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Best Budget Option: Instacart

How to Ship a Cake


Why We Chose It: This grocery-delivery service offers highly affordable cakes and same-day delivery from a variety of grocery stores.

ProsA large selection of markets to choose fromQuick and easy deliveryHave to search each store individuallySome stores have limited cakes for sale onlineOnly available in metropolitan areasCakes aren’t customizable

This popular grocery delivery service will bring cakes directly to your door from a number of grocery and big-box stores in your area. The company, which contracts with independent shoppers, works with most of the large grocery chains in the countryincluding Safeway, Costco, Wegmans, and Krogeras well as larger independent groceries and some specialty stores. Use the very clear website to choose a cake from one of the stores in your area, and someone will bring it to your doorstep later that day. You can also set up an appointment for later in the week if you prefer to pre-order.

Because Instacart works with grocery chains rather than small bakeries, you can use the site to find a wide variety of classic cakes at very affordable prices: 8-inch cakes and sheet cakes from stores like Andronicos or Safeway often cost somewhere in the range of $12$35. Instacarts delivery fees are also very reasonable. The service adds a 5 percent fee to your groceries and a small delivery fee orders over $35 are delivered for $3.99 .

Which Shipping Service Is Best For Shipping Baked Goods

The best shipping service for baked goods depends on the volume and type of baked goods youre sending. We explain the benefits of different carriers below:

  • USPS – The US Postal Service provides the best rates on small, lightweight packages and usually offers fast delivery timelines.
  • UPS – For large and/or heavy shipments, use UPS to get the best rate. Given their expedited shipping times, UPS is also ideal for highly perishable deliveries.
  • FedEx – FedEx offers niche shipping services for frozen food and businesses.

Why Is Gold Belly Expensive

Many Goldbely items can be shipped overnight, depending on the users and restaurants preferences, which caters to a generation that demands immediacy. Another catch is shipping costs. Theyre part of the reason prices on the site are so high a major criticism. Meals that feed 15 people cost as much as $400.

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We Ship To All 50 States

You can get a taste of the South no matter what state youre in. Whether youre looking for a slice of home, or your first taste of Southern Baking well make sure you first bite is a great experience. Packages are shipped with Fedex to all 50 states. No P.O. Boxes please.

*Transit times for ground shipping are estimates provided by FedEx but are not guaranteed. Most orders arrive in 1 to 2 days after being picked up by FedEx. If you must have your cake as soon as possible, we recommend upgrading to FedEx Standard Overnight at checkout.

How To Package Cookies For Shipping

Cargo ship theme customized cake with 3D ship
  • Wrap the cookies. If youre shipping multiple types of cookies in one order, individually wrap each cookie in a sealed bag to prevent flavor diffusion. If youre shipping cookies of the same flavor, you can arrange them back-to-back and loosely wrap them in plastic wrap.
  • Secure the cookies. Fill the nooks and crannies in your box with packing supplies. Otherwise, your cookies will jostle and break in transit.
  • Shake test your box. Give your box a shake to make sure the cookies arent slipping around before shipping them. Dont skimp on the packing materials. The expense of the packing materials is nothing compared to losing a customer because their cookies arrived as a pile of crumbs.
  • Use a shallow flat container. Don’t stack the cookie layers higher than two layers deep.
  • Ship smaller cookies. Smaller cookies are less likely to crumble than larger cookies. Use a teaspoon rather than a 2″ cookie scoop to make cookies for shipment orders. If customers are used to receiving giant cookies when they buy them on your bakery’s premises, consider sending multiple small cookies for the price of one large cookie in shipment orders.
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    Send A Cake Delivery To Loved Ones Near Or Far

    Have a birthday coming up? Skip the baking and the stress and have a cake delivered right to your special someone on their special day. 1800Flowers can send sugary delights to your loved ones near or far. Itâs simple. Visit, select one of our delicious treats, and your loved oneâs delivery will be on its way. Show the people in your life, whether they be close or far, that you care. Order a cake today!

    Promotion Terms And Conditions

    $25 Flat Rate Shipping on Most Nationwide Shipping Orders on the new MagnoliaBakery.comEnjoy $25 flat rate shipping on most Continental U.S. shipping orders by consumers who check-out and complete a purchase on between 12:01 am Eastern Time October 7, 2021 and 11:59 pm Eastern Time on December 25, 2021. Enjoy $25 flat rate shipping on most Continental U.S. shipping orders by consumers who check-out and complete a purchase on after 12:01 am Eastern Time December 26, 2021. This offer is only valid for online orders placed on in the U.S. and is not valid for in-store delivery or in-store purchases in any U.S. or International store location. No code needed at checkout. $20 flat rate shipping offer does not apply to any order placed online for a Saturday delivery the consumer must pay an up-charge for Saturday delivery. Prices and availability of Magnolia Bakery products online may vary from in-store prices and availability. This offer is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. This offer may not be combined with other discounts or offers and cannot be applied to previous purchases. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply in your state.HONEY10 for 10% off your order at MAGNOLIABAKERY.COM

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    Best Design: Posh Pop Bakeshop

    Posh Pop Bakeshop

    Simply put, Posh Pop brings the flair in its extravagantly designed desserts.

