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Expertly baked and made using only the finest ingredients, our fruitcakes have become the cornerstone of countless family traditions. Here at the Bakery, we are nuts about pecans. That’s why all our fruitcakes contain 27% pecans by volume. Combined with handfuls of fruit, like juicy pineapples, ripe cherries, golden raisins, and lush papaya, our Gluten-Free Fruitcake is downright delicious. Heres a sneak peek of what else is inside:

  • Crunchy pecans

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If youre doing a lot of entertaining this holiday season, you may want to consider a Collin Street fruitcake for any occasion.

And pour a little bubbly to go with it!

What is your memory of fruitcake growing up?

Shipping And Delivery Dates

Keep in mind when ordering a fruitcake that shipping and delivery dates will vary with each supplier. Most of the fruitcakes in this round-up are shipped nationwide, several days a week, although some bakeries have cutoff times for weekly shipments. Some of the larger operations ship every day during the business week and offer several different shipping speed options. Its best to plan your delivery well in advance of when you think youll need it to ensure itll arrive on time. You can take comfort in knowing that most fruitcakes will hold for an extended time.

The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

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Baked In Texas Known Around The World

You havent tried fruitcake until youve tried our DeLuxe® Fruitcake. Its been featured on Netflix, the Food Network, Travel Channel, History Channel, People magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Washington Post, and many more!

Our family-owned and operated bakery has been making world-famous baked goods in Corsicana, Texas since 1896 and has reached international acclaim by shipping them all over the world. When we say world-famous, we mean it!

Delux Fruitcake 1 Lb 14 Oz Collin Street Bakery

DeLuxe® Fruitcake 2 lbs. 14 ozs. Collin Street Bakery
  • Each fruitcake is the perfect balace of native pecans
  • Hand picked golden sweet pineapple and lush papaya, from Costa Rica
  • Ripe, red cherries from Oregon and Washington state
  • Pure clover honey, plump golden raisins
  • Delivered in a collector’s tin, 1 lb. 14 oz.
  • This item: DeLux Fruitcake 1 lb. 14 oz. Collin Street Bakery$83.56Usually ships within 3 to 4 days.Ships from and sold by Daria Shop.Get it
  • Usually ships within 2 to 3 days.Ships from and sold by Layger.Get it
  • Usually ships within 4 to 5 days.Ships from and sold by Golda’s Kitchen.Get it

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The Great Fruitcake Debate: Has Collin Street Bakery Perfected The Controversial Dessert

CORSICANA, Texas Its once again time for the age old debate: is fruitcake actually tasty?

The famous Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana is full of tasty treats, and once a year the highly debated cake makes its way back on shelves.

You cant make a homemade fruitcake as good as this, Patty Savage said.

People that dont like it havent tried , David Savage said.

The bakery originated in Corsicana all the way back in 1896 and is still family-owned,.

Manager Paul Young said filling their sweets with lots of love and care is what makes all the difference.

Our cake is all natural ingredients, Young said. We still hand decorate it. A lot of cakes that you get in the store are manufactured through machines.

Their original-recipe fruitcake gained a following over the years, complete with merchandize like shirts and Christmas tree ornaments.

These fruitcakes are eaten all over the world. One customer said she would bring a fruitcake to her family in Hong Kong next year.

Fruitcake supporter Sid Ham bought several fruitcakes.

A couple of these will go as presents, and the other will probably go into my gut, Ham said.

People come from all over Texas to get a taste of the controversial holiday staple.

At Legendary Collin Street Bakery A Nutty Twist On Texas Fruitcake

Every year a bakery in Corsicana churns out 1 million fruitcakes. Despite the bruised reputation of the traditional treat, the fruitcake still sells worldwide.

In the 1940s, a German immigrant and Texas businessman gave up baking bread for baking fruitcake. If you think thats nuts, you should try their product.

Its about 30 percent pecans.

We use 20,000 pounds of pecans a day, during season, Hayden Crawford says. Thats a truckload of pecans every other day.

