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Lend Me A Hand Exercises

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The lend me a hand exercise requires both partners to participate so they can finish an assignment. Each of you should have one hand secured behind your backs as a reflection of the need to cooperate and work together. During the exercise, youll both be using verbal communication to fully complete the task at hand. An added bonus to this exercise is it can often help people look at their relationship in terms of who plays more of the captain role, and who is more of the leader.

Lend me a hand exercises encourage couples to look at how theyll likely deal with stress in their relationship. Then they can figure out how to overcome future struggles.

Best For Lgbtq+ Couples: Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is a supportive community catered to the LGBTQ+ community that is affordable and accepting of everyone.

Before filling out a questionnaire, the site asks you to choose your gender online, which many clients appreciate as an alternative to talking about their preferences during their actual therapy sessions.

They offer eight identification options, including male, female, transgender: female to male, transgender: male to female, and non-binary. Though these options use outdated language and have a narrow scope of gender, the counselors listed are more likely to be more trans-friendly.

The service offers support from licensed psychologists, clinical social workers, or licensed professional counselors, who specialize in relationships, among other mental health issues. All counselors have experience with the LGBTQ+ community, which is beneficial especially if you’re seeking help for your relationship.

The cost of sessions ranges from around $60 to $100, and you can cancel your membership at any time for any reason.

Couples Therapy Techniques You Can Do At Home

Connection is the most important part of any intimate relationship, however, it is usually the part that is most neglected. If your connection to your partner isnt fueled, the fire can go out. When the relationship was new the connection got fed by the excitement, the hormones and the unlimited possibilities. Then, life happened and things got in the way and before you knew it, the connection began to get weak.

The good news is that you can awaken and energize your connection and have some fun while doing it. Below are 5 couples therapy techniques you and your partner can do at home:

1. Teach Something New to Each Other.

Think of something you are good at that your partner has little or no experience in. Maybe you are a great cook or youre good at archery or you can juggle. Whatever it is both of you will agree to set aside time and teach each other. Make sure to have patience and make it fun.

Why? One of the fuels for connection is seeing our partner through new and different eyes. Allowing your partner to be an authority on something and becoming the student can bring about a whole different way of experiencing each other.

2. Make an Appreciation List.

Sit facing each other and take turns telling each other things that you appreciate about each other. Go back and forth until you run out of things to say.

3. Host a Couples Interview.

4. Create an Intimacy list.

5. Give Each Other a Couples Massage.

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A Full Guide To Couples Therapy: When You Should Go What Happens There & More

Couples therapy can sound dramatic, but in reality, going to couples therapy or couples counseling can be a very healthy step for a relationship. It’s usually a sign that a couple is interested in working on their relationship in a committed, intentional way. Here’s a guide to what happens at couples therapy, how to know if you should go to couples therapy, and other frequently asked questions.

How Do I Get Started

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Head over to our contact page: and fill out the new client request form, hit send. Its that easy. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you are interested in couples counseling we begin with a 4 session comprehensive, personalized assessment which includes:

  • 55 minute conjoint couples session to go over desired goals, gather relationship history, assess current relationship functioning

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Diy Marriage Counseling Exercises And Techniques

If you and your partner are both motivated to improve the quality of your relationship but aren’t yet ready or able to see a therapist, there are several ways you can start the work at home. It’s natural to think that the way to heal your relationship is to invest more in romance, but that can backfire if you’re not dealing with deeper issues. Research shows that three approaches are particularly effective in improving relationships: taking relationship education courses, working on communication skills, and doing exercises to improve emotional intimacy.

Success Rates Of Couples Counseling

There’s no definitive answer to how successful couples therapy will be. Some studies show relationship improvement from therapy. Other research shows there are both some couples who maintain a healthy relationship years after completing couples therapy, whereas other couples fall back into old negative patterns.

Marriage therapist Ian Hoge, LMFT, and Carroll both say that how successful couples therapy will be is entirely up to the individuals in question and their desire to work hard, learn new skills, and stay invested in the process. Some couples show up to sessions but don’t practice the skills at home, and so they don’t see improvement in their relationship.

“In many ways, this can be a trick question,” Hoge adds. “Most people might define success as whether or not you stay together, but we all know that staying together doesn’t necessarily define success.”

Not all couples should stay together, so sometimes success in couples counseling means a couple realizing that it’s time to end the relationship.

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Explore New Things Together

Prompt the couple to find something new they could learn or try together. This could be a skill, a hobby, or an adventure. Its ideal if both have never done it before so that they share the experience of trying it the first time together. This could be some sport or going to dance class for example.

What If My Partner Won’t Participate

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You may have spent a lot of time researching local couples counselors, only for your partner to refuse to go. What do you do if they also refuse to do any of these at-home exercises?

The first thing to do is to give them time. It’s hard for any of us to admit when we or things that we care aboutespecially important relationshipsare in trouble. Your partner may prefer to think everything is fine and that you’re overreacting. However, their denial may not be permanent. They might surprise you by revisiting the idea of in-person or DIY counseling after your next fight.

But what if they don’t, or what if you’ve been waiting a really long time? First, know you’re not alone. Many people struggle when they realize a relationship they value isn’t working. Second, honor your own emotional needs. It’s heartbreaking when you feel like you should be able to fix things but the other person refuses.

One of the best things you can do to tend to that heartbreak is to find your own therapist. It may even be closer to what you had in mind. Many people who go to couples counselors are frustrated when they find out the counselor won’t take sides. This is because couples counseling doesn’t work unless both people are equally engaged. But your desire for your own support is valid, and an individual therapist can give you that.

