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How To Modify The Appearance Of The Pie Chart

Creating a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

The default pie chart in ggplot2 is quite ugly. The simplest way to improve the appearance is to use theme_void, which removes the background, the grid, and the labels:

ggplot) +  geom_bar +  coord_polar +  theme_void

We can further improve the appearance of the chart by adding labels inside the slices:

ggplot) +  geom_bar +  coord_polar +  geom_text), position = position_stack) +  labs

We can customize the chart even further by specifying our own hex colors to use for the slices with the scale_fill_manual argument:

ggplot) +  geom_bar +  coord_polar +  geom_text), position = position_stack) +  labs +  theme_classic +  theme,          axis.text = element_blank,          axis.ticks = element_blank) +  scale_fill_manual)

Tip: Use this Hex Color Picker to find combinations of hex color codes that go well together.

You can also customize the colors of the slices by simply choosing one of the brewer color scales. For example, heres what the blues color scale looks like:

ggplot) +  geom_bar +  coord_polar +  geom_text), position = position_stack) +  labs +  theme_classic +  theme,          axis.text = element_blank,          axis.ticks = element_blank) +  scale_fill_brewer

Slice Percentages And Chart Legend

We can add slice percentage and a chart legend by creating additional chart variables.

# Create data for the graph.x < -  clabels < -  cpiepercent< - round, 1)# Give the chart file a name.png# Plot the chart.pie))legend, cex = 0.8,   fill = rainbow))# Save the file.dev.off

When we execute the above code, it produces the following result

What Is A Pie Chart

A pie chart visualizes a part-to-whole relationship. It shows how the data is divided into categories with a certain value , but it always keeps the link between the value of one category and the total sum of those categories .

This means that the slices should add up to a logical sum. If the data is in percentages, the total should round up to a hundred. If the data is in absolute values, for example in euros, the categories should form a meaningful total.

This relative approach of comparing a part to a whole is key to understanding how to use a pie chart. If the focus of the visualization is on comparing values between categories, its better to use another chart type.

A pie chart works best with only a few categories, otherwise, the chart becomes an unreadable clutter. It is also very suitable when one category is very big or very small compared to the other categories. But if the differences between the categories and thus between the slices are small and not easily recognizable, another chart – for example a bar chart – is much better suited.

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About The Pie Chart Template

A Pie Chart Template shows the relationships between datasets, illustrated within a circle. Its often also referred to as a circle chart. The circle sections look like slices of a pie and represent different datasets so that you can easily compare them all at once. The Pie Chart Template is an excellent tool to enhance presentations and make data more digestible to any audience.

Keep reading to learn more about the Pie Chart Template.

How To Explode A Pie Chart In Excel

How to Make Pie Charts in ggplot2 (With Examples)

It sounds dramatic, but when you explode a pie chart in Excel all youre doing is adding spacing between the pieces. This is quite easy to achieve, and you can do it manually or automatically

  • Youll see a dotted blue border around your pie that will indicate how far out your pie will explode.

  • Release your mouse button to apply the changes
  • OR: Click a single slice to select it
  • Drag it out to move it individually

    You can repeat the process for each slice in your pie or leave it as-is if you want to highlight a particular result.

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    Can You Use Google Forms To Create Pie Charts

    Google Forms has long been providing users with the possibility of creating questionnaires and conducting online surveys. The forms allow participants to submit their responses with the utmost freedom and can be used to conduct small to large-scale online surveys.

    Although Google Forms has a pre-built summary feature that converts the responses into easy-to-understand charts and graphs, they still lag behind in terms of customizations. Users are neither allowed to choose the type of graph nor can they change any titles or subtitles of the graph.

    In order to make customizable charts with Goggle Forms data, you can make use of Google Sheets. Integrated with Google Forms, Google Sheets can natively export the Forms data and can be used to make all kinds of graphs and charts that can be customized in all manners.

    Formatting Data For Pie Charts

    Getting your data ready for a pie chart is simple.

