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Do Nothing Bundt Cakes Need To Be Refrigerated

Out and About Nothing Bundt Cakes pt 2

I am a big fan of Nothing Bundt Cakes as they come up with an irresistible taste and timeless aesthetic!

I would say, nothing can beat the taste of moist, dense, and delicious Nothing Bundt Cake!

These Bundt cakes are perfect for any occasion. You can find the bakerys signature butter cream cheese frosting on every delicious cake.

If you have leftover Nothing Bundt cake, the question might grapple in your mind,

Do Nothing Bundt Cakes need to be refrigerated or it can be left out?

After researching I got to know, Nothing Bundt cakes can be left unrefrigerated for up to 48 hours.

After that period, it needs refrigerationdue to its butter and cream cheese frosting.

You can refrigerate Nothing Bundt cakes for up to 5 days. It stays good for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

You can also freeze Nothing Bundt cake for up to a week.

Keep reading to know more about the flavors of Nothing Bundt cakes and their storage.

The First In The High Desert

Nothing Bundt Cakes recently celebrated its grand opening and ribbon cutting with the Victorville Chamber of Commerce. Franchise owner Esther Cuellar oversees her second Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery and the first in the High Desert.

Because the location is everything, Esther and her partners, Cindy Hak-Ork and Susanne Eberly, knew the Dunia Plaza location would work once OKd by the franchiser because it was ready to serve the entire Victor Valley as well as Barstow and beyond. It is the ultimate in a commuter-friendly location.

Can You Freeze Nothing Bundt Cakes

If you bought a Nothing Bundt cake and there is too leftover or your plan has postponed for next week.

What will you do? Can you freeze the Nothing Bundt cake?

As per Nothing Bundt cake officials, you can freeze the Nothing Bundt cake for later consumption.

You can refrigerate the cake for up to 5 days. This cake can also freeze if you are going to consume it after 5 days from buying it.

You can freeze the Bundt cake for one week. It stays good for one week if it is frozen.

But you need to be set it out a few hours before serving.

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Make Your Holiday Feast Sweet And Simple With Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes gives us the skinny on all the delicious cakes, made with the finest ingredients in their own in-house bakery. They provide the perfect dessert for every celebration including birthdays, holidays, corporate gifting, and events and weddings.

Their Bundtique offers a wide variety of gifting and celebration retail items making your celebration complete with their one-stop shop. They help you bring joy to your guests, loved ones, and friends with the perfect combination of taste and wow factor.

Nothing Bundt Cakes got its start in St. George as a family-owned and operated business. The St. George location opened right before the pandemic and they owe their success to the local community and wonderful staff who remained positive and flexible through the daily changes.

They make everything cakes, frosting, and handcrafted decorations from scratch all onsite with their own in-house bakery. Nothing Bundt Cakes offers different sizes, flavors, and cake decorations.

Want to order something special for Christmas? Have a big Thanksgiving celebration? Nothing Bundt Cake is the place to order from.

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Yes Mayonnaise Is An Ingredient In Our Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe

Nothing Bundt Cakes Gift Package

You might think there is one super weird ingredient in our Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat recipe: mayonnaise. It seems like a strange thing to put in a cake, considering that mayonnaise is usually used in savory applications and this cake is a sweet treat. We promise you it won’t turn out gross! Replacing one egg with mayonnaise is our secret ingredient to ensure the cake turns out rich and moist, every time.

It makes even more sense when you examine how mayonnaise is made: It’s a combination of egg yolks and a neutral oil like canola oil. You’ll notice that both of those ingredients are already on our cake recipe list. As you whisk the ingredients together, the egg acts as an emulsifying ingredient, creating a thick mixture that holds the oil in suspension. The oil keeps the cake tender, while the egg helps the batter stay nice and moist. Most mayonnaise brands also add vinegar or lemon juice, which can bring out even more chocolate flavor.

