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How To Make Them Yourself

How to make a pie chart from percentage data, eg 9% farmland, 58% forrests etc

First, put your data into a table , then add up all the values to get a total:

Table: Favorite Type of Movie

Next, divide each value by the total and multiply by 100 to get a percent:


Now to figure out how many degrees for each âpie sliceâ .

A Full Circle has 360 degrees, so we do this calculation:


Now you are ready to start drawing!

Draw a circle.

Then use your protractor to measure the degrees of each sector.

Here I show the first sector â¦

Finish up by coloring each sector and giving it a label like âComedy: 4 â, etc.

How To Show Percentage In Pie Chart In Excel

This article is talking about how to show or display the percentage value in pie chart in Excel.

Show percentage in pie chart in Excel

Please do as follows to create a pie chart and show percentage in the pie slices.

1. Select the data you will create a pie chart based on, click Insert> Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart> Pie. See screenshot:

2. Then a pie chart is created. Right click the pie chart and select Add Data Labels from the context menu.

3. Now the corresponding values are displayed in the pie slices. Right click the pie chart again and select Format Data Labels from the right-clicking menu.

4. In the opening Format Data Labels pane, check the Percentage box and uncheck the Value box in the Label Options section. Then the percentages are shown in the pie chart as below screenshot shown.

Tips: If you check both the Value andPercentage boxes, the value and the percentage will be displayed in the pie chart. See screenshot:

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Data Visualization With Pie Charts

One of the easiest charts to build and read, a pie chart displays data as parts of a whole. A pie chart is a circular graph that divides data into individual parts called slices or wedges. These slices are shaped like pieces of a pie.

Each slice of a pie chart displays data as a percentage of a whole, with larger values having correspondingly larger slices. Pie charts will always have values that add up to 100% of the total. They are good at showing data relationships when you want to see how an object acts as part of the whole or a percentage of the whole.

To build a pie chart you only need two columns of data. The first column will include the names of each section. The second will identify the numerical values of each section. You dont need to know the percentage of these values up front. The charting tool will make those calculations for you.

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Whats Good About Pie Charts

  • Easy to create: While most of the charts in Excel are easy to create, pie charts are even easier. You dont need to worry a lot about customization as most of the times, the default settings are good enough. And if you need to customize it, there are many formatting options available.
  • Easy to read: If you only have a few data points, Pie charts can be very easy to read. As soon as someone looks at a Pie chart, they can figure out what it means. Note that this works only if you have a few data points. When you have a lot of data points, the slices get smaller and become hard to figure out
  • Management loves Pie Charts: In my many years of corporate career as a financial analyst, I have seen the love managers/clients have for Pie charts . There have been instances, where I have been asked to convert bar/column charts into Pie charts .
  • If youre interested, you can also read this article by Excel charting expert Jon Peltier on why we love pie charts

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    Manually Add Data Or Populate Your Pie Chart With Data From Google Sheets

    Pie Chart Generator
  • You may be wondering: I’m not a data person. How am I supposed to input my numbers without this being a huge headache?
  • Rest assured: if you know the bare-bones basics of how to use a spreadsheet, you can use the Venngage pie chart maker.
  • Check out the image above. There’s a column for the x and y axes. And a row for the data.
  • As you change each number, the pie chart automatically adapts. The bar goes higher or lower. The line rises higher or lower.
  • Or add a link to a Google spreadsheet and we’ll do the work for you. That simple.
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    Creating Pie Charts Is A Breeze

    One chart, many forms: EdrawMax doesn’t limit you to a circular pie chart its pie chart maker supports converting your pie chart into a waffle chart, square chart, or 3D forms with a single click.

    Templates save time & effort.: EdrawMax pie chart maker gives you a quick start to save time and effort with pre-crafted professionally designed templates.

    Turns non-designer into pros: EdrawMax pie chart maker has an easy-to-use layout, drag and drops feature, text formatting tools, and color and background customization.

    How Do I Calculate The Percentage For Pie Chart

    In order to understand how to calculate the percentage for a pie chart, we’d do the following:

  • Find the sum of all values across all segments of data.
  • Divide the value of each segment by the total to get the value.
  • Convert the decimal to a percentage by multiplying it by 100% !
  • If, for example, the data has only two kinds of segments, each with half of the total values, then each of these segments will be represented as semicircles in the pie chart, since each one constitutes 50% of the total.

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    Where Can I Create A Pie Chart

    People often create a pie chart to visually show data when doing presentations or delivering reports. Miro is an excellent pie chart maker, where you can easily create your pie chart and attach it to any other document by either downloading or embedding your pie chart template board. Highly customizable, our pie chart template is also easily shareable so you and your team can add ideas and make communication flow easier with it. Try it for yourself and see if that works for you.

    When Should A Pie Chart Be Used

    How To Create A Excel Pie Chart with Percentages (in 5 Minutes!)

    Pie charts can be said to be the most common graphs, but dont use them easily. Note that depending on the content of the data, making a pie chart may make it difficult to read the data.

    Conditions when using a pie chart

    1 When you want to express the ratio of data

    2 When the difference in the ratio of each item is large,

    3 When the number of items to be compared is small,

    is a major premise of a pie chart. A pie chart is a good graph to show the percentage of data, not the absolute value. Therefore, it is used when you want to show the composition ratio of data.

    and are also important points. Even when expressing proportions, there are cases where it is better to use a bar graph rather than a circle if there is not much difference in the numerical values of each item. Pie charts are useful when they include overwhelming proportions or extremely low items.

