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Disposable 10 Heavyweight Foil Pie Pan

Making a Pie Pan Dutch Oven
  • Important! This pan is 9½” rim to rim, please READ THE DIMENSIONS below
  • 3/8″ deeper than our medium depth heavyweight pie pan.
  • Disposable or reusable, you can reuse this pan by hand washing and drying.
  • Made of 120 gauge aluminum foil, this pan can hold the heaviest of pies.
  • Notice the sides and bottom are smoother than a lighter foil pan – ridges are not needed for strength due to the heavier foil.
  • Custom embossing is available on this pan. Email or call for information.
  • An alternative 10″ pie pan which is not as deep: #310

Should You Grease A Pie Pan

There are a lot of different opinions about whether or not you should grease a pie pan, but generally speaking, a quick spritz of cooking spray on the bottom of a pie dish will help keep your pie from sticking to the bottom of the panbut there’s no need to overdo it. Many people believe that greasing a pie dish will change the texture of your pie crust, making it less flaky. So if you’re more concerned with a flaky crunch than easily removing slices of pie, feel free to skip the cooking spray. If your pie does manage to stick to the bottom of the pan, gently heating the bottom of the pan by dipping the bottom in a shallow pan of hot water should help loosen the crust from the pan.

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Can You Use A Pie Pan To Bake A Cake

Yes, you can use a pie pan to bake a cake, but you should be aware that pie pans typically have angled sides and cake pans have straight sides. Because of this difference, if you’re making a layered cake, the edges of the cake will be harder to frost. The cakes can be trimmed to get rid of the angled edges but may still be difficult to frost. Generally, cake pans should be used for baking cakes, but in a pinch, a pie pan will do if you aren’t interested in how good the final product looks.

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How Do You Measure A Pie Pan

To get the correct diameter measurement of a pie pan, you’ll want to measure across the center of the pan from the inside rim to the opposite inside rim. Do not include the thickness of the lip of the pan, handles, or any other decorative elements. To find out if your pie dish is standard or deep-dish, measure from the top of the rim to the crease of the pan at the bottom.

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How Do You Put A Pie Crust Into A Pie Pan

Winco Commercial 10

After you’ve rolled out a pie crust, you will need to transport it to your pie pan quickly and smoothly to keep the rolled dough from tearing. If the dough is relatively small, you can move it by sliding your hands and arms underneath the dough, lifting it, and quickly transferring it to the pie plate. If the dough is larger or you’d like more support while moving the dough, you can loosely roll the dough over your rolling pin to move it, then unroll the dough over your pie dish.

Once the pie dough is resting on the pie pan, you begin shaping it by smoothing the dough across the bottom surface of the pan and then fitting the dough into the crease of the pan. Next, you’ll press the dough against the sides of the dish, allowing any extra dough to hang over the lip. Trim the dough about half an inch past the lip of the dish, and crimp the edge of your pie crust as you like.

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If You’re Purchasing From A Web Distributor Make Certain They’re Trustworthy And Have A Lot Of Favorable Feedback For The Item

When purchasing an item, the product with the most impressive efficiency is more relevant than the highest offer. Do not hesitate to look for the optimal quality and performance. Don’t buy inexpensive Aluminum pie pans in 2022, and bear in mind that low-grade services aren’t ones that cost less than $500 or $200. Do not make your choice just based upon cost, however rather based on the best performance.

Before purchasing, keep in mind that the lowest cost is not always the very best since the quality is poorer or the item becomes obsolete earlier than the more costly.

Don’t get this product due to the fact that it’s inexpensive rather, search for the highest quality and performance.

Customers may feel great handling because the representatives who concern everybody are all well-known in the context of services.

Keep in mind that the best effectiveness comes over the best rates. Do not dismiss the highest level of quality or efficiency. If you’re going to purchase something online, be sure it’s reliable and has excellent client feedback.

Check package that will enable you to get the most out of the very best possible. Extra special elements must not be overlooked. When thinking about a web dealership or making an online order, make sure it’s trustworthy and has well-known credibility for providing excellent service – no rip-offs!