If you’re not sure about this secret, try it for yourself. Make one cake with mayonnaise and another replacing the mayo with an extra egg. You’ll see for yourself that the mayonnaise cake really does taste better.

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Gather The Ingredients For This Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe

There are several popular bundt cake flavors, but their Chocolate Chocolate Chip cake is our favorite, so that’s the one we decided to make. Our first step in developing copycat recipes usually begins with a look at the ingredients on the company’s website. Unfortunately, Nothing Bundt Cakes doesn’t say much other than their allergen disclosure: The cakes contain wheat, milk, eggs, and soy. So we had to start from scratch with this one, and we decided to keep it really simple.

We could have made the cake completely from scratch. Instead, we picked up a package of devil’s food cake mix and a box of instant chocolate pudding. Add in a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, and this cake would have a rich, super chocolatey backbone.

From there, we added the wet ingredients that would help this bundt cake achieve its characteristic level of moistness: water, canola oil, sour cream, and eggs. We could have used four eggs, but we swapped one of the eggs for mayonnaise . Finally, for the cream cheese frosting, we whipped together cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract.

You’ll find a full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions at the end of this article.

How Many Does A Bundtlet Serve


Similarly, how much is a Bundtlet?

Nothing Bundt Cakes Prices

Beside above, how many calories are in a Bundtlet? 370 calories

Beside this, what size is a Bundtlet?

Theres the standard 8-inch bundt and a 10-inch version. There are bite-size cakes dubbed bundtinis and sturdy, palm-sizebundtlets. There are white chocolate raspberry bundts.

How many Bundtinis come in a box?

Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu Prices


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How Long Is Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe Good For

This Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat recipe seems to get better and better every day. It was good on day one, but it was fantastic a few days later. Wed recommend making it the day before you need it. That way, you wont have to stress about letting it cool before frosting it, and it will taste even better than the first day.

If you really want to keep your Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat cake fresh, youll need to store it in the refrigerator, where its good for up to five days. Its best to keep the cake whole and loosely wrap it in plastic wrap so it will stay as moist as possible. But, you could also store individual slices if you prefer.

If you still have leftovers , you can freeze them for up to three months. The best way to freeze this frosted bundt cake is to put it in the freezer for 15 minutes to set the frosting. Then, wrap it very tightly with a layer of plastic wrap. Finish by wrapping it in aluminum foil and store it in the freezer for up to three months. When youre ready to eat, let the cake thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Prices In 2022

2020 Ultimate Wedding Show: Nothing Bundt Cakes

As their name shows, Nothing Bundt Cakes specializes in baking some of the most decadently delicious cakes around. While many great bakeries are within supermarkets and other businesses, nothing can compare to a bakery whose sole focus is making top-quality cakes. This is exactly what you get with Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Nothing Bundt Cakes prices are somewhat higher, featuring mostly in the mid to upper price-range, but the quality of these cakes speaks for themselves! Customers here can expect some of the most beautiful cakes around in both style and flavor. Nothing Bundt Cakes know how to bake an impressive cake!

8″ TO 10″ CAKES
8 Inch Cake On Top of10 Inch Cake
One Dozen $23.00

Prices at Nothing Bundt Cakes are far from excessive, however. You are paying more so for the type of cake and the size it will be. For example, 8 to 10-inch cakes are some of the cheapest to be found, ranging from $26 to $36.

These are available frosted or fully decorated, and servings vary from 8 to 20 depending on the size! So when Nothing Bundt Cakes prices are on the higher side. You can be sure you are getting plenty of tasty cake!

Similarly, Nothing tiered bundt cakes may seem expensive at $74. But, this is an 8-inch cake on top of a 10-inch, and it can serve as many as 30 people. Again, Nothing Bundt prices offer value for money across the board.

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Making Miniature Budnts Aka Bundtlets

For individual cakes, use a bundtlette pan. However, it is important to note the capacity of the smaller pans so the batter does not overflow while baking.