Crawford is a partner at Collin Street Bakery which was founded in 1896.

One recent afternoon, hes two-stepping around giant mixers and boxes of dried fruit in his lizard-skin boots.

The golden Sultana raisins, bright red cherries, green pineapple and papaya are bound together by flour and honey, mixed by giant metal claws, and hand-decorated by women in hair nets.

They churn out about 20,000 a day during the holiday season.

The deluxe fruitcake has made Collin Street Bakery famous worldwide. Early on, circus showman John Ringling started sending the treat to friends abroad. In the 70s, the red metal tin even shows up in a scene from “The Godfather.” In the ’80s, orders from Japan picked up.

But sales in the U.S. started to wane for the first time about 15 years ago. Crawford says some people just didnt want to buy a cake that looked like a box of Skittles. So the bakery moved away from the candied classic.

Instead of the red and green fruit on top, the “Texas Blonde” just has baked pecans.

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How To Correctly Infuse Fruitcake

For some, a fruitcake is not a fruitcake without a little hooch. No judgment here – We say Go for it! Just to reassure yall, all our cakes are baked and shipped sans any spirits. So, if you are not about that liquor life, not to worry. If you want to try something new though, weve created the perfect how-to guide for infusing your fruitcakes. But, beware the heavy-handed pourer. Too much tipple and your fruitcake is a risk for becoming a soggy, alcohol-ridden booze cake.

“Um, question! Whats the best liquor for soaking fruitcake?”

When deciding on how to get your fruitcake into the holiday spirit, theres no hard and fast rule. Pick a liquor you like and go for it! If youre uncertain what you like, we suggest asking your local retailer for their recommendations.

Staff Recommendation: You can never go wrong with a nice barrel-aged brandy.

How Long Will Fruitcake Last With Alcohol

DeLuxe® Fruitcake Unboxing

So,how long exactly will fruitcake last with alcohol? Again, fruitcake covered or soaked in alcohol can last much longer than its sober counterparts. Fruitcake with alcohol can last years, and in some rare cases, it can last decades. For those looking to prepare fruitcakes with alcohol for storage, youll want to make sure to brush the fruitcake with alcohol fairly consistently across its time in storage.

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New Documentary Delves Into Fruitcake Fraud At Famed Corsicana Bakery

Collin Street Bakery

There’s a new documentary about a famous scandal at a beloved Texas fruitcake company: Called Fruitcake Fraud, it covers the notorious case of husband-and-wife Sandy and Kay Jenkins, who embezzled more than $17 million from Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, and it debuts this week on the Discovery+ channel.

It begins streaming Wednesday, December 1 on discovery+. You can see the trailer here, featuring interviews with principals including Bob McNutt, the president of the bakery, who amenably eats a piece on camera as if to prove it can be done.

Collin Street Bakery is known the world over for its fruitcakes, with 10,000 to 20,000 orders per day during holiday season. But as a release notes, that fruitcake empire began crumbling in 2013 when an embezzlement fraud was discovered, right under the noses of the bakery employees.

The money was stolen by Sandy, who worked as an accountant at the company for a decade. According to government records, he and Kay blew it on trips on private jets, shopping sprees, and purchases of 38 vehicles, including a Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and Porsche.

They almost single-handedly kept the NorthPark location of Neiman Marcus in business, spending $1.2 million, and earning themselves the nicknames “Fruitcake” and “Cupcake.”

When the management at Collin Street Bakery began to notice a deficit, they hired a new accountant who uncovered Jenkins’ multimillion-dollar scheme.

From the release:

How Long Does Fruitcake Last

Most fruitcakes have a shelf life of about a month. With that said, most bakers will indicate how long each fruitcake can be stored for the best experience. If you know in advance that youll be enjoying the fruitcake over an extended period, it might be a good idea to portion it, wrap the fruitcake tightly, and freeze or refrigerate a portion to prolong the shelf life.