    • Facility is not 100% nut-free

    Posh Pop is a New York-based Bakeshop that stands out for its colorful and bombastic design details. A cake from Posh Pop sends a clear message that living a gluten-free life is not a matter of deprivationquite the opposite. If you’re looking for a gluten-free cake that is also extravagant, opulent, and oozing personality, Posh Pop is definitely your spot.

    Elaborate, indulgent, and high on the sweetness quotient, all of Posh Pop’s gluten-free cakes look like a party in themselves. As of March 2022, there are six cakes and five cheesecakes available for delivery. On the cake side, check out the Red Velvet Cake, the Funfetti Cake, and Tall, Dark and Handsome Cake. On the cheesecake front, feast your eyes on the Cookies n’ Cream Cheesecake and the stately Red Velvet Cheesecake.

    Most cakes and cheesecakes sell for about $99, plus shipping. Posh Pop ships frozen cakes overnight and come with safe travels guaranteed with the Posh Pop packing method. Delivery cost through UPS varies by region. Posh Pop offers free next-day shipping on all orders over $150.

    Best Customizable: The Dog Treatery

    How I Ship Bundt Cakes | Preparing a Cake to Ship

    The Dog Treatery

    Why We Chose It: The Dog Treatery lets you customize nearly every aspect of your dogs cake, with plenty of fun flavors and colors to choose from.

    • More options for customization than other bakeries

    • Option to use allergy-friendly recipe

    • Tons of other birthday treats available

    • Warm weather shipping pack highly recommended

    • Limited options for adding a message on the cake

    If you want to create a cake thats as unique as your furry friend, were big fans of The Dog Treatery. This bakery offers cakes in four flavorspeanut butter and carob, peanut butter and banana, pumpkin, and bisonand has more than a dozen options for icing and text colors. Any cake can be ordered in a grain-free version for an additional fee, and the bakerys standard circular cake is available in 2×4-inch and 2×5-inch sizes. Additionally, The Dog Treatery has a massive big bone cake thats over two pounds and serves eight to 12 pups, as well as a wide assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and even frosted pretzels.

    The Dog Treaterys cakes start at $21.99 for a 2×4-inch circular cake. Note: Because each cake is frosted, the business highly recommends upgrading to a warm-weather shipping pack during some parts of the year to avoid melting. This will add $8.50 to your order.

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    Other Birthday Dessert Delivery Options Available:

    • Birthday Cupcakes in a variety of flavorsâ¯are the perfect little bites of sweetness that everyone would love on their birthday, especially if you want an individual sweet treat to share with friends.
    • Birthday Cake Pop Deliveryâ¯is great for adults and kids alike with a little bite size dessert that will make them smile, especially our Emoticon Truffle Cake Pops and Unicorn Cake Pops. You can also order our cake pop kit so your special someone can make their own cake pops right at home!
    • Petit Foursâ¯are the perfect small bite of birthday cake, especially ones that spell out Happy Birthday, and are often consumed in one or two bites. âPetit fourâ means âsmall ovenâ and is derived from the small ovens that were used to bake them when this special little dessert originated.
    • Other Treats gift one of our many desserts, including our cake sampler, brownie truffles, chocolate covered donuts and more!

    How We Chose The Best Dog Birthday Cake Delivery Services

    When it comes to dog birthday cake services, some companies will deliver to your door anywhere in the country. To pick the best ones, we looked for mostly independently owned bakeries that specialize in made-to-order cakes. Those that received the highest rankings such as Okra and Molly and The Dog Treatery feature affordable prices and multiple options to customize your cake.

    We also ranked companies that offer add-ons for a one-stop-shop to buy all of your pups birthday needs. Lastly, companies that offered a variety of flavors for picky pups ranked highly.

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    How To Ship A Cake

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    Shipping a cake may seem like a tricky task, but there are lots of things you can do to help make sure the cake arrives neatly and without damage. When you go to package the cake, place it in an insulated bag with ice packs before putting it in a new cardboard box that’s sturdy. Place tape around all the edges of the box to create a cooler that keeps the cold air in and choose a shipping option that only takes 1-2 days if possible. By packaging the cake with lots of padding, your cake is more likely to arrive in great condition.

    Find An Appropriate Cake Box

    Pirate ship cake

    Next, youre going to need to find an appropriate cake box to ship your cake in. Youll want to find a box that fits your cake perfectly, and this means that youll need to choose the dimensions of the box based on what type of cake youre shipping and its overall size.

    Take the time to measure your cake and any boxes that you plan to purchase to ship the cake in. Once youve confirmed that the size is correct, youll be able to position the cake inside the box.

    One good idea that many professional bakeries use is that they ship cakes in boxes that contain Styrofoam mailers. These Styrofoam mailers help the cake to fit in the box snugly and keep it from moving around inside the box.

    Many of these Styrofoam mailers will be something that youll put the cake inside and then youll transfer the Styrofoam mailer to the cake box. Overall, this method works out well because it just makes things more secure overall.

