. Having the percentage we use the “Rule of three” to get the angle:

angle = percentage*360deg/100

Then we do a translation, and here we will need the width because we have to perform a translation by half the width .

Ok, ok â you might be a bit lost within all these formulas. Find below an illustration to understand the logic behind the transform property

After that, we color the pseudo-element with the main color –c and we are done. We have our pie chart with rounded edges.

How To Make A Pie Chart Using Libreoffice Writer:

  • Create a new document.
  • Right click on chart to select Chart Type. Choose Pie option.
  • Right click again to enter Chart Table Data.

In both cases, you can edit data through Edit data option, edit color,change label, add description, etc. This software lets you save your Pie chart as DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, etc. file or you can export it as PDF.

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The Css Setting For The Pie Chart

We first start by styling our content. This part is easy and the code is as follows:


I am defining the element as inline-grid to easily place the content at the middle using place-content: center. We use aspect-ratio: 1 to make sure the element remains square. We can also use height: var but it’s always good to learn and use a new CSS property.

You may wonder why I am using a variable to define the width instead of simply setting width: 150px. I need to know the value of the width for future usage so I am defining it as a variable.

All the remaining CSS is pretty basic to style the text. Feel free to update it as you want.

Let’s move on to the interesting part â the main shape of our component. For this, we will use a pseudo element with the following styles:


A pseudo-element that has position: absolute covers all the area thanks to inset: 0. Yes, it’s again a new CSS property which is the shorthand for top, right, bottom, and right .

Then we make it a circle and we apply a conic-gradient. Note the use of the CSS variables we defined as inline styles .

Until now, this will give us the following result:

We are getting closer! The conic-gradient is giving us a two-color gradient. From 0% to p% the main color and the remaining part is a transparent color .

To keep only the border part we will use a mask to hide the middle part. We will use a radial-gradient this time:

radial-gradient),blue calc))
.pie .pie:before 

And the HTML:

How To Create A Pie Chart In Excel In 60 Seconds Or Less

How to Make a Pie Chart in Adobe Illustrator: 5 Steps

At the beginning of 2021, I was tasked with an assignment: Create a pie chart showcasing which types of content performed best on the Marketing Blog in 2020.

The question was an undeniably important one, as it would influence what types of content we wrote in 2021, along with identifying new opportunities for growth.

But once I’d compiled all relevant data, I was stuck How could I easily create a pie chart to showcase my results?

Fortunately, I’ve since figured it out. Here, let’s dive into how you can create your own excel pie chart for impressive marketing reports and presentations. Plus, how to rotate a pie chart in excel, explode a pie chart, and even how to create a 3-dimensional version.

Let’s dive in.

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How To Make Blueberry Pie

What pie crust recipe is best for Blueberry Pie?

I highly recommend using my Best Ever Pie Crust for this recipe. It rolls out easily, stays ultra flaky, and is actually best when made in advance. If you havent made it before or are intimidated by homemade pie crust making, read that recipe post completely. Theres a TON of tips itll be like you took a pie making class by the end of the article!

How to Make Lattice Pie Crust:

Ive actually got an entire article with step-by-step photos showing how to prepare lattice pie crust that is sure to impress your friends and family! I share tons of tips inside for baking beautiful pies, so make sure to check it out.

Should I use FRESH or FROZEN Blueberries for Pie Filling?

The good news is that you can use one or the other! If using fresh, make sure to wash and dry thoroughly before using fresh blueberries.

If using frozen, DONT DEFROST before baking or youll end up with a runny pie filling.

How to Make Blueberry Pie Filling:

This pie filling is surprisingly simple to make, but is absolutely packed with fresh flavor! Youll just need to combine a few ingredients together in one bowl for this filling:

  • Blueberries
  • Lemon zest and lemon juice
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg & salt

Why use regular and wild blueberries? Where do you buy wild blueberries?

Simply put? To get the best of both worlds! Ive loved frozen wild blueberries for years. Theyre a staple when Im making a morning smoothie! In a pie recipe? They work WONDERS!

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Make Your Data Come To Life With Modern Pie Charts

  • Professional pie chart templates: Venngage’s templates present pie charts in fresh ways by using modern fonts, bold colors, easy-to-scan layouts and fun icons.
  • Make your pie charts stand out: Highlight important data with a contrasting color with one click. Use our template color palettes or import your brand colors. Set brand fonts, too.
  • Easy-to-edit pie charts: From conservative, clean templates to more creative designs, we have dozens of options you won’t see anywhere else. And they’re all easily customizable. No design know-how required.
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    How To Create A Pie Chart

    You can easily make a pie chart in Miro, either using our ready-made template or drawing one from scratch. Miros extensive diagramming capabilities make it the perfect pie chart maker, where you can, with just a few clicks, create your own pie chart.

    How to make a pie chart using our ready-made template:

  • Select the Pie Chart Template.

  • Double click the pie chart to add data to each series. Make sure to add real numbers and not percentages.

  • Edit title and legend.

  • After you set your pie chart, you can edit how it looks and change the colors as you like.

    How to create a custom pie chart:

  • Select the object, in this case, the pie chart.

  • Double click the pie chart. A pop-up window will show.

  • Add your data.

  • In Miro, you can edit the values of your pie chart, and the colors will be selected automatically.