Don’t buy something even if it’s or does not satisfy your needs.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Donna Currie has written for The Spruce Eats since 2016. A seasoned recipe writer and gadget tester, she also wrote the cookbook Make Ahead Bread.

This article was updated by Jenny Kellerhals, who also tested all of the pie pans on this list for The Spruce Eats. She is a professional pastry chef in New York City and a freelance food writer. At home, pies are her go-to dessert and always a crowd favorite.

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How Do You Take A Pie Out Of The Pan

A pie is typically served in the pan that it is baked in. For serving, a slice of pie is cut with a sharp knife and a pie server is inserted under the crust to lift the piece out to serve. If you want to remove the entire pie from the pan, the pie should be completely chilled or frozen first. A chilled or frozen pie is easier to handle and less likely to break. Once thoroughly chilled, use a knife or pie server to loosen the pie from the pan and either lift the pie out or carefully invert the pie to remove it. If you’re planning on removing the pie from the pan in advance, a disposable aluminum pie pan is the easiest to cut through and remove your pie with the least amount of damage.

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The 7 Best Aluminum Pie Pans

The Best Pie Pans

HomeBaking Supplies

Lets face it. Making pies takes a lot of time and effort. You do not want a pie with a soggy bottom. This is why you need the best aluminum pie pan to help you create the best-tasting pie with the perfect texture. A well-cooked pie should be golden brown and delicious, and the only way to do that is by using the best pie baking dish.

A perfectly-baked pie slides right out of the best aluminum pie pan. This is how you know you purchased the right one. The bottom crust should also be evenly browned before you can call your pie a success. In this article, I reviewed seven of the best metal pie plates that you can use in making different kinds of pie.

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American Metalcraft 998 Details

Perfect for high-volume bakeries, this American Metalcraft 998 10 1/8″ x 1″ 18 gauge aluminum pie pan is just what you need to whip up classic apple, decadent chocolate peanut butter, or summery strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s the perfect go-to pie pan for any season, occasion, or recipe! Made of 18 gauge aluminum, the pan allows heat to spread evenly, which is of utmost importance when baking. Even heat distribution ensures that the pie or other dish is baked with an even texture throughout and doesn’t sporadically under-bake or over-bake. Its tapered sides prevent the crust from slumping, while its wide rim allows for simple fluting.Overall Dimensions:

Pie Dishes & Tart Pans

With the help of food processors and refrigerated roll-out crusts, almost anyone can create a flaky homemade pie if they have the right pie pan. Every home baker should have at least one basic 9-inch pie dish. A metal pan will hold your crust in shape and bake it more quickly. If you use a glass pan, youll add a few minutes to the baking time, but your pie will bake more evenly. Youll be able to watch the crust turn from pale yellow to perfect golden brown.

The most impressive way to present a pie is to serve it in a stoneware or porcelain dish. You can choose from colorful contemporary stoneware or more traditional fluted dishes. An added advantage is that stoneware can go from freezer to oven to dishwasher. If you do choose stoneware, youll also want to get a crust shield from Bed Bath & Beyonds baking tools department. These are useful with all kinds of pie tins but are essential with stoneware.

Transporting pies to a bake sale or friends dinner party is a tricky proposition. We sell a number of different pie carriers with locking lids and carry handles to keep your beautiful crust and luscious filling in place. A covered pie dish from OXO is perfect for home use. Bake and serve your pie in the glass pie dish, then use the snap-on plastic lid to protect it in the refrigerator.

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Don’t Buy A Product Just Based On Its Color And Ignore The Product

People nowadays buy automobiles just because they are obliged to a specific color. How about the other different elements? It is required to discover that you are not purchasing an item just because of its color if you want a trustworthy and comfy product.

I’m not claiming color shouldn’t be stressed, however, quality and efficiency should constantly occur above appearances. Remember: “Don’t purchase a thing simply since you like the color,” considering that items in the last few years, such as 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, have a lot of captivating styles.

1.1. If you’re looking for something else than a lower cost, don’t overlook the item.

Many people prefer to conserve cash for that reason, they search for less costly items than similar products, usually below $2000, $1000, or even $50. We all wish to have more for less cash, however, a lower-priced item can not supply you with optimum enjoyment if it displeases your standards. It has the possibility to affect our lives, however, keep in mind that a lower price does not promise overall satisfaction.

