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Finishing The Pies By Adding The Jelly

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Finally, when the pies are cold, they can be topped up with jelly. This is easiest with packet gelatin, although you can boild up pigs trotters if you prefer the authentic touch. The jelly here was simply a fairly rich stock , with slightly more jelly than the packet recommends, to make sure it is set firmly. I use about half as much again as the packet says. The jelly is poured through the holes in the pies using a jug. Each pie should be topped up until you can see jelly puddling in the hole. Leave to set. This will take several hours. Once the pies are completely cold and the jelly set, ease them out of the mould with a flexible small pallette knife and store in an airtight box in teh refridgerator. They keep for several days.

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The End Of The Pork Pie: Are Classic British Foods Really Becoming Endangered

From jellied eels to liver and onions, many of the staple dishes of the 70s are being ignored by younger diners. Should we be worried?

Age: Ancient.

Status: Endangered.

This sounds ominous. It is. A new report has been published, claiming that we may be living through the final generation of the pork pie.

But pork pies have been around for hundreds of years. They have. There are medieval cookbooks that contain recipes for pork pies. Theyre an immovable part of British culture. Or at least they were.

So who do we blame? Gen Z, obviously.

First they came for skinny jeans, and I said nothing. This is far worse. Nothing on Earth is finer than a proper hand-thrown pork pie, made with a hot water crust pastry, eaten outside on a warm summers day.

Then why has gen Z abandoned it? Because, get this, a large proportion of young people have never tried one.

Thats that, then, lets organise a minibus convoy to the beautiful market town of Melton Mowbray. Steady on, worse is to come. Pork pies are just the tip of the edible iceberg that gen Z wants to destroy.

They are? Im afraid so. There are plenty of other foods these zoomers are reluctant to try. Two-thirds of them have never eaten jellied eels, for example.

Well that just makes sense. Jellied eels are disgusting. OK, then what about this: almost half have never eaten a well-done steak.

Oh, I get it. These are all horrible foods from the 70s. No theyre not. They are British classics.

Forming The Pies In The Mould

Press the warm hot water crust paste into a greased muffin or pie mould. It is easy to work in. Try to press it into and even thickness. In each paste-lined moulding, add a generou blob of the meat filling, then quickly roll out a small ball of paste into a circle to top the pie. Pinch it onto the lining paste to form a good seal. Because jelly will be added later, a central hole is cut out from each of the uncooked pies. This also allows some moisture out which helps the pie become nice and crusty as it cooks and not soggy. This is most easily done with an apple corer

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Best Place To Get Traditional English Pork Pies

Hi all,

My Cockney Dad laments that NZ pork pies are nothing like the English ones that he used to have when he lived in London years ago so I am keen to try one. Where is the best place to find them? Bakery? Market? Delicatessen? Supermarket?!

Hopefully the recipe and method is still the same as it used to be. 🙂

The big UK supermarket chains all have websites on which the range and prices of items can be seen. Type in ‘pork pie’ to the search facility on the websites of Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Asda.

Smaller supermarkets, as often found in city centres, owned by the big four will sell a reduced range.

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Oddly enough, the best pork pies I’ve ever tasted were in Ironbridge in Shropshire .

Other than that, I’d agree with Borough Market for a good one – haven’t tried the specific ones recommended but they sound lovely and pretty much all the food there is delicious, or any supermarket for a decent, standard one. Best eaten at room temperature rather than over-chilled.

If you’re at Borough Market, try the Ginger Pig stall/ shop. They don’t always have them but you might be lucky.

Here’s an idea, why not wander round the market and buy several, then have a tasting!

I assume you have checked that you will be able to take the pies into New Zealand!

Pork Farms pies typify the confusions about pork pies.

How The Humble Pork Pie Charmed The English

Recipe: Pauls Proper Pork Pies
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In British food culture, savory meat pies rank highly as both pocket-sized snacks and meals in their own right. There are steak and ale pies, pastry filled with beef braised in ale there is, of course, the shepherds pie, a crowd favorite both in the British Isles and abroad there are pies filled with all manner of less common beasts and fish and fowleel pie, say, and squab pieand theres fidget pie, which is more of a bacon tart than a true pie, filled with slices of cured meat, apple, and sometimes onions and potatoes. Meat pies figure heavily in British-inflected popular culturethink of Mrs. Lovetts meat pie shop in Sweeney Todd, and the old nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence, which tells the story of four and 20 blackbirds, baked in a pie.

But the squat, round pork pie is arguably the most English one of all. Typically produced and consumed in the eastern half of England, it is rarely spotted in Scotland, Wales, or even the West Country.

This early Christmastime tradition of pork pie eating may have eventually allowed the dish to shift from a preservative method to a food enjoyed for its distinct culinary virtues. But the advent of industrially milled and thus more affordable white wheat flour certainly played a role as well. As Mason notes, cheaper flour allowed pork pies more akin to our refined, modern versions to become widely available, which paved the way for the dish to cement its place in English cuisine.

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Where To Find British Savory Pies In The Us

There are numerous British pubs and restaurants in the U.S. serving up savory pie dishes, but this time around, we’d like to focus particularly on spots whose menu gives special attention to the flaky dish:

1. Pie Society

We can’t get toastier than this.

Pie Society, a traditional British bakery, is owned and run by the mother-son duo, Gillian and Edward, who moved to Savannah, GA, from Staffordshire, England in 2013. Edward, the baker, had a dream of moving to the U.S. to open a bakery, and his mum helped him make it happen. The menu is topped up with savory pies like steak and potato, beef and onion, chicken and thyme, and traditional cottage pies. The bake shop is located in Pooler, GA, at 115 Canal Street.