The cake batter recipe fills a 12-cup bundt pan. Mini bundt pans come in various sizes, but when pouring in the pan, it should not reach more than two-thirds up the sides. The baking time will also be about 18-25 minutes, depending on the pan volume.

How Much Does Nothing Bundt Cakes Cost

  • Nothing Bundt Cakes charges a flat rate for their services, however the price you pay will vary depending on what you choose to buy.
  • A mini-cake may be purchased for as little as $3.99, and a bigger, more elaborately adorned tiered bundt cake can be purchased for as much as $67.
  • If you want to know the precise charges, we propose that you place your order on their official website first.
  • Weve put up a table that shows the average pricing you could expect to spend at a local franchise:
Type of Cake
$6 for one $10 for two $15 for three
  • REMINDER: These are only averages, yet again.
  • Obviously, pricing will differ across locales, but for the most part, these costs should be quite similar to what you will pay in the end.
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes, a bakery in Sherman Oaks, California, for example, has made its price information available online.
  • Individual portions cost $3.99, but bigger cakes can cost anywhere from $21 to as much as $69.
  • The cost of the larger cakes varies.

While the cost for the majority of the sites will be quite comparable, there may be minor variances in the pricing and menu at some locations.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Brings Back Popular Summer Flavor

With summer and blueberry seasons about to be in full swing, Nothing Bundt Cakes wants to celebrate with a returning featured flavor.

The company is currently offering its Blueberry Bliss Bundt Cake for the month of June. The white cake is swirled with blueberries throughout and topped with its signature cream cheese frosting.

Blueberry Bliss is available in 10-inch and 8-inch Bundt cakes, as well as individual Bundtlets and mini Bundtinis, at all Nothing Bundt Cake bakeries across the country until Wednesday, June 30.

Nothing Bundt Cakes was founded in Las Vegas in 1997 by friends Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz, who started baking and selling cakes because of a lack of high-quality local bakeries. They worked out of their homes until demand grew to the point where they opened their first bakery. There are now over 390+ bakeries across the United States and Canada.

Copycat Nothing Bundt Cake Recipe

drizzled 8"  lemon cake with rainbow candles

If you have a Nothing Bundt Cakes location near you, you know how amazing their cakes and pastries are.

It started with two women who just loved to bake for their friends and families. Today, it’s so much more than that: The growing chain now has franchises nationwide, and people love how they make their cakes with real eggs, butter, and cream cheese.

The frosting on their baked goods is incredible, but what really separates Nothing Bundt Cakes from the competition is the cake itself. Cakes can sometimes become dense as they bake, and it’s hard to make one that’s light and moist without sacrificing flavor. We wondered if we could pull it off and challenged ourselves to make a bundt cake that’s just as delicious for a fraction of the cost after all, $40 for a 10-inch bundt cake isn’t exactly affordable for every occasion.

So we took a few bites, tried to identify their secret ingredients, and went about building a copycat recipe of Nothing Bundt Cakes decadent Chocolate Chocolate Chip cake. Did we get close? Read on to find out.

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How To Make Gluten

  • Grease a nonstick 12-cup bundt cake pan and set aside. For bundt cake substitutions, see Bundt Cake Pan and Substitutions section.
  • In a large mixing bowl or stand mixer, combine the dry ingredients flour, sugar, pudding mix, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Mix on low to combine.
  • Add the eggs, sour cream, oil, and vanilla extract. Mix to combine, then add in the hot water while continuing to beat. Increase the speed and beat for 1 minute.
  • Pour into the prepared bundt cake pan and spread evenly. Bake in a 350°F oven for 55 minutes, or until a long cake tester comes out clean.
  • Cool cake for 10 minutes in the pan before inverting onto a cooling rack to cool completely.
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes Brings Back Pumpkin Spice Cake

    While many brands brought back their beloved fall menu items in the heat of summer, Nothing Bundt Cakes has brought back its signature Pumpkin Spice cake just in time for the first day of fall on Thursday, Sept. 22.