    Just make sure that your categories and associated values are each on separate lines:

    In this example, well use the number of units sold for a range of products.

    Weve put each category and value on a row, but you can also separate them into columns. Excel can interpret both formats.

    Kasper Langmann

    Thats all there is to it. Now youre ready to create a pie chart!

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    How To Solve Pie Chart Questions

    In this section, you will learn how to solve or interpret the pie chart to get the original values. For this, we need to check whether the given chart is given in percentages, degrees or without any value. Based on this information, we can solve the questions related to pie charts. Lets have a look at the solved example to understand this thoroughly.


    The pie-chart shows the marks obtained by a student in an examination. If the student secures 440 marks in all, calculate the marks in each of the given subjects.


    The given pie chart shows the marks obtained in the form of degrees.

    Given, total marks obtained = 440

    i.e. 360 degrees = 440 marks

    Now, we can calculate the marks obtained in each subject as follows.

    = × 440 = 132 marks

    = × 440 = 99 marks

    = × 440 = 88 marks

    = × 440 = 66 marks

    = × 440 = 55 marks

    This can be tabulated as:


    How To Create A Pie Of Pie Chart

    How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

    Its may feel a bit silly, but there are several instances where you may want to create a separate pie chart out of only part of the data from your original pie. This is inventively named the Pie of Pie chart. Heres how to make one:

  • Select your data, press the pie icon in the Insert tab of the ribbon, and click the pie of pie icon

    A pie of pie chart in Excel is indicated by a picture of a big and small pie with lines between them.

  • Change the data used for the pie of pie by right-clicking and choosing Format Data Series
  • In the series options, choose what you want to split the data series by
  • Close the data series window once your preview looks correct
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    More Than A Pie Chart Creator

    Vismes creative pie chart maker helps you to create online pie charts that are both easy to understand and beautifully designed. Take advantage of Vismes pie chart features to create data visualizations your audience will love.

    Charts & Graphs

    Choose from different chart types and create pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, doughnut charts, pyramid charts, Mekko charts, radar charts and much more.


    All of Vismes charts give you the option to add hover-over legends that give your audience more information and make your charts engaging.

    Images & Graphics

    Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to decorate your pie chart and make it engaging.

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    Creating Pie Of Pie Chart In Excel:

    Follow the below steps to create a Pie of Pie chart:

    1. In Excel, Click on the Insert tab.

    2. Click on the drop-down menu of the pie chart from the list of the charts.

    3. Now, select Pie of Pie from that list.

    Below is the Sales Data were taken as reference for creating Pie of Pie Chart:

    The Pie Chart obtained for the above Sales Data is as shown below:

    The pie of pie chart is displayed with connector lines, the first pie is the main chart and to the right chart is the secondary chart. The above chart is not displaying labels i.e, the percentage of each product. Hence, lets design and customize the pie of pie chart.

    How To Rotate A Pie Chart In Excel

    how to make a better pie chart  storytelling with data

    Finally, to rotate your pie chart, double-click on the chart and then click on the three-bar icon under “Format Data Point”.

    Then, toggle the “Angle of first slice” until you’ve rotated the pie chart to the degree you want.

    And there you have it! You’re well on your way to creating clean, impressive pie charts for your marketing materials to highlight important data and move stakeholders to take action.

    Ultimately, you’ll want to experiment with all of excel’s unique formatting features until you figure out the pie chart that works best for your needs. Good luck!

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    Print Your Pie Chart And Share It Online

  • You’ve done such a good job with your pie chart, you’re probably excited to share it.
  • Thankfully, you don’t need to leave the Venngage editor to share your work. Click “Share” to email it, grab a private link, or share on social media.
  • Or enable team settings to share within Venngage’s cloud-based program.
  • Upgrade to download your pie chart as a PDF or PNG, instead. And then add it to your reports, presentations, and other important documents.
  • How To Customize A Pie Chart In Excel

    The default design of pie charts in Excel is very plain and often uses colors that arent visually appealing. You can fix this by modifying your chart design, color palette, and gradient.