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Collin Street Bakery Is Known For Its Legendary Fruitcake


Before Navarro College’s cheer team took the world by storm, Collin Street Bakery was making a name for itself in the quaint town of Corsicana, Texas. Only 50 miles south of Dallas, you can pass through the small town in the blink of an eye, but the sweet, heavenly aroma of homemade fruitcake urges you to stop the car and stay awhile.

When we say that their fruitcake is legendary, we mean it. Collin Street Bakery’s deluxe fruitcake recipe has remained unchanged since the bakery first opened its doors in 1896. And like any family-owned business, the Corsicana community is its most loyal customer basethey’ve been coming to this little slice of heaven bakery for countless years.

Locally made, Collin Street Bakery’s fruitcakes are created with pineapple, Texas pecans, honey, and adorned with ripe cherries. Each fruitcake is packaged in a vintage, keepsake tin. Fruitcake lovers simply cannot get enoughdevoted customers say the holidays are simply not complete without a Collin Street fruitcake. There’s even a fan group on Facebook called Collin Street Bakery Superfans for all the bakery enthusiasts. On top of their famous deluxe fruitcake, they also serve well-known Southern fare like pecan cakes, chocolate cakes, and deep-dish fudge pecan pie.

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How To Properly Slice Fruitcake

DeLuxe® Fruitcake

When your Collin Street Bakery fruitcake arrives, you may want to impulsively rip open the tin and dig in! Now we see no problem with acting on that impulse. But if youve ordered your cake for a family or holiday gathering, this might not be the best strategy. Instead, we suggest neatly slicing your cake into even wedges, perfect for serving and sharing. Any way you slice it, your fruitcake will taste pretty good. But, if you want your fruitcake to look as good as it tastes, we suggest following the steps found in our fruitcake slicing tutorial.

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Meet Our Newest Additions

This season is all about new beginnings, new gifts, and even new treats. Thats right, Collin Street Bakery Cafés are now offering BRAND NEW TREATS! We already have the world-famous fruitcake, the fully-stocked cookie case, several pecan cakes and so much more. So you may be wondering what else could we possibly be adding? Well, we are adding a brand new pumpkin pie, buttermilk pie, lemon chess pie, vanilla cake, and chocolate cake.

We are going to give you a glance into what are new amazing products are. The pumpkin pie is a spiced pumpkin custard in a flaky buttery crust. The buttermilk pie is a classic pie with a rich sweet filling. The lemon chess pie is creamy with a smooth texture and refreshing lemon flavor. The chocolate and vanilla cake arent necessarily new products, but what they are is cakes made from a new delicious recipe!

Try any of our new products today and see what all the hype is about. Find your nearest location below.

How To Store Fruitcake Without Alcohol

Fruitcake without alcohol wont last as long, however, its shelf life can still be maximized through proper storage techniques. Our fruitcake can last up to one month on your countertop, four months in the fridge, and six months in the freezer. Of course, all this depends on the effectiveness of your storage. We recommend an airtight container of some kind. For storing fruitcake, youll want to make sure to cover it with plastic wrap and place it in an airtight container.

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Hundreds Head To The ‘capital Of Fruitcake’ In Corsicana As Part Of Their Holiday Tradition

CORSICANA, Texas As Christmas quickly approaches, hundreds of Texans are flocking to a small town to pick up a special desert as part of their holiday tradition.

About 50 miles south of Dallas, there’s a small town called Corsicana.

“It is definitely the taste, the moisture, the quality of it and you know,” one customer, Mary Baker, said. “It’s the freshness of it.”

There’s a popular place where people tend to stop for a special treat.

“Fruit cake,” a customer in town from Louisiana, Sharon Beltz, said.

“Fruit cake, fruit cake,” couple Don and Mickey Licapovich from Tyler, Texas said.

Thousands of Texans call this city the capital of fruit cake.

“If you want a fruit cake, this is the place to come, they always have them,” Licapovich said.

Collin Street Bakery is what they’re referring to. They sell tons of cake, desserts, and other foods, but most people buy their fruit cakes.