Going to individual therapy when you’re in the midst of a troubled relationship could lead to several outcomes:

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Coping With Emotional Difficulties

When we experience emotional difficulties, our brains register them as a threat particularly when it involves an intimate partner or attachment figure, said Kate Engler, a Chicago-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Our nervous system takes action to alleviate the threat, and the brain chooses the action most likely to keep us safe. Often, between the “Four Fs:” fight, flight, freeze or fawn.

While fight and flight are often discussed, freeze and fawn are lesser-known responses to threat.

Someone experiencing freeze might check out cognitively and emotionally, or be physically immobilized by the stress they’re feeling, while fawn typically shows up as extreme people-pleasing or codependency. Engler said we’re often drawn to one of these responses when dealing with threatening situations based on past experiences.

Developing a plan before you go to couples therapy together can help to keep the peace during stressful times.

“The before part is critical for the same reason we do fire drills before a fire breaks out,” Engler said. “You’ll be more likely to follow the plan if practiced when calm, even if your threat system is already activated.”

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Is Couples Counseling Effective

Couples counseling can be very effective for couples who are willing to examine themselves and their relationships. We understand that relationships can be complicated and take work. Relationship counseling can help couples understand why communication feels so difficult, where fulfillment is lacking, and what each person can do about it.

Having a relationship expert to help navigate stuck points and work through conflict, hurt, or trauma can lay the foundation for years of fulfillment and connection. Our team at the Kansas City Relationship Institute, LLC, is trained to approach every case with objective curiosity while remaining grounded in a solid understanding of how problems in relationships tend to originate and how to move forward to find greater connection and fulfillment.

How Much Does Online Relationship Counseling Cost


As with in-person therapy, the cost of online relationship counseling varies depending on the platform, pricing model, and the providers level of education and training.

Across the teletherapy industry, subscription-based services typically cost between $60-$100 per week, although this is usually billed monthly. Depending on the platform, this price can include live sessions with a counselor, as well as messaging in between scheduled appointments.

Other services charge clients a flat per-session fee, much like in-person therapy. These rates typically range from $65-$175, with doctoral-level psychologists charging the highest fees.

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How Couples Counseling Helped Pat And Christy

This is a real-life story of one couple that completed marriage counseling at LifeStance Health. Weve changed the names and a few of the details to ensure their privacy, but their story and their healing is 100% real

When Christy and Pat first became a couple, everyone thought they were perfect for each other.

We were crazy in love, Christy said. We didnt know anything back then. But we had each other. We thought that would be enough.

Eight years after their wedding, Pat and Christys relationship was on the brink.

They came to LifeStance Health as a last-ditch resort. If couples counseling didnt work, they would file for divorce.

Their first counseling session quickly brought both of their emotions to the surface. Both were carrying years of pain, bitterness, anger, and fear.

I got married so I wouldnt have to be alone! Im alone now more than I ever was when I was single! Christy said with great resentment. And no one has to work THAT much. Youre just hiding behind your work because youd rather be at the office than be at home with me.

I have to work all the time to support the two of us, Pat countered, If youre lonely, just go get a job like the rest of us. That way, I wouldnt have to work so hard.

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Couples Therapy For Executives & High Achieving Couples

Most couples therapists take a passive and unstructured approach to relationship challenges, which draws the couples therapy process out inefficiently while couples are still quarreling. Flourishs structured and fast-paced approach to relationship challenges is designed to swiftly reduce frustration and tension at home when youre feeling misaligned and disconnected. After all, the sooner the relationship is back on solid ground, the better.

Flourishs unique approach to couples therapy is a good fit for:

  • Left brained individuals who benefit from concrete concepts
  • High paced professionals
  • Clients who prefer a direct approach

Couple Counseling : What Couples Therapy Is Actually Like

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Myth: You only need couple counseling if youre on the brink of a breakup.

Many people think of couple counseling sessions as an emergency measure for their struggling relationships.

Some part of that is true counseling can help couples work through major issues.

However, couples counseling should not be considered as the last ditch effort to save your relationship.

Couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples recognize and resolve the conflicts in their relationships.

Through counseling, you and your partner can make more thoughtful decisions about the direction of your relationship.

Couples who go to therapy will meet with a licensed therapist once a week, for an hour each session.

Generally, couples therapy may last from 12 to 20 sessions.

In the first session, a therapist may review the process with you and ask questions to understand your lives and relationship better.

Your therapist will try to figure out:

  • What youre like as individuals
  • What keeps you together
  • Power structure, behavior, and communication patterns
  • Missing or dysfunctional qualities in your relationship

From there, your therapist will help the two of you set realistic goals and introduce techniques to help you work on your issues.

You would also work on pinpointing the good and bad parts of your relationship and identify the sources of your conflicts.

Couples therapy can guide you on how to improve your communication, problem-solving, and rational discussion skills together.

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Someone Has Been Unfaithful

One of the most common reasons for going to couples therapy: attempting to repair a breach of trust in less delicate terms, cheating. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy has found that 15 percent of married women and 25 percent of married men report having had an extramarital affair.

But, to be sure, cheating doesn’t only mean physical infidelity. Hiding something and being secretive is an emotional betrayal, Ross points out. You might reconnect with an old flame through Facebook and think, We’re just catching up it’s harmless. Then, all of a sudden, it’s more than that.

How to tell when you’ve crossed the line? That’s tricky. Infidelity means a lot of things to a lot of different people, says Amy McManus, a Los Angelesbased marriage and family therapist. What’s important is that partners build a shared, agreed-upon definition of fidelity within their own relationship.”

If you’re tempted to stray, it’s better to try counseling now than face the fallout later. And if one partner has already had an affair, there’s definitely a way back. About a third of married couples survive an affair, Saltz says, but generally, they’re the ones who go for treatment and make every effort to save the union. In fact, an affair is often the impetus for dealing with things that have been avoided for years, Ross notes.

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