    Visual Planning For The Long Term

    How to Create a 3D Pie Chart

    As a part of your process of developing your vision for your family, make these family money pie charts for down the road 5 and 10+ years, or make them for certain milestones you anticipate. For instance, current pie chart, pie chart after completing post-grad training, pie chart after baby comes, pie chart when we buy a house, pie chart for when we hit the road in our RV and live on the road, etc. It wont be exact, but it will give you a visual idea of where you want to be going with your financial planning. Draw out how you will use money to create the life you intend to be living.

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    Customizing Your Pie Chart Is As Easy As A Click

    Add or edit in just a few clicks

    Designhill’s pie chart maker tool makes it easier to customize your chart in no time. It comes with an in-built gallery equipped with graphics, fonts, colors, icons, and other design elements. Be it a symbol you want to add or reduce the font size, everything can be done in just a few clicks. Take advantage of the pie chart generator’s interactive interface for customization.

    Adjust the colors as per your likes

    No worries about colors if you don’t like them! Just launch the color palette, pick the desired color, click, and that’s done! From the color of the elements to background shades, you can fill any shade you like. All it takes is a drag and drop.

    Embed them into any report

    One of the best things about our DIY pie chart maker is that you can embed charts in all your documents or reports. There are different types of templates to pick from, so you can get different styles for different reports. Pick what you want to create a presentation or something else, and then pick a template. Add your pie chart and you’re done!

    How To Animate The Pie Chart

    A static pie chart is good but an animated one is better! To do this we will animate the percentage value –p from 0 to the defined value. By default, we cannot animate CSS variables, but thanks to it’s now possible.

    We register the variable:


    We create a keyframes:


    Note that we only need to specify the from. Doing this, the browser will make the to equal, by default, to the value we defined .

    And finally, we call the animation. You can define the duration/delay as you want.

    animation: p 1s .5s both 

    Unfortunately, this technique is not widely supported. You can test it on Chromium-based browsers but it will fail on Firefox and Safari. You can check out Can I Use to keep track of the support.

    Before we end, here again is the full code and a demo of the final working product. You can see that I am using two classes to control the rounded edges and the animation so we can easily add/remove them as needed.

    < div class="pie" style="--p:20">  20%< /div> < div class="pie" style="--p:40 --c:darkblue --b:10px">  40%< /div> < div class="pie no-round" style="--p:60 --c:purple --b:15px">  60%< /div> < div class="pie animate no-round" style="--p:80 --c:orange ">  80%< /div> < div class="pie animate" style="--p:90 --c:lightgreen">  90%< /div> 

    Thank you for reading!

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    Top 5 Free Tools To Create Beautiful Pie Charts

    The pie chart is the essential element of the business analysis. The main purpose of using the pie charts is to show the part-whole relationship of your data. You can also use it to show the crucial data in visual form to calculate and update the data of any industry automatically. In this post, weve shared the top 5 free tools that can help you to create beautiful pie charts in minutes. Have a look!

    Pie charts are circular-shaped graphs that are segmented into slices based on necessity. Pie charts represent how data and datasets are associated with each other. It is good to stay updated on the latest pie chart makers as the options are frequently increasing.

    If you are looking for free and time-saving pie chart makers, then we have shared five free pie chart makers that can take your pie charts to the next level.

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    Pie Chart In Spss: Steps


    Step 1:

    Pie charts can be made using legacy dialogs.

    Step 2: to tell SPSS what kind of data you have in the data sheet: Summaries for groups of cases, summaries of separate variables or values of individual cases. Click Define after you have made your selection.

    Step 3: Choose which variable you want the chart to represent. Click a variable name in the left window and then click the top arrow to move it into the Slices Represent box.

    Step 4: Choose other custom options, such as splitting the data into rows and columns. You can also use variable names on the graph instead of case numbers. These other options are all optional You do not have to define them to create a basic pie chart.

    Step 5: .

    Tip: To edit a SPSS pie chart, double-click on the graph. A Chart Editor window appears. You can also right-click on the chart, then select Edit Content and then select In separate window.Tip: Depending on the speed of your computer, SPSS may take a few moments to create the graph. You will see Running Graph in the bottom right of the window as SPSS works to create the graph.

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    How Do I Keep The Crust From Burning

    If the crust is browning before the rest of the pie is done, you can use a commercial crust protector. Its a metal cover that leaves the center of the pie exposed, so it can continue to bake.

    You can also tent the outside edges of the pie with foil to accomplish the same thing.

    Once you master this Homemade Pie Crust recipe, youll be making pies left and right! Youll use any excuse to bake a fresh pie because its so easy now, and when people find out you made the crust from scratch, theyre mighty impressed.

    Here are some of our favorite pie recipes. You can use this Homemade Pie Crust as a base:

    What Is A Spotify Pie Chart

    The new Spotify feature was developed by the University of California, Los Angeles, student Darren Huang, according to the Daily Echo.

    The popular online feature compiles troves of data to analyze your listening habits and present them in an easy-to-read pie chart.

    The tool analyzes your Spotify data and presenting your listening habits during different colors to represent genres.

    There is also a legend just below the pie chart matches the color to each genre.

    It can list your habits in broad categories like rock and metal, but can also give you more granular details, such as album-rock, post-grunge, K-pop, indie rock, and others that exactly reveal the type of songs you frequently play on Spotify.

    This feature is like Spotify’s end-of-the-year “Wrapped” tool that offers a similar lay-out of your listening habits.

    The Spotify Pie Chart can do that but on a monthly basis.

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