They’re sold in their stores, but also through online sales on their website and on Amazon.

“Each year we will have about a million visitors that come through this tiny shop on 7th Avenue,” Collin Street Bakery spokesperson Hayden Crawford said.

He said right before Christmas is the busiest time of the year.

“It’s basically a holiday tradition for my family to have at least three of them in the pantry,” Walter Truitt, of Houston, said.

They call this time of year fruit cake season, it typically starts in late September or early October.

“They’re soooooo delicious, they really are,” Baker said.

Dallas Homeowner Fatally Shoots Neighborhood Intruder

Collin Street Bakery: Behind the World Famous Deluxe Fruitcake

A 2015 news release from the U.S. Attorney’s office details the crime:

“According to documents filed in the case and evidence proffered at the sentencing hearing, beginning at least as early as December 2004, and continuing until his termination from the Bakery, Sandy Jenkins engaged in a massive scheme to defraud the Bakery. During that time, he embezzled more than $16 million from the Bakery, and he and his wife, Kay Jenkins, used that money to bank-roll a lavish lifestyle. The government introduced evidence at sentencing identifying the 223 trips on private jets as well as the locations , with a total cost that exceeded $3.3 million.

Sandy Jenkins was sentenced to 120 months in federal prison and died behind bars in 2019. His wife Kay was sentenced to five years’ probation, ordereded to complete 100 hours of community service and to write an apology to the bakery.

“We don’t like being reminded of that awful time, that lasted a decade but we love getting the chance of telling it from our point of view,” Crawford said. “A lot of people, they like to think it would never happen to them, that they would not have been caught off guard like we were. And, I contend it will always happen that way. It’s the trust that allows them to come in and embezzle.”

Eight years after the crime came to light, Collin Street Bakery is still going strong. The business that ran its accounting department on trust, believing there was no need for safeguards has made changes.

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Braindead Brewing Calls It Quits

CultureMap Dallas also wrote about the last day for popular Deep Ellum beer bar Braindead Brewing on November 28. On Facebook, the bar posted: We are thankful for everyone that supported us through almost 7 years of brewpubbing in Deep Ellum, the best neighborhood there ever was.

The pandemic response shook Braindead Brewings business, with that the bar was out of money, and no more is coming and that its reopening was against his wishes.

A Texas Bakery & Cafe

Discover a delectable shopping experience right in the heart of Downtown Corsicana at the home of our World Famous Deluxe® Fruitcake. In our quaint shop, you will find cookies, custom decorated cakes, pies, and of course, Fruitcake and Texas Pecan Cakes.

Our Cinchona coffee, a custom-roasted blend of Costa Rican coffee prepared especially for our bakery, is sure to offer a warm pick me up. Our sandwiches and home-style soups are savory and filling. Enjoy garden-fresh salads and fruit at our deli/cafe.

During the holiday season, we offer tours of our Downtown Corsicana Bakery and Fruitcake Factory that you can enjoy during your stop. Stretch your legs, walk your dog, walk your kids! Stop in and experience our history with us on your next trip through Corsicana.

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What Is Citron In Fruitcake

Citron is a type of citrus that closely resembles a lemon but is considered more fragrant and bitter before candying. The additional bitterness, low juice content, and thicker citrus peel make it much less popular for regular use, but citron is ideal for preserving and candying. The acidic nature of the citron is a great balance with the sweeter ingredients in the cake and helps brighten the flavors of the other fruits.

Ask The Fruitcake Experts

Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake

Here at Collin Street Bakery, we are what you might call fruitcake experts. Weve spent 125 years living, loving, and learning everything there is to know about it. Throughout the years, weve compiled a wealth of knowledge on how best to store it, slice it, serve it, and even cook with it! In other words, we basically have an official Doctorate of Fruitcake-ology.

Weve decided our knowledge is just too important to keep to ourselves. So weve made this handy-dandy guide to fruitcake. Check it out!

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