    Pie charts are also suitable when the number of items is small , such as agree or disagree or yes or no or other.

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    How Do I Calculate The Pie Chart

    The pie chart maker works based on the percentage of each kind of data in the dataset. To generate the pie graph, the pie chart creator does the following after we list the values in the different segments of the dataset:

  • Find the total of all values in the dataset.
  • Divide each segment’s value by the total, to get the corresponding percentage of the total for the pie chart.
  • Multiply this percentage by 360° to calculate the degrees for the pie chart segment.
  • Create a sector with this degree measure in the pie chart.
  • Do the same for every segment to successfully divide the pie chart into differentsectors corresponding to the different segments!
  • Through this, we can understand what a pie chart is and the associated pie chart formulas that tell us how to calculate angle degrees in the pie chart. We thus know how the pie chart formula works. Similar to bar chart , histogram, and many other such tools, a pie chart is a math tool for data visualization. Once we calculate the percentage of the total, the pie chart is generated based on it.

    Features Of Circle Graph Creator

    There are many features that this tool provides. So, lets discuss it. Also, it will make the Pie Chart Maker as the most recommended tool.

  • Draw Graph: It will help you to draw the circlr graph.
  • Zoom In/Out: It allows you to zoom in or out the pie chart.
  • Save: You can save the graph in PNG format.
  • Copy Graph: You can save the graph then you can open that image in image viewer and copy the graph.
  • Print: Similarly, you can print the graph.
  • Lastly, you can click the X button to reset all the values and graph.
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    Faq About Our Pie Chart Maker

    Is Datylon pie chart maker free?

    Yes! If you want to create a pie chart or any other type of charts or graphs, you need to register on Datylon. Creating your account is free and only takes a few seconds. But if you would like to use our chart maker plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, you can try it for free for 14 days. After that, the plug-in will cost you as little as 15 / $16.95 per month. Check the pricing here. Learn more about the difference between our free Datylon web app and paid Datylon for Illustrator plug-in here.

    How to create a pie chart?

    Easily! If you want to create a pie chart online, you can create a free account on Datylon using this link. With your account, you’re free to create any type of chart available. Click on “Create design” and find the chart type or chart template you’re interested in. In this case, click on “Pie chart”. You can also check our Help Center to learn more about how to create and style your pie chart.

    Can I share my pie chart online?

    Of course! When you create a new pie chart design, by default it’s private. You can then publish the design and add it to publications. Every publication can be shared and embedded online. Just right-click on your publication and generate the code.

    Can I collaborate on my pie chart design?

    Yes! Read here how Datylon supports re-usability and collaboration. We also created a detailed article about Datylon templates and how to work with them. Make sure to check it out here.

    Can I print my pie graph?

    Changing The Pie Chart Colors

    Pie Charts

    If you are not quite happy with the default colors of your Excel pie graph, you can either:

    Changing the color them of the pie chart in Excel

    To choose another color theme for your Excel pie graph, click the Chart Styles button , go to the Color tab and select the color theme you want.

    Alternatively, click anywhere within your pie chart to activate the Chart Tools tabs on the ribbon, go to the Design tab > Chart Styles group and click the Change Colors button:

    Choosing colors for each slice individually

    As you can see in the screenshot above, the choice of color themes for Excel charts is quite limited, and if you are aiming to make a stylish and attractive pie graph, you may want to choose each slice color individually. For example, if youâve chosen to place data labels inside the slices, the black text may be difficult to read on dark colors.

    To change the color of a certain slice, click that slice and then click it again so that only this one slice is selected. Go to the Format tab, click Shape Fill and choose the color you want:


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    Types Of Graphs To Choose From

    Bar Chart

    A bar chart contains rectangular barsin the chart that is used to comparedifferent categories to collect data.The bars on this chart are shownhorizontally.

    Raw Chart

    A raw chart contains rectangular barsin the chart that is used to comparedifferent categories to collect data.The bars on this chart are shownvertically.

    Line Graph

    A line graph shows data that changesover time, It is also called a line chart.It is a basic type of chart common inmany fields.

    Area Chart

    An area chart is based on a line chart itdisplays graphically quantitative data.The area between the axis and line isfilled with colors, and textures.

    Pie Chart

    A pie chart also called a circle chart, isa circular statistical graph that dividesinto multiple sections to representdata.

    Doughnut Chart

    A doughnut chart shows therelationship of part in a whole. it cancontain more than one data series. Byadding data doughnut chart adds a ringto the chart.

    3D Cylinder Chart

    A 3D cylinder chart is a modification ofa column chart and features cylindricalpoints. A 3D cylinder chart is similar toa 3d column chart, with a differentshape.

    Build A Perfect Visual For Your Data With The Pie Chart Maker

    Say you want to show your key business metrics or identify what products are selling at a glance. Instead of showing an array for random series of numbers and categories, turn your data into a pie chart that delivers important information at a glance.Pick a template and customize the data in our simple table with your values and categories. Or flip between pie chart styles with one click.The result? An interesting pie chart that anyone can make.Venngages online pie chart maker lets anyone create simple pie charts that tell powerful stories.

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    What Is A Pie Chart

    The pie chart is also known as circle chart, that divides the circular statistical graphic into sectors or slices in order to illustrate the numerical problems. Each sector denotes a proportionate part of the whole. To find out the composition of something, Pie-chart works the best at that time. In most cases, pie charts replace some other graphs like the bar graph, line plots, histograms, etc.

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