  • Youll find various styles above the Chart Styles heading which will give your chart a fresh look.

  • Press Change Colors and pick from one of the color palette presets
  • OR: Open the Page Layout tab and press Themes, then pick an option

    Bear in mind that this will change the settings across your entire document, rather than just this particular graph.

  • Press the text icon to change your font
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    Using The Download Option

    Once you have prepared your pie chart on Google Sheets, click on the 3-dots on its top right corner.

    Now click on the option to show the available formats.

    Select PNG Image to download the chart in .png format with a white background. The chart will now be downloaded to your default downloads folder.

    Now, launch the Microsoft Word program on your computer and open the file you want to add the pie chart to. When the document loads up, click on the Insert tab from the toolbar at the top.

    Now click on the Pictures option to be able to insert a picture.

    A pop-up menu will show up, select the image from your default download location, and click on Insert to drop it in the MS Word file.

    How To Make A Pie Chart

    How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel

    Once your data is formatted, making a pie chart only takes a couple clicks.

    First, highlight the data you want in the chart:

    Then click to the Insert tab on the Ribbon. In the Charts group, click Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart:

    If you forget which button is which, hover over each one, and Excel will tell you which type of chart it is.

    Kasper Langmann

    In the resulting menu, click 2D Pie:

    Once youve clicked that, your pie chart will appear!

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    How To Make A Pie Chart In Excel In Just 2 Minutes

    Written by co-founder Kasper Langmann, Microsoft Office Specialist.

    The pie chart is one of the most commonly used charts in Excel. Why?

    Because its so useful

    Pie charts can show a lot of information in a small amount of space. They primarily show how different values add up to a whole.

    That might not sound like much, but well look at how pie charts can be great visual aids.

    Kasper Langmann

    Lets take a look at why pie charts are so useful, then dive into making them!

    *This tutorial is for Excel 2019/Microsoft 365 . Got a different version? No problem, you can still follow the exact same steps.

    Whats Good About Pie Charts

  • Easy to create: While most of the charts in Excel are easy to create, pie charts are even easier. You dont need to worry a lot about customization as most of the times, the default settings are good enough. And if you need to customize it, there are many formatting options available.
  • Easy to read: If you only have a few data points, Pie charts can be very easy to read. As soon as someone looks at a Pie chart, they can figure out what it means. Note that this works only if you have a few data points. When you have a lot of data points, the slices get smaller and become hard to figure out
  • Management loves Pie Charts: In my many years of corporate career as a financial analyst, I have seen the love managers/clients have for Pie charts . There have been instances, where I have been asked to convert bar/column charts into Pie charts .
  • If youre interested, you can also read this article by Excel charting expert Jon Peltier on why we love pie charts

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    Faq About Our Pie Chart Maker

    Is Datylon pie chart maker free?

    Yes! If you want to create a pie chart or any other type of charts or graphs, you need to register on Datylon. Creating your account is free and only takes a few seconds. But if you would like to use our chart maker plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, you can try it for free for 14 days. After that, the plug-in will cost you as little as 15 / $16.95 per month. Check the pricing here. Learn more about the difference between our free Datylon web app and paid Datylon for Illustrator plug-in here.

    How to create a pie chart?

    Easily! If you want to create a pie chart online, you can create a free account on Datylon using this link. With your account, you’re free to create any type of chart available. Click on “Create design” and find the chart type or chart template you’re interested in. In this case, click on “Pie chart”. You can also check our Help Center to learn more about how to create and style your pie chart.

    Can I share my pie chart online?

    Of course! When you create a new pie chart design, by default it’s private. You can then publish the design and add it to publications. Every publication can be shared and embedded online. Just right-click on your publication and generate the code.

    Can I collaborate on my pie chart design?

    Yes! Read here how Datylon supports re-usability and collaboration. We also created a detailed article about Datylon templates and how to work with them. Make sure to check it out here.

    Can I print my pie graph?

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