    Its a good idea to use these if you can because itll make it that much more likely that the cake will arrive at its destination in pristine condition. Consider utilizing Styrofoam for the sides of the box if you cant find a mailer so that you can pack the cake as tightly and safely as possible.

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    How To Keep Baked Goods Fresh For Shipping

    To keep your baked goods fresh for shipping, bake and ship your treats on the same day. Make sure your baked goods are completely cool before you package them. If youre sending shipping-friendly treats, Priority Mail will usually get your goodies to your customers on time. However, for dairy-laden, frosted, or heat-sensitive sweets, youll need to select next-day delivery.

    Package Your Baked Goods For Shipping

    The ideal packaging for baked goods varies by the type of sweet treat youre shipping. No matter what, you must secure them inside their shipping container. There is nothing more disappointing than receiving a crumbled pastry mess in the mail. We provide some bakery shipping tips that will help preserve the structural integrity of your sweets.

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    First Attempts To Ship A Cake

    Shipping cakes is not as hard as you may imagine. It takes a lot of trial and error on your part but it can be done, safely.

    This is my third attempt to ship cakes and cupcakes to our domestic customers in the USA. Ohhh yes, my cakes have gone international as far as to Africa to be exact.

    The first two attempts were not total failures and I can honestly say I have learned so much from both experiences that I cant say they werent a total loss.

    1st Birthday in 2009

    The first cake was a two-tier small fondant cake that was shipped expressed to Tennessee for a 1st Birthday in 2009. There were minor dents in the cake upon delivery imagine but from a structural standpoint, it was ok.

    The second attempt was shipping cupcakes to two different states, Pennsylvania and Maryland in 2015. It was an epic failure, the cupcakes were in shambles and frosting was everywhere, while the presentation was a hot mess due to mishandling of the box in transport.

    I did get great reviews from both clients regarding taste. With cupcakes being so delicate, I am still working on improving the art of shipping cupcakes.

    A great alternative might be nice to make it a DIY cupcake package to prevent the frosting from going everywhere, its a nice thought but I would still have to do more research and run more tests.

    Coffee Cake From Zingerman’s

    How to Ship a Cake [ Shipping cakes in the mail ] Ship Cakes

    You could, very easily, make Zingerman’s Hot Cocoa Cake at home. Our site director, David Tamarkin does often. You could also buy, easily, their oft-imitated sour cream coffee cake. But the pro move is to opt for Zingerman’s Chocolate-Tahini Coffee Cake. The combo of chocolate and tahini evokes a sophisticated peanut butter cup, melted down and swirled into the most tender, delicious cake.

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    Best Budget: Mason Dixon Bakery And Bistro

    Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro

    Mason Dixon offers a solid selection of gluten-free cakes that can be shipped nationwide at an affordable price.

    • Vegan, soy-free, and egg-free options available

    • Not organic

    Dr. Ashley Ramirez was diagnosed with Celiac disease in college, so she had to begin learning to prepare gluten-free meals for herself on a student’s limited budget. Luckily, her Ph.D.-level chemistry program proved helpful, and soon her recipes were fooling even ardent wheat-lovers. When a job-related delay left her in limbo in Huntsville, Alabama, Dr. Ramirez used her skills to open Mason Dixon, Alabama’s very first gluten-free bakery.

    Mason Dixon Bakery offers a selection of 8-inch layer cakes available to ship. Most cakes are actually full-sized versions of Mason Dixon’s cupcakes, so see the cupcake menu for the most detailed flavor descriptions. Our favorites include the Cookie Monster, the Stacey, and the Fat Elvis. We hope that someday Mason Dixon makes full-sized versions of the Alabama Mud and the Trash Panda, but for now, you’ll have to order those in cupcake form. In addition to being gluten-free, some cakes are also dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, and/or vegan. Mason Dixon ships custom cakes as well.

    Most of Mason Dixon’s cakes cost between $35 and $45, plus a flat shipping rate of about $32. That makes Mason Dixon the most budget-friendly option on this list.

    Our Pick: Carlos Bakery

    Claim to FameCarlos Bakery, as featured on TLCs Cake Boss, is known for over-the-top designer cakes as well as decadent pastries and desserts.

    Current owner and celebrity, Buddy Valastro, is a fourth-generation baker who connects with his Italian family history by creating gourmet cakes.

    Image: Carlos Bakery

    About Carlos Bakery CakesSafely shipping a cake across the country is hard enough. Can you imagine shipping a two-tier cake?

    Well, Carlos can do it! Imagine the pleasant surprise when your special someone receives a tall two-tier cake for a super special birthday delivery!

    With a wide variety of scrumptious cakes, youre sure to find the perfect birthday cake for an upcoming celebration from Carlos. Just a few noteworthy flavors include colorful Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Black & White Cake, Carrot Cake and Cookie & Cream.

    Cant decide? They also offer a Best Sellers Cake Slice Sampler that comes with 8 different flavors to try.

    Also Available From CarlosOrder cakes online, plus other birthday treats black & white cookies, cannoli chips & dip, rainbow cookies, cupcakes and pastries. Cake delivery is via Goldbelly.

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