    Available in 10- and 8-inch Bundt Cakes, as well as mini Bundtlets and bite-sized Bundtinis at all 440+ Nothing Bundt Cakes bakeries across the country, guests can enjoy this seasonal favorite now through Dec. 4 while supplies last.

    Guests can purchase the returning fall favorite starting at just $4.75 for a personal sized Bundtlet. The10-inch cakes, which serve 18 people, start at only $35.

    read more

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    Red Velvet Bundtlet Nothing Bundt Cakes

    At the first Chicago-proper location of Nothing Bundt Cakes, expect to be faced with a surprising amount of choices for a chain that sells one thing . Thereâs the standard 8-inch bundt and a 10-inch version. There are bite-size cakes dubbed âbundtinisâ and sturdy, palm-size âbundtlets.â There are white chocolate raspberry bundts. Lemon bundts. Pecan praline bundts. However, thereâs nothing more decadent than the red velvet, with its rich cocoa and buttermilk batter riddled with gooey chocolate chips. Say yes to the butter cream cheese frosting the bakery pipes it on in thick, symmetrical petals that transform each cake into a delectable flower in bloom. Go for the bundtlet size you never know whoâs going to want to share.

    1953 N. Clybourn Ave., 773-697-9263,

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    Nothing Bundt Cakes Menu With Prices

    12.14.15: PM Bounce #2 | Cooking with Nothing Bundt Cakes

    Nothing Bundt Cakes has a large variety of thick frosting petals cakes. So if you plan to visit their outlets, then you should definitely know their menu. In this post, lets see their latest menu.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is really famous for its thick frosting petals design cakes. Their menu includes 8 bundt cakes, 10 bundt cakes, tiered bundt cakes, bundtlets, bundtlet towers and bundtinis. Their cakes are very big and can serve a large gathering. A cake here cost nearly $30.

    This was an overview of their menu and the full menu is mentioned below, which will help you to know which you should order. I have also included other important information such as nutritional information, contact information and franchise information. Now, its time to see their menu but before that, lets have a look at their history.

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is an American-based bakery that was founded by the duo of two friends named Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz. Both friends opened the first Nothing Bundt Cakes store in 1997. The bakery specializes in cakes.

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    How To Make Sure Your Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat Recipe Doesn’t Stick

    The most frustrating part of making a bundt cake is removing it from the pan. If you haven’t properly prepared the pan, it will stick and destroy the cake’s beautiful look. This can even happen with nonstick bundt pans. Luckily, we have a method that ensures that the cake won’t stick to the pan.

    Start by spreading a thin layer of butter over the entire pan. You can also use shortening, if you prefer, but don’t use oil or nonstick spray you want to use something that’s solid at room temperature.

    Use your fingers to smooth the butter over every crevice in the pan. Then, grab a pinch of flour and dust it over the pan, making sure it hits all the buttered surfaces. When the entire pan has a thin layer of flour, turn it upside down over the trash can to shake out the excess. Now, when you add the cake batter, it won’t stick to the sides.

    Faqs Related To Nothing Bundt Cakes

    What time does Nothing Bundt Cakes open?

    Nothing Bundt Cakes opens at 9 am Monday-Saturday and 12 pm on Sunday. Please note that the opening hours are different for different locations. Visit the official website in order to confirm the opening hours based on your locations.

    What time do Nothing Bundt Cakes close?

    Nothing Bundt Cakes closes at 7 pm Monday-Saturday and it remains closed at most of the locations on Sunday. Please note that the closing hours are different for different locations. Visit the official website in order to confirm the closing hours based on your locations.

    Who owns Nothing Bundt Cakes?

    Nothing Bundt Cakes is owned by Roark Capital, an Atlanta-based private equity firm.

    Where did Nothing Bundt Cakes start?

    Nothing Bundt Cakes was started in Las Vegas, Nevada, the U.S.

    Who started Nothing Bundt Cakes?

    Nothing Bundt Cakes was started by two friends, Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz.

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