2. Pouch Savory World of Pies

Pouch pairs their Irish steak pie with an Irish beer — makes sense to us.

Georgians seem to like their savory pies. Also in GA, Athens to be specific, Pouch is billed as a “late night” pie place. Of course the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, but wouldn’t this pint-size deliciousness just hit the spot after a few pints? Pouch is located at 151 E. Broad Street.

3. Pleasant House Bakery

Dig into the chicken balti pie with minted peas.

4. Pie

These English meat pies make us think of muffins.

5. Heathers Savory Pies and Tapas Bar

It’s almost a shame to break this golden shell.

This pillowy pasty looks heavenly.

7. Hartleys Original Pork Pies

Hartley’s pork pies comes in large.

8. The Savory Pie Guy

“I’m with this guy.”

See More:

Pasties & Sausage Rolls

In British cuisine, a pasty is a folded pastry case that usually contains a uniquely savory filling of seasoned meat and vegetables. Americans may know them better as hand pies, but regardless of what you call them, theyre a hearty meal you can eat holding in one hand. Pasties are traditionally associated with Cornwall, UK, but thanks to our British Pie Society here in America, you dont have to travel far at all to get them when you order national British pie delivery with us. Sausage rolls are similar to what Americans know as pigs in a blanket, but with a British twist rather than being wrapped in a hard pastry, ours are wrapped in a puff pastry.

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Traditional English Beef & Potato Picnic Pies

How to make a Pork Pie – Classic English Food – Homemade pie recipe
Delicious little hand pies which are ideal for picnics as well as for brunch, lunch & light snacks. These are very easy to make & can be made ahead & frozen for up to 3 months. I made these using individual 5 disposable aluminium pie tins however, the ingredients listed would also make a large double-crusted plate pie. Serve them warm or cold with pickles, relishes, chutneys & assorted salads. Also wonderful with hot gravy! The individual 5 pies that have been made here are quite generous, so if you wish, make them smaller than that maybe in a muffin tin!

Provided by French Tart

Yield 6 individual pies, 6 serving

Number Of Ingredients 19

Where To Find British Savory Pies In The U.S

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Best Places To Buy English

Ex-pat Brits and visitors from the United Kingdom often pine for homely treats such as the Melton Mowbray-style pork pie.

To much delight, and often after much searching, they can find expertly-made pork pies throughout the country, often made by butcheries that specialise in products aimed at the ex-pat market.

Here are five of the best.

National British Pie Delivery With Pie Society

Thankfully, you dont need to take a trip across the pond to enjoy authentic British pies made from scratch with fresh ingredients Pie Society can bring them to you and lets you easily buy English food online! While we’re well known in Georgia, we ship nationwide and can distribute wholesale pies to lovers of British cuisine all across America.

Pie Society strives to reinvent British cuisine in the US market, hence why we use only the freshest ingredients in our pies and make them from scratch daily. Our selection of pies includes a variety of delicious meat and savory pies perfect for a hearty dinner, pasties and sausage rolls, pork pies, quiches, and a wide array of dessert pies. The steak and ale pie and Sausage Rolls are among our best sellers and our extensive selection should impress any fan of British cuisine.

If youre looking to order national British pie delivery or buy English food online, youve come to the right place. Order a pie delivery with us today!

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Where Can We Buy Your Delicious Fayre

Our products are available to a localised area within the region of South East Queensland.As well as buying fresh from our own small bakery shop, we have many local stockists where you can buy a range of our products. Please see our Stockists to see if there is one near to where you live.


Our mission has not changed since our business started on the Gold Coast Coast back in 2005.

“To make the best Traditional Pork Pies found anywhere in Australia, and one of which we are proud to put our name to”.


Melton Mowbray Pork Pies

Yorkshire Farmers Speciality Cutting Pork Pie 2.2kg

Dickinson & Morris has been baking Melton Mowbray Pork Pies since 1851. We are the oldest remaining bakers of the authentic Pork Pie in the town centre today.

In 1992, after fire had devastated the period style building, Samworth Brothers bought the property and carried out extensive refurbishment and renovation in conjunction with English Heritage. Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe reopened in October of that year, and re-established the town’s envied position as the centre of excellence for all pork pies.

In response to the high demand for Dickinson & Morris pork pies nationwide, they were launched nationally through leading high street retailers in 1996. Due to this unprecedented demand, the baking of these pies now also takes place at a bigger bakery located just outside Leicester. Continued demand for such quality products led to the opening of The Sausage Shop next door, offering a wide variety of premium speciality sausages – in October 2019 the Sausage Shop became Mrs Kings bakery . As a means of keeping all their passionate customers happy, Dickinson & Morris have also established a chilled mail order service. Order your Pork Pie hampers and gifts along with our other delicious ranges, all available to buy online now.

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History Of The Pork Pie

Back in the day portions of cooked meat or rissoles were often encased in a salt dough to protect it and keep it fresh. The dough wasnt edible but was peeled off and discarded with only the contents eaten. These workers lunches were probably the first known picnics.

Over time hundreds of recipes for meat wrapped in pastry have evolved . Terrine en croute, sausage rolls, pithiviers, sciachiatta, beef wellington, sfeeha but none are as beloved as the traditional English Pork Pie

The pork pie began life as a humble lunch for farmers and miners, but it was soon elevated by the aristocracy in the Victorian Era. They would pack extravagant picnics and hearty hunting lunches with the pork pie as the centrepiece. Delicious, filling and sturdy these pies were always sure to fill empty stomachs.

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