1.2. Other essential characteristics that price the very same or more than the item you wish to obtain must not be overlooked.

We routinely discover things that have practically the same ability as our best path but are more pricey, so we decide, “I do not require these advanced features,” and choose our preferred option.

Do Not Miss Out On Handling Merchants They’ll Wish To Know About The Item Intake Data


Business is ready to help you in discovering the most fantastic offer on an item. We not only discuss with you, but when you purchase from us, we take care of all the effort for you – no more negotiation with various service providers!

Suggest the best quality and efficiency instead of a spending plan when choosing the product. Before buying, we should keep in mind that the least expensive option is not certainly the proper choice since the price decreases or the product becomes outdated earlier than the more costly options, which are more likely to be of higher quality.

Don’t select low-grade items instead, choose based on proven efficiency, which is more necessary than the least expensive rates. Don’t forget to talk to sellers – they want to know your product’s essential details. Do not overlook additional special characteristics for the same or more than you’re thinking about buying.

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Pie Pans Come In A Variety Of Sizes From 3 To 12 Diameter So There Is A Pan For Every Baking And Dessert Application From Individual Tart Pans To The Largest 12 Pan

Here is a list of all of our pie and tart pans by ounce.

Size in inches /Wholesale foil pans sku# / fluid ounce capacity

12″ pie pan – deep – #1257 – 57 oz12″ pie pan – shallow – #1243 – 43 oz

11 pie pan – #2411 – 44 oz

10″ pie pan – #10305 – 33 oz10 pie pan – deep – #1042 – 30 oz10 pie pan – medium depth – #1041 – 26 oz10 pie pan – deep – heavy foil – #510 – 36 oz10 pie pan – medium depth – heavy foil – #310 – 28 oz9 pie pan – deep heavy foil – #977 – 30 oz9 pie pan – medium depth – heavy foil – #922 – 24 oz9″ pie pan – medium depth – #920 – 23 oz9 pie pan – extra deep – #940 – 32 oz 9″ pie pan – deep – #960 – 28 oz9 pie pan – deep – #912 – 28 oz9 pie pan – medium depth – #901 – 23 oz

8″ pie pan – deep – #816 – 20 oz8 pie pan – perforated – deep – #816perf – 20 oz8″ pie pan – medium – #850 – 16 oz

7″ pie pan deep – #1500 – 17 oz

6″ pie pan – shallow – #601 – 8 oz6″ pie pan – #600 – 9 oz6″ pie pan – heavy foil – #677 – 11 oz6″ pie pan – heavy foil – #622- 9 oz

5¾” pot pie or tart pan – deep – #2400 – 14 oz 5¾” pot pie/tart pan – #4007 – 12 oz 5¾” pot pie/tart pan – #575 – 12 oz5″ tart pan – #501 – 6 oz also available with clear plastic lid: #501P

4″ tart pan – deep – #1152NL – 5 oz also available with clear plastic lid: #1152P4½” tart pan – #475 – 4 oz4¼” tart pan – deep – #425 – 4 oz4½” tart pan – #450- 3.5 oz4¼” tart pan – #416 – 3 oz

3 tart pan – #301 – 2.5 oz also available with clear plastic lid: #301P

3″ tart pan- #A90 – 2.5 oz

How We Tested

Each of our selected pies pans was tested by our baking expert for the most authentic home-baked pie results. We paid special attention to the size of the pans, including the true diameter of the pan as well as the depth and overall volume. The pans were used to test several different types of pies, from blind-baked shells to custard pies and large double-crust fruit pies. We watched closely to see how thoroughly the crusts cooked in each pan, if the pies stuck to the plates while serving, and how easy each pan was to clean after all the pie had been eaten. We tested the pie pans side by side to compare dishes with the same materials to each other, as well as to the entire set of pie pans as a whole. Each was given a rating for design, quality, performance, ease of cleaning, and overall value.

The Spruce Eats / Jenny Kellerhals

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